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Frank & Ida (Bounds) Hofford 1916 LA

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Re: Frank & Ida (Bounds) Hofford 1916 LA

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Donation Land Index, 1927-1938
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Following is a list of names contained in the book, Arkansas Donation Lands, 1 January 1927 - 28 September 1938

Aaron, Fred
Aaron, William
Abanathy, Cecil C.
Abbott, M.
Abel, Irvin
Abernathy, David E.M.
Abernathy, Hosea
Abernathy, Hosea
Abernathy, W.H.
Abner, A.J.
Abner, Fred
Abney, O.A.
Abney, U.J.
Abney, U.J.
Abshire, J.W.
Abston, W.V.
Acklin, Bud
Acord, Herbert J.
Acree, Steve D.
Adair, J.F.
Adair, J.T.
Adams, A.V.
Adams, Albert
Adams, Anderson
Adams, Bion B.
Adams, Clarence
Adams, H.P.
Adams, Hansford F.
Adams, Homer
Adams, J.C.
Adams, J.M.
Adams, J.M.
Adams, Jno.
Adams, Jno. Q.
Adams, John
Adams, Joseph L.
Adams, L.S.
Adams, Lige
Adams, Lona
Adams, S.E.
Adams, Sam
Adams, Walter Jr.
Adcock, B.A.
Adcock, Hardy
Adcock, Hardy
Adcock, Howard
Adcock, J.D.
Adcock, J.H.
Adcock, J.T.
Adcock, Jasper
Adcox, Aldon
Addington, Eugene
Addington, J.C.
Adkins, Ernest
Adkins, J.P.
Age, Cephas
Age, Milton
Ainsworth, J.S.
Akers, S.E.
Akins, Melvin
Akins, Montie
Albert, Eugene V.
Aldridge, A.D.
Alexander, A.S.
Alexander, D.O.
Alexander, Ivory
Alexander, J.H.
Alexander, J.J.
Alexander, Jno. L.
Alexander, Lee
Alexander, Letha E.
Alexander, Logan
Alexander, S.B.
Alexander, T.M.
Alexander, W.J.
Allbritton, John
Allcorn, A.K.
Allcorn, T.M.
Allen, A.A.
Allen, A.M.
Allen, Adolph
Allen, Arthur
Allen, Charley
Allen, Chas. H.
Allen, E.E.
Allen, Elom
Allen, Emma
Allen, Frank
Allen, Frank
Allen, G.F.
Allen, Geo. W.
Allen, Gracie Ann
Allen, H.B.
Allen, Harvey
Allen, Henry E.
Allen, I.W.
Allen, J.H.
Allen, J.N.
Allen, J.S.
Allen, Jas. D.
Allen, Joe
Allen, John
Allen, L. Earl
Allen, L.V.
Allen, Marion Francis
Allen, Maron
Allen, Martha
Allen, Martin
Allen, Ollie
Allen, Paul
Allen, Q.W.
Allen, S.B.
Allen, W.J.
Allen, W.T.
Allen, Walter
Allen, Z.T.
Allender, Ira
Allgood, David C.
Allgood, G.L.
Allgood, L.D.
Allgood, W.S.
Allison, Janie
Allman, Jno.
Allman, M.S.
Allmon, T.A.
Allred, Clyde
Allston, Leona
Alread, Enoch
Altis, Joe
Altizer, Leotis
Alton, G.O.
Alton, T.L.
Alverson, Art C.
Alverson, Chas. N. Rev.
Alverson, E.M.
Alverson, L.D.
Alverson, W.A.
Alvis, Jno.
Ammons, Wm. H.
Ancel, Joe
Anders, T?.J.
Anders, W.H.
Anderson, A.A.
Anderson, Ben
Anderson, C.
Anderson, C.A.
Anderson, C.L.
Anderson, Gustave
Anderson, H.H.
Anderson, H.H.
Anderson, J.F.
Anderson, John
Anderson, L.L.
Anderson, L.L.
Anderson, M.H.
Anderson, Monroe Cooper
Anderson, Sudie Ruth Mrs.
Anderson, T.J.
Anderson, T.W.
Anderson, Tessie
Anderson, Victoria
Anderson, W.A.
Anderson, W.B.
Anderson, W.H.
Anderson, W.Q.
Anderson, William
Andis, Fred
Andrews, Sam
Andrews, Tom
Andrews, W.C.
Anglen, I.N.
Anthony, A.E.
Apple, C.E.
Appleton, J.C.
Arbaugh, W.A.
Ardwin, O.A.
Arensman?, Geo. R.
Armitage, Henry
Armstrong, Arthur
Armstrong, Essie
Armstrong, Florence
Armstrong, H.F.
Armstrong, S.
Armstrong, S.H.
Arney, Robert F.
Arnold, Canson?
Arnold, E.L.
Arnold, F.A.
Arnold, G.N.
Arnold, Hugh
Arnold, James M.
Arnold, M.A.
Arvin, Jas. D.
Arwood, J.H.
Ary?, John
Asbille, Robert
Asby, J.E.
Ashcraft, J.W.
Ashcraft, W.L.
Ashcroft, Grover
Ashcroft, J.L.
Ashcroft, J.L.
Ashford, D.
Ashley, G.N.
Ashley, H.M.
Ashley, John
Ashley, W.T.
Ashlock, J.A.
Askew, E.B.
Aspry, Tom
Aston, ?.C. (G.C. or S.C.?)
Aston, ?.L. (S.L. or T.L.?)
Aston, Herman
Atchison, J.L.
Atchley, Jno. W.
Atkins, Detton?
Atkins, Dillon
Atkins, Dillon
Atkinson, Horace
Atkinson, O.L.
Attaway, A.E.
Attaway, Wesley?
Atterberry, Elzie
Atterberry, J.F.
Auld, Joseph Ellis
Auld, Willie Adam?
Austin, A.W.
Austin, C.
Austin, Frank
Austin, Jim
Austin, Joe
Austin, L.E.
Austin, Louis
Austin, Loy
Austin, Robert
Austin, W.
Austin, W. Franklin
Austin, Welver
Autman, Rosa
Autry, Ros
Aycock, R.L.
Aydelott, O.T.
Aydelott, O.T.
Ayers, G.M.
Ayers, J.A.
Ayres?, James
Aytch, Willie
Aytman?, Beatrice
BUtler, R.W.
Babb, H.T.
Bacham?, Hubert Sen?.
Backes, Malvin L.
Badders, A.J.
Badders, J.J.
Badders, J.J.
Bagley, W.H.
Bagwell, Frank
Bagwell, Hale
Bailee, W.P.
Bailey, B.M.
Bailey, C.C.
Bailey, C.L.
Bailey, Clarence O.
Bailey, Douglas
Bailey, E.F.
Bailey, H?.S.
Bailey, J.D.
Bailey, James
Bailey, Jay?
Bailey, John H.
Bailey, Jones
Bailey, Orang
Bailey, R.C.
Bailey, Rosetta
Bailey, S.D?.
Bailey, T?.R.
Bailey, Tillie
Bailey, W.L.
Baily, E.H.
Bain, J.H. Jr.
Bairkhead?, W.B.
Baker, A.L.
Baker, A.W.
Baker, Charlie
Baker, Chas.
Baker, Chas. T.
Baker, E.B.
Baker, G.E.
Baker, G.E.
Baker, George
Baker, H.C.
Baker, Homer
Baker, J.H. [or J.G?.]
Baker, J.J.
Baker, John
Baker, John E.
Baker, L.Z.
Baker, Lee
Baker, Sam
Baker, Thomas E.
Baker, Walter
Baker, Walter
Bakker, F.K.
Balch, Elbert N.
Balch, I.C.
Balch, J. Vernon
Baldridge, Butie?
Baldridge, Dee
Baldridge, Ed
Baldridge, J.M.
Baldwin, Ernest S.
Baldwin, John
Balentine, Louis
Bales, A.H.
Bales, D.C.
Bales, H.C.
Ball, A.L.
Ball, Curt
Ball, E.E.
Ball, Ed
Ball, Franklin
Ball, Gus
Ball, Gus
Ball, Howard
Ball, J.W.
Ball, W.M.
Ballard, Charley
Ballard, Jas.
Ballard, Jeff
Ballard, R.N.
Baltimore, Chas.
Bameston?, Mercie?
Band, G.H.
Baninger, Mark
Banister, James
Banks, John
Bankston, A.C.
Bankston, E.F.
Bankston, T.L.
Banton?, Felix
Barbee, Emett
Barber, Jno.
Barber, M.E.
Barber, Tom
Barham, Earl E.
Barham, John
Barker, A.J.
Barker, Henry
Barker, J.T.
Barker, J.W.
Barker, Robert
Barker, T.H.
Barker, Walter
Barlett, Jas. W.
Barlett, Jas. W.
Barne, W.A.
Barnes, A.A.
Barnes, A.A.
Barnes, A.A.
Barnes, A.A. [lined through - error, not issued]
Barnes, A.F.
Barnes, Carl C.
Barnes, Chester
Barnes, Eddie
Barnes, Elmer
Barnes, Ford E.
Barnes, H.A.
Barnes, H.D.
Barnes, H.H.
Barnes, J.F.
Barnes, J.S.
Barnes, J.W.
Barnes, James
Barnes, Jno. A.
Barnes, L.M.
Barnes, M.L.
Barnes, Milton
Barnes, Odis
Barnes, Othur L.
Barnes, P.C.
Barnes, Robt. A.
Barnes, T.D.
Barnett, Ada M.
Barnett, C.
Barnett, E.L.
Barnett, Emmett
Barnett, Eugene B.
Barnett, G.H.
Barnett, Geo. H.
Barnett, Gertrude
Barnett, J.H.
Barnett, James A.
Barnett, Jay H.
Barnett, Neal
Barnett, Nellie
Barnett, R.A.
Barnett, R.W.
Barnett, Walter
Barney, Geo. W.
Barnhill, Henry
Barnhill, Mattie
Barnhill, W.I.
Barnum, J.E.
Barnwell, Isaac
Barrett, Robert D.
Barron, C.A.
Barron, J.M.
Barron, Walter B.
Barrow, Adrian
Barrow, Clarence
Barrow, Claryce? W.
Barry, R.L.
Bartholmew, W.H.
Bartholomew, C.L.
Bartholomew, C.O.
Bartholomew, J.A.
Bartholomew, Leo?
Bartholomew, Roy
Bartlett, C.H.
Bartley, J.B.
Bartrand, E.A.
Baser, Adam
Baser, C.U.
Basolin?, R.W.
Bassham, Dave C.
Bassham, Fred
Bassham, J.H.
Batchelor, J.F.
Bateman, E.A.
Bates, Boss
Bates, Chas.
Bates, E.A.
Bates, E.A.
Bates, F.G.
Bates, Loy
Bates, W.S.
Batsford, Murphy
Battle, Joe
Battles, Louis
Baty, C.G.
Baugh, D.L.
Baugh, Herbert C.
Baugh, W.F.
Baughman, A.W.
Baughman, Ed
Baum, Herman
Baxter, Daniel
Baxter, G.W.
Baxter, J.L.
Baxter, T.J.
Baxter, Walter
Bay, James F.
Bayan?, G.S.
Bayless, Bettie Mrs.
Beacham, J.W.
Beal, John
Beames, Henry
Bean?, J.R.
Bearce, R.E.
Beard, C.F.
Beard, C.R.
Beard, E.H.
Beard, Herman
Beard, J.W.
Beard, Jacob
Beard, Larney?
Beard, Madge
Beard, Tom
Beare?, A.E.
Beasley, Arthur
Beasley, C.E.
Beasley, E.L.
Beasley, Jim M.
Beasley, Joe
Beasley, M.B.
Beason, J.A.
Beaureauguard, Chester
Beavers, B.F.
Beavers, Henry
Beavers, Mach C.
Beavers, Vernon
Beck, Arley L.
Beck, Ethel M.
Beck, Leon
Becker, Emery
Becklund, J.L.
Bedwell, Leon
Beeching, A.M.
Beel, G.W.
Beeman, Sterling
Beevers, Roy Alton
Beirman, A.S.K.
Belcher, James
Belew, Chas. W.
Belew, Ex
Beliew?, G.A.
Belk, W.E.
Bell, A.C.
Bell, C.C.
Bell, D.C.
Bell, E.H.
Bell, J.R.
Bell, J.T.
Bell, J.W.
Bell, Jesse G.
Bell, Jessie
Bell, Jno. Isaac
Bell, L.A.
Bell, Robert
Bell, Roy
Bell, W.M.
Bell, W.M.
Bellah, Jay
Bellar, J.W.
Beller, Walter J.
Benbam?, Noel W.
Benfer?, Vincent V.
Benge?, T.U.
Benge?, W.S.
Benham, J.W.
Benight, A.A.
Benner?, Harry
Bennett, A.R.
Bennett, B.W.
Bennett, E.D.
Bennett, H.R.
Bennett, Ira
Bennett, J.F.
Bennett, Silas
Bennett, Vashti Mrs.
Bennett, W.A.
Bennett, W.E.
Benny, Lee
Benoit, W.B.
Benson, Clifford J.
Benson, R.H.
Benson, Thos. C.
Benson, Tom
Bentley, Ben F.
Bentley, Jack
Bentley, Richard
Bently, Emma
Berg, J.B.
Berg, Lewis
Berg, Louis
Berk, B.
Berkley, George T.
Bernard?, Hiram
Berot?, Ed
Berry, D.A.
Berry, Erwin
Berry, Fred
Berry, G.B.
Berry, J.E.
Berry, Leo
Berry, M. Reeves [or Mr.? Reeves]
Berry, R.L.
Berry, S.F.
Berry, S.F.
Berry, S.F.
Berry, W.C. Jr.
Berry, W.P.
Bess, J.W.
Bessley, Elnora
Best, J.K.
Bethune, Alonzo
Bezz, John
Bibbs, J.R. Rev.
Bible, C.E.
Biddle, Chester E.
Biddle, J.B.
Bidwell, Geo.
Bigelow, Jack
Bigelow, William H.
Biggers, B.M.
Biggs, J.A.
Biggs, T.J.
Biglow, Jack
Billings, B.C.
Billingsley, Martha
Billingsley, Percy
Billingsley, Walter
Billington, Benj. F.
Bingaman, Robt. N.
Binge, W.S.
Bingham, B.H.
Bingham, Eli
Bingham, H.L.
Binkley, Otis
Biran, Cecil
Birch, Tom
Birchfield, J.W.
Birchfield, Jess
Bird, W.H.
Birdsong, A.L.
Birdsong, Angus
Birdsong, C.M.
Birdsong, H.W.
Birdsong, M.L.
Birdsong, O.D.
Birdsong, T.H.
Birdsong, T.R.
Birkhead, J.A.
Birmingham, J.L.
Birmingham, W.C.
Birmingham?, John R. [lined through]
Bishop, A.E.
Bishop, B.M.
Bishop, C.J.
Bishop, E.F.
Bishop, J.N.
Bishop, J.T.
Bishop, Leland C.
Bishop, Samuel
Bishop, W.J.
Bitner, T.B.
Bittle, Easel
Bittle, Odis
Bittle?, W.A.
Bittleston, C.A.
Black, C.J.
Black, Chas. S.
Black, Clem
Black, H.G.
Black, J.T.
Black, R.L.
Black, Taylor
Black, Tom
Black, W.E?.
Black, W.T.
Blackburn, Attie
Blackburn, Chas.
Blackburn, Jeff
Blackman, John
Blackmon, Louis
Blackstone, Flay
Blackwell, E.E.
Blackwell, J.H.
Blackwell, John
Blackwell, Marvin
Blair, A.C.
Blair, D.H.
Blair, E.H.
Blair, Orbia Lee
Blake, L.B.
Blake, Leonard E.
Blake, Matthew
Blake, Oliver
Blakeley, Green
Blakemon, F.R.
Blakey, C.L.
Blalock, E.B.
Blalock, Jerome S.
Blalock, P.B.
Blankenship, J.O.
Blankenship, Tom
Blanks, Jack
Blann?, Adam
Blann?, Boyce C.
Blanton, J.W.
Blasengame, Oather
Blekley, Albert
Blevins, Rachel
Bliss, Geo. P.
Bliss, Geo. W.
Bloomer, G.W.
Bloomer, Levi
Blount, M.J.
Blount, R.S.
Blount, Sam
Blue, Jesse
Blvin?, E.L.
Blythe, Joe
Boatright, L.F.
Boatwright, W.M.
Bobb, C.F.
Boblett, Dave
Boden, J.H.
Boeckman, Henry
Bogard, James E.
Bogart, Ralph
Bogeman?, Ed
Boggs, R.E.
Boggs, Rufus E.
Bohin?, W.T.
Bohlar, Frank
Bohman, Simon
Boissent, F.A.
Boker?, Glen
Bolding, Sam L.
Bolen, H.S.
Boles, L.S.
Bolin, Everett
Bolin, J.M.
Bolin, J.O.
Bolin, J.W.
Bolin, Robt. S.
Boling, B.E.
Boling, Henry C.
Bollinger, Colan
Bollinger, Robt. M.
Bomar, J.C.
Bomar, J.L.
Bombolaski, J.R.
Bomen?, Bryan
Bond, Elmer R.
Bond, Frank
Bond, Guss
Bond, L.H.
Bond, T.R.
Bond, W.T.
Bonds, Homer
Bonds, Mary I.
Bone, B.D.
Bonhan, Clifford
Bonner, C.W.
Bonner, Clyde
Bonner, Kattie
Bonner, L.E.
Bonner, Mose
Bonnette, J.A.
Bonnie, Claude C.
Bonnie, H.F.
Bonscher, Scott
Booher, A.M.
Boon, Frank
Boon, R.F.
Boone, Jeff
Booth, G.R.
Booth, H.C.
Booth, William
Booth, Willie
Boren, L.O.
Boss, Sam [or Bass?]
Bost, W.C.
Bostick, Herman
Bostick, L.T.
Bostick, L.T.
Boswell, Mattie M.
Boswell, Ollie B.
Botsford, Murphy
Boucher, Everet
Bounds, G.E.
Bounds, N.Q?.
Bounds, Thurman
Bourland, Edward
Bowden, W.E.
Bowden, W.J.
Bowen, Jimmie
Bowen, Jimmie
Bowen, John L.
Bowen, Kelcie
Bowen, T.B.
Bowen, W.H.
Bowen, W.H.
Bower, J.L.
Bower, Jno. L.
Bowers, Erastus
Bowers, H.M.
Bowers, Harry L.
Bowlan, B.F.
Bowles, Howard W.
Bowlin, Roy I.
Bowman, Edd
Bowman, Herman
Bowman, J.F.
Bowman, J.M.
Bowman, Jim
Bowman, Pete K.
Bowman, Sam
Bowren, W.R.
Boyce, Archie
Boyce, Edd
Boyd, B.L.
Boyd, Ed
Boyd, Ed
Boyd, Etta F.
Boyd, George
Boyd, Hugh
Boyd, L.A.
Boyd, Lev R.
Boyd, Moses
Boyd, Ray
Boyd, Tom
Boyd, Victor
Boyd, Willie
Boydstun, T.J.
Boyer, Earl
Boyle, M.D.
Boyle, T.M.
Bracey, E.L.
Brackett, M.E.
Brackin, H.L.
Brackman, Barney W.
Bradberry, E.O.
Bradberry, W.H.
Bradberry, W.M.
Bradford, Cole
Bradford, Curtis
Bradford, Ezar
Bradford, G.W.
Bradford, Henry
Bradley, Chas. F.
Bradley, Elmer
Bradley, Homer
Bradley, Homer
Bradley, J.H.
Bradley, Jessie
Bradley, O?.Q?.
Bradley, P.A.
Bradley, Sam?
Bradshaw, Arizonia
Bradshaw, Jno. Thomas
Bradshaw, Myrtle Emily
Bradshaw, Zeban
Brady, F.J.
Brady, Marion
Brady, Rhoda
Brady, W.L.
Brady, Wm. E.
Brady?, Bob
Bragdon, R.E.
Brainard, Chas. V.
Brakefield, D.D.
Braman, Floyd
Bramlett, A.A.
Bramlett, D.C.
Bramlett, E.R.
Bramlett, J.M.
Brammer, J.E.
Branch, Esray
Brandenburg, Arch
Brandenburg, Bert
Brandon, D.F.
Brandon, J.F.
Brandon, L.E.
Brandon, Sam
Brandon, Sam
Branham, S.V.
Branham, V.E.
Branhan?, Dolor
Brannon, G.M. Mrs.
Brannon, T.A.
Branscum, Shelton
Branscumb, J.W.
Branson, C.H.
Branstetter, C.G.
Brant, A.H.
Brantley, L.L.
Branum, Wm. E.
Brashares?, Jno. B?.
Brashears, H.C.
Brasher, Frank
Brassette, J.M.
Bratcher, A.B.
Bratcher, Lee Roy
Bratton, Wm. D.
Bravers, Labun J.
Bray, W.E.
Brayboy, Unes
Brayboy, Wyllie
Brayton, Thedore
Brazeal, L.L.
Brazil, A.D. Mrs.
Break, J.D.
Break?, J.D.
Breckenridge, Jesse T.
Breeden, Roy W.
Breedlove, H.H.
Breedlove, J.L.
Breedlove, W.W.
Breedwood?, Gottleib? [lined through, not issued]
Brent, O.E.
Brents, Hutto
Brents, J. Luther
Brents, O.A.
Breshears, R.V.
Brewer, Alonzo
Brewer, Amos
Brewer, Dell
Brewer, G.B.
Brewer, J.A.
Brewer, J.R.
Brewer, Omer
Brewer, Ray
Brewer, T.E.
Brewer, Wilson
Brewster, J.G.
Brezel?, Joe
Bridges, A.H.
Bridges, N.L.
Bridges, R.R.
Bridges, W.T.
Bridget, R.P.
Bridgewater, Lynn?
Briggs, Chas. E.
Briggs, Ford
Bright, Eddie
Brightroele?, C.R.
Brightwell, Vern
Brigman, L.P.
Brimmer?, William Taft
Brindle, Grant
Brinison, L.J.
Brinkley, Ada E.
Brinkley, Eugene
Brinkley, Fredie L.
Brinkley, Otis
Brinkley, S.E.
Brinkman, Herman P.
Brinneman, Elmer
Brinneman?, Hazle
Bristow, J.G.
Brit, B.E.
Broach, W.H.
Broadway, C.M.
Broadway, Jim
Brock, C.A.
Brock, C.M.
Brock, David
Brock, J.W.
Brock, Lester
Brock, Lucian
Brock, Sanford
Brocken, E.R.
Brockman?, G.P.
Brockway, Geo. R.
Brockwell, C.W.
Brockwell, C.W.
Brockwell, E.H.
Brockwell, F.W.
Brockwell, F.W.
Brockwell, F.W.
Brockwill, C.W.
Brockwill, E.H.
Brockwill, F.W.
Broden, William E.
Brogie?, Clyde
Brokow, C.F.
Brokow, E.E.
Bronson, William
Broock, R.E.
Broogs, Lizzie
Brooks, A.A.
Brooks, C.R.
Brooks, Clyde
Brooks, Cora
Brooks, Daniel
Brooks, David
Brooks, E.J.
Brooks, I.O.
Brooks, R.C.
Brooks, Silas
Brooks, T.L.
Brooks, Walter
Brooks, Willis
Broome, C.A.
Broome, C.F.
Broomfield, L.B.
Broonfield?, L.A.
Brown, A.B.
Brown, A.T.
Brown, Alfred
Brown, Arlon
Brown, Artemus
Brown, Arthur
Brown, B.B.
Brown, Bill
Brown, Calvin
Brown, Carl
Brown, Chas. C.
Brown, Clifford Lester
Brown, Clyde C.
Brown, Collins
Brown, Dallas L.
Brown, Dave
Brown, Elmer
Brown, Elzy F.
Brown, F.I.
Brown, F.T.
Brown, Ferda
Brown, Geo. G.
Brown, Geo. N.
Brown, Geo. R.
Brown, Geo. W.
Brown, George
Brown, Grover C.
Brown, Harry A.
Brown, Homer
Brown, J.C.
Brown, J.O.
Brown, J.R.
Brown, J.W.
Brown, J.W.
Brown, Jessie
Brown, Jno. F.
Brown, Jno. S.
Brown, John W.W.
Brown, L.L.
Brown, Lee
Brown, Lee
Brown, N.A. Mrs.
Brown, O.M.
Brown, Otto
Brown, R.E.
Brown, R.F.
Brown, Richard
Brown, S.G.
Brown, S.M.
Brown, Stewart
Brown, T.E.
Brown, T.L.
Brown, T.L.
Brown, Tom
Brown, Tom H.
Brown, W.C.
Brown, W.E.
Brown, W.L.
Brown, W.T.
Brown, Wesley
Brown, Wilson
Brown, Wm.
Brownell, Henry
Brownfield, D.W.
Brownfield, E.D.
Browning, C.C.
Browning, J.S.
Browning, R.L.
Browning, S.
Browning, Wm. F.
Brownlee, C.M.
Brownlee, C.W.
Brownlow, Guy
Brownlow, Guy
Brownlow, W.P.
Bruce, B.G.
Bruce, C.A. Sr.
Bruce, Chas. Alfred
Brummett, E.G.
Brummitt, Melvin E.
Bryan, A.H.
Bryan, C.R.
Bryan, Clarence
Bryan, David R.
Bryan, Newton
Bryan, T.B.
Bryan, W.A.
Bryant, A.L.
Bryant, A.L.
Bryant, Clennie
Bryant, Cube?
Bryant, E.D.
Bryant, F.
Bryant, Grady
Bryant, H.T.
Bryant, Hollie
Bryant, J.A.
Bryant, J.C.
Bryant, M.L.
Bryant, Maggie
Bryant, R.J.
Bryant, Travis
Bryant, V.O?.
Bryant, W.G.
Bryson, Louis
Buatoe?, J.F.
Buchanan, Harley
Bucher, H.W.
Buck, W.J.
Buckley?, Chester H.
Buckner, E.D.
Buckner, Neal
Buercklin, M.D.
Buercklin, W.D.
Buffington, D.L.
Bullard, C.V.
Bullard, Cyrus F.
Bullard, O?.L.
Bullock, Blocker B.
Bullock, Hobert
Bumgardner, A.D.
Bunch, Geo. W.
Bundy, Earnest C.
Bunker, P.A.
Bunn, O.O. Mrs.
Bunn?, Chas. W.
Bunner?, L.E.
Bunt?, S.D. (or Burt?)
Buntin, M.L.
Bunyard, Mable
Bunyard, W.W.
Burch, Clarence Jr.
Burch, Clarence Jr.
Burch, Harvey
Burchett, J. Jr.
Burchfield, Flurettie Mrs.
Burchfield, T.C.
Burdess, Albert
Burdick, C.H.
Burdine, L.A.
Burdine, T.L.
Burgemeyer, Jacob
Burgen, Shelby
Burgess, C.C.
Burgess, J.E.
Burgess, J.F.
Buris, E.I.
Burke, Afton
Burke, Hollis
Burkes, Walter
Burkhart, Bud
Burks, Ben
Burks, David
Burlison, C.H.
Burlison, Carthell G.
Burlison, Geo.
Burlison, N.P.
Burlison, Norfleet? P.
Burlison, R.C.
Burmingham, A.J.
Burmingham, B.L.
Burnett, A.B.
Burnett, B.
Burnett, C.L.
Burnett, Garvin
Burnett, H.J.
Burnett, H.T.
Burnett, J.S.
Burnett, James M.
Burnett, Louie
Burnette, J.J.
Burns, Alvin
Burns, J.E?.
Burns, J.R.
Burns, Jasper L.
Burns, L.B.
Burns, O-?- N.
Burns, R.A.
Burns, Richard E. Jr.
Burns, W.A.
Burns, W.E.
Burns, W.H.
Burr, J.C.
Burrell, Ray
Burris, W.E.
Burroughs, Fred
Burrow, Janel? B.
Burrow, N.M.
Burruss, W.D.
Burt, C.W.
Burt?, Ben
Burtner, L.O.
Burton, Add
Burton, C.A.
Burton, Emma
Burton, J.M.
Burton, M.A.
Burton, Odis
Burton, Pete
Busbea?, J.D.
Busbea?, W.W.
Bush, J.B.
Bush, O.S.
Bussell, T.P.
Butler, C.L.
Butler, Carlie?
Butler, Carter
Butler, D.E.
Butler, G.C.
Butler, G.W.
Butler, Garrett
Butler, Joel H.
Butler, Luther
Butler, M.L.
Butler, Roy
Butler, T.A.
Butler, Tom
Butler, W.P.
Butler, W.T?.
Butram, A.C.
Butt, W.H.
Butter, Thomas
Byer, Don
Byers, A.C.
Byers, Chas. H.
Byers, Thos.
Byers, Y.Z.
Byles, Andy
Byles, Chas. H.
Byndoni?, Gold
Bynum, Lou E.
Bynum, Newt
Byrd, Arkey D.
Byrd, C.E.
Byrd, Elbert
Byrd, Floyd
Byrd, John
Byrd, K.G.
Byrd, L.P.
Byrd, Ruth M.
Byrd, S.C.
Byrd, W.D.
Byrd, Will
C--?--, C.M.
Cabet, L.F.
Cable, J.W.
Cableton, Paul
Cagle, E.G.
Cagle, Henry I.
Cagle, S.J.
Cagle, Virgil
Cain, B.L.
Cain, Carl
Cain, D.
Cain, D.W.
Cain, Kirby
Cairns, Florence
Caldwell, Ed
Caldwell, J.T.
Caldwell, Royall
Caldwell, W.M.
Calhoun, J.F.
Calico?, J.H.
Callahan, C.A.
Callaway, C.W.
Callett, William S.
Callia?, Joseph
Callion, Alva F.
Callison, E.O.
Calloway, E.H.
Calloway, Jim
Calloway, Seth W.
Calston, R.E.
Calvert, C.P.
Calvert, J.A. Mrs.
Calvert, R.E.
Calvin, John F.
Calvin, Nolin
Cambran, J.H.
Camp, Carson
Camp, Dan
Camp, L.W.
Camp, N.H.
Campbell, A.C.
Campbell, C.B.
Campbell, C.F.
Campbell, E.O.
Campbell, H.A.
Campbell, H.T.
Campbell, Ida
Campbell, J.C.
Campbell, Jesse T?.
Campbell, John W.
Campbell, M.W.
Campbell, R.L.
Campbell, Sam
Campbell, Sam
Campbell, T.P.
Campbell, William
Campbell, Willie
Canada, Albert
Canada, B.H.
Canady, Baul?
Canady, M.L.
Canfield, H.D.
Canfield, Howard D.
Cannady, James V.
Cannon, J.C.
Cannon, J.F.
Cannon, Roy
Cantley, Lester H.
Cantrell, Ray
Caple, Radford
Caple, S.W.
Caple, Willie
Caplinger, Altie C.
Caplinger, Wm. C.
Capps, Emitt
Capps, Lonie
Capps, M.R.
Capps, Tandy Mrs.
Caraway?, Mary E.
Carey, J.B.
Carey, J.C.
Carlisle, Luther
Carlisle, W.P.
Carlton, Claud
Carlton, Claude
Carlton, Jeff
Carlton, Woodrow
Carmack, A.B.
Carmichael, A.S.
Carmickle, David L.
Carnes, Daniel S.
Carnes, Geo. P.
Carnes, Geo. P.
Carpenter, C.A.
Carpenter, C.D.
Carpenter, Earl A.
Carpenter, Jerry
Carpenter, John C.
Carpenter, L.
Carpenter, W.C.
Carr, Alfred R.
Carr, Arthur
Carr, Belvie
Carr, Edward
Carr, J.B.
Carr, J.L.
Carr?, Lynn
Carrall?, H.T.
Carrell, W.T.
Carrick, T.A.
Carringan, H.E.
Carrington, J.H.
Carrington, J.H.
Carroll, J.T.
Carroll, N.S.
Carroll, Otho B.
Carroll, Quinton
Carroll, Ray
Carson, Luther
Carson, Marion Everett
Carter, A.C.
Carter, A.R.
Carter, A.R. [lined through, not issued]
Carter, Arthur L.
Carter, Ben
Carter, Bettie
Carter, C.C.
Carter, Doy
Carter, E.A.
Carter, Elgin
Carter, Frank
Carter, Garlan
Carter, Geo. S.
Carter, George
Carter, H.C.
Carter, Harvey
Carter, J.R.
Carter, J.W.
Carter, Jim
Carter, John
Carter, R.E.
Carter, R.H.
Carter, R.O.
Carter, Rufus
Carter, Tom
Carter, Vashti
Carter, W.A.
Carter, W.B.
Carter, W.T.
Carter, Wesley
Cartwright, Tom
Cary, A.A.
Cary, A.G.
Cary, F.A.
Cary, F.H.
Cary, J.B.
Cary, Jesse
Cary, Jesse
Case, Ben
Case, G. Frank
Case, Riley
Caselin?, O.
Casey, Charley L.
Casey, Jesse S.
Casey, M.L.
Cash, H.J.
Cash, Jim L.
Cash, W.F.
Cason, J.R.
Cassidy, Edward
Casteel, E.L.
Casteel, J.A.
Casteel, J.R.
Castleberry, Ben
Castleberry, H.F.
Castleberry, J.H.
Castleberry, Jas.
Castleberry, N?.L.
Castleman, Theodore
Castoe, James
Cater, Jasper
Cates, C.L.
Cates, David Wesley
Cates?, John W.
Cathey, L.
Cathey, M.T.
Cathey, O.J.
Cathren?, Pauline
Cato, A.W.
Cato, Willis
Caudle, W.W.
Caudle, Wm. C.
Causby, Chas. Richard
Causey, Virgil
Caviness, Joe
Cawbury, J.H.
Cazort, John H.
Cazort, K.C.
Cessell, C.P.
Chadwick, A.L.
Chadwick, Chas.
Chadwick, Claude
Chadwick, W.J.
Chalk, Andrew
Chalk, Andrew
Chamberlain, E.J.
Chamberlain, J.F.
Chambers, B.B.
Chambers, Claud E.
Chambers, J.E.
Chambers, Marvin H.
Chambers?, G.W.
Chambless, H.
Chambres, J.H.
Champlin, Ralph
Chance, J.W.
Chancellar, W.H.
Chandler, Ben O.
Chandler, Clinton
Chandler, E.S.
Chandler, Ira E.
Chandler, J.L.
Chandler, W.H.
Chandley, I.E.
Chaney, Amos
Chaney, R.T.
Chanions?, Esteen
Chapman, A.C.
Chapman, Hamp
Chapman, L.R.
Chapman, T.C.
Chappell, J.C.
Charton, C.J.
Chastain, Fred
Chastain, J.A.
Chastain, Reuben
Cheek, Beverly
Cheek, D.
Cheek, Hughie Lee
Cheek, V.
Cheeks, Hughie Lee
Cheers, Henry
Cheney, Arthur
Chenoweth, J.H.
Cheshire, John
Chesterfield, Ben
Childers, Ned James
Childers, W.E.
Childers, W.E.
Childers?, A.J.
Childres, Andrew
Childres, Milton Leon
Childress, Edward
Childress, S.F.
Chism, Clyde
Chism, Marshall
Choppell, Louis
Chrisman, Joseph J.
Christian, A.W.
Christian, Cora L.
Christian, Nathan A.
Christian, Nethron
Christin, T.A.
Christopher, M.L.
Christopher, M.L.
Christopher, S.
Christopher, W.E.
Chriswell, Henry
Chrysler, W.L.
Chumley, J.C.
Chupp, W.E.
Churcher, Kattie
Churchwell, E.M.
Chusta?, F.A.
Cissell, Cleburn P.
Cistner?, Callie
Clampit, J.H.
Clanton, J.T. Jr.
Clark, A.C.
Clark, Claude
Clark, Clyde
Clark, D.C.
Clark, D.C. [lined through, error - not issued]
Clark, Hattie
Clark, Herman H.
Clark, L.H.
Clark, L.Z.
Clark, Lloyd
Clark, M.R.
Clark, Mayberry
Clark, Roy
Clark, Roy L.
Clark, T.C.
Clark, W.N.
Clark, Walker
Clark, Wilburn
Clarke, Wm. D.
Clayborn, Joe
Clayton, A.U.
Clayton, H.A.
Clayton, Harlin A.
Clayton, Jesse
Clayton, Please
Clayton, W.C.
Cleghorn, J.H.
Clement, A.L. (or R.L.)
Clements, Henry
Clements, Homer
Clements, W.M.
Clemmons, W.E.
Clemons, Cleve
Clifton, Charles
Clock, Day
Cloinger, B.C.
Clower, J.W.
Clowers, D.E.
Clowter, Thos. A.
Clubb, Arlen
Clurkley?, Dock
Clyburn, Claud
Cobb, J.W.
Cobbage?, L.C.
Cobbs, George
Coburn, A.B.
Cochran, Jonathan
Cochran, Ledora
Cochran, W.F.
Cockerham, Benjamin N.
Cockran, A.D.
Cockran, Harry
Cockrell, Beaulah T. Mrs.
Cockrell, J.M.
Coddington, Roy C.
Cody, Arthur
Cody, C.E.
Coe, R.C.
Coe, W.J.
Cofer, M.G.
Cofer, T.E.
Coffin, Howard S.
Coggins, Claud
Cohen, H.E?.
Coherly?, Annie M.
Coker, Tom G.
Coker, V.E.
Colair, L.
Colburn?, Logins?
Coldwall, Andy
Cole, A.E.
Cole, A.M.
Cole, Chas.
Cole, Ed C.
Cole, Jno. F.
Cole, Jno. W.
Cole, L.J.
Cole, L.T.
Cole, Lewis
Cole, Paul D.
Cole, R.L.
Cole, W.F.
Cole?, Vernon
Coleman, A.A.
Coleman, Claud C.
Coleman, Clay W.
Coleman, E.C.
Coleman, E.S.
Coleman, Fred
Coleman, G.C.
Coleman, Hugh P.
Coleman, J.A.
Coleman, J.B.
Coleman, Jas. W.
Coleman, Jesse
Coleman, John B.
Coleman, P.G.
Coleman, Quincy V.
Coleman, R.O.
Coleman, W.D.
Coley, Brady F.
Coley, W.C.
Colley, J.D.
Collier, J.G.
Collins, C.D.
Collins, Charlie
Collins, E.A.
Collins, Ed
Collins, Edgar
Collins, Emerson C. Sr.
Collins, G.M.
Collins, Hubie V.
Collins, James B.
Collins, L.B.
Collins, L.M.
Collins, L.M.
Collins, Martin F.
Collins, Robert
Collins, Roy
Collins, Sylva L.
Colquitt, R.T.
Colton, C.L.
Colvin, A.R.
Colvin, E.A.
Colvin, G.M.
Colvin, Paul W.
Coly, J.W.
Combs, J.W.
Comer, Amos
Comer, Chester
Comer, Ules
Compton, J.A.
Compton, Lucille
Compton, Warrior
Conard, M.M.
Condra, C.M.
Cone, W.A.
Conley, L.L.
Connady, Gilbert
Connely, Henry
Connor, R.L.
Conrad, Herman
Conway, B.C.
Conway, James
Conway, T.R.
Coody, B.L.
Coody, Chas. Wesley
Coody, J.M.
Coody, O.A.
Cook, A.F.
Cook, Dallas E.
Cook, David H.
Cook, Earl
Cook, Frank
Cook, G.B.
Cook, H.C.
Cook, H.E.
Cook, J.E.
Cook, J.E.
Cook, J.W.
Cook, Kelly J.
Cook, L.E.
Cook, Latimer
Cook, R.E.
Cook, R.E.
Cook, R.L.
Cook, R.L.
Cook, W.L.
Cook, Walter
Cook, Willbron
Cooke, Pinkey
Cookrum, Robert
Cooksey, Henry A.
Cooksey, O.R.
Cooley, G.B.S.
Cooley, G.B.S.
Cooley, Geo.
Cooley, Geo.
Cooley, George
Coon, J.C.
Cooper, A.S.
Cooper, C.B.
Cooper, C.W.
Cooper, Clyde L.
Cooper, F.K.
Cooper, Floyd
Cooper, G.N.
Cooper, G.P.
Cooper, Gladys
Cooper, Gladys Mrs.
Cooper, H.W.
Cooper, J.A.
Cooper, J.F.
Cooper, J.W.
Cooper, Jas. J.
Cooper, Lee
Cooper, Lester L.
Cooper, N.S.
Cooper, O.S.
Cooper, Otto
Cooper, W.D.
Cooper, W.D.
Coopwood, Ada M.
Coots, Brisco
Coots, Marvin
Coots, Melvin
Coots, Pal
Copeland, Carrie
Copeland, E.H.
Copeland, E.I.
Copeland, Frank L.
Copeland, O.E.
Corbell, R.E.
Corbett, F.P.
Corbin, James
Cordell, Jewell Mrs.
Corey, Robt. L.
Corhon, Joe
Corly?, Henry
Cormack, Geo. H.
Cornett, B.M.
Cornett, Hoyt
Cornutt, G.W.
Corter?, Bedford
Costlin?, J.N.
Cotham, Ira
Cothern, J.J.
Cotten?, Joe Bob
Cotter, J.W.
Cotton, C.J.
Cotton, Houston
Cotton, J.W.
Cotton, O.A.
Cotton, Olive
Cotton, Sullivan
Cottrell, Sid
Cottrell, Willie
Couch, C.C.
Couch, C?.E.
Couch, Thomas
Couch, William F.
Coulter, J.D.
Coulter, R.F.
Coursey, A.M.
Courter, Dan
Courtney, Arthur
Courtney, B.F.
Courtney, William Thomas
Courtrand?, D.C.
Cousins, Buford
Covington, Cecil D.
Covington, Clyde
Covington, George
Covington, J.L.
Covington, James
Covington, John F.
Cowan, M.L.
Cowan, S.A.
Cowlett, Richard
Cox, David
Cox, David A.
Cox, Earl
Cox, Geo. N.
Cox, Grady
Cox, J.C.
Cox, J.H.
Cox, J.N.
Cox, J.N.
Cox, Jos. W. [or Jas.?]
Cox, L.H.
Cox, L.J.
Cox, Marion
Cox, O.V.
Cox, R.J.
Cox, Vergil
Cox, W.H.
Cox, W.M.
Cox, W.S.F.
Cox, Wiley
Coy, Frank
Coy, Geo.
Coyle, J.P.
Coyle, J.P.
Cozart, W.D.
Crabb, Ira
Crabb, Jewel
Craft, J.M.
Craft, W.J.
Craig, Mat
Craig, S.E.
Craig, Sam
Crain, Ben
Crain, Robt. L.
Crank, Elmer
Crank, Shearly S.
Crask, W.B.
Crassley, Della
Craven, Jodie
Cravens, J.H.
Cravens, J.P.
Crawford, Elmer G.
Crawford, J.R.
Crawford, Joe
Crawford, Odis Cecil
Crawford, W.
Crawford, W.F.
Crawford, W.I.
Crawford, W.M.
Crawford, Wayne
Crawford, Willis
Crawley, C.N.
Creasey, E.G.
Creasey, Vornest D.
Creech, J.E.
Cregmiles, A.R.
Cress?, Neal D.
Creveling, Wm. M.
Crews, Jim
Criner, Herman
Criner, Porter
Crippen, Fred
Crisco, A.D.
Crisel, Chas.
Crisel, Claud
Criseol?, Minis?
Crisher, Neil
Crisp, Stanley
Crist, H.B.
Crockett, D.E.
Crockett, H.H.
Croft, A.L.
Croft, C.F.
Croft, W.N.
Cromwell, Clyde
Crook, H.C.
Croslow, J.A.
Crossley, Lee
Crossno, A.F.
Crossno, P.C.
Crouch, E.W.
Crouch, W.M.
Croven?, J.H.
Crow, Chas. B.
Crow, E.T.
Crow, Jim
Crow, Lawrence
Crow, Virgil
Crow, W.F.
Crow?, J.S. Jr.
Crowder, J.A.
Crowder, J.A.
Crowder, Walter
Crowe, Mansfield
Crowell, Mattie
Crowley, Clyde
Crowley, W.F.
Crowson, Archie
Cruise, J.J.
Crumby, Geo.
Crump, Jim
Crutchfield, J.F.
Crutchfield, J.H.
Crutchfield, O?.F.
Cuble, Ollie L.
Cude, Grover C.
Cullins, R.J.
Cullipher, W.E.
Culp, James
Culp, Jno. L.
Culp, W.A.
Culpepper, F.L.
Cummings, M.A.
Cummings, W.A.
Cunningham, Aud?
Cunningham, Edwin
Cunningham, Felix
Cunningham, James
Cunningham, Jno. S.
Cunningham, S.L.
Cunningham, W.A.
Cupp, Geo.
Cupp, Golvie?
Cupp, Henry
Cupp, T.J.
Curnatt, Rosa L.
Curry, E.L.
Curry, Sam
Curtis, Alfred
Curton, Bill
Curton, W.S.
Custes, Charley
Da--?s, M.
Dabney, A.D.
Dacus, T.B.
Dale, J.A.
Dallas, Albert E.
Dallis, W.F.
Dalton, W.S.
Danford, B.F.
Daniel, Dwight L.
Daniel, J.H.
Daniel, Judge Jr.
Daniel, Lloyd
Daniel, W.A.
Daniel, Willie O.
Daniels, Carrie Mrs.
Daniels, Earl
Daniels, Effie
Daniels, Henry
Daniels, J.C.
Daniels, J.P.
Daniels, J.W.
Daniens, A.C.
Danley, Chester
Dann, Viola
Danner, D.W.
Danner, T.L.
Danny, E.C?.
Dantzle, Mose
Darling, Dick
Darling, F.M.
Darling, Guy
Darnell, D.T.
Darnell, Homer
Darr, Jas.
Darris, J.L.
Darter, Ned
Darton, Albert W.
Daugherty, Isaac E.
Davenport, Carman
Davenport, Eugene
Davenport, Raymond
Davenport, W.E.
Davenport, Whit
David, Carl
David, Eldon R.
Davidson, Alvin D.
Davidson, Clarence H.
Davidson, Frank M.
Davidson, Maggie
Davidson, Moore
Davidson, R.R.
Davies, Ed D.
Davies, G.A.
Davis, A.A.
Davis, A.E.
Davis, A.H.
Davis, A.J.
Davis, Archie
Davis, Archie
Davis, Arthur
Davis, C.H.
Davis, C.J.
Davis, C.N.
Davis, Cam
Davis, Cecil C.
Davis, Chester
Davis, Cheston?
Davis, D.D.
Davis, E.J.
Davis, E.L.
Davis, E.L.
Davis, E.N.
Davis, Earl E.
Davis, Elsie
Davis, F.V.
Davis, Findley
Davis, Forest
Davis, Frank
Davis, Frank M.
Davis, G.L.
Davis, Geo.
Davis, H.W.
Davis, Hamilton S.
Davis, Harray C.
Davis, Henry
Davis, Homer
Davis, Homer
Davis, Hughey
Davis, Hughey Luther Jr.
Davis, J.H.
Davis, J.N.
Davis, J.W.
Davis, Jeff
Davis, Jerusha
Davis, Jid
Davis, Jim
Davis, Jim
Davis, Joe
Davis, Joe Q.
Davis, Johnnie
Davis, L.H.
Davis, Lee
Davis, Leslie
Davis, Levin G.
Davis, Lewin? or Lewia?
Davis, Louis
Davis, M.L.
Davis, Martin
Davis, Mitch
Davis, Oather
Davis, Oather
Davis, Odus F.
Davis, Odus F.
Davis, Paul C.
Davis, R.L.
Davis, S.M.
Davis, S.W.
Davis, T.C.
Davis, T.F.
Davis, T.L.
Davis, T.L.
Davis, T.L.
Davis, T.M.
Davis, W.C.
Davis, W.E.
Davis, W.E.
Davis, W.H.
Davis, W.H.
Davis, W.H.
Davis, W.P.
Davis, W.R.
Davis, Walter
Davis, Walton
Davis, William E.
Davis, Willie
Davlin?, Frank B.
Dawson, Mike
Dawson, R.M.
Dawson, Will
Day, Chas. H.
Day, Gordon
Day, J.W.
Day, Jno. W.
Day, John W.
Day, P.M.
Daylon?, Raymond
DeGroffinread?, Z.M.
DeGunion, Henry
DeLano, Clarence O.
DeLecerda, Lehmer
DeMars, Louis
DeMay, G.R.
DeMers, A.N.
DeRousse, Lewis
DeSalvo, Frank
Deadman, M.W.
Deal, A.A.
Deal, Oliver
Dean, A.M.
Dean, Alvin
Dean, C.H.
Dean, Cal
Dean, Ed
Dean, Jerry
Dean, Jethro
Dean, Joe
Dean, L.W.
Dean, Louis C.
Dean, R.L. Sr.
Dean, W.D.
Deardorff, Velma Mrs.
Dearing, Lenard
Dearman, Leslie
Deathridge, W.A.
Deaton, Annie Mae
Deaton, Wid S.
Deck, F.L.
Deckard, E.L.
Deckard, F.L.
Deckard, W.R.
Deckard, W.R.
Decker, Adline?
Decker, F.
Decker, L.B.
Decker, Sarah J.
Decker, Squire
Decker, Willis
Deckerd, Carl
Deckinson, W.L.
Deeker, Willie
Dees, Ben B.
Dees, E.E.
Dees, J.A.
Dees, Joe
Dees, P.R.
Dees, William
Defoor, T.S.
Delaschmidt, Theodore
Delmes, C.
Demaree, Lynn
Dempsey, James
Dendmore, H.L.
Denington?, L.B.
Dennis, A.Z.
Dennis, R.T.
Dennis, W.C.
Denny?, E.J.
Denson, Henry
Dent, C.A.
Denton, I.L.
Denton, Roy
Denton, S.S.
Depew, Leslie
Derckrey, Leroy
Derryberry, Susie
Deshan, Stella A. Mrs.
Deuson, Ed
Dever, Bird
Devosier, Charlie
Devozier, Jno.
Dewey, J.A.
Dewitt, J.J.
Dial, W.C.
Dickerson, Charlie
Dickerson, Dora
Dickerson, E.T.
Dickerson, Geo.
Dickerson, Jess
Dickerson, Nannie
Dickey, Andy
Dickey, Bernie
Dickey, F.D.
Dickey, J.H.
Dickey, W.H.
Dickson, Earnest
Dickson, G.C.
Dickson, S.K.
Dickson, Samuel
Dickson?, Lucius
Diddin, Joe
Diel, B.S.
Digman, Lawrence
Dildine, T.T.
Diles, O.H.
Dill, A.E.
Dill, Charles
Dill, E.J.
Dill, G.I.
Dill, Levi
Dill, May Fee
Dillard, A.R.
Dillard, Bazzl
Dillard, Bozzd?
Dillard, Catherine
Dillard, Colman
Dilliner, B.F.
Dilliner, Roy
Dillingham, Roswell
Dilts, R.W.
Dinning, David
Dion, Donis
Disher, Charles W.
Divoky, Joseph
Dixeson, Flacy
Dixon, Boyce
Dixon, Boyce
Dixon, E.A.
Dixon, Earnest
Dixon, Joe
Dixon, Lottie
Dixon, Tilghman E.
Dobbins, S.H.
Dobbs, Albert
Dobbs, Arvel
Dobbs, Austin
Dobbs, Charley
Dobbs, Ewing
Dobbs, Savannah
Dodd, B.B.
Dodd, Curtis
Dodd, G.W.
Dodd, Houston
Dodd, R.M.
Dodd, W.C.
Dodd, W.N.
Doe, L.L.
Dold, Wm. C.
Doll, Rosie
Doll, Wm.
Dollar, H.N?.
Dollar, Wm. Jr.
Dolphus, Lucy
Donahoe, W.P.
Donaldson, Michel
Donaldson, R.N.
Donil?, Henry (or Danil?)
Donison, Raymon
Donley, C.M.
Donley, D.P. Sr.
Donley, Hollis
Donley, Martin
Donley, Pat Jr.
Donley, William
Donley, William
Donovan, E.L.
Donovan, Tom
Dooley, I.O.
Doom, Raymond
Dorflinger, W.M.
Doris, Homer
Dorse, John
Dorsey, Thomas
Dorsey, Vallie D.
Dorsey, Winford J.
Dortch, Jno.
Dorton, Bearl
Dosher, B.F.
Dotson, Lonnie
Douglas, R.E.
Douglas, Tom
Douglas, Tom
Douglas, W.C.
Doutgen?, Samuel
Douthit, Howard E.
Dowd, E.R.
Dowdy, J.B.
Dowdy, J.B.
Dowdy, O.E.
Dowell, C.C.
Dowell, C.E.
Dowell, J.A.
Downham, B.W.
Downs, A.L.
Downs, Archie
Downs, James H.
Downs, L.C.
Downs, W.J.
Doyal?, E.G.
Dozier, Daniel M.
Dozier, Giles
Dozier, J.J.
Dozier, Pat
Dozier, Tanner Jr.
Drake, Arthur
Drake, Lois E.
Drake, W.G.
Draper, W.R.
Dreher, Thomas Green
Drew, R.L.
Driskill, N.W.
Driver, Mathews
Driver, Will
Droddy, Alva
Droddy, Harrison
Drown?, Ben
Dryer, C.L.
DuBusk, D.I.
Duchesne, E.C.
Duchesne, H?.C.
Duck, R.R.
Duckery, E.C.
Duckett, Warren
Ducksey, Essix
Duckworth, A.C.
Duckworth, H.L.
Dudley, John
Dudley?, Harry
Duff, R.C.
Dugal, Helphin V.
Dugal, S.I.
Duggins, Odus
Duggins, Ulis
Duggins, Ulis?
Duke, C.R.
Duke, D.W.
Duke, Dewitt
Duke, H.M.
Duke, J.D.
Duke, Vicey Mrs.
Dulaney, Perry
Dulany, Rufus
Duma?, Elwood
Dumond, E.L.
Duncan, A.O.
Duncan, Alice
Duncan, Bill
Duncan, Gilbert
Duncan, Hanson H.
Duncan, Hugh
Duncan, J.H.
Duncan, J.H.
Duncan, James
Duncan, Martin
Duncan, T.W.
Duncan, Will
Dunegan, Joe
Dunham, Tom
Dunkin, Moses
Dunkin, R.L.
Dunlap, Casper
Dunlap, H.B.
Dunlap, W.T.
Dunn, Johnnie L.
Dunn, L.A.
Dunn, Luther
Dunn, R.W.
Dunn?, A.K.
Dunnahoe, Marvin
Dunscomb, Robert
Dunson?, W.A.
Dupree, M.C.
Dupree, P.W. Jr.
Durden, J.J.
Durham, Ed
Durham, Lee C.
Durham, S.C.
Dusenberry, Paul
Dutton?, Jno.
Duvall, James A.
Dyas, L.D.
Dye, Cyrus G.
Dye, Delbert
Dye, E.E.
Dye, E.L.
Dye, E.M.
Dye, E.M.
Dye, J.D.
Dyer, Cleve
Dyke, S.B.
Dyson, Morgan
Eades, Will
Eady, C.M.
Ealy, Geo.
Ealy, Homer
Ealy, Taft
Eans, L.T.
Eans, P.E.
Eans, P.E.
Earles, Geo. M.
Earley, Geo.
Earley, Jim
Earls, W.A.
Earnest, D.V.
Earnest, G.D.
Earnest, W.S.
Earp, M.C.
Easley, C.F.
Eason, Eugene
Eason, J.M.
Eason, Jas. T.
Eason, Odus
Eason, R.L.
East, J.H.
Easter, Alva
Easter, D.M.
Easter, Lester
Easter, Willie
Easterling, W.R.
Easterly, A.D.
Eastes, James H.
Easton, Ernest
Easton?, Alva
Eaton, Dan
Eaton, Ezkel? Mrs.
Eaton, George
Eaton, J.H.
Eaton, Paul I.
Eaves?, William L.
Ebbington, J.E.
Echols, Claude W.
Echols, I.V.
Eckwood, William
Eddings, Frank
Eddings, W.L.
Eddy, J.D.
Eddy, M.F.
Eddy, Norvel
Eden, Fred
Eden, Fred
Edens, David
Edens, Kline
Edens, W.J.
Edgar, Bill
Edgar, D.M.
Edgar, G.C.
Edgar, Jim
Edgmon, Leither
Edmondson, Aaron
Edmondson, W.F.
Edrington, Bart
Edson, Lee
Edson, Lee
Edwards, Arthur
Edwards, Carl
Edwards, Chas. H.
Edwards, G.C.
Edwards, Geo. W.
Edwards, J.M.
Edwards, J.R.
Edwards, J.T.
Edwards, J.T.
Edwards, James D.
Edwards, Judson
Edwards, R.L.
Edwards, Robert
Edwards, Rube
Edwards, Sam
Edwards, Spence
Edwards, Vard
Edwards, W.D.
Edwards, W.S.
Edwin?, W.O.
Eeds, J.W.
Elder, S.C.
Eldridge, Alice Mrs.
Elgin, A.F.
Elgin, O.B.
Elkins, W.D.
Ellen, Clyde
Ellen, Wiley
Ellidge, W.T.
Ellington, Elmer S.
Ellington, Martha S?.
Elliott, A.J.
Elliott, Ancel
Elliott, Carrie M.
Elliott, J.D.
Elliott, Lula May Mrs.
Ellis, A.L.
Ellis, Berger
Ellis, C.W.
Ellis, Chas. P.
Ellis, Harrison E.
Ellis, Harrison E.
Ellis, J. Dan
Ellis, J.B.
Ellis, J.P.
Ellis, J.P.
Ellis, J.R.
Ellis, L.D.
Ellis, O.M.
Ellis, Steven
Ellis, T.G.
Ellis, Terry
Ellis, V.E.
Ellis, Wilbur
Ellis, Willie A.
Ellison, Clarence E.
Ellison, Elick
Ellison, J.W.
Ellison, Jess
Ellison, W.W.
Ellyson, G.E.
Elm, John H.
Elmer, Joe
Elrod, Will
Emenheiser, Wm. O.
Emens, L.R.
Emerson, C.B.
Emerson, C.B.
Emerson, C.L.
Emerson, T.E.
Emerson, W.T.
Emery, J.C.
Emery, J.C.
Emmerling, A.L.
Emmerling, Frederick G.
Emmett, H.S.
Emmons?, Claude P.
Emory, M.H.
Endsley, D.F.
Endsley, John R.
Endsley, Seth
Endy, J.N.
England, Clarence E.
England, Sam
England, W.E.
English, Delford
English, George
Enloe, Herbert T.
Enlow, L.L.
Ennis, J.F.
Ennis, W.A.
Enoch, Willis D.
Ensminger, Fred
Eoff, G.P.
Epperson, W.M.
Epps, Garnett
Epuett?, Dyer
Ervin, J.S.
Ervin, Luther
Erwin, R. Lee
Erwin, V.E.
Erwin, W.B.
Escue, George
Eskew, Charles
Eskew, Jno. W.
Espy, Ernest E.
Essary, D.E.
Essary, Ray
Estele, John
Estell, H.T.
Estep, Sam
Ester, Elbert
Esterline, G.C.
Estes, E.O.
Estes, H.K.
Estes, J.W.
Etchison, W.D.
Eubank, A.W.
Eubank, G.L.
Eubanks, W.C.
Eubanks, W.C.
Eubanks, W.O.
Eugel, Louis
Euler?, H.H.
Eunis, J.R.
Evans, Albert
Evans, C.M.
Evans, Emma
Evans, H.O.
Evans, H?.J.
Evans, Henry L.
Evans, I.V.
Evans, J.G.
Evans, J.S.
Evans, L.G.
Evans, L.L.
Evans, Mary
Evans, R.H.
Evans, Rufus
Evans, Winnie
Evans, Wm. L.
Evans, Zeak
Everet, L.D.
Everett, Claude
Everett, Claude
Everett, Sam
Everette, C.G.
Everette, W.J.
Evert, Joseph A.
Evett, W.C.
Evins, J.A.
Evins, Mack
Evins, W.C.
Ewing, C.G.
Ewing, C.G.
Ezell, Charley
Fadis, C.M.
Fagan, Elijah Richard
Fain, Clinton
Fain, Otho M.
Fain, W.T.
Fair, Price
Fair, W.L.
Fairchild, J.C.
Fairly, J.A.
Fallis, E.O.
Fallis, M.W.
Falls, Ernest
Faltz, F.C.
Faltz, James F.
Farish, Frank O.
Fariss, Seaton G.
Farley, Dallas
Farley, Marion
Farley, Toney
Farmar, J.L.
Farmer, H.
Farmer, H.D.
Farmer, James
Farra, Homer W.
Farras, Chas.
Farrell, Ena
Farrell, W.V.
Farrington, Oscar
Farris, A.J.
Farris, Earnest
Farris, Willie
Farrish, J.A.
Fason, Walter
Faucett, D.A.
Faucher, Ferris I.
Faulck?, M.L.
Faulkenberry, W.C.
Faulkner, Ed
Faulkner, Rena
Faulkner, Rush
Faulkner, W?.H.
Faylor, Claude
Feaster, Willie
Feece?, John
Fehr, Franklin
Felix, Alf
Feltner, W.D.
Felton, Sam
Felts, Davis
Felty, Albert C.
Fenderson, E.A.
Fenley, Chester
Fenley, Virgil
Ferd?, Ed
Fergerson, J.P.
Ferguson, B.H.
Ferguson, E.S.
Ferguson, E?.R.
Ferguson, Evert
Ferguson, G.W.
Ferguson, Grady R.
Ferguson, P.R.
Ferguson, Robt. C.
Ferguson, T.C.
Ferguson, W.M.
Ferrin, Fred
Fielder, Toney
Fields, John C.
Fields, Obe
Fimple?, J.S.
Finch, George
Fines, Roy
Fink, Anthony S.
Fink, G.H.
Finley, Sam J.
Finney, Mae
Finster, Carl
Fisher, Alf
Fisher, Buster
Fisher, E.G.
Fisher, Ottie
Fisher, Ralph
Fisher, Robert
Fisher, Shirlie
Fishey, Sam
Fitts, Clifford
Fitts, Vestal
Fitzhugh, J.B.
Fitzhugh, J.E.
Fitzpatrick, Eugene
Fitzpatrick, Fred
Fitzsimmons, R.E.
Flack, R.A.
Flaherty?, Marion?
Flanery, F.A.
Flanigan, John
Flannery, H.B.
Fleece, J.L.
Fleeman, C.O.
Fleeman, C.O.
Flemin, Roswell
Fleming, J.E.
Fleming, Smith
Fleming, T.A.
Flemister, Fred
Flemons, Jno.
Fletcher, Fred M.
Fletcher, Garrett
Flinn, C.J.
Flowers, Ernest
Flowers, J.D.
Flowers, L.L.
Flowers, T.W.
Flowers, Y.R.
Floyd, Earl D.
Floyd, Ed
Floyd, Geo. H.
Floyd, Guy
Floyd, H.
Floyd, L.L.
Floyd, Leslie
Floyd, Minnie
Floyd, Wesley
Fluhart, Isaac T.
Fluhart, Thom M.
Flynn, Boyd
Flynn, Lawrence
Flynn, Raymond
Flynn, Roy
Fogarty, Geo. D.
Fogarty, J.L.
Fogg, Frank S.
Foley, E.M.
Folk, Delia
Foltz, C.E.
Forbens?, James M.
Forbes, B.E.
Forbes, J.E.
Forbes, J.E.
Forbes, Land B. Mrs.
Forbus, A.H.
Forbus, G.B.
Forbus, J.M.
Forbus, L.J.
Ford, B.R.
Ford, Bettie Mrs.
Ford, C.W.
Ford, G. Lee
Ford, Herbert
Ford, James A.
Ford, James Alex
Ford, R.E.L.
Ford, Sigle
Ford, Sigle
Ford, W.H.
Forman, Jno. A.
Forrest, D.L.
Forrest, S.A.
Forrest, V.L.
Forristal, Thomas
Fortenberry, Elton C.
Fortier, Guss
Fortner, L.H.
Foster, Bennie
Foster, C.S.
Foster, Chas. E.
Foster, Clarence D.
Foster, Coleman
Foster, Curtis
Foster, E.V.
Foster, E.V.
Foster, Geo. A.
Foster, J.H.
Foster, J.L.
Foster, Jim
Foster, Joe R.
Foster, L.A.
Foster, Lum
Foster, Roy
Foster, Thos. E.
Foster, Tom
Foster, Uhlan?
Foster, Will
Foster?, Benny
Fountain, J.W.
Foust, E.F.
Foust, J.O.
Foust, L.E.
Foust, O.E.
Foust, O.R.
Fout, Dennis
Fowler, C.E.
Fowler, Charley
Fowler, Frank
Fowler, Leland
Fowler, R.E.
Fowler, Tom
Fowntain, James E.
Fox, Eddie F.
Frady, Fred
Frady, J.W.
Frailey, J.B.
Fraiser, Dennis
Francis, B.C.
Francis, Harvey C.
Francis, J.O.
Francis, J.O.
Frank, Tom
Franklin, A.L.
Franklin, Ernest G.
Franklin, Ernest G.
Franklin, Jno. F.
Franklin, Willie
Franks, J.J.
Fraser, Jno. J.
Fraser, Lee A.
Frasier, J.D.
Frasier, Roy
Frasier, T.D.
Frazer, J.H.
Frazier, C.B.
Frazier, C.W.?
Frazier, C?.B.
Frazier, Ethen
Frazier, Frank
Frazier, Henry
Frazier, Miller
Frazier, R.E.
Frederick, C?.M.
Frederick, E.E.
Frederick, Jeffery
Frederick, Tom A.
Frederick, W.E.
Fredrick, A.J.
Fredrick, C.E.
Fredrick, C.E.
Free, S.W.
Freeling, Homer
Freely, Ralph
Freeman, Adam F.
Freeman, Allen
Freeman, Alton
Freeman, B.H.
Freeman, Earl
Freeman, G.W.
Freeman, H.
Freeman, Henry Jr.
Freeman, Raford
Freeman, T.A.
Freeman, T.F.
Freeman, T.W.
Freeman, Thomas J.
Freeman, W.C.
Freeman, W.H.
Freeman, Will
Freeman, Williams
Freeman?, John
French, Ben Talmage
French, J.T.
French, R.
French, W.L.
French, W.R.
Frensley?, Charles A.
Frese, J.F.
Friar, A.I.
Fricke, Geo. S.
Fricks, T.N.
Fricks, Turner Holban
Fricks, Wayman
Friday, Harry
Friend, Finis
Friend, Jim
Friend, Leonard
Frisbee, Elmer I.
Frisbee, W.L.
Fritch, L.A.
Frizzell, Zella R.
Froman, A.D.
Froman, Chas. M.
Froman, R.J.
Frost, G.W.
Frost, J.H.
Frozier, Azirlee
Fry, Cecil
Fry, Cecil
Fry, Roland R.
Fryer, Hampton
Fryman?, Virgil
Fugett, R.H.
Fulk, M.E.
Fullar?, R.A.
Fullbright, Troy
Fuller, Albert
Fuller, Chas. F.
Fuller, Henry
Fuller, Henry
Fuller, Jerry
Fuller, John
Fuller, Minnie A.
Fuller, Wayne
Fulton, C.E.
Fulton, L.E.
Fulton, W.R.
Fults, C.W.
Fultz, Bird
Fultz, Geo.
Funk, Booth
Funk, Loyd B.
Funkhouser, Atlee?
Furgerson, Fred
Furie, D.A.
Furlow, Fay C.
Furlow, H.G.
Furlow, Herman L.
Furlow, L.Z.
Furlow, W.L.
Futrell, D.W.
Gabbard, Wesley
Gadberry, C.M.
Gage, Avery
Gage, Earnest
Gage, Geo. M.
Gage, J.H.
Gaither, James
Galbreath, Dock
Gallagher, Barney
Gallanher, L.C.
Gallaway, C.C.
Gallion, Edgar
Gallion, G.G.
Gammill, J.A.C.
Gammons, B.F.
Gann, A.J.
Gann, L.A.
Gann, M.L.
Gardner, Chas. F.
Gardner, Ed
Gardner, Ed
Gardner, W.R.
Gardner, Willie
Garett, Henry
Garland, Demus
Garland, John
Garner, B.F.
Garner, Chris
Garner, E.F.
Garner, J.H.
Garner, Noah
Garner, Richard
Garrett, Chester
Garrett, Jesse
Garrett, Lee
Garrett, M.W.
Garrett, Maxine
Garrett, Silas
Garrison, J.E.
Garrison, John
Garrison, N.M.
Garrison, Pete
Garrison, Theodore
Garrison, Tom
Garrison, W.L.
Garrison, W.L.
Garrison?, Walter
Garuer, Frank J.
Gary, Walter S.
Gasney, Elsie
Gaspill, Joe
Gasrey?, Delpha
Gaten?, Willie
Gates, Archie V.
Gates, C.A.
Gates, Chas. W.
Gates, J.L.
Gates, John D.
Gates, Millard C.
Gatewood, Delbert
Gatewood, Walter
Gatlin, Felix
Gatlin, J.T.
Gatlin, W.M.
Gay, G.W.
Gay, Herbert C.
Gay, J.E.
Gay, Jacob
Gay, Orpha
Gay, W.E.
Gayaway, Daily
Gee, Munford
Genseal, William L.
Gentry, Athlee
Gentry, E.F.
George, Henry
George, William F.
Gerbending?, J.H.
Gerhardt, G.F.
Germany, B.C.
Gerrald, Harry M.
Ghent, C.M.
Ghent, G.M.
Ghent, Myrtle
Ghent, Ollie
Ghent, R.W.
Ghent, T.M.
Gibbins, J.W.
Gibbs, H.A.
Gibbs, Willard
Gibosn, J.C.
Gibson, Bessie
Gibson, Burton
Gibson, Chas.
Gibson, Floyd
Gibson, Frank
Gibson, George
Gibson, George
Gibson, Hazel
Gibson, J.O.
Gibson, L.A.
Gibson, N.W.
Gibson, Roy
Gibson, T.D.
Gibson, W.B.
Gier, A.A.
Gier, Arthur A.
Gifford, A.B.
Gifford, B.F.
Gifford, Elbert
Gifford, John
Gifford, L.E.
Gilbert, Eric Wilson
Gilbert, Hughs?
Giles, James
Giles, W.H.
Giles, William H.
Giles, Wm. Hampton
Gill, A.E.
Gill, Hervey
Gill, Homer
Gill, Leroy
Gill, Odis
Gill, Thos. A.
Gillam, Curtis
Gillam, Futus
Gillean, J.H.
Gillen, W.B.
Gillen, W.B.
Gillespie, E.D.
Gillett, R.A.
Gillham, J.R.
Gilliam, Irene
Gilliam, J.E.
Gilliam, O.A.
Gilliam, R.E.
Gillian, Josh
Gillian, Marion F.
Gillian, Virgil
Gillin, H.B.
Gillon, J.A. Jr.
Gilmore, E.A.
Gilmore, E.C.
Gilmore, James H.
Gilpin, H.
Gipson, Dan
Gipson, Henry
Gipson, Oscar H.
Givens, Alonzo
Givens, Osage
Gladen, Jess
Glass, Gilbert E.
Glass, Jno. F.
Glass, O.C.
Glass, Raymond
Glasscock, Henry A.
Glawson?, W.A.
Glaze, C.W.
Glaze, Cleveland
Gleene?, R.W.
Glenn, A.L.
Glenn, Ernest
Glenn, Paul
Glenn, Van
Gles--?, Herget
Glidewell, M.H.
Glidwell, J.G.
Glisson, Charlie
Glisson, H.
Glisson, J.R.
Glosser, Ferris
Glosser, J.V.
Glover, Bud
Goad, M.E. Mrs.
Goad, O.V.
Goad, Ralph
Goans, W.H.
Goans, W.H.
Goatcher, Walter
Gobble, Curtis
Gobell, J.E.
Gober, Jas. E.
Gober, Lawson
Godfrey, Clifford
Godfrey, E.V.
Goff, Archie
Goff, J.W.
Goff, L.A.
Goff, Linner
Goff, Swen
Goff, Wash
Goforth, Andie?
Goforth, Geneva
Goheen, J.P.
Goheen, Paul
Golden, A.J.
Golden, Herman
Golden, James
Golden, W.H.
Golden, Wm. H.
Goldman, R.C.
Goldman, William C.
Goldsborough, Lee
Goldsborough, N. Mrs.
Golleher, J.F.
Golson, A.B.
Golver, Frank
Gonce, James B.
Gondelock, Neal
Gondelock?, W.R.
Good, Sam
Good, W.T.
Goodall, W.R.
Goodin, Milt
Goodman, H.F.
Goodman, H.J.
Goodman, H.R.
Goodman, Henry
Goodman, Ira
Goodman, J.O.
Goodman, J.W.
Goodman, Otto
Goodmon, J.D.
Goodright, John
Goodson, Tom J. Mrs.
Goodwin, Ben
Goodwin, J. Allen
Goodwin, Jim A.
Goodwin, Lee
Gordon, Clem
Gordon, E.E.
Gordon, Elmore
Gordon, Leonard
Gore, Booker
Gore, Dick
Gore, Lee O.
Goree, Jamie
Goss, A.G.
Goss, A.L.
Goss?, Geo. [or Gass?]
Gossage, Alva
Gossage, Ezra M.
Gossage, Sam
Gossett, Odell
Gourley, Geo. C.
Govan, Warren
Gover, Mary
Gowins, H.G.
Graddy, Cecil R.
Grady, Floyd
Grady, J.W.
Grady, Jack
Graham, A.
Graham, A.
Graham, J.J.
Graham, J.M.
Graham, R.M.
Graham, Tom
Graham, Wiley
Grahame, J.J.
Grahunert, Fred
Gran, M.G.
Grandison?, William Johnson
Grandstoff, Elmer
Granger, Rachel Ann
Grant, Ab
Grant, C.R.
Grant, Lee
Grant, Turner
Grant, Walter
Grant, Walter
Grantham, J.E.
Graves, A.L.
Graves, E.L.
Graves, J.C.
Graves, V.L.
Graves, W.J.
Gravette, D.J.
Gravette, O.T.
Gray, Arthur
Gray, C.W.
Gray, Clarence
Gray, D.
Gray, H.E.
Gray, Herbert
Gray, James
Gray, Lucy M.
Gray, W.T.
Grayor?, T.E.
Grayson, Sam
Green, Chas. R.
Green, Dorsey
Green, Elzo
Green, F.M.
Green, Floyd
Green, Frank
Green, Frank
Green, G.O.
Green, Geo. H.
Green, Harris
Green, Harrison
Green, Isaac
Green, J.E.
Green, Jas E.
Green, Jerry
Green, Jess
Green, Jesse
Green, John W.
Green, Jona B.
Green, Luther
Green, Martha P.
Green, Nettie
Green, T.J.
Green, Theodore
Green, Tom
Green, Valious
Green, W.A.
Green, W.A.
Green, W.H.
Green, Willie
Greene, C.E.
Greene, Euen S.
Greene, W.A.
Greenfield, Eugene
Greenfield?, Dorcye?
Greenlee, J.W.
Greenlees, H.T.
Greenway, Mose
Greenway, R.C.
Greenway, T.H.
Greer, D.A.
Greer, D.C.
Greer, G.P.
Greer, H.P.
Greer, I.M.
Greer, Mary
Greer, Mary B.
Greer, W.L.
Greer, W.L.
Greer, Willie
Gregg, R.F.
Gregory, A.O.
Gregory, Dick
Gregory, H.L.
Gregory, J.E.
Gregory, John
Gregory, L.C.
Gregory, L.C.
Gregory, Marian
Gregory, Samuel A.
Gregory, W.G.
Gresham, Grey?
Gresham, Joe
Grider, Chas.
Grider, E.
Gridley, Sylvan
Griffey, D.P.
Griffin, Alfred
Griffin, Bernard
Griffin, Donald
Griffin, Edward
Griffin, Gordon
Griffin, H.B.
Griffin, J.L.
Griffin, Rofe
Griffin, S.C.
Griffin, Sam
Griffin, Tomy
Griffith, A.U.
Griffith, Amos V.
Griffith, David Robert
Griffith, J.I.
Griffith, W.H.
Griggs, Fred
Griggs, J.F.
Griggs, Robt.
Grigsby, J.L.
Grigsby, Johnnie
Grigsby, Loyed
Grillette, S.P.
Grimes, A.N.
Grimes, Ed
Grimes, John
Grimes, Mary Maude
Grimes, W.E.
Grimmett, Charlie
Grinsley, Victor Lee
Grise, Robt B.
Grisham, J.A.
Grisham, James A.
Grissom, Bondy
Grissom, Clovis
Grissom, E.T.
Grogan, J.H.
Grooms, Ella
Grooms, Graves
Grooms, J.F.
Groves, Jake
Groves, Sam
Grubbs, M.F.
Guekader?, B.C.
Guengerick, S.J.
Guess, J.D.
Guest, M.J.
Guest, W.W.
Guffey, H.G.
Guinn, Bennie
Guir, W.M.
Gulley, Lummuns?
Gulley, Miles
Gulley, Nathan
Gunells, Etta Mrs.
Gunn, J.P.
Gunnell, A.J.
Gunnells, E.F.
Gunnells, E.F.
Gunnells, E.M.
Gunnells, G.R.
Gunnells, J.T.
Gunnells, W.G.
Gunnells, Wilbur?
Gunter, Herbert
Gunter, J.W.
Gunter, Norman C.
Gunter, R.A.
Gunter, Varner P.
Guntharp, Leo
Gurin?, H.C.
Gurley, Floy
Gutson?, Jno.
Guynes, Willis
Guyot, Walter
Gwaltney, Lawrence A.
Gwartney, Leo
Gwathney, E.G.
Hackelton, George Franklin
Hacker, W.C.
Hackett, Warren
Hackney, R.O.
Hackney, R.O.
Hackworth, Wiley
Haddock, H.C.
Haddock, Jesse B.
Haddox, B.R.
Hagerty, A.J.
Hagler, W.F.
Haigwood, W.H.
Hail?, H.H. (or Hall?)
Haile, C.W.
Haile, H.B.
Haile, Troy
Hainelback?, Geo.
Hair, Ida
Haire, Mary
Haisty, J.Q?.
Haisty, W.P.
Hale, J.
Hale, J.H.
Hale, Luther
Hale, R.E.
Hale, Tom
Hale, W.J.
Haley, Allen P.
Haley, E.A.
Haley, Edgar
Haley, Jesse M.
Haley, W. Ivie
Halfacre, Ollie
Hall, Bessie Mrs.
Hall, C.C.
Hall, C.R.
Hall, Clarence V.
Hall, Geo.
Hall, J.W.
Hall, J.W.
Hall, Joe
Hall, John
Hall, John H.
Hall, Kenneth
Hall, Lena Blye
Hall, Meredith R.
Hall, Minnie B. Mrs.
Hall, P.H.
Hall, Thos?.
Hall, Tom M.
Hall, W.R.
Hall, Waverley B. Mrs.
Hall, Wm. H.
Hallaman, Floyd
Haller, Jno. J.
Halley, Cottie?
Halley, Perris
Halley, W.C.
Halloran, E.W.
Halloway, W.G.
Hallum, N.G.
Halsted, Lonnie
Haltzlander?, L.C.
Ham, Emmett
Ham, Grady
Hamans, O?.D?.
Hambrick, Sam
Hamby, G.M.D.
Hamilton, A.C.
Hamilton, E.G. Mrs.
Hamilton, Ernest
Hamilton, F.B.
Hamilton, G.W.
Hamilton, Henry
Hamilton, J.A.
Hamilton, J.W.
Hamilton, Jno. W.
Hamilton, M.S.
Hamilton, R.L.
Hamilton, Sam
Hamilton, William A.
Hamilton, William Henry
Hamm, J.H.
Hammon, R.S.
Hammond, Butler C.
Hammond, C.A.
Hammond, Cecil
Hammond, Elmer
Hammond, H.T.
Hammond, R.L.
Hammonds, Clarence A.
Hammonds, W.L.
Hammons, E.J.
Hampton, Albert
Hampton, Ben
Hampton, Dewey
Hampton, Frank
Hampton, G.W.
Hampton, Geo. W.
Hampton, Harry
Hampton, J.G.
Hampton, J.J.
Hampton, Joe
Hampton, John Wm.
Hampton, Leonard
Hanby, Mae
Hanchins, D.C.
Hancock, J.B.
Hancock, J.B.
Hancock, Joel? J. [or Jud?]
Hancock, Madison
Handy, Frank
Haney, O.H.
Haney, W.R.
Hankins, C.D.
Hankins, Clyde
Hankins, Clyde
Hanks, Jeff
Hannah?, Mae R.
Hansell, S.E.
Hanson, Jesse M.
Hanson, W?.
Hanstir?, F-?- A.
Haralson, Arnatt
Harbison, Harney?
Hardcastle, Tom
Harden, S.
Harden, W.H.
Harden, Wm. H.
Hardens?, F.D.
Harder, Alvis
Harder, O.J.
Harderson, Ike
Hardin, Caruest? [lined through, not issued]
Hardin, James
Hardin, Pete
Hardin, Willie W.
Harding, Sam
Hardy, A.V.
Hardy, Eddie
Hardy, R.R.
Hare, J.O.
Hargett, W.D.
Hargrone?, E.L.
Harkleroad, T.H.
Harkreader, Chas.
Harlan, J.C.
Harlon, B.C.
Harlon?, William W.
Harman, Louis Marion
Harmen, Ruth
Harmon, Earl
Harmon, J.C.
Harmon, J.F.
Harmond, Les
Harp, Geo.
Harp, Raymond
Harper, B.M.
Harper, C.C.
Harper, Elmer
Harper, Geo. W.
Harper, Harne?
Harper, M.R.
Harper, R.C.
Harper, Wallace
Harrell, C.T.
Harrell, Monroe
Harrell, W.T.
Harrelson, Arther
Harrelson, Fred
Harrington, J.H.
Harris, A.G.
Harris, A.J.
Harris, Chalmer
Harris, Charley
Harris, Chas. T.
Harris, D.H.
Harris, D.L.
Harris, Ed
Harris, Frank
Harris, Fred
Harris, Fred
Harris, G.W.
Harris, Graden
Harris, H.L.
Harris, Herman H.
Harris, Jess
Harris, Louis
Harris, M.
Harris, M.C.
Harris, M.D.
Harris, M.L.
Harris, M.O.
Harris, Nathan
Harris, Oscar W.
Harris, Phill
Harris, Reuben
Harris, Robert Jr.
Harris, S.V.
Harris, Steve
Harris, Tom
Harris, Viola
Harris, W.A.
Harris, W.A.
Harris, W.C.
Harris, W.H.
Harris, W.L.
Harris, Winston
Harris?, James
Harris?, Otis
Harrison, G.T.
Harrison, J.M.
Harrison, J.W.
Harrison, James
Harrison, John
Harrison, M.A.
Harrison, M.A.
Harrison, M.A.
Harrison, P?.E. (or O.E.?)
Harrison, Perry E.
Harrison, R.W.
Harrison, Roy
Harrison, W.A.
Harrison, W.A.
Harrison, Will
Hart, Austin B.
Hart, C.D.
Hart, C.D.
Hart, D.B.
Hart, E.L.
Hart, Edmond
Hart, H.O.
Hart, J.H.
Hart, Lloyd
Hart, M.L.
Hartley, A.W.
Hartley, Cecil C.
Hartness, Ed
Hartness, F.A.
Hartsell, A.H.
Hartsfield, A.J.
Hartsfield, Alma
Hartsfield, Elmore
Hartsfield, G.
Hartwick, F.J.
Hartwick, John
Hartwick, Marvin
Harvey, Allen A.
Harvey, Geo.
Harvey, J.B.
Harvey, J.L.
Harvey, J.R.
Harvey, Jno. B.
Haskins, J.M.
Hastings, A.L.
Hastings, P.L.
Hatcher, J.W.
Hatcher, Richard B.
Hatcher, Van R.
Hatcher?, Barney
Hatfield, Luther
Hauptman, Gracye
Hawk, Homer O.
Hawkins, Candis? Mrs.
Hawkins, Claud
Hawkins, Geo. C.
Hawkins, H.E.
Hawkins, J.E.
Hawkins, W.F.
Hawkins, Walter F.
Hawks, J.W.
Hawks, Jno. E.
Hawley, J.D.
Hawley, Monroe?
Hay, S.H.
Hay, Walter
Hayden, A.V.
Hayden, Barney
Hayden, Earnest
Hayden, G.A.
Hayden, G.A.
Hayden, G.A.
Haydon, Rufus Jr.
Hayes, Arthur J.
Hayes, Bennie
Hayes, Clydie
Hayes, Frank
Hayes, Geo. S.
Hayes, H.P.
Hayes, J.L.
Hayes, John V.H.
Hayle, B.F.
Haylor, George
Hayne, Hubert
Haynes, Alfred N.
Haynes, Carl
Haynes, E.H.
Haynes, Earl
Haynes, Eften
Haynes, O.T.
Haynes, S.G.
Haynes, V.L.
Haynie, Loyd
Hays, Adelia Mrs.
Hays, C.S.
Haywood, Jackson S.
Haywood, Jackson S.
Hazelwood, G.A.
Hazelwood, Guy
Hazelwood, Harvey
Hazelwood, Harvey E.
Hazelwood, P.S.
Head, Chester
Head, Collier
Head, John
Head, Lee
Head, Lee
Head, Loyd
Head, R.C.
Head, Thos. E.
Head, William E.
Headley, L.E.
Heard, Lizzie M.
Heard, W.D.
Hearl, Geo. S.
Hearnsberger, H.B.
Hearon, H.E.
Hearsill, H.B.
Heath, Roy
Heath, W.H.
Heath, Willie
Heathscott, John
Heaton, --?--
Hedrick, Charles
Hedrick, H.C.
Hedrick, W.E.
Heffley, D.H.
Hefner, J.W.
Heigle, B.F.
Heigle, J.A.
Heigle, Leroy
Heigle, Leroy
Heird, Lizzie
Heller, John W.
Helm, S.W.
Helms, A.
Helms, C.W.
Helms, Otis
Helms, W.E.
Helms, Wyatt
Helton, Miller
Helton, R.L.
Hembree, W.W.
Henderson, Elmer
Henderson, H.I.
Henderson, J.A.
Henderson, J.E.
Henderson, Jeff
Henderson, Jessie
Henderson, S.L.
Henderson, S.L.
Henderson, Shelby
Henderson, Sidney
Henderson, T.H.
Henderson, T.W.
Henderson, T.W. Jr.
Henderson, W.M.O.
Henderson, W.M.O.
Hendon, E.E.
Hendon, W.T.
Hendricks, J.T.
Hendricks, Louis
Hendricks, O.S.
Hendrickson, L.W.
Hendrix, George
Hendrix, Jesse F.
Hendrix, L.V.
Henley, J.E.
Henry, A.N.
Henry, C.F.
Henry, Claud
Henry, Frank T.
Henry, George
Henry, James
Henry, Medea
Henry, W.M.
Henry, W.S.
Henshaw, Glenn
Henslee, Ed
Henslee, J.D.
Hensley, Harry L.
Henson, A.C.
Henson, A.F.
Henson, C.F.
Henson, Geo. H.
Henson, Isaac
Henson, J.S.
Henson, Myrtle
Henson, P.H.
Henson, R.O.
Henson, Roy A.
Henson, Roy A.
Henson, Sam
Henson, Troy
Heritage, W.I.
Hern, Geo. H.
Herndon, J.
Herring, Frank
Herring, S.W.
Herrington, A.C.
Hersperger, F.W.
Hervey, L.C.
Hess, J.M.
Hess, Joe M.
Hess, Willie
Hester, Clarence
Hester, W.H.
Hewes, Pleasant J.
Hewing, Susie
Hewitt, Isiah
Hewitt, J.E.
Hewitt, J.E.
Hewitt, J.H.
Hibbard, T.R.
Hibberts, C.B.
Hickey, C.F.
Hickey, J.W.
Hickman, Albert R.
Hickman, Ed
Hickman, H.C.
Hickman, H.C.
Hickman, J.H.
Hickman, Marshall
Hickman, Ora
Hicks, C.G.
Hicks, Geo. M.
Hicks, J.J.
Hicks, J.W.
Hicks, James H.
Hicks, James T.
Hicks, Jesse Andrew
Hicks, Louis
Hicks, Will
Hicks, Willie
Hiegle, Clarence
Higel?, Willis
Higgin, I.W.
Higginbotham, Herbert
Higginbottom, Clay
Higgins, J.H.
Higgs, C.H.
Higgs, F.M.
Higgs, F.M.
Higgs, Hirby
High, Lee
Highsmith, Geo. A.
Highsmith, George A.
Hight, Roy
Hightower, C.L.
Hightower, W.H.
Hignite, R.C.
Hilburn, Cecil
Hilburn, Tom
Hiles, Henry
Hill, A.P.
Hill, Anna E.
Hill, Arthur
Hill, D.T.
Hill, E.C.
Hill, E.S.
Hill, F.N.
Hill, Gilbert
Hill, Hayden
Hill, Herman Mrs.
Hill, J.A.
Hill, J.F.
Hill, J.W.
Hill, Jess
Hill, Jno. W.
Hill, John
Hill, John I.
Hill, K.D.
Hill, L.G.C.
Hill, Lawrence T.
Hill, Leroy
Hill, O.R.
Hill, Vadin
Hill, W.D.
Hill, W.E. Mrs.
Hill, Wesley M.
Hill, Wiley
Hilliard, J.C.
Hilliard, J.H.
Hillin, Sherman
Hillis, Geo. C.
Hillis, Geo. C.
Hilton, T.M.
Himelick, R.E.
Hines, Joe
Hines?, J.F.
Hinkle, Everett
Hinkle, J.W.
Hinkle, Jas. R.
Hinklin, W.H.
Hinshaw, Graver
Hinsly, W.T.
Hinton, E.L.
Hinton, Jno. C.
Hinton, Timothy
Hipp, E.L.
Hislip, Andy
Hite, Claud
Hite, Otis A.
Hitt, L.H.
Hix, Earl O.
Hix, J.B.
Hixon, C.A.
Hixon, Dentis?
Hixson, Dan
Hixson, Denton
Hixson, Shelby
Hoaglin, W.W.
Hoard, J.H.
Hobbs, D.L.
Hobby, J.A.
Hobson, G.S.
Hockney, Thos. J.
Hodge, Abel
Hodge, C.A.
Hodge, Eldia
Hodge, Erma
Hodge, Hiram
Hodge, Roland
Hodge, Roland
Hodge, William A.
Hodges, Geo. W.
Hodges, J.D.
Hodges, James A.
Hodges, Louie
Hodges, M.D.
Hodges, Ray
Hodges, Rollen
Hodges, Samuel F.
Hodges, V.L.
Hodo?, John
Hoffman, E.A.
Hoffman, Melvin
Hoffmeister, A.
Hofford, Frank
Hofford, J.H.
Hoggard, Earl
Hogue, Ebbie
Hogue, J.E.
Hogue, Lena
Hogue, Lena
Hogue, M.C.
Hogue, Marcus
Hogue, S.E.
Hoguet, Louis R.
Hoke, Thodore?
Holbert, Chester
Holbert, Chester
Holbert, D.
Holcomb, C.A.
Holcomb, Calvin
Holcomb, F.G.
Holcomb, J.M.
Holcomb, Jim
Holcomb, R.E.
Holcomb, W.H.
Holcomb, W.H.
Holden, J.E.
Holden, Jess
Holder, J.H.
Holemon, D.H.
Holey?, Floyd
Holford, Bert
Holiman, Tenie?
Holister, Hobert
Holitzka, Frank
Holland, Austin
Holland, D.J.
Holland, Esley
Holland, Gene
Holland, L.H.
Holland, L.H.
Holland, L.R.
Holland, Leonard
Holland, Leonard
Holland, M.V.
Holland, Mary C.
Holland, Pleas
Holland, Troy
Holland, W.E.
Holland, Walter
Hollaway, W.M.
Holleman, A.A.
Holley, P.P.
Holley, Tom
Holliday, Demphs?
Holliday, E.B.
Holliman, Tennie
Hollingshead, Chester
Hollingsworth, Jas. B.
Hollins, Sylvester
Hollis, C.F.
Hollman, H.O.
Hollmark?, Andrew
Holloway, A.
Holloway, F.E.
Holloway, L.J.
Holloway, Pearline
Holman, A.M.
Holman, Albert H.
Holman, Bond
Holman, Delbert
Holmes, B.H.
Holmes, John
Holmes, Minnie A.
Holmes, R.L.
Holmes, R.W.
Holmes, T.B.
Holmes, W.H.
Holsman, D.H.
Holstine, J.M.
Holt, C.H.
Holt, J.H.
Holt, Otis
Holt, R.T.
Holt, Thos. P.
Holt, Will
Holtrop, B.
Honey, D.H.
Honeycutt, F.O.
Hooker, Roy
Hooker, W.H.
Hooks, P.W.
Hooten, Jess
Hooten, Joe H.
Hooten, Otto
Hoots, W.F.
Hoover, C.C.
Hoover, M.M.
Hoover, S.H.
Hopkins, Albert
Hopkins, C.E.
Hopkins, Dera
Hopkins, Fred
Hopkins, J.E.
Hopkins, Malinda
Hopkins, Perry
Hopkins, Sylvester
Hopkins, W.M.
Hoppe, Wm. H.
Hopper, Bob
Hopper, Ervin
Hopper, L.D.
Hopson, W.P.
Horan, A. Paul
Hord, M.V.
Hordt, Edna Mrs.
Horn, C.M.
Horn, D.C.
Horn, Guy
Horn, Nat
Horn, O.Z.
Horn, Quince
Horn, Sam?
Horn, T.L.
Horn, W.A.
Horn, W.E.
Horn, W.F.
Horn?, H.R.
Hornbeck, C.P.
Hornbeck, Charles S.
Hornbeck, Chas. S.
Hornbeck, Earl
Hornbeck, Etta
Hornbeck, L.H.
Horning, W.J.
Horsman, Ed L.
Horsman, Henry
Horton, A.L.
Horton, Albert S.
Horton, D.S.
Horton, J.F.
Horton, John
Horton, W.L. Mrs.
Hortsfield, J.H.
Hoskins, J.C.
Hoston, Jno.
Houck, C.W.
Houck, Herman
Houelton, Rosie
House, W.S?.
House?, E.C.
Houston, F---ey? A.
Hovick, Wm.
Hovis, Joe
Hovy, Nina G.
How-ton?, Walter (smudged)
Howard, D.W.
Howard, Dewey C.
Howard, Honer
Howard, Irven G.
Howard, Leonard
Howard, M.L.
Howard, R.C.L.
Howard, Roxey
Howard, Thomas
Howard, Tine
Howard, W.B.
Howard, W.B.
Howard, W.D.
Howard, W.R.
Howard, William F.
Howe, Clinton
Howe, L.A.
Howe, Zeb
Howell, A.H.
Howell, D.J.
Howell, F.R.
Howell, Jno. Jr.
Howell, Vernon
Howell, W.P.
Howell, Will
Howelton, Lee
Howelton, Will
Howelton, Will
Howerton, C.D.
Howerton, C.F.
Howerton, R.B.
Howerton, W.A.
Howton, Ben
Hubbard, Asa
Hubbard, Ed
Hubbard, J.C.
Hubbard, J.M.
Hubbard, J.P.
Hubbard, J.P.
Hubbard, John
Hubbard, John Everette
Hubbard, L.D.
Hubbard, L.D. [lined through, error]
Hubbs, Leon
Huber, Carl H.
Huchel?, W.B.
Huckabee, Herbert
Huckabee, Jno.
Huckabee, John
Huckabee, Porter
Huckabee, R.C.
Huckabee, W.F. Mrs.
Huckaby, Henry
Huckebey, J.E.
Huddleston, R.B.
Huddleston, W.H.
Hudgeons, C.M.
Hudnall, F.J.
Hudson, C.F.
Hudson, Clyde
Hudson, Clyde
Hudson, D.R.
Hudson, E.H.
Hudson, Herman
Hudson, Jack
Hudson, Morris
Hudson, W.Y.
Hudspeth, Geo. W.
Hudspeth, Joe
Huett, Dave
Huett, R.E.
Huey, Leon
Huff, C.L.
Huff, C.L.
Huffman, Clyde A.
Huffman, Pink
Hufford, C.W.
Hufford, Roy W.
Huggins, Earl
Huggins, J.E.
Huggins, M.H.
Huggins, M.S.
Hughes, Arlin H.
Hughes, B.O.
Hughes, Carl
Hughes, Chester
Hughes, E.D.
Hughes, Geo. A.
Hughes, Helon E.
Hughes, Homer
Hughes, James
Hughes, Jno. W.
Hughes, M.L.
Hughes, W.A.
Hughes, W.A.
Hughes, W.E.
Hughes, W.H.
Hughes, William
Hugo, Geo.
Hulen, Louis
Hulen, Louis
Huling, William Ray
Hull, J.D.
Hull, Wm. J.
Hulvey, Earl
Humphrey, G.L.
Humphrey, J.H.
Humphrey, W.L.
Humphrey, W.S.
Humphries, John J.
Humphries, W.H.
Hunley, Eddie
Hunnicutt, C.W.
Hunt, E.T.
Hunt, J.M.
Hunt, L.C.
Hunt, Martha
Hunt, Sam
Hunt, V.C.
Hunt, W.S.
Hunter, Andrew
Hunter, D. Apless?
Hunter, E.H.
Hunter, Frank
Hunter, J.E.
Hunter, James I.
Hunter, James I.
Hunter, L.V.
Hunter, Laura
Hunter, Odell
Hunter, Perry
Hunter, Perry
Hunter, Robert A.
Huntley, J.C.
Hurd, John
Hurst, A.E.
Hurst, Cecil I.
Hurt, Huburt
Hurt, John
Hurt, T.N.
Huskinson?, Harry
Huskisson, Joseph
Husky, Gus
Husselton, E.C.
Hutchcraft, Elvis
Hutcheson, Willie R.
Hutchins, Albert
Hutchins, Asa
Hutchins, Borden
Hutchins, Raymond
Hutchinson, W.L.
Hutson, Fred
Hutton, Claude
Hutton, Ida C.
Hyde, C.W.
Hydrick, Geo. W.
Hyler, Robt S.
Hymun, Otis
Hyslip, Eckles
Icehower, Lester
Ingersoll, R.E.
Ingle, Claude E.
Ingmire, Thomas B?.
Ingmire, Wm. E.
Ingram, A.J.
Ingram, Alfred
Ingram, Cornelius?
Ingram, Foster
Ingram, J.R.
Ingram, N.J.
Ingram, R.R.
Ingram, W.H.
Inman, Ralph
Inman, William
Irby, B.J.
Irby, Robt
Ireland, C.W.
Isaacs, Mary
Isbell, B.F.
Isbell, Ed
Isbell, Fred
Isbell, Lafayette
Isbell, Leo
Isbell, Roy
Isenhower, Herschell
Isenhower, J.F.
Isom, S.B.
Ison, Floyd
Israel, Jack
Israel, John
Ives, Milton V.
Ivey, D.F.
Ivey, Rosa
Ivey, Walter T.
Jacks, A.S.
Jackson, A.C.
Jackson, A.C.
Jackson, A.P.
Jackson, Arthur
Jackson, Ashley
Jackson, B.E.
Jackson, Cecil
Jackson, Cephus H.
Jackson, E.V.
Jackson, Edward
Jackson, G.A.
Jackson, Grover
Jackson, H.M.
Jackson, Harley
Jackson, Hattie Mrs.
Jackson, Henry
Jackson, Henry
Jackson, J.W.
Jackson, Jack
Jackson, James
Jackson, James P.
Jackson, John
Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, Lewis
Jackson, Lewis
Jackson, Loe?
Jackson, Louis
Jackson, Loyd
Jackson, Lucy
Jackson, Luther
Jackson, Luther
Jackson, O.W.
Jackson, Otto
Jackson, R.O.
Jackson, R.W.
Jackson, Richard
Jackson, Sam
Jackson, Sylvester
Jackson, T.V.
Jackson, Taylor
Jackson, W.T.
Jackson, William J.
Jackson, Williams
Jacobs, W.F.
Jamerson, Chas. S.
Jamerson, J.R.
James, Albert
James, Alma
James, Charles E.
James, E.E.
James, Frank
James, Frank
James, H.H.
James, J.T.
James, Jesse
James, Jessie
James, Jethro
James, S.
James, Thomas
James, V.S.
James, V.S.
Jameson, Hilbern
Jamison, I.P.
Jaraux, Rufus
Jarrell, J.H.
Jarrell, J.P.
Jarrell, S.B.
Jarrell, Walter
Jarrett, E.M.
Jarrett, Moyar?
Jarrett, R.L.
Jaycox, Milo
Jeffers, Edna W.
Jeffers, G.W.
Jeffers, M.K.
Jefferson, Otto
Jeffery, T.M.
Jeffrey, Bob
Jeffrey, J.W.
Jelks, Chas.
Jenkins, Clarence
Jenkins, E.C.
Jenkins, J.N.
Jenkins, Jesse S.
Jenkins, Ralph
Jenkins, William
Jenks, A.R.
Jenks, Ben
Jenks, C.W.
Jennings, Coleman
Jennings, D.C.
Jennings, D.C.
Jennings, E.M.
Jennings, G.K.
Jennings, J.F.
Jennings, John Henry
Jennings, W.W.
Jernigan, J.N.
Jernigan, Stricklin
Jernigan, Vernie
Jerome, W.F.
Jester, Jno. A.
Jeth, J.L.
Jett, E.B.
Jett, J.L.
Jimison?, O.C.
Jimmerson, Florence
Jinkins, Tom
Jinks, James B.
Johns, William
Johns, Wm. A.
Johnson, A.L.
Johnson, Albert
Johnson, Anthony Jr.
Johnson, B.F.
Johnson, B.H.
Johnson, B.T.
Johnson, C?.D.
Johnson, Charlie
Johnson, Chas. H.
Johnson, Chas. H.
Johnson, Claud M.
Johnson, Cleo
Johnson, Clyde
Johnson, D.M.
Johnson, E.L.
Johnson, Emil
Johnson, Equire
Johnson, Everett
Johnson, Frank
Johnson, Frank
Johnson, Frank
Johnson, Fred
Johnson, Fred
Johnson, G.W.
Johnson, George
Johnson, H.A.
Johnson, H.E.
Johnson, H.L.
Johnson, H.M.
Johnson, H.T.
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Herbert
Johnson, Homer
Johnson, Howard W.
Johnson, Isaiah
Johnson, J.A.
Johnson, J.A.
Johnson, J.B.
Johnson, J.E.
Johnson, J.H.
Johnson, J.I.
Johnson, J.J.
Johnson, Jack
Johnson, James
Johnson, James N.
Johnson, James P.
Johnson, Jeff
Johnson, Jesse B.
Johnson, Jimmie
Johnson, Jno.
Johnson, Jno. O.
Johnson, Joe
Johnson, John
Johnson, John F.
Johnson, Joseph W.
Johnson, L.J.
Johnson, Lafayette
Johnson, Lean
Johnson, Lee
Johnson, Lee T.
Johnson, Lewis
Johnson, Lila
Johnson, M.J.
Johnson, Mike
Johnson, Minoe?
Johnson, Murry
Johnson, Nelcy
Johnson, O.L.
Johnson, Ollie
Johnson, Ora
Johnson, Otto
Johnson, P.H.
Johnson, Phillip
Johnson, Preacely
Johnson, Preacely?
Johnson, R.C.
Johnson, R.J.
Johnson, R.L.
Johnson, R.S.
Johnson, Revel
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Rufus
Johnson, S.J.
Johnson, S.M.
Johnson, Tom
Johnson, W.H.
Johnson, W.H.
Johnson, W.H.
Johnson, William
Johnson, Willie
Johnston, A.W.
Johnston, C.A.
Johnston, J.A.
Johnston, J.B.
Johnston, J.W.
Johnston, S.J.
Johnston, S.J.
Joiner, B.L.
Joiner, George
Joiner, J.A.
Jollisaint, Louis
Jones, A.M.
Jones, A.M.
Jones, Alex
Jones, Allen
Jones, Andy
Jones, B.W.
Jones, Bill
Jones, C.A.
Jones, Cecil
Jones, Clarence V.
Jones, Clidie W.
Jones, Dodson
Jones, Dulaney
Jones, E.J.
Jones, Earlene
Jones, Ebbie
Jones, Edgar
Jones, Edger
Jones, Elmer L.
Jones, Elonza
Jones, Elonza
Jones, Frank
Jones, Fred C.
Jones, G.D.
Jones, G.D.
Jones, G.F.
Jones, G.W.
Jones, Hailey
Jones, Hal
Jones, Henry Lee
Jones, Homer J.
Jones, Hugh
Jones, I.L.
Jones, Isreal
Jones, J.E.
Jones, J.E.
Jones, J.K.
Jones, J.M.
Jones, James
Jones, Jesse Matthew
Jones, Jesse W.
Jones, Jim H.
Jones, Jno.
Jones, Jno. Frederick
Jones, Joe
Jones, John
Jones, Johnson
Jones, L.B.
Jones, L.M.
Jones, L.R.
Jones, Lou
Jones, Martha E.
Jones, Martin
Jones, Melvin
Jones, Merle L.
Jones, N.A.
Jones, O.W. [or C.W.?]
Jones, Obie
Jones, Odis
Jones, Orvall
Jones, Overton
Jones, Pearl
Jones, R.D.
Jones, R.H.
Jones, Richard R.
Jones, Robert
Jones, Roy
Jones, Sam
Jones, Simon Lee
Jones, Speed
Jones, T.A.
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Tom
Jones, Tray
Jones, Vick
Jones, W.A. Leroy
Jones, W.C.
Jones, W.F.
Jones, W.G.
Jones, W.G.
Jones, W.L.
Jones, W.T.
Jones, Walter
Jones, Walter G.
Jones, Wesley
Jones, Willie J.
Jonrney, Mack
Joplin, P.H.
Jordan, Alice C.
Jordan, Amos
Jordan, Ike
Jordan, S.D.
Jordan, W.J.
Jordon, Amos R.
Jordon, Jim
Jordon, Otis
Jordon, T.R.
Jostmeyer?, John C.
Journey, Jno. T.
Juan?, Arthur
Julian, B.L.
Julian, Gaylon
Junker?, Millard
Junkins, Presley
Kaler, Sylvester
Kanady, W. Fay
Kapoles, James
Karlovic, Andrew
Karr, Dave
Karr, Dave
Karr, David H.
Kasserman, Leone W.
Kattel?, H.W.
Kaufman, Marguerite Mrs.
Kay, Gossitt C.
Kay, T.P.
Kean, N.J.
Keathly, Cuby
Keathly, Elwood
Keaton, Hamp
Keaton, James
Keaton, Meal?
Kebler, Elbert
Kech?, W.J.
Keck, Homer
Kee, L.H.
Keeler, H.
Keeling, E.D.
Keeling, Robert
Keeling, W.M.
Keener, Burton?
Keeney, Fred
Keeney, Loyd
Keeter, Claude
Keeter, Ervin O.
Keeton, J.L.
Keich, E.L.
Keiser, Jack
Keith, Jno. A.
Keith, Virgil
Keith, William
Kellar, Othal D.
Kellebrew, Pat
Kellems, J.W.
Kellens?, L.B.
Keller, Benj. F.
Keller, Clyde
Keller, Forrest
Keller, Raymond
Keller, Walter
Kelley, Chas.
Kelley, Lemon
Kelley, Lester
Kelley, Lloyd
Kelley, V.A.
Kellibrew, E.J.
Kellum, J.C.
Kellums?, P.V.
Kelly, Gladys May Mrs.
Kelly, J.M.
Kelly, Lemon
Kelly, M.L.
Kelly, N.E.
Kelly, R.S.
Kelly, Thomas H.
Kelly, Virgil E.
Kelums, Truman
Kemp, C.R.
Kemp, Horace B.
Kemp, Horrace B.
Kemp, J.A.
Kemp, J.R.
Kemp, Larson?
Kemp, S.P.
Kemp, Willie
Kemper, Tom
Kendall, J.L.
Kendrick, G.H.
Kendrick, I.V.
Kendrick, W.H.
Kenion, John
Kenkel, G.H.
Kennedy, Alvis
Kennedy, C.G.
Kennedy, E.M.
Kennedy, Fred
Kennedy, Geo. R.
Kennedy, Holland L.
Kennedy, J.F.
Kennedy, J.W.
Kennedy, J.W.
Kennedy, Lewis L.
Kennedy, Ollie Mrs.
Kennedy, S.B.
Kennedy, S.E.
Kennedy, W.E.
Kenner, A.O.
Kenner, Troy
Kennett, H. Josephine
Kenney?, T?.H.
Kennon?, J.C.
Kenny, J.R.
Kerby, James
Kerley, Jess
Kerley?, O.B.
Kerr, T.P.
Kesterson, L.C.
Ketchum, W.R.
Key, Alfred V.
Key, E.T.
Key, J.M.
Key, L.A.
Key, Leander
Key, S.W.
Keyler, R.E.
Keys, J.T.
Keysaker, Jim
Keyworth, Veva R.
Kidd, C.B. [or O.B.]
Kidd, Geo. S.
Kilgore, Clarence F.
Kilgore, Herman G.
Killen, B.
Killian, D.W.
Killion, A.M.
Kilman, Lloyd
Kilman, Virgil
Kilpatrick, C.D.
Kilpatrick, W.S.
Kimbert?, Harrell
Kimble, R.H.
Kimbro, B.P. Jr.
Kimbro, Geo.
Kimes, Chas.
Kimes, Melvin Allen
Kinard, Herman
Kinard, W.E.
Kinder, Othol
Kindrick, Otello R.
King, A.H.
King, A.J.
King, A.K.
King, A.L.
King, Ben
King, Chester
King, E.M.
King, Earl
King, Edgar
King, Ezra E.
King, F.C.
King, Geo.
King, George
King, George
King, H.B.
King, Hampton
King, Hugh W.
King, J.A.
King, J.L.
King, J.T.
King, J.W.
King, J.W.
King, J.W. Sr.
King, Joe
King, John
King, John
King, Lady Mae
King, Louis
King, M.G.
King, Roland
King, Van A.
King, Vernon
King?, Wessley [smeared]
Kingsley, J.E.
Kinion, Harry
Kinion, L.R.
Kinley, Frank
Kinnerson, Henry A.
Kinney, D.W.
Kirby, Jack
Kirby, L.O.
Kirk, Dan F.
Kirk, Fred
Kirk, J.C.
Kirkendoll, Dudley
Kirkland, W.S.
Kirkpatrick, John A.
Kirksey, G.D.
Kirksey, Tom
Kirksey, Virgil
Kissee, Claude
Kissinger, E.E.
Kitchens, Rufus W.
Kitcherside, F.H.
Kizer, C.C.
Klager, Rolland
Klitz, H.
Knapp, R.B.
Knapp, W.F.
Knapple, Willis F.
Knight, A.O.
Knight, Arthur C.
Knight, Buck
Knight, Hale
Knight, Jerry
Knight, Paul
Knight, R.W.
Knight, S.W.
Knighton, C.P.
Knopp, J.A.
Knox, Arey D.
Knox, G.L.
Kochel, Charles E.
Koelling, P.E.
Kolkman, Gustas A.
Koon, Henry
Koonce, Guy
Koonce, H.F.
Kornegay, Alfred
Krauss, Lewis
Krelin?, Charles
Kriby?, A.G.
Kryer, W.C.
Kuhn, Maggie Mrs.
Kuykendall, Fred
Kuykendall, J.F.
Kuykendall, J.H.
Kuykendall, J.R.
Kyle, Eugene
Kyle, Franklin
Kyle, Kelly S.
Kyles, John
Kyzer, J.L.
Lacefield, Dale
Lacert, Oscar
Lacey, B.F.
Lack, Floyd
Lack, Wm. E.
Lackey, C.H.
Lackey, Coyle
Lackey, Ed
Lackey, Harvey
Lacy, J.L.
Lacy, J.M.
Lacy, Percy
Ladd, Elmer
Ladd, Pleasant E.
Ladd, Walton M.
Lafayette, Leonard
Laird, J.P.
Laired, Doc
Lake, Genora
Lake, W.W.
Lamb, Elgie F.
Lamb, H.B.
Lamb, J.L.
Lamb, Olva
Lamb, S.Y.
Lamb, T.J.
Lamberson, M.L.
Lamberson, R.L.
Lamberson, W.E.
Lambert, Herman
Lambert, J.H.
Lambert, Julia Mrs.
Lampley, Barney
Lampton, C.A.
Lance, Clyde
Land, E.L.
Land, Harry A.
Land, Jno. F.
Landelius, Roy
Landers, A.S.
Landers, D.F.
Landers, Fred?
Landers, Joe
Landerson, R.H.
Landreth, Fred
Landsdale, J.L.
Lane, Albert
Lane, Charles W.
Lane, Eddie
Lane, J.B.
Lane, Malvin H.
Lane, Ralph M.
Lane, T.A.
Lane, Tobe
Lane, W.H.
Lane, Willis J.
Laney, D.C.
Lang, C.D.
Lang, C.F.
Lang, E.C.
Lang, Wm. H.
Lange, Karl H.
Langley, Leroy
Langley, Loyd L.
Langley, M.C.
Langley, M.C.
Langston, Alvin
Lankforad, J.O.
Lankford, Loyd
Lanks, Garland P.
Lansdell, Joe
Lansdell, John
Lanster?, R.W.
Lantrip, James
Laplin, H.H.
Laplin, W.H.
Lapuszewski, Tetus P.
Larison, John N.
Larkin, Bernice
Lashlee, Watts
Lashley, Robt.
Lasiter, Edgar
Lassiter, T.P.
Laster, John
Laster, Oscar
Latch, Ollie
Latch, S.C.
Latham, J.A. Jr.
Latham, James A.
Latham, W.L.
Lathrum?, D.F.
Latner, J.R.
Latridge, Chister E.
Lauery, Geo.
Law, Fredrick E.
Lawater, Chief
Lawhorn, Van
Lawler, Thomas M.
Lawman, G.B.
Lawrence, A.
Lawrence, Bryan E.
Lawrence, D.A.
Lawrence, Geo. M.
Lawrence, Myrtle
Lawrence, Ollie?
Lawrence, Richard
Laws, Lige
Lawson, Glenn
Lawson, Ike
Lawson, K.A.
Lawson, Roy
Lawson, W.Z.
Lay, E.V.
Lay, W.L.
Lea, J.A.
Leach, Arnold
Leach, Ed Jr.
Leake, C.E.
Leake, O.M.
Leamons, R.C.
Learne, Hubert
Learne, J.A.
Lease, R.E.
Leatherwood, T.D.
Ledbetter, Martin L.
Ledbetter, Will
Ledbetter, Will
Ledford, Troy
Lee, Clarence
Lee, Corwin S.
Lee, D.L.
Lee, Earl
Lee, Frank
Lee, Frank
Lee, Frank
Lee, G.T.
Lee, Henry
Lee, Isaac
Lee, J.C.
Lee, J.M.
Lee, Jacob H.
Lee, Joe
Lee, Louis
Lee, M.M.
Lee, Mack
Lee, Monroe
Lee, R.E.
Lee, R.E.
Lee, R.E. Mrs.
Lee, W.F.
Lee, W.T.
Lee, Will
Lee, Z.A.
Leech, R.E.
Lefevers, Leonard
Legrone, Jim
Leisinger, O.W.
Leisinger, W.L.
Lellard?, Paul
Lemke, Edward
Lemmons, Katie V.
Lemonds, H.D.
Lemonds, J.W.
Lenox, Geo.
Lentz, J.E.
Leonard, Carroll
Leonard, Cecil
Leonard, Cleo? J.
Leonard, Mont
Leopard, Geo.
Leroy, J.W.
Leske?, Visir
Lesley, Nannie Mrs.
Leslie, T.R.
Lessenberry, Marvin?
Lester, Ira
Lewis, Albert
Lewis, Albert
Lewis, Bowman
Lewis, Bowman
Lewis, Calvin
Lewis, Charlie
Lewis, E.G.
Lewis, E.N.
Lewis, Earl L.
Lewis, Ed
Lewis, Fall
Lewis, Fristy
Lewis, Harry
Lewis, J.O.
Lewis, J.R.
Lewis, James Jr.
Lewis, Jewel?
Lewis, Joe T.
Lewis, M.D.
Lewis, R.B.
Lewis, Richard
Lewis, Rosco B.
Lewis, S.T.
Lewis, Samuel
Lewis, Scott
Lewis, W.E.
Lewis, W.E.
Lewis, W.R.
Lewis, W.R.
Lewis, Will
Lewis, Wm.
Light, Chas. M.
Lighthall, G.D.
Like, J.B.
Liles, B.J.
Liles, Bill
Liles, E.H.
Liles, George
Liles, J.I.
Liles, J.I?.
Lillard, John
Lilly, P.L.
Lim?, Williard E.
Linck?, William M.
Lincoln, T.J.
Lindler, Andrew H.
Lindley, Jno.
Lindsey, Bill
Lindsey, J.A.
Lingle, P.E.
Lingo, D.B.
Linke, Louis
Linley, Davis
Linley, L.A.
Linley, O.L.
Linley, R.D.
Linn, Robt.
Linn?, Abraham L.
Linn?, Robert
Linton, H.L.
Lipscomb, Jess M.
Lisenby, Fred
Lisenby, J.F.
Lisenby, J.F.
Lisenby, M.F.
Lisenby, O.C.
Litaker, F.E.
Litaker?, Nevada
Lites, D.R.
Lites, H.V.
Litterell, Coy
Litterell, Raymond
Little, Annie
Little, Archie
Little, M.P.
Little, Menzo
Little, Thomas B.
Littlefield, Oscar
Littleton, W.O.
Lively, Ben F.
Lively, Jasper A.
Lively, Jasper A.
Lively, Jasper A.
Livesay, J.H.
Livingston, A.
Livingston, B.F.
Livingston, C.D.
Lock, Correllus
Lock, Grant
Lock, Ray
Lockard, T.A.
Lockett, Edward
Lockey, Gus
Lodge, M.A.
Loftis, Arthur
Loftis, C.L.
Loftis, Lersi?
Loftis, Thurman W.
Lofton, S.H. Mrs.
Logan, C.K.
Logan, Laura
Logan, Loren?
Logan, May
Logan, R.T.
Logan, Will
London, R.J.
Long, A.L.
Long, Bertha I.
Long, E.H.
Long, Gracie
Long, H.S.
Long, J.W.
Long, Joe
Long, M.J.
Long, R.A.
Long, R.W. Mrs.
Long, Ray R.
Long, Thelma
Long, Valentine
Long, W.H.
Longnecker, Guy
Loomis, F.J.
Loomis, Lloyd W.
Looney, A.C.
Looney, E.G.
Looney, H.C.
Looney, R.A.
Lord, E. Calvin
Louis, Jent
Lousdell, John [lined through - error, not issued]
Love, Charles
Love, D.P.
Love, E.H.
Love, George Jr.
Love, Levy
Love, R.C.
Love, T.F.
Love, Watson
Loveall, Frank
Lovelace, C.L.
Lovelace, J.M.
Lovelace, P.B.
Lovelady, Homer
Loveless, C.F.
Loveless, Forrest S.nil?)
Lovell, Earvin
Lovell, J.H.
Lovil, Chas.
Lovitt, James Roy
Lovston, Otto
Lowder, Joe
Lowell, L.L.
Lowery, Robert
Lowrey, A.A.
Lowrnison?, J.M.
Lowry, Clyde
Lowry, N.R.
Lowry?, Joseph Monroe
Lowther, Truman
Loyd, Elmo
Lucas, N.S.
Lucius, D.E.
Luckett, Ed
Lucus, Jim
Lucus, S.L.
Lucy, J.H.
Ludwig, C.G.
Luker, J.B.
Luker, J.W.
Luker, James
Lum, H.L.
Lumpkin, R.L.
Lumsden, Ed
Lumsey?, Bob
Lundy, J.V.
Lunsford, W.B.
Lusk, John N.
Luster, Harry
Luster, S.W.
Lutes, W.E.
Luther, Ray
Luttrell, J.G.
Luttrell, R.A.
Lybrand, Bruce
Lybrand, C.W.
Lybrand, L.W.
Lyles, A.D.
Lynn, John D.
Lynn, R.T.
Lynn, R.T?.
Lyon, Bruce
Lyons, Elmer
Lyons, Neely Mrs.
Lyons, W.C.
Lyons, W.C.
Mabley, S.F.
Mabray, J.W.
Mabrey?, B.D.
Mabry, Baily P.
Mack, S.H.
Mackey, Edgar Otto
Mackey, W.A.
Madden, DeVennie R.
Maddox, C.G.
Maddox, C.G.
Maddox, Calvin
Maddox, Edward I.
Maddox, Geo. B.
Maddox, H.P.
Maddox, J.D.
Maddox, Luther
Maddox, S.C.
Maddox, Vivian R.
Madewell, Henry
Magness, A.R.
Magness, Ira
Magness, Ira
Mahaffy, G.A.
Mahan, Arthur
Mahan, Mack H.
Mahfouz, P.A.
Mahomes, Wesley
Mahon, Guynne
Mai, R.K.
Main, Sam
Maine?, Hugh
Majors, S.R.
Majors, Samuel R.
Majors?, W.H.
Malatt, Wm.
Mallonee, Barney
Mallonee, Homer
Mallonee?, Ernest
Mallonee?, T.B.
Malone, Ben
Malone, Frank W.
Malone, H.
Malone, J.E.
Malone, J.H.
Malone, L.C.
Malsbee?, J.E.
Manahon, L.W.
Maness?, Hellen Mrs.
Mangold, Manuel
Mangrum, Ralph V.
Manley, Silas
Manley, Thos. R.
Manley, Walter
Manlove, L.D.
Mann, Jewell
Mann, Joe
Mann, W.H.
Mann, W.H.
Mann?, J.L.
Mann?, S.B.
Manning, Geo.
Manus, Isaac E.
Maple, S.R.
Maples, L.W.
Maples, William T.
Mappin, Wm.
Marble, Drew
Marbury, B.F.
Marcum, Arthur E.
Marcum, Edward
Marcum, J.A.
Marcus, Marshall Mrs.
Markle, Bert
Marksberry, L.B.
Marler, James O.
Marlin, E.P.
Marlin, Lona
Marlow, D.C.
Marlow, M.C.
Marsh, Adrian
Marsh, Allen Edward
Marsh, Earnest C.
Marsh, Harvey
Marsh, Vagiano?
Marshall, Chas.
Marshall, Chas.
Marshall, E.C.
Marshall, E.J.
Marshall, Howard
Marshall, Sam
Martar, Georgia
Marten?, A.J.
Marthler?, A.F.
Martin, A.
Martin, A.C.
Martin, A.W.
Martin, Acie
Martin, Albert
Martin, Alonzo
Martin, Alvin
Martin, Alvin H.
Martin, Anna
Martin, Arthur
Martin, Bob
Martin, Buster
Martin, Caston?
Martin, Chester
Martin, Dent
Martin, E.A.
Martin, Geo.
Martin, Geo. C.
Martin, H.H.
Martin, Henry M.
Martin, Herbert
Martin, J.A.
Martin, J.H.
Martin, J.N.
Martin, J.T.
Martin, J.T.
Martin, J.W.
Martin, Jake
Martin, L.A.
Martin, Morris
Martin, Moses
Martin, Robert E.
Martin, S.C.
Martin, S.C. [or D.C.]
Martin, S.E.
Martin, Sam
Martin, Sam C.
Martin, Virgie Mrs.
Martin, W.D.
Martin, W.H.
Martindale, Lowell A.
Maryman, Chas. N. Jr.
Maryman, Frank C.
Maryman, Jno. G.
Maryman, Teddy C.N.
Mashburn, Mary B.
Mason, C.
Mason, E.T.
Mason, Henry
Mason, Howard
Mason, J.E.
Mason, J.J.
Mason, John
Mason, Leslie
Mason, Leslie
Mason, Lonnie V.
Mason, Major
Mason, N.W.
Mason, O.C.
Mason, Oscar
Mason, S.J.
Masoner, J.L.
Massey, Cas
Massey, Emmett
Massey, N.F.
Massey, Sam
Massie, Frank
Mast, E.L.
Matheney, C.C.
Mathews, Bud
Mathews, George
Mathews, H.
Mathews, James C.
Mathews, Joe
Mathews, John
Mathews, Lee
Mathews, Oscar
Mathis, C.T.
Mathis, Jno. G.
Mathis, Joe
Mathis, M.S.
Matlock, Elton
Matlock, Martin H.
Matsubaker?, S.A.
Matteson, Lewis C.
Matthews, C.E.
Matthews, Earl E.
Matthews, Frank
Matthews, Geo. W.
Matthews, H.M.
Matthews, J.W.
Matthews, L.D.
Mattix, C.S.
Mattix, H.H.
Mattix, Jesse
Maughan, Arta P.
Mauldin, Maurice E.
Maupin, Frank
Maury, Joe
Maury, W.F.
Maxwell, Albert
Maxwell, Albert
Maxwell, Coy
Maxwell, D.H.
Maxwell, Geo. W.
Maxwell, James Edward
Maxwell, Lee E.
Maxwell, T.A.
Maxwell, Wm. E.
May, Geo.
May, Lesley
May, R.C.
Maybe, James C?.
Mayberry, T.F.
Mayes, O.H.
Mayfield, C.B.
Mayfield, E.W.
Mayfield, J.W.
Mayfield, W.H.
Mayher, Sam
Maynard, C.W.
Maynard, Thomas W.
Mayo, G.L.
Mays, H.C.
McAdams, Alberta
McAdams, E.F.
McAdams, E.F.
McAdams, S.E.
McAdoo, C.O.
McAlister, I.W.
McAlister, Ottie
McAllister, C.E.
McAllister, S.E.
McAndrew, William
McArcher, Georgia Mrs.
McArthur, C.A.
McArthur, J.W.
McBride, Joe Lee
McBride, Lee
McBride, W.M.
McBroom, H.W.
McCain, J.F.
McCain, Pleas
McCain, Virgil T.
McCall, J.E.
McCallie, C.W.
McCallie, J.T.
McCallis, Oscar
McCammon, Crawford
McCann, S.L.
McCann, S.L.
McCarn, F.M.
McCarty, Clint A.
McCarty, T.E.
McCarver, D.P.
McCasland, Jno. J.
McCauley, V.O.
McCawn, A.C.
McCeneskey?, Edgar
McClain, D.E.
McClain, G.R.
McClaud, Jno.
McCleland, J.H.
McClellan, Irene
McClellan, O.G.
McClelland, A.C.
McClelland, Howard
McClendon, Charley
McClendon, Robert
McClendon, Zack
McCleoud, Jno.
McClintock, J.R.
McClintock?, Mack
McClinton, Jno.
McClung, G.L.
McClung, S.H.
McClure, E.R.
McClure, Gilbert G.
McClure, L.M.
McClure, R.D.
McClure, R.T.
McClure, S.S.
McClure, W.M.
McClure, Wallace
McCollie, W.T.
McCollum, James F.
McComas, Lee
McCord, J.E.
McCord, W.A.
McCormick, W.H.
McCornell, James
McCorta, Clifford
McCown, C.B.
McCown, Mary Emma?
McCoy, D.R.
McCoy, E.C.
McCoy, H.B.
McCoy, Henry
McCoy, J.W.
McCoy, J.W.
McCoy, L.J.
McCoy, Leafie?
McCoy, M.W.
McCoy, R.L.
McCoy, Wood
McCracken, Geo.
McCracken, W.E.
McCrystal, Frank L.
McCulley, John
McCullock, J.E.
McCullough, Cecil C.
McCullough, Jno.
McCullough, John
McCullough, T.B.
McCurdy, P.A.
McCurry?, Jim
McCutchen, Ernest
McCutcheon, C.E.
McCutcheon, C.E.
McDade, B.M.
McDanel, Alvia
McDanel, O.J.
McDaniel, Edward G.
McDaniel, I.S.
McDaniel, Theodore
McDaniel, W.A.
McDaniels, J.A.
McDonald, A.
McDonald, B.B.
McDonald, E.A.
McDonald, E.B.
McDonald, Jess
McDonald, W.V.
McDonald, Walter
McDonald, Whitter
McDonald, Willie
McDonald, Wm. H.
McDougal, Dewey
McDougald, J.T.
McDougald, J.T. Mrs.
McDougale, A.C.
McDougale, P.H.
McDouglad, Z.P.
McEacharn, Marvin
McElhaney, W.E.
McEntire, P?.L.
McEntire, T.L.
McEwen, Frank
McEwen, Horner? E.
McEwen, Tom
McFadden, Boyce
McFadden, M.T.
McFall, Ira
McFall, Tim
McFarland, Jesse
McFarland, Thos.
McGarrah, F.E.
McGarrah, J.G.
McGarrah, J.J.
McGaughey, F.C.
McGaughey, W.H.
McGee, Alma
McGee, Carl
McGee, Dewey K.
McGee, Willie J.
McGehee, Harrison
McGhee, W.A.
McGhee, Walter
McGiboney, O.G.
McGill, Burl
McGinnis, C.F.
McGinty, A.R.
McGlothlin, J.D.
McGlothlin, R.K.
McGonaugh?, Herman
McGowan, J.P.
McGowan, John
McGowen, Rosa Leigh Mrs.
McGraw, G.C.
McGrew, John
McGrew, T.E.
McGrider, L.S.
McGriff, C.B.
McGriff, E.C.
McGriff, R.M.
McGuire, Dee
McGuire, J.E.
McHarris, no first name or Harris, Mc
McIlroy, T.E.
McIlroy, W.D.
McIlwain, S.P.
McIntire, Ed
McIntyre, Daniel W.
McIntyre, H.A.
McIver, H.M.
McIver, Will
McKay, Thos.
McKee, Frank
McKee, J.W.
McKenney, LeRoy
McKenzie, Emma Mrs.
McKenzie, W.M.
McKibbens, S.V.
McKim, Hulen
McKindra, Mack Jr.
McKinney, F.V.
McKinney, G.D.
McKinney, J.A.
McKinney, Jim
McKinney, Jim
McKinney, W.G.
McKinny, Tommie
McKinzie, J.L.
McKinzie, Joseph A.
McKinzy, Geo. E.
McKissie, Isom
McKnight, L.
McKnight, Leonidas
McKnight, W.S.
McLain, Dow?
McLaughlin, C.N.
McLaughlin, Clarence H.
McLaurin, D.E.
McLead, Steve
McLean?, W.W.
McLeomore, I.M.
McLin, Wayne L.
McMahan, H.E.
McMahan, Lee
McMahan, Sam
McMan, S.C.
McMaster, Samuel L.
McMath, Harrison
McMickle, Etolia
McMickle, W.A.
McMillan, Sherman
McMinn, Chas. L.
McMinn, Ira
McNabb, V.O.
McNair, Horner
McNair, Lee J.
McNaughton, Ena Mrs.
McNeel, Joe
McNeeley, J.H.
McNeice, Lewis
McNespey, A.T.
McNutt, Richard
McPherson, Ross
McQuay, Chas.
McQuay, John D.
McQuilliams, H.
McRee, Jesse
McSimpson, Jno.
McSwain, William Paul
McTigue, M.D.
McVay, L.E.
McVay, M.R.
McVeigh, Mary Jane
McWherter, Maggie
McWhorter, Ben
McWhorter, Ben
McWilliams, Harvey
Mead, Alva F.
Mead, H.A.
Meadors, Clayton
Meadows, Roy E.
Meadows?, Fred
Means, Charley
Means, Chas.
Means, Roscoe
Mears, Jas. L.
Mears, R.J.
Mears, Troy
Mecham, Roland
Medford, J.L.
Medley, J.P.
Medley, Joe
Medley, Lee
Medley, W.C.
Meeks, C.L.
Meeks, Clyde
Meeks, G.E.
Meeks, Leo
Meeks, Olen
Mehomes?, Wesley
Meiburg, Harry E.
Melton, J.J.
Melton, Jessie
Melton, William
Menard, J.B.
Menie, C.C.
Mensch, Ben O.
Mensch, L.W.
Menshew, E.W.
Menzies?, Will
Mercer, J.S.
Meredith, Goldie
Meredith, Joe
Meredith, M.M.
Meredith, V.G. Jr.
Merideth, T.E.
Meridith, Earnest
Meriweather, A.
Meriweather, H.V.
Meriweather, Jesse
Merkle, Halley
Merrell, H.E.
Merrell, J.N.
Merrell, Jim
Merrell, M.W.
Merrell, Robt J.
Merrell, Thos.
Merrick, Joe Lane
Merrill, Jim
Merritt, Carl
Merritt, F.M.
Merritt, H.F.
Merritt, J.M.
Merryman, J.E.
Merryman, Joe
Merryman, Lonnie O.
Meskinnon?, Thomas Orrie
Metcalf, W.L.
Metcalf, W.R.
Methvin, E.G.
Methvin?, Ralph R.
Meux, James
Mewborn, E.
Meyer, Elizabeth
Meyer, R.E.
Meyer, Wm.
Meyers, C.H.
Meyers, Jack C.
Meyers, R.
Michels, Elmer W.
Middleton, Luther
Midgett, G.W.
Midgett, Harry L.
Midwell, W.H.
Milam, A.R.
Milam, J.E.
Milam, W.C.
Miles, A.R. Creg [not clear about last name]
Miles, E.H.
Miles, Henry C.
Miles, J.C.
Miles, Mose
Milfred, Alfred
Milholland, V.L.
Milhour, Louise
Mill, S.C.
Millaway, J.F.
Miller, A.L.
Miller, A.R.
Miller, Ada
Miller, Barney
Miller, Bertha E.
Miller, Bridie? Uvon
Miller, Clarence E.
Miller, Curtis
Miller, D.L.
Miller, D.M.
Miller, E.E.
Miller, Ed
Miller, Elbert
Miller, F.J.
Miller, G.R.
Miller, G.R.
Miller, G.R.
Miller, Geo. Jr.
Miller, J.W.
Miller, J.W.
Miller, James O.
Miller, Jas. H.
Miller, Jim
Miller, Jno. A.
Miller, Joe
Miller, Joe
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, L.T.
Miller, Newton
Miller, R.D.
Miller, Roy
Miller, Roy E.
Miller, S.M.
Miller, W.A.
Miller, W.H.
Miller, W.H.
Miller, W.H.V.
Miller, W.S.
Miller, Willie W.
Miller, Z.B.
Millerd, Jas. O.
Millerd, Lem
Millholand, J.I.
Millican, Ira Oliver
Milloway, J.O. Mrs.
Mills, H.L.
Mills, H.W.
Mills, Harvey A.
Mills, J.E.
Mills, W.R.
Millsap, L.A.
Milner, H.M.
Mimms, George
Minchen, E.D.
Minchen, Major
Minchen, R.E.
Mincheod, J.M.
Minchew, A.D.
Minchew, Ben
Minchew, W.V.
Minchey, Duke
Mineo, J.A.
Miner, Wallace
Mines?, Wyatt
Ming, R.E.
Minor, George
Minor, Mike
Mint, Hubert
Minton, Hays
Mitchel, Lloyd
Mitchell, B.F.
Mitchell, C.C.
Mitchell, C.C.
Mitchell, D.A.
Mitchell, D.W.
Mitchell, Eugene
Mitchell, Eugene
Mitchell, J.B.
Mitchell, J.H.
Mitchell, J.M.
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, L.C.
Mitchell, Leonard B.
Mitchell, Pete
Mitchell, R.L.
Mitchell, Thomas
Mitchell, W.C.
Mitchell, W.F.
Mitchell, W.H.
Mitchell, W.M.
Mitchell, W.S.
Mitchell, Wm.
Mix, Byrum
Mix, J.H.
Mix, Juddie H.
Mix, Lloyd
Mix, Oscar
Mixon, Minnie Mernervia
Mize, C.C.
Mize, J.M.
Mizell, J.T.
Mo---?, J.W. [entry smeared]
Mobe, James C.
Mobley, H.R.
Moffitt, H.A.
Mohan, G.E.
Mohaney, V.L.
Molett, Isaac
Molsbee, J.F.
Monahan, G.S.
Moncreif, T.E.
Moncrief, W.J.
Monday, D.C.
Mongold, Ernest
Mongtomery, Sid
Monk, Thomas
Monk?, Marshall
Monroe, C.C.
Monroe, G.L.
Monroe, I.A.
Monroe, Roy
Montfort, Robt. B.
Montgomery, A.
Montgomery, Harold
Montgomery, Hugh
Montgomery, I.E.
Montgomery, Quilla
Montgomery, R.A.
Moody, C.P.
Moody, Curtis
Moody, Eldon L.
Moody, H.L.
Moody, H.R.
Moody, J.N.
Moody, J.P.
Moody, P.B.
Moody, Roy
Moody, Wilber
Mooney, Charlie
Moore, A.L.
Moore, A.L.
Moore, Adam
Moore, Albert
Moore, Bert
Moore, Bozz J.
Moore, C.E.
Moore, C.E.
Moore, C.M.
Moore, C.W. [or O.W.?]
Moore, D.C. Mrs.
Moore, E.A.
Moore, Earnest F.
Moore, Edward Lee
Moore, F.M.
Moore, Geo.
Moore, Geo. G.
Moore, Hary
Moore, Hugh C.
Moore, J.A.
Moore, Jack
Moore, Jeff A.
Moore, Joe
Moore, L.E.
Moore, L.T.
Moore, M.B.
Moore, M.J.
Moore, Matt
Moore, Ollie
Moore, Owen Clemmons
Moore, P.E.
Moore, Paul
Moore, R.E.
Moore, Robert
Moore, Robert S.
Moore, T.L.
Moore, T.T.
Moore, T.W.
Moore, V.L.
Moore, W.B.
Moore, W.D.
Moore, W.H.
Moore, W.R.
Moore, Willis
Moore?, William Walter
Moorehead, E.J.
Moorehead, J.B.
Morecroft, Noah A.
Morehouse, H.G.
Moreland, J.W.
Moreland, Vester
Moreland, Zeno
Morelock, James H.
Morgan, A.I.
Morgan, A.T.
Morgan, C.C.
Morgan, C.E.
Morgan, Coleman C.
Morgan, E.
Morgan, Floyd N.
Morgan, G.N.
Morgan, Homer
Morgan, I.M.
Morgan, J.C.
Morgan, J.J.
Morgan, J.M.
Morgan, Jess
Morgan, Lynwood
Morgan, M.H.
Morgan, M.H.
Morgan, Oder
Morgan, R.A.
Morgan, Roscoe F.
Morgan, S.J.
Morgan, S.M.
Moring, J.M.
Morlan, Roy
Morphew, Joe
Morphew, Luther
Morphis, J.L.
Morphis, V.E.
Morphis, V.E.
Morris, Abbie
Morris, Amos
Morris, Carl
Morris, Dove
Morris, Dudley
Morris, Elva
Morris, Everett R.
Morris, Freeman?
Morris, J.A.
Morris, J.W.
Morris, Lee
Morris, Orville W.
Morris, Paul
Morris, Pearl
Morris, Roy J.
Morris, Rube
Morris, W.M.
Morrison, F.E.
Morrison, J.G.
Morrison, John
Morrow, Geo. H.
Mortin?, Tom
Morton, J.E.
Morton, James
Morton, Virginia
Mosbey, O.S.
Mosby, Chas.
Mosby, R.A.
Moseley, R.E.
Mosely, C.C.
Moser, N.E.
Moses, L.H. and Edward?
Mosier, J.H.
Mosier, J.H.
Moskap, Birt
Moskap, Walter
Mosley, F.C.
Mosley, Jordon
Mosley, R.E.
Moss, A.A.
Moten, Geo.
Motherey, C.C.
Moxey, Frank
Moye, J.C.
Moyer, F.C.
Moyers, George A.
Mozings?, E.O.
Mross, J.E. (or J.C.)
Mross, Samuel [husband of Ruby Dunavion]
Mueller, Martin
Mullen, Floyd
Mullin, J.R.
Mullings, J.B.
Mullings, Jno. B.
Mullins, A.J.
Mullins, Bettie E. Mrs.
Mullins, Clyde
Mullins, E.E.
Mullins, Elbert
Mullins, Geo. W.
Mullins, J.B.
Mullins, J.B.
Mullins, John
Mullins, N.R.
Mullins, Richard
Mullins, S.M.
Mullins, Willie
Mullon?, Ford E. (or Mallon)
Mulloy, Ed
Mulvaney, S.B.
Mulvany, S.B.
Mummert, D.E.
Munerlyn, Clyde
Mungen, Abe
Murdock, W.B.
Murell, L.C.
Murphree, R.A.
Murphy, Dennis
Murphy, Fred
Murphy, Lola
Murphy, M.C.
Murphy, Pete
Murphy, R.B.
Murphy, Verlen
Murphy, Verlon
Murphy?, M.E.
Murray, Chas. R. Sr.
Murray, Daily
Murray, J.L.
Murray, M.H.
Murray, Russell
Murrell, E.
Murry, T.M.
Musgrave, Alma
Musgrove, M.
Myatt, J.W.
Myer, C.F.
Myers, C.L.
Myers, Fred
Myers, Fred
Myers, John
Myher, Lawrence
Myles, Virgentry
Myracle, Corbit
Myracle, E.W.
Myracle, Jessie
Myres, Geo. E.
Myrick, Algot
Nagel, Henry J.
Nagel, Tom
Nagle, Thomas
Nail, M.E.
Nailor, Jack
Nall, C.E.
Nall, S.F.
Nall, William
Nancy, B.W.
Nanney?, C.W.
Napier, Elbert
Napier, N.B.
Nash, B.F.
Nash, J.A.
Nason, Howard
Nation, A.M.
Nation, Bazel
Nation, Walter
Nay, Milton
Neal, Alex
Neal, Arthur
Neal, Earl
Neal, F.L.
Neal, G.D.
Neal, J.R.
Neal, Jim
Neal, Nath F.
Neaville, Jno. B.
Neece, L.P.
Neece, Tom W.
Neel, Been
Neeley, W.E.
Neely, Thelma Mrs.
Neff, W.T.
Neighbors, Emily
Neighbors, G.T.
Neighbors, Jas.
Neimon, Oscar
Nelius, S.L.
Nelms, A.G.
Nelms, Jno.
Nelms, Joe
Nelms, Press
Nelms, Richard
Nelms?, Roy
Nelson, C.C.
Nelson, Charles Dwight
Nelson, Frankie
Nelson, G.E.
Nelson, G.L.
Nelson, Geo.
Nelson, George
Nelson, Hobbs
Nelson, J.I.
Nelson, J.T.
Nelson, J.W.
Nelson, Jack
Nelson, Jesse
Nelson, Virgil
Nelson, Virgil
Nelson, W.A.
Nelson, W.L.
Nelson, W.M.
Nevels, H.W.
Nevels, H.W.
Nevels, Lester
Nevins, Everett
Nevins, Kemp
New, Clara
New, Fred
New, J.J.
New, J.L.
New, Loyd
New, W.T.
Newachick, J.H.
Newell, Albert
Newell, I.N.
Newman, Anthony
Newman, Robert
Newman, Stork J.
Newman, Wm. T.
Newmier?, Lester
Newmon, Cleabert H.
Newport, J.B.
Newsom, G.L.
Newton, E.R.
Newton, Hyman
Newton, J.A.
Niccum, C.B.
Niccum, J.A.
Niccum, R.E.
Nichell, J.E?.
Nichell, R.V.
Nichols, J.A.
Nichols, J.W.
Nichols, Lawrence
Nichols, R.B.
Nichols, Virgil E.
Nichols, W.R.
Nicholson, Albert
Nicholson, Burl
Nicholson, Henry
Nicholson, J.W.
Nicklaus, J.F.
Nickles, J.A.
Nicsson?, Elsie
Nipper, Theo
Nix, Dennis?
Noah, Aurvil?
Noah, Jacob
Noble, Sam
Noe, A.M.
Noell, Flora
Nokes, J.T.
Nold, J.H.
Nolen, Mary C.
Nolen, Samontha
Nolen, Sidney
Nollan, Wm. F.
Noricks, Alonzo
Norman, E.C.
Norman, Enoch
Norman, Francis
Norman, Nina
Norman, O.T.
Norman, W.E.
Norris, Chas. R.
Norris, J.H.
Norris, J.H.
Norris, Jesse
Norris, O.G.
Norris, O.P.
Norris, T.A.J.
Norris, Tom
Norris, W.F.
North, C.L.
North, J.G.
Northwang, David
Norton, Dwight
Norwood, J.H.
Nowlin, J.F.
Nowlin, Orval
Nowlin, T.W.
Nowman, Joseph
Noy, W.F.
Nunally, Jesse H.
Nunn, Cecil
Nunn, E.A.
Nunn, Paul
Nunn, S.D.
Nunnery, Geo.
Nutt, Roy
Nutt, V.L.
Nutt, W.S.
Nutter, Frank
Nutter, Joseph
Nutter, W.F.
Nzegvard?, Clarence
O'Kelley, Roy
O'Neal, E.Y.
O'Neal, Ed
O'Neal, Geo.
O'Neal, R.L.
O'Neal, Thos. Pat.
O'berg, Wm.
Oates, Barney E.
Oates, J.F.
Oates, V.D.
Oberg, Fred J.
Odom, J.T.
Odom, John L.
Oebler, Carl
Ogilvie, S.K.
Oglesby, T.A.
Oglesby, W.A.
Ogwyn, Dewey
Ohara, Rodger
Oldham, Marvin
Oliver, A.E.
Oliver, Edd
Oliver, Ervin
Oliver, Frank
Oliver, J.H.
Oliver, Jim
Oliver, M.E.
Oliver, Robbie J.
Ollis, James
Oneal, Jess Mr. & Mrs.
Organ, J.A.
Orman, Willie
Orr, Cecil? R.
Orrick, S.P.
Orsburn, Brester
Osbon, Bob
Osborn, Aubrey
Osborn, J.D.
Osborn, Leo Earl
Osborne, D.S.
Osborne, J.E.
Osborne, W.D.
Osburn, A.E.
Osburn, Floyd
Osburn, G.A.
Osburn, John D.
Osburn, S.C.
Osby, Napoleon
Osier, Earl
Osin?, Ruth
Osmon, E.E.
Ottrey, J.H.
Otts, Alice Ruth
Otwell, G.E.
Over?hart?, J.W.
Overton, I.B.
Overton, W.A.
Overturf?, Brazil
Owen, Frank
Owen, M.W.
Owen, Zerald J.
Owens, A.L.
Owens, A.L.
Owens, Bud
Owens, Elmer
Owens, F.D.
Owens, J.L.
Owens, O.E.
Owens, P.P.
Owens, Sanston?
Owens, Walter
Owens, Walter B.
Owens?, Albert
Owens?, Dorse?
Ownes, Will
Oxford, Jeff
Oxier, Fred
Ozbun, Ollie
Ozbun, Ollie C.
P--tins?, T.L.
PIckett, J.A.
Pace, Charlie
Pace, E.E.
Pace, Edgar
Pace, Lahaden
Pace, N.B.
Pace, T.P.
Pace, Warren
Pack, E.G.
Padget, F.S.
Padget, F.S.
Padgett, Chester
Page, A.C.
Page, Cleve? H.
Page, R.E.
Pain, Jesse
Painter, Emmarite Mrs.
Painter, Emmeritte
Painter, S.T.
Pallworth, Henry A.
Palmer, C.E.
Palmer, E.O.
Palmer, E.O.
Palmer, Maggie Mrs.
Palmer, W.M.
Pamplin, Voyde
Pankey, W.M.
Pankey, Wiley
Pantel, Stella Mrs.
Parden, L.L.
Pardue, Floyd C.
Parham, B.J.
Parish, Clyde
Parish, Gilbert
Parish, I.M.
Park, J.H.
Park, W.H.
Parker, Bert
Parker, Brown D.
Parker, E.P.
Parker, Frank J.
Parker, Fred
Parker, Fred
Parker, Glen
Parker, J.E. & Ida
Parker, J.E. & Ida
Parker, J.M.
Parker, J.W.
Parker, John
Parker, Kermit? C.
Parker, Malcolm A.
Parker, Oliver
Parker, R.W.
Parker, Tom
Parker, V.J.
Parkes, Arval
Parks, Ed.
Parks, Geo.
Parks, Henry
Parks, Henry
Parks, James A.
Parks, James A.
Parks, M. Rena
Parks, M. Rens?
Parks, Melvin
Parks, R.T.
Parks, S.W.
Parks, W.O.
Parks, Willie
Parnell, A.T.
Parnell, Clifton
Parnell, Hugh
Parr, J.M. Jr.
Parris, D.Z.
Parrish, W.R.
Parrons, Toney?
Parrot, Clint
Parrott, R.T. Mrs.
Parrott?, Jake
Parsons, J.B.
Parton, Wm. H.
Passmore, Miller
Pate, T.E.
Pate, T.E.
Patrick, Crocket
Patrick, H.H.
Patrick, J.R.
Patrick, Milton
Patten, E.B.
Patterson, Amis
Patterson, C.D.
Patterson, Edward J.
Patterson, L.G.
Patterson, Lee
Patterson, O.E.
Patterson, R.R.
Patterson, Ray Hughston
Patterson, T.H.
Patterson, T.L.
Patterson, W.D.
Patterson?, J.A.
Patton, Alta
Patton, J.E.
Patton, Mary F.
Patton, R?.J.
Paul, J.J.
Paul, Julian
Paulson?, O.M.
Paxton, Hubert
Paxton, Joseph F.
Paxton, W.O.
Payer, Wm. A.
Payne, E.S.
Payne, Earl
Payne, G.F.
Payne, Harry
Payne, J.S.
Paynes?, Arline
Payton, J.J.
Payton, J.J.
Payton, J.L.
Payton, O.E.
Payton, O.O.
Payton, O.V.
Payton, R.G.
Peacock, Ben
Peacock, C.M.
Peacock, J.D.
Peacock, Melton
Peacock, Robert
Peak, A?.B.
Pearce, Byron M.
Pearce, Byron M.
Pearce, W.J.
Pearce?, Charles B.
Pearcy, Chas. W.
Pearman, Joseph U.
Pearson, A.C.
Pearson, Bob
Pearson, C.W.
Pearson, Charles
Pearson, E.L.
Pearson, Emertt?
Pearson, Ivy
Pearson, Noah O.
Pearson, Ollie
Pearson, W.O.
Peck, J.G.
Peebles, J.H.
Peek, A.G.
Peek?, Elsie
Peel, Ochal
Peeler, Clarence
Peeler, G.P.
Peeler?, John
Peer, L.E.
Pelce?, John
Pell, John
Pellham, Taft
Pemberton, Chas. D.
Pemberton, Clay
Pemberton, L.J.
Pendleton, Mary
Pendleton, Oda
Penn, E.C.
Pennel, E.
Pennington, Ira L.
Penny, J.H.
Penny, Riley
Penrod, Guy D.
Penrod, Isaac
Penrod, J.W.
Penrod, Pat
Pense, Earle E.
Penter, J.R.
Peoples, Jno. H.
Peoples, Mary A.
Pepper, Ed
Perdue, A.A.
Perdue, G.L.
Perdue, R.O.
Perdue, W.G.
Perkins, D.F.
Perkins, Edward
Perkins, Hasadore
Perkins, Herschel
Perkins, I.H.
Perkins, J.N.
Perkins, W.A.
Perkins?, John
Perme, Frank
Perr, Phillip
Perry, Charles A.
Perry, Chas. D.
Perryman, I.G.
Perryman, I.W.
Perryman, J.I.
Person, Dora
Perteris, I.M.
Pestor?, R.F.
Peters, James
Peters, M.E.
Peterson, Vester
Petrolas, Chas.
Petross, W.E.
Pettillo, J.E.
Pettit, A.C.
Pettit, Z.T.
Pettus, F.M.
Pettus, Julia
Pettus?, Calvin
Petty, Gus
Pevytoc?, A.E.
Peyton, Charles
Pfieffer, J.A.
Phariss, D.L.
Pharr, Louis?
Phelan, G.W.
Phelon, Loyd C.
Phelps, J.M.
Phelps, J.M.
Phend?, Clarence D.
Philips, C.E.
Phillips, B.F.
Phillips, Ben
Phillips, Clarence E.
Phillips, Dane
Phillips, Dillie M. Mrs.
Phillips, Dock
Phillips, E.A.
Phillips, Ed
Phillips, Edgar
Phillips, Fred
Phillips, Fred
Phillips, J.A.
Phillips, Lige
Phillips, O.L.
Phillips, Pierce F.
Phillips, Samuel W.
Phillips, Sullivan
Phillips, Thos.
Phillips, Ulysses G.
Phipps, J.M.
Phipps, W.T.
Pickard, W.C.
Pickel, Clyde
Pickens, E.F.
Pickens, H.J.
Pickens, J.C.
Pickens, T.D.
Pickett, Herbert E.
Pickins, C.E.
Pickle, G.W.
Pickle, O.B.
Pickle, O.K.
Pickney, Harvey
Pictsch, Rudolph
Pierce, Albert
Pierce, Andy
Pierce, Charles
Pierce, Ed
Pierce, Harry
Pierce, J.F.
Pierce, J.N.
Pierce, James
Pierce, Jim
Pierce, Ruben
Pietsch, Henry C.
Pifer, I.E.
Pilgreen, C.W.
Pimperton?, Raymond
Pinion, B.C.
Pinkett, David
Pinnell, Hiram
Pinson, W.C.
Pipkin, C.C.
Pique, H.M.
Pirce, Francis [cancelled]
Pitcher, E.C.
Pittman, J.A.
Pittman, J.C.
Pitts, J.E.
Pitts, S.E.
Pitts, Tom
Pitts, Tom
Plair, C.H.
Plair, C.H.
Plank, H.H.
Plant, Carl
Plant, E.D.
Plant, E.D.
Plant, Herbert
Plant, J. Raymond
Plant, J.H.
Plant, J.H.
Plant, J.R.
Plant, M.D.
Plant, Raymond
Plant, Willis L.
Plant, Willis L.
Plants, Theodore
Platt, Jessie
Pledger, G.C.
Plemons, Jno.
Plew, Elwyn E.
Plumlee, F.J.
Plumlee, James O.
Plumlee, R.M.
Plummer, M.L. Mrs.
Plunk, Bert D.
Poare, A.F.
Poe, B.W.
Poe, L.M.
Poe, O.S.
Poe, Ollie
Poe, Roscoe
Pohlmeyer, David
Pohlmeyer, David
Poindexter, Webb?
Poland, L.M.
Poland, Willie A.
Polk, Bose
Polk, H.E.
Polk, James
Polk, James M.
Polk, Julius
Polk, Labe
Poll, Henry
Pollock, O.B.
Pomeroy, Mack
Pond, Geo. W.
Pond, R.G.
Pond, Roy
Ponder, J.W.
Pool, A.J.
Pool, E.A.
Pool, E.A.
Pool, H.C.
Pool, Harry T.
Pool, Isam
Pool, J.W.
Pool, Wade H.
Poole, A.J.
Poole, Coleman
Poole, H.C.
Poole, Jesse G.
Poor, Jess
Poor, Rosie
Poore, Jake
Poores, Charlie
Pope, James
Pope, W.M.
Popejoy, B.B.
Popwell, E.D.
Porter, C.M.
Porter, Edison
Porter, Henry
Porter, Henry F.
Porter, John Orville
Porter, L.E.
Porter, R.H.
Porter?, S-?-
Porterfield, D.L.
Posey, Avon William
Posey, J.T.
Posey, William R.
Poston, Jarry A.
Potridge, J.J.
Potter, Glen Howard
Potter, L.W.
Potter, M.D.
Potter, W.S.
Pounds, Geo.
Powell, A.M.
Powell, Addie
Powell, Albert N.
Powell, Bryd
Powell, Chas.
Powell, Curtis
Powell, E.R.
Powell, E.V.
Powell, Eugene
Powell, Irvin F.
Powell, J.T.
Powell, O.C.
Powell, S.V.
Power, John
Powers, Clara
Powers, J.W.
Powers, Newt
Powers, O.W.
Poye, T.M.
Prater, W.H.
Pratt, A.T.
Pratt, J.M.
Pratt, Leo
Pratt, Monro? A.
Pratt, O.W.
Pratt, Wm. E.
Preddy, William A.
Preller, Victor H.
Presler, J.M.
Presley, Clarence
Presley, F.W.
Presley, J.M.
Presley, J.O.
Presley, Wesley
Presser, G.L.
Pressley, O.R.
Presson, Joe
Preston, Leoanrd G.
Prewitt, J.W.
Price, A.R.
Price, Clarence
Price, G.R.
Price, Geo. W.
Price, J.C.
Price, Joe
Price, M.V.
Price, O.H.
Price, O.T.
Price, Pearl G. Mrs.
Price, W.M.
Priddy, A.E.
Priddy, Ed
Priddy, Lonnie
Priddy, Willie May
Priest, W.M.
Priest, W.V.
Primrose, Harry
Prince, J.W.
Prince?, G.R. [lined through: error not issued]
Prisock, E.E.
Procell, Sam
Procell, W.T.
Proctor, A.H.
Proctor, J.A.
Proctor, W.B.
Proctor, W.B. [lined through, error, not issued]
Pruett, Joshua H.
Pruett, W.C.
Pruett, W.D.
Pruit, Elmer L.
Pruitt, Bennie
Pruitt, J.C.
Pruitt, W.H.
Pryor, Delia Alma Mrs.
Puckett, Joyce
Pugh, Hardy
Pullen, B.A.
Puller, B.A.
Pulley, Hubert
Pulley, S.E.
Pulliam, Dan F.
Pullin, J.H.
Pumphrey, John
Purnell, Jno. Robert
Purvis, Ben
Purvis, J.E.
Pyles, Ellen
Qualls, David
Qualls, J.H.
Qualls, Rufus
Quarrells, James
Quarrells, Johnie
Quertermous, L.T.
Quick?, A.N.
Quinney, William
Quinton, L-?-
Rabun, J.M.
Racey, Richard
Rackenback, Floyd
Rackenback, Pearl T.
Rackey?, Chester
Rackley, O.E.
Racy, John
Raddley?, G.H.
Rader, James K.
Rader, W.J.
Radford, J.J.
Ragain, Herman
Ragan, J.H.
Ragsdale, Geo.
Ragsdale, J.R.
Raines, Clovis D.
Rainey, W.F.
Rains, Blarn?
Rains, Guy
Ralston, J.W.
Ramen?, Carrie
Ramsey, B.L.
Ramsey, Cletus
Ramsey, E.E.
Ramsey, Geo. S.
Ramsey, Lonzo
Ramsey, Raymond G.
Ramsey, Thos. E.
Ramsey, Walon
Ramus, Royal M.
Randall, Alice M. Mrs.
Randall, C.F.
Randall, Tom
Randle, G.K.
Randoll, O.P.
Raney, E.R.
Raney?, Joe
Rankin, Filmore
Rankin, O.R.
Rankins, Arthur
Ransome, L.E.
Raper, Dan
Raper, Ed
Rasberry, Adam
Rash, Floyd
Rash, Thomas S.
Ratcliff, Harvey
Ratcliff, John L.
Ratliff, C.E?.
Ratliff, Chas.
Ratliff, J.F.
Ratliff, P.H.
Ratliff, W.R.
Rawlings, C.L.
Rawls, J.R.
Rawls, W.H.
Ray, Alex
Ray, Daniel A.
Ray, Doffie
Ray, E.P.
Ray, Emmett H.
Ray, J.L.
Ray, L.H.
Ray, Pearl
Ray, W.F.
Ray, Willie
Ray?, Jimmie [or Roy?]
Raybourn, Albert A.
Raybourn?, Russell L.
Rayburn, W.P.
Rayfield, J.W.
Raymer, Moyd
Rea, Oren K.
Reading, F.M.
Readman, Arthur
Reaper, Earnest P.
Reaves, S.D.
Recker, J.W.
Red, Joe W.
Red, T.E.
Reddell, J.E.
Reddell, Mitchell
Reddell, R.M.
Reddell, T.M.
Reddin?, Fred
Redding, John
Redding, Riley
Reddman, Albert
Reding, Geo. A.
Redings, J.A.
Redman, C.W.
Redpath, R.M.
Ree, J.A.
Reed, Andrew
Reed, Arthur
Reed, Byron K.
Reed, E.C. Jr.
Reed, E.E.
Reed, G.O.
Reed, Geo.
Reed, H.B.
Reed, J.H.
Reed, M.H.
Reed, Marion
Reed, R.E.
Reed, Vol
Reed, Walter
Reels, R.L. Hall Mrs.
Reese, G.W.
Reese, T.R.
Reesor, C.L.
Reeves, Clint?
Reeves, Dock W.
Reeves, Ed H.
Reeves, G.J.
Reeves, Idell
Reeves, Lawyer
Reeves, R.G.
Reeves, Rufus
Reeves, Sam
Reeves, T.E.
Reeves, Wm.
Reeves, Wm. O.
Register, James
Reiber, Ernest
Reichenberg, Carl C. (or Earl?)
Reid, J.B.
Reid, J.E.
Reid, J.W.
Reider, P.O.
Reider, P.O.
Reider, Ralph R.
Reidhar, R.F.
Reiman, Albert
Remington, H.H.
Remington, M.W.
Remington, W.M.
Renfro, Homer
Renfro, Leslie M.
Renick, Walter
Rennicke, Emmerson
Renty, G.T.
Revelle, F.M.
Reynolds, Albert F.
Reynolds, Albion
Reynolds, Bartis
Reynolds, C.O.
Reynolds, Chester
Reynolds, Clarence
Reynolds, Ernie
Reynolds, G.M.
Reynolds, Henry
Reynolds, Hill M.
Reynolds, J.B.
Reynolds, J.M.
Reynolds, John B.
Reynolds, Louis L.
Reynolds, Newton
Reynolds, R.E.
Reynolds, Sherwell
Reynolds, Siegel
Reynolds, W.H.
Rhoden, E.F.
Rhoden, Maud
Rhodes, C.A.
Rhodes, Earnest
Rhodes, H.S.
Rhodes, John W.
Rhodes, T.E.
Rice, Alva
Rice, C.W.
Rice, Claud C.
Rice, Claude
Rice, Harry W.
Rice, J.B.
Rice, James H.
Rice, Martha Mrs.
Rice, N.R.
Rice, Tom
Rice, Vernon B.
Rice, W.W.
Rice, Wm. E.
Rich, E.E.
Rich, H.V.
Rich, J.M.
Rich, Joe
Rich, N.S.
Rich, Walter
Richard, B.F.
Richards, Jobe
Richards, Leo? C.
Richards, Sam
Richards, W.W.
Richardson, A.D.
Richardson, Bill
Richardson, Chas.
Richardson, Chas.
Richardson, Claude
Richardson, E.B.
Richardson, Flord
Richardson, Henry
Richardson, J.L.
Richardson, J.L.
Richardson, Joe
Richardson, Lotha
Richardson, Sam
Richardson, Troy
Richardson, Vallie
Richardson, W.I.
Richeson?, J.E.
Richey, Homer E.
Richmond, Elias Dean & Jake
Richmond, Jim
Rickman, Henry
Riddill?, George
Riddlee, Frank
Ridenour, Milford
Ridings, J.A.
Ridley, T.J.
Riedel, J.E.
Riedel, T.W.
Rigdon, J.C.
Riggins, Harrel?
Riggs, Claude E.
Riggs, H.S.
Riggs, J.R.
Rigsbee, Jona
Riley, Alva
Riley, D.C.
Riley, J.D.
Riley, J.D.
Riley, James
Riley, James Alton
Riley, Thomas A.
Ripley, Lee
Rippinger, James
Risley, V.E.
Ritchie, A.W.
Ritter, J.F.
Ritzhunpt?, Mervin W.
Roach, C.E.
Roach, Henry
Roach, J.L.
Roach, J.L.
Roach, J.R.
Roach, Tom
Roach, W.K.
Roark, B.E.
Roark, Byron
Roark, Byron
Roark, Ebb
Roark?, C.C.
Robbins, Clyde
Robbins, D.
Robbins, D.
Robbins, Jodie
Roberds, Tom A.
Roberson, Henry
Roberson, James L.
Roberson, M.W.
Roberson, P?.A.
Robert, Louis A.
Roberts, A.V.
Roberts, Buford
Roberts, C.B.
Roberts, Carl
Roberts, Chas. A.
Roberts, Dave
Roberts, Delbert
Roberts, Elmer
Roberts, F.L.
Roberts, G.E.
Roberts, J.C.
Roberts, J.C.
Roberts, J.J.
Roberts, J.R.
Roberts, J.W.
Roberts, Jeff D.
Roberts, Johnie
Roberts, O.L.
Roberts, Ralph
Roberts, Ralph
Roberts, S.C.
Roberts, Shelby G.
Robertson, Arthur
Robertson, Carl
Robertson, Cary
Robertson, E.T.
Robertson, Enoch F.
Robertson, Enoch J.
Robertson, Henry
Robertson, I.H.
Robertson, J. Elmer
Robertson, J.C.
Robertson, J.C.
Robertson, J.H.
Robertson, J.J.
Robertson, J.T.
Robertson, Jesse Mrs.
Robertson, Lee
Robertson, Minnie Mrs.
Robertson, O.W.
Robertson, U.F.
Robertson, W.I.
Robertson, W.M.
Robey, Hyle
Robinett, Ira
Robinson, Arthur H.
Robinson, C.F.
Robinson, F.C.
Robinson, Frank
Robinson, H.O.
Robinson, Henry
Robinson, J.L.
Robinson, Jessie Beatrice
Robinson, Joe
Robinson, Joe
Robinson, John
Robinson, John W?.
Robinson, Lee
Robinson, Max
Robinson, Sid
Robinson, W.H.
Robinson, W.H.
Robison, H.E.
Rock, Elgan
Rock, W.T.
Roden, H.L.
Roden, Tennie Mrs.
Rodgers, Chas. M.
Rodgers, I.F.
Rodgers, J.H.
Rodley?, Geo.
Roger, Geo.
Roger, J.F.
Rogers, Andy
Rogers, Deller
Rogers, Earnest
Rogers, Elmer
Rogers, George
Rogers, Hance
Rogers, Harvey
Rogers, J.
Rogers, J. Preston
Rogers, J.I.
Rogers, James Clyde
Rogers, Kirkland
Rogers, Leonard
Rogers, Orbe
Rogers, Otto
Rogers, Phineas
Rogers, R.E.
Rogers, W.A.
Rogers, Walter
Rogerson, Wm. C.
Rogle, Alva
Roice, Marvin
Roland, Leonard R.
Rolin, Vestry
Rollins, Ernest
Romans, R.S.
Rook, Joe
Rooks, C.W.
Rooks, T.D.
Rosamond, W.F.
Rose, N.W.
Rose?, Lester [or Ross?]
Ross, E.R.
Ross, J.F.
Ross, Jack
Ross, John A.
Ross, Phillip
Ross, Will
Rosser, Edmond R.
Rosser, Edmond R.
Roth, F.J.
Roth, Fred J.
Roth, G.B.
Rothburn, J.O.
Rothe, Ernest
Rothe, Frantz
Rothe, Ralph
Rotton, Clifford
Roulett, R.E.
Rounsaville, Wm.
Rouse, J.N.
Rouse, Sam
Rouse, W.H.
Rouse, Wm.
Rousey?, John
Roush, Jess
Roush, Jones
Roush, Vernis
Roussel, Lewis L.
Rout?, Robert R.
Rowe, James R.
Rowe, R.H.
Rowland, B.M.
Rowland, C.B.
Rowland, H.A.
Rowland, William
Rowlett, J.K.
Rowlett, J.K.
Royal, Frank
Royce, Howard
Royle, Fred
Royles, Loman
Rubal, B.T.
Ruble, T.R.
Rudd, R.L.
Rudd, W.P.
Rudder, Sol
Rudolph, D.G.
Rudolph, D.G.
Rudsdell?, T.A.
Ruff, James F.
Ruffin, H.C?.
Ruffin, Peet?
Rugel?, Lester R.
Runions, Jno.
Rupard, E.L.
Rupert, Quilla M.
Rush, Cassie
Rush, Charley
Rush, J.E.
Rushing, Fred
Rushing, T.J.
Rusling, C.R.
Russell, Adam
Russell, Burley
Russell, H.Q.
Russell, Henry
Russell, J.A.
Russell, Otis
Russell, Raymond
Russell, W.M.
Russell, Wiley
Rust, A.
Rutledge, W.A.
Rutledge, W.M.
Ryan, S.E.
Rye, A.L.
Ryker, T.H.
Sadler, Jesse B.
Sadler, Thomas A.
Saint, Jim
Sairles, F.W.
Sales, A.C.
Sales, Clyde
Sallade, Sarah E.
Salley, C.T.
Sallis, A.M.
Salmon, Gordon L.
Salmons, Calvin
Salomon, E.R.
Salsbury, Taft
Salter, F.J.
Sample, W.M.
Sample, W.M.
Samples, Lee
Samples, Lyle K.
Samuels, Rosie Mrs.
Samuelson, Harald E.
Sanders, A.H.
Sanders, Albert
Sanders, Cepas
Sanders, Claud
Sanders, Eli
Sanders, Eli
Sanders, Homer
Sanders, J.E.
Sanders, J.R.
Sanders, J.V.
Sanders, James L.
Sanders, Jno.
Sanders, L.
Sanders, L.H.
Sanders, Lee
Sanders, Monroe
Sanders, T.J. Mrs.
Sanders, W.B.
Sanders, W.B.
Sanders, W.C. Mrs.
Sanders, W.D.
Sanders, W.G.
Sanders, Willard
Sandifer, Joe D.
Sandlin, W.B.
Sands, Raymond
Sands, W.F.
Sandusky, H.J.
Sanford, J.C.
Sanford, John
Sanford, William L.
Sapp, W.E.
Sappington, J.W.
Sappinton, J.W. [lined through, error, not issued]
Satterfield, D.J.
Satterfield, Frank
Satterfield, H.E.
Satterfield, Isaac M.
Saucier, C.H.
Saulberry, Taft
Sauls, Cora
Saulter, Alex
Savannah, Dewey
Sawyer, Bill
Sawyer, G.B.
Sawyer, J.V.
Sawyer, Jesse
Sawyer, Lynn
Sawyer, Sam D?.
Sawyer, Sanford
Sawyer, Travis B.
Sawyer, W.P.
Sawyers, J.J.
Sawyers, Jas. Lawrence
Saxon, Frank
Saxton, J.M.
Saxton, John C. [lined through - error]
Sayger, O.R.
Sayger, Oliver R.
Sayger, R.K.
Sayre, Dan
Sayre, John H.
Scaggs, J.M.
Scaggs, W.S.
Scales, J.R.
Scales, James
Scales, Jim
Scales, M.B.
Scales, Will
Scarborough, Zannie? M.
Scarlet, Carlet
Schaet, Wm. F.
Schales, Dave
Schalze, Lizzie Mrs.
Schermerhorn, Byron J.
Schmidt, George O.
Scholes, Nancy
Scholes, P.J.
Scholl, Edward B.
Schroder, C.W.
Schults, Joe W. Jr.
Schultz, Frank
Sciseler?, Luther
Scisson, Odell
Scoot, V.H.
Scott, Earl C.
Scott, F.M.
Scott, Fred L.
Scott, G.A?.
Scott, Hugh
Scott, J.L.
Scott, J.L.
Scott, J.W. Mrs.
Scott, Jasper
Scott, Jennie
Scott, Jesse H.
Scott, Lawson
Scott, Leonard
Scott, Leonard
Scott, Manuel?
Scott, Marion H.
Scott, Morris
Scott, Oliver W.
Scott, Pierce
Scott, Robert & Sam
Scott, W.L.
Scott, Walter
Scott, Walter
Scotts?, Nash? F.
Scribner, L.V.
Scrievner, Robt.
Scroggins, Geo. M.
Scroggins, William
Scroggins, Willie
Scruggs, Darton
Scruggs, S.M.
Scull, J.H.
Seagraves, W.L.
Seales, Roscoe
Seals, G.L.
Seals, Richard
Seaman, Mildred A.
Sears, H.R.
Seary, Geo. F.
Seaton, Ben
Seaver, David E.
Seaver, J.G.
Sebastian, Charlie
Seeton, J.M.
Seger, Arthur
Seiber, J.P.
Self, Artie
Self, Doss
Self, George
Self, H.M.
Self, Jno. W.
Self, T.E.
Selitz, Otto
Sellars, Virgil W.
Sellers, F.R.
Sellers, R.L.
Selson, J.H.
Selson?, B.H.
Selvidge, J.D.
Selvidge, Rob. R.
Sembler, J.C.
Sephens, M.V.
Seratt, Clarence
Seratt, Wm.
Session, Virgil D.
Seward, Peter
Sexton, Enoch
Sexton, Jno. C.
Sexton, Paul
Sexton, W.C.
Sexton, W.L.
Seyfer, Kenneth H.
Seymore, W.V.
Seymour, W.T. Mrs.
Shackelford, Laney
Shackelford, R.E.
Shackleford, Robert E.
Shadle, G.W.
Shafor, Lottie
Shands, Wm. E.
Shands, Wm. E.
Shankle, Jno. D.
Shankle, Lee Roy
Shankwltzer?, J.N.
Shannon, Ed
Shannon?, R.A.
Shares, R.S.
Sharp, Ira B.
Sharp, J.L.
Sharp, J.L.
Sharp, J.W.
Sharp, Prentice
Sharp, Prentice
Sharp, W.H.
Sharpe, J.L.
Sharppe, J.L.
Sharrock?, J.F.
Shaver, Hugh
Shaver, Roy
Shaw, Chas. Westly
Shaw, Frank
Shaw, Guy
Shaw, Joe
Shaw, Joe Robert
Shaw, L.L.
Shaw, Presley
Shaw, W.H.
Shaw, W.O.
Shaw, W.O.
Shay, W.A.
Shear, Flossie Block
Shearer, Alma
Shearer, Cathren
Shearer, F.S.
Shearer, J.P.
Shearer, W.F.
Sheares, Eunice
Shears?, E.
Shears?, L.C.
Sheaver, Callie
Sheeley, Sam
Sheets, Delbert
Sheffield, H.F.
Sheffield, J?.S.
Sheffield, V.S.
Shelby, R.M.
Shelley, Erma Mrs.
Shellnut, L.L.
Shelnut, Clifford
Shelnutt, R.E.
Shelton, Bob
Shelton, Bradley
Shelton, Eugene
Shelton, G.W.
Shelton, Geo.
Shelton, Harrison
Shelton, Howard
Shelton, Joe
Shelton, R.P.
Shelton, Tom
Shepard, George
Shepard, Jno. E.
Shepard, Tom
Shepheard, Dave
Shepherd, Elvin
Shepherd, May
Shepherd, Vick?
Sheppard, D.
Sheppard, Jno.
Shepperd, Lee
Sheridan, Arthur A.
Sherill, Troy
Sherman, Booker T.
Sherrill, John
Sherrod, Jo-ie? May
Shields, Chester
Shields, Jake
Shields, T.J.
Shinn, Wm. B.
Shinn?, W.W.
Shipman, Donald
Shipman, J.W.
Shipp, Barney
Shirey, A.H.
Shirey, J.W.
Shock, John
Shoemake, Dove
Shoemake, W.R.
Shoffer, A.L.
Shonver?, H.C.
Shook, Bill
Shook, Ed
Shook, Jas. L.
Shook, Pearl Mrs.
Shoptaw, William Lee
Shopwood?, J.D.
Shore, Lonnie
Shore, Lonnie M.
Shore, Mary
Shores?, Callie
Short, M.M.
Short, W.A.
Shortnacy, H.R.
Shower, Fred
Showholtzer?, J.H.
Shrader, Ivan
Shrout, N.
Shulck?, David
Shull, Tom
Shultz, L.L.
Shumpert, C.A.
Shurden?, Bernard
Shurts, Marc
Shuts, Vernia Mrs.
Sibley, T.A.
Siehl?, Roy B.
Sikes, Louie
Silvey, W.F.
Simington, Gov.
Simmerman, J.I.
Simmons, C.C.
Simmons, Callie
Simmons, D.L.
Simmons, D.L.
Simmons, G.T.
Simmons, George B.
Simmons, Guy
Simmons, James J.
Simmons, M.O.
Simmons, Minnie L.
Simmons, R.M.
Simmons, R.T.
Simmons, Will
Simon, Joseph
Simons, A.J.
Simpson, C.P.
Simpson, E.L.
Simpson, Earl
Simpson, Fannie L.
Simpson, Fred
Simpson, G.R.
Simpson, H.C.
Simpson, H.R.
Simpson, J.L.
Simpson, J.M.
Simpson, Laster
Simpson, Mellard
Simpson, P.J.
Simpson, Richard
Simpson, Terry
Sims, Clarence
Sims, E.L.
Sims, E.N.
Sims, Earl
Sims, Earl
Sims, J.R.
Sims, Jasper
Sims, John
Sims, O.E.
Sims, Rice
Sims, Roy
Sims, Sherman P.
Sims, Willie
Sinclair, Alfred
Sinclair, Russell
Sinclair?, J.M.
Singletary, A.J. Mrs.
Singleton, D.A.
Singleton, J.H.
Singleton, Jessie
Singleton, Otis
Singleton, W.H.
Sinkey, W.W.
Sinklier, Marshall
Sinks, J.L.
Sinks, M.P.
Sipert, William J.
Sisk, J.M.
Sisson, Jno. W.
Sitton, Charlie
Sitz, J.H.
Skaggs, Homer
Skelton, H.E.
Skelton, J.R.
Skidmore, J.R.
Skiller, W.B.
Skinahorn, G.J.
Skinner, C.N.
Skinner, D.S.
Skinner, Luther
Slagle, B.R.
Slater, Cyrus H.
Slaughter, Boother
Slaughter, Fred
Slayden, Robt.
Slayton, A.T.
Slayton, Al--s? J.
Slayton, L.G.
Slayton, L.G.
Sloan, Harvey
Sloan, O.L.
Sloan, Peter F.
Sloan, T.W.
Sloan, T.W.
Sloate, Garrett
Slocum, J.A.
Smalley, J.C.
Smallman, George
Smallwood, A.D.
Smallwood, J.M.
Smedley, F.M.
Smedley, G.W.
Smedley?, J.B.
Smelser, E.G.
Smelser, Perry
Smetooke?, Frank
Smith, A.C.
Smith, A.J.
Smith, A.K.
Smith, A.V.
Smith, Albert W.
Smith, Arther E.
Smith, B.
Smith, B.F.
Smith, Ben
Smith, Ben P.
Smith, Bernie?
Smith, Bert
Smith, Bertha
Smith, Brown
Smith, C.E.
Smith, C.J.
Smith, C.N.
Smith, Charlie
Smith, Charlie
Smith, Charlie
Smith, Clarence M.
Smith, Clifford
Smith, Crad
Smith, Crocket
Smith, Daniel
Smith, David
Smith, Derwood
Smith, Don
Smith, E.J.
Smith, E.L.
Smith, E.L.
Smith, E.S.
Smith, Ed
Smith, Elbert
Smith, Etha
Smith, Ewell
Smith, F.L.
Smith, Floyd
Smith, Frank
Smith, Frank C.
Smith, Fred
Smith, Fred
Smith, G.A.
Smith, G.D.
Smith, G.G.
Smith, G.W.
Smith, G.W.
Smith, Geo. D.
Smith, Geo. D.
Smith, Geo. F.
Smith, Geo. Jr.
Smith, Geo. W.
Smith, George
Smith, George
Smith, Grover C.
Smith, H.F.
Smith, Harrison
Smith, Henry
Smith, I.E.
Smith, I.M.
Smith, Isaac
Smith, Isaac M.
Smith, J.B.
Smith, J.C.
Smith, J.C. Jr.
Smith, J.C. Sr.
Smith, J.F.
Smith, J.L.
Smith, J.M.
Smith, J.M.
Smith, J.M.
Smith, J.R.
Smith, J.R.
Smith, Jake
Smith, James D.
Smith, James M.
Smith, Jennie
Smith, Jesse
Smith, Jno. Leslie
Smith, Jno. S.
Smith, Joe
Smith, Joe
Smith, John
Smith, John M.
Smith, John Wesley
Smith, L.
Smith, L.B.
Smith, L.R.
Smith, L.R.
Smith, Lenord
Smith, Leo?
Smith, Liela F.
Smith, Lottie N.
Smith, Lucy
Smith, Lucy
Smith, Luther
Smith, M.C.
Smith, M.C.
Smith, M.N.
Smith, Malcolm W.
Smith, Marvin M.
Smith, Marvin M.
Smith, Mary ?
Smith, Mo. F.
Smith, N.A.
Smith, N.S.
Smith, Nathan
Smith, Nick
Smith, O.M.
Smith, O.V.
Smith, Oscar
Smith, Oscar
Smith, Other L.
Smith, P.B.
Smith, Paul
Smith, R.A.
Smith, R.A.
Smith, R.B.
Smith, R.F.
Smith, R.H.
Smith, R.L.
Smith, R.W.
Smith, Robt. F.
Smith, Roy
Smith, Roy E.
Smith, S.F.
Smith, S.J.
Smith, Sam Ella
Smith, Sam L.
Smith, Steve
Smith, Susie
Smith, T.S.
Smith, Ted
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Truman
Smith, V.L.
Smith, W.A.
Smith, W.C.
Smith, W.H.
Smith, W.H.
Smith, W.L.
Smith, W.M.
Smith, W.R.
Smith, Warren A.
Smith, Willie
Smith, Willie
Smith, Wm. P.
Smith, Wm. T.
Smith, Zella
Smith?, Donald
Smithee, Lee
Smithee, Troy
Sneed, Vernon
Snell, Jake
Snelson, T.H.
Snider, Joe R.
Snider, John W.
Snodgrass, Frank
Snook, Millard F.
Snow, A.J.
Snow, C.E.
Snow, H.V.
Snow, S.J.
Snow, T.R.
Snowden, R.B.
Snyder, E.
Snyder, Geo.
Snyder, John
Snyder, Roy D.
Snyder, W.H.
Sohwer, C.E.
Solly, Tom (or Sally?)
Songer, Burley
Songer, Thos. E.
Sonnenberg, Frank
Sonnenberg, T.H.
Southard, Ray
Southerland, Bud
Southerland, C.W.
Southerland, Dee
Southerland, F.L.
Southerland, F.L.
Southerland, Jas. T.
Southerland, L.D.
Southerland, T.L.
Southerland, T.L.
Southern, H.R.
Sowell, Charles H.
Spangler, L.J.
Spangler, W.C.
Spann, Harvey
Sparkman, J.W.
Sparks, C.W.
Sparks, Hugh
Sparks, R.C.
Spaulding, Jno. L.
Speaks, Joe
Spears, Daniel B.
Spears, Earnest
Spears, Ferd?
Spears, J.E.
Spears, Jessie
Spears, S.
Spears, S.H.
Spears?, Vay
Speegle, W.O.
Speer, Arnold
Speer, Earl
Speer, Gaylon
Speer, John H.
Spence, Neal
Spencer, Adolph
Spencer, Oscar
Spencer, R.L.
Spenser, S.M.
Spiegal, G.W.
Spiegel, M.A.
Spiegel, M.A.
Spier, J.C.
Spier, O.L.
Spikes, J.C.
Spiller, J.W. Jr.
Spings?, Will
Spinks, Alvis Guy
Spivey, Joe
Spivey, M.C.
Spivey, O.M.
Spoor, John
Spradlin, R.E.
Spradlin, W.E.
Spradling, J.R.
Spradling, S.A.
Spriggs, Billie
Springs, B.A.
Spruell, C.W.
Spuires?, C.E.
Spurgin, G.W.
Squires, J.A. Jr.
St. John, D.L.
St. John, J.O.
Stacy, W.V.
Stader?, C.A.
Stafford, N.E.
Stafford, Roy N.
Staggs, Ida
Staggs, J.W.
Staggs, Rufus
Stain, Geo.
Stain, R.F.
Stair, Clyde
Stair, Dewey
Stair, S.E.
Stallcup, Maurice
Standerford, Addie
Standfill, Luther
Standley, A.
Standley, Aultie?
Standley, Netles?
Standley, Vergel
Standridge, J.H.
Stanfield, E.L.
Stanford, J.S.
Stanley, Albert
Stanley, B.B.
Stanley, Calvin
Stanley, G.W.
Stanley, G.W.
Stanley, Glen
Stanley, Guy
Stanley, Guy
Stanley, J.L.
Stanley, J.L.
Stanley, R.H.
Stanley, R.H.
Stanley, Walter
Stanley, Walter G.
Stark, H.W.
Starkes, Jno. E.
Starkey, I.C.
Starkey, Jesse G.
Starkey, W.L.
Starling, G.
Starling, W.T.
Starnes, B.E.
Starnes, Olin
Starnes, T.W.
Staton, Geo. W.
Stedman, H.J.
Steed, Claud
Steed, J.C.
Steed, J.C.
Steed, W.
Steel, Thomas Cullen
Steele, D.E.
Steele, Henry
Steele, Will
Steinmetz, Theodore A.
Stennett, Lee
Stepens, A.T. [not spelled Stephens]
Stephens, Bryant
Stephens, Elmer
Stephens, Floyd
Stephens, G.K.
Stephens, J.H.
Stephens, J.R.
Stephens, James W.
Stephens, Lonnie
Stephens, Loyd
Stephens, P.L.
Stephens, Thomas J.
Stephens, Tom
Stephens, W.G.
Stephenson, D.E.
Stephenson, D.P.
Stephenson, G.W.
Stephenson, Merritt
Stephenson, W.E.
Stepp, E.V.
Stepp, Jubal
Stergeon, H.C.
Sterling, H.P.
Sterling, Hallie
Stevens, B.F.
Stevens, B.F.
Stevens, Calvin J.
Stevens, Charles R.
Stevens, Cloyce B.
Stevens, E.A.
Stevens, Esther
Stevens, Hobart A.
Stevens, J.E.
Stevens, O.E.
Stevens, R.L.
Stevens, Thos. W.
Stevens, W.C.
Stevenson, Arthur
Stevenson, Blake W.
Stevenson, James
Steward, J.R.
Steward, James M.
Stewart, A.F.
Stewart, Amy
Stewart, Ben
Stewart, Clabe
Stewart, Clinton D.
Stewart, G.B.
Stewart, Geo. W.
Stewart, Henry
Stewart, J.F.
Stewart, J.H.
Stewart, J.R.
Stewart, James S.
Stewart, LeRoy
Stewart, R.E.
Stewart, S.B.
Stewart, Sam
Stewart, Tom
Stewart, Walter G.
Stewart, Z.M.
Sti---?, R.F.
Stice, Floyd O.
Stice, Iron
Stickel, Georgia N.
Stidmon, W.J.
Still, Aveny
Still, Theo?
Still, Theodore
Still, W.L.
Stillman, A.H.
Stinson, Arthur V.
Stinson, C.C.
Stinyard, Will
Stockman, Joseph
Stodghill, Lee
Stodgill, T.V.
Stofford, A.E.
Stokes, Tim
Stokes, W.W.
Stone, E.E.
Stone, E.F.
Stone, E.T.
Stone, J.M.
Stone, L.J.
Stone, Morris
Stone, N.R.
Stone, Ray
Stone, Virgil
Stone, W.J.
Stone, Willie
Stonecipher, John
Stopp, W.E.
Storey, Erve
Storey, W.S.
Stormes, Tom
Stormes, W.W.
Story, Cecil
Story, Charles
Stotts, M.
Stout, Austin
Stout, Barney
Stout, Douglas
Stout, G.C.
Stout, G.W.
Stout, Howard
Stout, Hugh
Stout, J.W.
Stout, Sherman S.
Stout, Tommie
Stovall, Sedwige? H.
Stover, James E.
Stover, R.A.
Stow, James G.
Stow, S.A.
Stracener, Elbert
Stracner, J.B.
Stracner, J.Y.
Straight, O.W.
Strain, C.H.
Strain, G.D.
Strain, Thos. B.
Strange, G.A.
Strange, Jenie?
Strather, Frank
Strather?, Roy D.
Stribbling?, F.L.
Stribling, Amanda
Strickland, Albert P.
Strickland, Andrew W.
Strickland, J.C.
Strickland, L.R.
Strickland, Thomas
Stricklin, Howell
Stringer, C.A.
Stringer, Charley H.
Stringer, E.D.
Stringham, L.M.
Striplin, J.A.
Strode, H.A.
Strode, T.L.
Strong?, Mathias
Stroud, Eldorado
Stroud, Gradie
Stroud, J.C.
Stroud, Marshall
Stroud, W?.A.
Strunk?, Ernest V.
Stuart, Charlie R.
Stuart, J.F.
Stubblefield, Clarence
Stubblefield, Sam
Stubblefield, Virgil
Stubbs, Curtis
Stuckey, J.D.
Stufflebeane, Joe
Sturch, Elza E.
Sturdvant, C.L.
Sturling, L.W.
Stutler?, G.M.
Styers, L.A.
Suber, Berry
Suber, L.D.
Suber, M.D.
Suddarth, J.B.
Suddwith, Fred
Sueth?, James E.
Suggett, C.S.
Suggs, Tozel
Suitts?, Nash T.
Sullin, J.T.
Sullinger, W.D.
Sullins, Luther
Sullins, Richard
Sullins, Vance
Sullivan, D.W.
Sullivan, J.L.
Sullivan, L.
Sullivan, Noal
Sullivan, T.J.
Sullivan, W.I.
Sullivan, Will
Sullivant, F.W.
Sumler, C.L.
Sumler, Odie
Summer, Mark
Summers, C.B.
Summers, Fred
Summers, J.H.
Summers, Jno. P.
Summers, Levi
Summers, R.S.
Summers, W.O.
Summerville, M.G.
Sunderland, E.N.
Surber, T.W.
Surber, William
Sutherland, J.F.
Sutherland, Jim
Sutherland, Odell
Sutterfield, Robt.
Sutton, A.E.
Sutton, Clyde
Sutton, Dempsie
Sutton, Garland
Sutton, H.R.
Sutton, James
Swafford, Ernest
Swafford, Monroe
Swafford, W.L.
Swaim, A.D.
Swaim, Fred
Swain, Cecil
Swain, Corbit
Swain, L.R.
Swan, Walter
Swannagan?, Julius
Swanson, W.F.
Swatson?, A.
Swatzenburg, J.C.
Sweaney, Chester
Sweaney, G.W.
Swearingen, Harold
Swearingen, J.V.
Sweeten, Norman
Sweetin, N.P.
Swick, N.R.
Swift, E.A.
Swindle, G.C.
Swindle, J.S.
Swinea, E.O.
Switzer, Alfred
Swoffer, A.C.
Swofferd, B.L.
Sworthy, Ethel E.
Sykes, James
Sykes, R.
Sykes, Wm.
Symonds, T.E.
Synes, C.C.
Tackett, F.H.
Tackett, Frank
Tackett, W.A.
Tailes?, Will
Talbert, Clarence
Talbert, Ethel
Talbert, W.F.
Talbot, W.H.
Talburt, Nobel P.
Tallene, L.M.
Talley, E.E.
Talley, E.R.
Talley, Henry
Talley, S.C.
Tally, Theodore
Tanksley, Robert L.
Tanksley, Zula
Tanner, H.T.
Tanner, H.W.
Tanner, J.E.
Tanner, J.W.W.
Tanner, T.O.
Tapley, A.A.
Tarkington, J.M.
Tarpley, Floyd
Tarpley, H.E. Mrs.
Tarpley, W.G.
Tarrant, William
Tarver, J.H.
Tarver, Roy
Tate, A.G.
Tate, Charlie
Tate, Chas. C.
Tate, Chas. M.
Tate, D.F.
Tate, F.A.
Tate, F.L.
Tate, Joe
Tate, L.W.
Tate, S.A.
Tate, W.L.
Tate, Walter W.
Tatem?, L.J.
Tatum, J.B.
Tatum, W.A.
Tayler, Alton
Taylor, A.B.
Taylor, A.P.
Taylor, A.W?. [smeared]
Taylor, Albert
Taylor, Bill
Taylor, Burnest?
Taylor, Chester W.
Taylor, Crawford
Taylor, D.M.
Taylor, D?.A. (or O.A.)
Taylor, Frank
Taylor, Fred
Taylor, Fred
Taylor, G.W.
Taylor, Grover
Taylor, H.L.
Taylor, H.W.
Taylor, Herman J. Mrs.
Taylor, J.B.
Taylor, J.J.
Taylor, J.S.
Taylor, J.T.
Taylor, J.W.
Taylor, John
Taylor, L.A.
Taylor, Loughton
Taylor, Osband
Taylor, Owen
Taylor, R.F.
Taylor, R.H.
Taylor, Sam
Taylor, T.
Taylor, W.C.
Taylor, W.F.
Taylor, W.L.
Taylor, W.R.
Taylor, W.T.
Taylor, Willie
Teague, Braxton
Teasley, C.B.
Tedder, W.O.
Teddy?, Brady
Tedrick, C.W.
Teeckell, Zeb
Teegarden, Ben F.
Teegarden, Otto F.
Teer, Harley
Temple, E.E.
Templeton, A.L.
Tenison, Jess
Terrell, C.C.
Terrell, Elmer
Terrell, George
Terrell, Herbert
Terrell, James
Terrell, P.A. Jr.
Terrell, Walter
Terry, Clarence
Terry, Joe
Tester?, Grady?
Teters, Ray L.
Thacker?, B.E.
Thaxton, E.C.
Thelburn, Frank
Thibodeaux, Sidney
Thibodeaux, Sydney
Thomas, ?.A.
Thomas, A.M.
Thomas, A.W.
Thomas, Amos
Thomas, B.B.
Thomas, B.J.
Thomas, Chester W.
Thomas, Denis
Thomas, E.C.
Thomas, H.P.
Thomas, Henry
Thomas, Herman
Thomas, J.A.
Thomas, J.E.
Thomas, J.M.
Thomas, J.W.
Thomas, Jno.
Thomas, John
Thomas, Joseph
Thomas, Lawson
Thomas, Loyd
Thomas, N.L.
Thomas, Russ
Thomas, Russ
Thomas, W.E.
Thomas, W.N.
Thomason, S.O.
Thompson, B.F.
Thompson, Black Mrs.
Thompson, C.W.
Thompson, C.W.
Thompson, Earl G.
Thompson, Ed
Thompson, G.H.
Thompson, G.S.
Thompson, H.G.
Thompson, H.L.
Thompson, H.M.
Thompson, H.O.
Thompson, J.C.
Thompson, J.E.
Thompson, J.E.
Thompson, J.M.
Thompson, Jesse
Thompson, John
Thompson, L.W.
Thompson, Lonnie
Thompson, Maggie Jane
Thompson, Mattie
Thompson, Morgan
Thompson, N.J.
Thompson, Nellie R.
Thompson, R.W.
Thompson, Richard
Thompson, S.C.
Thompson, W.D.
Thompson, W.J.
Thompson, Willie
Thornton, John J.
Thornton, Joseph S.
Thorp, Harley
Thrasher, C.J.
Thrasher, C.J.
Thrasher, E.E.
Thrasher, E.J.
Thrasher, J.H.
Thrush, Ed
Thurekill, Rufus
Thurman, H.J.
Thurmond, James M.
Thurmond, Virgil
Thweatt, Frank
Thweatt?, E.J.
Ticer, John E.
Tilden, Jno. S.
Tillery, A.B.
Tillery, J.T.
Tilley, Roy
Tillman, Andrew
Tillman, Loyd
Tillotson, Leo?
Tilton, J.H.
Timmons, Hugh
Tiner, Theo
Tingle, Marshall
Tinker, C.A.
Tinker, P.I.
Tinsley, Alice
Tinsley, Joe
Tippie, J.C.
Tippie?, J.C. Mrs.
Tirney, Annie
Tisdal, John
Tisdale, Jess? L.
Todd, Elzie
Todd, Fred
Todd, H.W.
Todd, Lawrence
Todd, Leonard
Todd, Richard
Toddy, Walker
Toler, W.T.
Tolliver, Willie
Tolliver?, Alonzo
Tomlinson, Doyle
Tompkins, G.E.
Toomer, Ernest
Toomer, H.L.
Toon?, Jesse Q?
Torreyson, C.W.
Touchstone, Jessie
Touchstone, Willie
Tousiman?, J.G.
Towell, Lorie
Tower, Ernest
Townsend, Fred F.
Townsley, Roy
Toy, Jim
Toyer, Richard
Trammell, Chas.
Trammell, Clay
Trammell, Fate A.
Trammell, T.T.
Trammell, Thomas
Travis, E.J.
Travis, J.D.
Trawick, Rosa Lee
Trayler, Bill
Traylor, Aaron
Traylor, N.W. Sr.
Traylor?, Aaron (or Taylor?)
Traywick, Ernest
Treat, Everett M.
Treat, Grover
Trenthem, Jack
Treppan, Leona
Treppon?, Les
Trew, Roy
Tribble, Henry
Trice, Tarpley
Tristison, George
Trombley, Arnold
Troweck?, L.C.
Trowser, W.T.
Troy, Jewel A.
Truce, Otto A.
Truett, H.E.
Truex, Ely O.
Truitt, B.E.
Truitt, B.E.
Truitt, I.L.
Truitt, T.L.
Tubbs, Andrew
Tubbs, Gaybell [lined through & incomplete]
Tubbs, Gorman
Tubbs, J.H.
Tubbs, Joe
Tubell, Mary Emma
Tucker, Alfred C.
Tucker, Bonney
Tucker, Carl A.
Tucker, Clyde O.
Tucker, D.E.
Tucker, Geo.
Tucker, Geo.
Tucker, Henry
Tucker, Jewell W.
Tucker, Lige
Tucker, M.E.
Tucker, O.
Tucker, Richard
Tucker, Roy
Tucker?, C.D.
Tuggle, C.A.
Tuggle, Collins
Tuggle, W.T.
Tullos, C.O.
Tullos, R.E.
Tullous, J.G.
Tulos?, A.A.
Tumbelson?, W.M.
Tumbleson, L.T.
Tumbleson, W.M.
Tunnell, D.E.
Turbeville, Horace
Turley, Frank
Turnbo, W.C.
Turnbull, William H.
Turnbull, Wm.
Turner, Abner
Turner, C.T.
Turner, Curtis
Turner, D.E.
Turner, E.D.
Turner, E.D.
Turner, E.T.
Turner, Ed
Turner, Ed
Turner, F.W.
Turner, Fred J.
Turner, Glen K.
Turner, Graden?
Turner, Gridley
Turner, Howard C.
Turner, J.C.
Turner, J.D.
Turner, J.G.
Turner, Jack
Turner, James S.
Turner, Jesse
Turner, John
Turner, Lim?
Turner, Louis
Turner, M.E. Mrs.
Turner, Marcus
Turner, Neal
Turner, Tobe T.
Turner, V.A.
Turner, Virginia
Turner, W.C.
Turner, W.F.
Turner, Walter E.
Turner, William T.
Turney, E.L.
Turney, Hugh
Turney?, Tom
Turpin, D.L.
Turpin, L.W.
Turrentine, Iva
Tustison, Roy
Tustison, Willis
Tuttle, T.M.
Tuttle?, T.M.
Tyler, Ben
Tyler, Ellet?
Tyler, F.F.
Tyler, Felix
Tyler, Ira M.
Tyler, Noble P.
Tylor, John R.
Typen?, Leon
Tyree, H.M.
Tyree, Lowell
Tyree?, M.E.
Tyrre, C.T.
Underhill, Clint
Underhill, D.C.
Underhill, Dewey
Underhill, Dewey C.
Underhill, L.F.
Underhill, L.W.
Underwood, A.C.
Underwood, F.P.
Underwood, Leo?
Underwood, Magie?
Upshaw, David
Upton, G.E.
Upton, M.
Urquhart, A.B.
Urquhart, Bruce
Urquhart, Ovai?
Usher?, Jas.
Usrey, J.L.
Ussery, C.H.
Ussery, Effie M. Mrs.
Ussery, Etta
Ussery, S.E.
Utley, J.H.
Vale, Jno.
Valentine, Homer
Valiant, Hubert
Valiant, Tommie
Vallient, Joel
Van Cleave, J.M.
Van Cleave, W.M.
Van Holder, John
Van Osdal, B.F.
Van Patten, I.B.
Vance, W.T.
Vance?, Howard
Vancel, Howard
Vancuren, James E.
Vanderberry, Thomas L.
Vanderbilt, S.T.
Vandergriff, Kenneth
Vanderver, R.E.
Vandiver, C.A.
Vandiver, Wm. M.
Vanhorn, Delza C.
Vanhoy, J.J.
Vanlandingham, H.L.
Vanlandingham, Jno. Austin
Vann, J.B.
Vann, J.B.
Vann, W.J.
Vannalter, Alton
Vannater, Robt.
Vanover, Bert
Vanstory, Robt. L.
Vardaman, Geo.
Varga, Jno.
Varnado, A.F.
Varner, E.R.
Varner, Ed R.
Varner, H.G.
Varner, Sylvester E.
Varner, W.W.
Vartabedian, John
Vaughan, C.A.
Vaughan, Geo. W.
Vaughn, Crockett
Vaughn, Felton
Vaughn, George S.
Vaughn, Ira
Vaughn, J.R.
Vaughn, Oren
Vaughn, W.H.
Vaught, Ben
Vaulner?, Claud
Veach, R.A.
Veazey, Clarence
Verkler, John M.
Verkler, Jon M.
Verkler, R.P.
Verkler, Rudy?
Verkler, W.E.
Verkler, W.E. Jr.
Verkler, Wane E.
Verkles, Jon M.
Verser, L.A.
Vertner, J.T.
Vest, G.H.
Vestal, Louis
Vestch, R.R.
Via, H.R.
Vice, Frank
Vice, Leeman?
Vick, E.W.
Vick, N.M.
Vick, R.A.
Vickers, Arlis
Vickers, J.R.
Victory, B.A.
Villine, J.T.
Villines, Henry
Villiness, J.T.
Vincent, C.W.
Vincent, W.R.
Vincient, L.T.
Vines, J.P.
Vining, J.S.
Vinsient, Jack
Vinson, R.N.
Vinson, William
Vire, E.L.
Voidsman, T.F.
Voight, Joe
Vokey, William
Voss, Jerrell D.
WIlks, W.S.
Wackerly, C.T.
Waddel, H.W.
Waddell, J.E.
Wade, C.D.
Wade, Cecil
Wade, France
Wade, Henry F.
Wade, O.B.
Wadkins, Cecil
Wages, Glen
Waggoner, Oscar
Waggoner, S.G.
Wagner, Charley
Wagner, J.E.
Wagoner, W.H.
Waite, E.L.
Waite, James L.
Waiters, W.
Wakefield, Carlton
Wakefield, Willard
Walden, B.B.
Walden, Dan F.
Walden, J.E.
Waldon, Edgar
Waldon, Fred A.
Waldon, Otto
Waldron, Stanley
Walker, Anna Louise
Walker, B.J.
Walker, B.W.
Walker, C.E.
Walker, C.H.
Walker, Charles
Walker, Charley A.
Walker, E.L.
Walker, Elber?
Walker, Elias
Walker, F.G.
Walker, Glen
Walker, Gybran?
Walker, H.D.
Walker, H.E.
Walker, H.S.
Walker, Harry
Walker, Howard
Walker, Isaac W.
Walker, J.A.
Walker, J.A.
Walker, J.H.
Walker, J.J.
Walker, Jarnett
Walker, John
Walker, John Mrs.
Walker, M.C.
Walker, Marion
Walker, Mattie Mrs.
Walker, Orlan E.
Walker, Otto
Walker, R.G.
Walker, Richard
Walker, Rosa Mrs.
Walker, S.C.E.
Walker, West
Walker, Wm. H.
Walker?, Clarence
Walker?, Sam
Wall, Emmett P.
Wall, Fulton
Wall, J.C.
Wall, R.W.
Wall, Reuben A.E.
Wall, Willard B.
Wallace, A.M.
Wallace, Amos
Wallace, C.C.
Wallace, Fedlus? B.
Wallace, J.M.
Wallace, Kenley
Wallace, Ollie?
Wallace, P.
Wallace, R.F.
Wallace, Robt.
Wallace, Terrell
Wallace, W.S.
Waller, A.P.
Waller, B.M.
Waller, Hershel M.
Waller, J.C.
Waller, Paul
Wallis, Jeff
Wallis, Jess
Wallis, Jess W. [lined through: error, not issued]
Wallis, Thos. L.
Walls, J.B.
Walls, W.H.
Walsworth, W.A.
Walters, Chas.
Walters, I.A.
Walters, I.A.
Walters, Jno. S.
Walters, John
Walters, Virgie L.
Walters, W.
Walters, W.R.
Walton, Adam J.
Walton, F.C.
Walton, J.M.
Walton, J.T.
Walton, Thomas M.
Wamsley, Henry F.
Wann, Thos.
Warbington, Sam
Warbington, W.M.
Warbrington?, W.S.
Ward, Chas.
Ward, Clinton
Ward, E.P.
Ward, Fannie E.
Ward, Frank S.
Ward, Geo. Jr.
Ward, H.O.
Ward, Henry C.
Ward, J.B. Mrs.
Ward, James L.
Ward, James P?.
Ward, John W.
Ward, N-?-
Ward, Oscar
Ward, Oscar
Ward, R.W.
Ward, S.B.
Ward, W.W.
Ward, Walter
Ward, Walter B.
Ward, Will
Ward, Will
Warden?, H.T.
Wardner, Martin? Smith
Ware, Arthur
Ware, C.N.
Ware, M.N.
Ware, M.T.
Ware, Rudolph
Warfield, C.
Wargo, Percey
Wargo?, Andrew Jr.
Warner, A.F.
Warner, C.D.
Warner, W.C.
Warner, W.E.
Warnock, J.R.
Warrell, Pat
Warren, C.J.
Warren, E.
Warren, Emett H.
Warren, Henry G.
Warren, L.D.
Warren, Lance Lott
Warren, Lesley D.
Warren, Oliver
Warren, R.H.
Warren, Ralph
Warren, S.C.
Warren, S.W.
Warren, T.A.
Warren, Virgil
Warren, Zelmar E.
Warring, Joe
Warrington, E.B. Jr.
Warrington, Lee R.
Warsing, W.H.
Warvak?, Alf
Washington, Columbus
Washington, Eugene
Washington, G.W.
Washington, George
Washington, Henry
Washington, Sam?
Washington, Wallace
Waters, Charley
Waters, D.D.
Waters, D.H.
Waters, Elmer
Waters, Hester May
Waters, Jim
Waters?, F.C.
Wathers?, Robt.
Watkins, A.W.
Watkins, C.S.
Watkins, Charlie
Watkins, Chas.
Watkins, Ernest
Watkins, Frank
Watkins, Frank G.
Watkins, H.H.
Watkins, J.L.
Watkins, Neely
Watkins, Pleas
Watkins, Roy E.
Watkins, Steve
Watkins, W.B.
Watkins, W.L.
Watkins, Willis
Watson, Albert L.
Watson, D.H.
Watson, G.W.
Watson, Geo.
Watson, Ira
Watson, Julia Mrs.
Watson, Luther
Watson, M.
Watson, Otis
Watson, R.B.
Watson, Richard L.
Watson, T.T?.
Watters, U.G.
Watting?, John
Watts, Amos
Watts, D.C.
Watts, James M.
Watts, Jesse B.
Watts, Jno.
Watts, L.C.
Watts, Mary
Watts, Victor
Wawak, R.E. [or Warvak?]
Wawak?, James
Wayland, S.F.
Waymack, E.L.
Waymire, N.M.
Weaks, H.P.
Weare, H.G.
Weatherford, Elmer
Weatherford, Ross
Weatherly?, J.A.
Weathers, J.H.
Weathers, Susie
Weathers, T.C.
Weatherspoon, Jeff
Weaver, D.P.
Weaver, George
Weaver, Hattie
Weaver, L.W.
Weaver, Mose
Weaver, S.L.
Weaver, S.L.
Weaver, Sherman
Weaver, Ted
Weaver, Vatchers
Weaver, W.M.
Weaver, Wm.
Webb, A.H.S.
Webb, A.W.
Webb, G.M.
Webb, Ike
Webb, Kelly
Webb, M.L.
Webb, R.L.
Webb, Van
Webb, W.D.
Webbs?, Arthur
Webster, Herbert
Webster, L.C.
Webster, S.L.
Weedman, Jean
Weeks, Cleburne
Weeks, George
Weeks, R.F.
Weems, Floyd H.
Weems, Nathaniel
Weems, Nathaniel
Weese, Henry
Weidman, J.C.
Weikert, John
Welch, A.H.
Welch, Amos
Welch, Amos
Welch, E.W.
Welch, Floyd
Welch, Fred
Welch, Geo. W.
Weld, Roy E. Mrs.
Weldon, Albert
Wells, A.L.
Wells, Arthur H.
Wells, Buell
Wells, Chas. H.
Wells, Claude
Wells, E.A.
Wells, E.L.
Wells, G.N.
Wells, Howard L.
Wells, J.M.
Wells, J.W.
Wells, Jim
Wells, Louis F.
Wells, O.A.
Wells, R.S.
Wells, S.E.
Wells, S.E.
Wells, Sam H.
Wells, W.T.
Welsh, Dillard
Wesley, Priscilla
Wesley, Rebecca
Wesley, Sam
Wess, Lent R.
Wesson, R.B.
Wesson, Robert
Wesson, Role
West, C.
West, E.D.
West, E.L.
West, Earl E.
West, Jim
West, Jim
West, John
West, Lester D.
West, R.L.
West, Roy
West, Sam L.
West, T.F.
West, W.T.
West, Wm.
West?, R.F.
Westbrook, A.E.
Westbrook, Jodie Gordon
Westburgh, William
Westfall, Marion
Westmoreland, J.A.
Westmoreland, Lois
Weston, B.E.
Weston, E.M.
Wethers?, John
Wharton, Carl J.
Wharton, Louella
Whatley, A.M.
Whatly, R.R.
Wheat, J.B.
Wheat, J.C.
Wheeler, Claude
Wheeler, Claude
Wheeler, Kathleen
Wheeler, O.D.
Wheeler, Otis
Wheeler, Sherman
Wheeler, W.A.
Wheeler, W.D.
Wheeler, W.E.
Wherry, Geo. R.
Whetstone, F.O.
Whetstone, F.P.
Whipple, J.H.
Whipple, Neal
Whipple, Philip T.
Whitaker, Bert
Whitaker, C.W.
Whitaker, E.B.
Whitaker, Jess
Whitaker, Jno. H.
Whitaker, W.L.
White, A.C.
White, A.H.
White, Alex
White, Arrena
White, Bert
White, Charley
White, Chester
White, Clifton C.
White, David D.
White, David H.
White, E.V.
White, E.V.
White, Ed
White, Festus
White, Fred B.
White, Geo.
White, Geo. W.
White, Henry
White, J.W.
White, Jerry
White, Jessie
White, Job?
White, John
White, Leo
White, Loyd
White, Mack C.
White, Norman
White, O.A.
White, Pearl J.
White, R.A.
White, Stafford
White, W.E.
White, W.M.
White, William Reece
White, Willie
Whitebrush?, Geo. L.
Whitehead, E.L.
Whitehead, Henry
Whitehead, Jake
Whitehurst, Geo. L.
Whitehurst, J.L.
Whitehurst, R.B.
Whitehurst, T.L.
Whitehurst?, Hezekiah
Whiteside, R.A.
Whitfield, Elihu
Whitfield, O.F.
Whitfield, V.B.
Whithold?, John E.
Whitley, Bud
Whitley, C.L.
Whitley, Chas.
Whitley, Chas.
Whitley, H.A.
Whitley, Hubert
Whitley, S.H.
Whitley, W.C.
Whitlock, P.W.
Whitlow, C.C.
Whitmore, C.W.
Whitney, Ida Bell
Whitsitt, O.M.
Whitt, W.L.
Whitted, L.S.
Whittier, Alex
Whittington, Helena? Mrs.
Whittington, James R.
Whitwell, Jno. B.
Whitworth, L.V.
Wicker, Wess
Wickert, John
Wieberg, Ed
Wiggins, B.W.
Wiggins, H.A.
Wiggins, Jim
Wigley, J.T.
Wike?, Keith S.
Wilbanks, C.W.
Wilbanks, Fred C.
Wilbanks, Geneva
Wilcox, B.F.
Wilcox, C.E.
Wilcox, C.E.
Wilcox, E.O.
Wilcox, Jno. P.
Wilcoxson, Walter R.
Wilder, Archie
Wilder, Cain
Wilder, Sole?
Wildman, Robt.
Wildman, W.R.
Wiles, A.F.
Wiles, Joseph
Wiles, V.C.
Wilhite, Joe
Wilhite, Oscar
Wiliford, Ola Mrs.
Wilkerson, Earl
Wilkerson, Mack
Wilkey, W.R.
Wilkie, B.C.
Wilkins, Joe
Wilkinson, Thurman S.
Willard, R.E.
Willard, Sidney
Willbanks, Clyde M.
Willbanks, Jonnie
Willcut, Henry
Willford, Richard
Willhite, Arthur
William, T.J.
Williams, A.A.
Williams, A.J.
Williams, Addison
Williams, Alex
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Aurel
Williams, Bethel
Williams, Bob
Williams, Boysie
Williams, Bryant
Williams, Buck
Williams, C.
Williams, C.K.
Williams, C.T.
Williams, Cecil
Williams, Charley
Williams, Chester
Williams, Claud
Williams, Clayton
Williams, Clifford M.
Williams, Dave W.
Williams, DeWitt
Williams, Dora Mrs.
Williams, Dorthy
Williams, E.B.
Williams, E.D.
Williams, E.L.
Williams, Ed
Williams, Ed
Williams, Ed
Williams, Ella
Williams, Elmer
Williams, Elton
Williams, Esmer V.
Williams, F.C.
Williams, Floyd W.
Williams, Frank
Williams, G.A.
Williams, G.A.
Williams, G.D.
Williams, G.F.
Williams, G.T.
Williams, Geo.
Williams, Gifford
Williams, H.A.
Williams, Henry
Williams, Henry
Williams, Herbert E.
Williams, Hilda
Williams, Hogan
Williams, Horrace
Williams, Houston
Williams, Howard
Williams, I.N.
Williams, I.W.
Williams, J.C.
Williams, J.D.
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My sister and I are working on our family tree and this is what we have found so far. His father's name is William and we traced them both to a Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona. We know he traveled with his sister in New Orleans befor marrying granny. So far that is all we know. I also sent a copy where the land he had was given to him by the goverment? or atleast that is the way we understood it.

Myrtis Marie Henderson McCalister
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