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Surnames: Chapman,Martin, Jacobs, Hickman, Beall, Samford, Doster, Wilson, Grimmer, Warr, Davis,Hester, Rhodes
Recieved this from Jerry Chapman, have not searched this line just helping :-), if anyone has any info please post, or contact Jerry.
Thank you
I'm Jerrry W. Chapman and live in Hokes Bluff, Al. -
I'm looking for any/all Civil War info on my g-g-grandfather, Thomas Richard Chapman from Rocky Head. He was 49 years old in 1864 and was probably "conscripted" into the war
when the South was getting down to older men & boys. I feel strongly that this placed him in the Alabama Reserves.
Family tradition says he was wounded in/near the Battle of Fort Blakely in April, 1865 & returned home to Rocky Head, Alabama in Dale County before dying of his wounds in July, 1865.
Below is: (1.) A copy of a family heirloom Civil War letter dated Aug . 29. 1864 from Thomas Richard Chapman to his family which identities his daughters & sons.
This letter was headed "Camp Dothan" - evidently this was the men/boys from the Dale & Houston county areas.
It also says he is still near "Pollard" - which was a major railroad junction & base at the time in S.W. Alabama not far from Fort Blakely. He states he hasn't seen any action yet which seems to indicate he hasn't been in service very long.
(2.) A partial genelogical listing of Thomas Richard & his family members mentioned in his letter. This also includes his brothers & sons who served in the war.
(3.)A partial genelogical listing of Wilson Jacobs, Sr. who was approximately the same age as T.R. & lived in the same community. It contains detailed info of his "conscription" into Co. A, 3rd Battalion, Alabama Reserves which may hopefully relate to Thomas Richard Chapman's conscription. Wilson's info says he entered in May, 1864 which would be a good time span for Thomas Richard entering then also - and his letter
in Aug, 1864 stating he had yet to see action. I appreciate your efforts and look forward to any success you may have in locating any info on T.R.
Thank You very much,
Jerry W. Chapman (E-Mail:
Camp Dothan (?)
Aug the 29th 1864

Dear wife and dear children,
I received yours of the 24th and you don't know how glad I was to hear from home. It found me in common, be although I have been sick for the last 2 or 3 days with the bowel complaint though I am up tolerable stout again. Jack has been very sick for 3 days though he is some better today, he had a touch of the flux.
There is a right smart of sickness the bowel complaint is all or the most among us. There has happened two sad accidents since we have been here. One young man's horse run away with him stove (?) him against a tree and broke one thigh and the other leg. He is
mending so I hear though the other incident (?) was assorted. Young man he was on top of a car coming down from a home (?) and got knocked off and the car run over both legs or one leg and the other one was cut off. It was done yesterday at 12 o'clock and he died at 5. He was a Mississippian.
We're still here near Pollard (?) and I cannot tell how long we will stay here. We do not have anything to do but drill a little and some guard duty as I said in my other letter. I am ---------------------------------------. We have house meetings every night and I am getting along very
well here but I'll let you know that I had rather be at home with you all.
I was glad to hear that Jeff was likely to get home for I think that he will be a great help to you all.
Mary Jane I was disappointed and truly sorrow you forgot to send Thomas's letter as you said you would for you must have forgot it for it did not come for I was anxious to hear from him.
Dear wife if I live I will instruct you about your tax in time and if I do not live you must do the best you can for yourself and the children.
Sarah and Mandy besure and not over work yourselves in the field and ruin your health for that unnerves me nearly as bad as anything. I had rather lose all the fodder than for you to injure yourselves.
I do hope you will you will be (?) my sorrows and short letters.

T. R. Chapman
- The "Jeff" mentioned in the letter probably was Thomas Jefferson Baker, who was married to Mary Jane Chapman in 1857. He served with the Army of Northern Virginia in Company E, 59th Alabama. "Thomas" could have been T.R.'s oldest son, William Thomas. Mary
Jane was Thomas Richard's oldest daughter so I am sure this letter is his.
Sarah & Mandy in the letter would be T.R.'s two youngest daughters ages 18 & 16 at the time. We are unsure about "Jack". It could have been his youngest son - but he would only have been old enough to be a "drummer boy".

1. WILLIAM WASHINGTON1 CHAPMAN was born 1793 in Georgia, and died Aft. 1860 in Alabama. He married
(1) ELIZABETH HESTER August 26, 1813 in Morgan County, GA,
was born Abt. 1795 in North Carolina. He married
(2) REBECCA RHODES Aft. 1855 in Dale County, AL.
Notes for WILLIAM WASHINGTON CHAPMAN: This family is listed on the 1850 US census for Dale
county, Alabama.
Burial: Universalist Cemetery, Ariton, AL
Occupation: Methodist Circuit Preacher
Residence: Land that Pleasant Ridge (Methodist)
Cemetery is located on in Dale County, AL
More About ELIZABETH HESTER: Burial: Universalist Cemetery, Ariton, AL
More About REBECCA RHODES: Burial: Pleasant Ridge (Methodist), Dale Co, AL

2. i. NANCY MATILDA2 CHAPMAN, b. February 14,1812, Morgan County, GA; d. August 10, 1896, Shelby County, TX.
3. ii. THOMAS RICHARD CHAPMAN, b. July 1815, Morgan County, GA; d. July 1865, Ariton, Dale County, AL.
4. iii. JAMES S. CHAPMAN, b. 1826, Morgan County, GA; d. February 18, 1865, Columbus, OH.
iv. SARAH ANN CHAPMAN, b. May 1836, Morgan County, GA; d. 1905, Titus, TX; m. NOAH WASHINGTON DAVIS, 1853,Dale County, AL.
Generation No. 2
2. NANCY MATILDA2 CHAPMAN (WILLIAM WASHINGTON1) was born February 14, 1812 in Morgan County, GA, and died August 10, 1896 in Shelby County, TX. She married
JAMES JACKSON WARR November 11, 1841 in Barbour County, AL, son of WILLIAM HENRY WARR, SR..
More About NANCY MATILDA CHAPMAN: Burial: Short Cemetery, Shelby County, TX

THOMAS RICHARD2 CHAPMAN (WILLIAM WASHINGTON1) was born July 1815 in Morgan County, GA, and died July 1865 in Ariton, Dale County, AL. He married ELIZABETH WHITE PARKERSON GRIMMER March 20, 1836 in Stewart County,
GA, daughter of WILLIAM GRIMMER and FLORA MONTGOMERY.She was born Abt. 1817.
This family is listed on the 1850 US census for Dale County, Alabama.
More About THOMAS RICHARD CHAPMAN: Burial: Pleasant Ridge (Methodist), Dale County, AL
7. i. MARY JANE3 CHAPMAN, b. January 12, 1837, Georgia; d. November 30, 1870, Dale County, AL.
ii. WILLIAM THOMAS CHAPMAN, b. July 29, 1838, Ga; d. Mar 04, 1899, Coffee Co, AL.
iii. JAMES J. CHAPMAN, b. 1840, Georgia; d. Abt. 1865,
Battle in War Between the States.
8. iv. JOHN HENRY CHAPMAN, b. July 28, 1842, Henry
County, AL; d. December 15, 1908, Dale County, AL.
v. JOSEPH M. CHAPMAN, b. 1845, Dale County, AL; d.
Battle in War Between the States.
9. vi. SARAH ELIZABETH CHAPMAN, b. August 15, 1846, Dale County, AL; d. February 20, 1938, DaleCounty, AL.
vii. AMANDA E. CHAPMAN, b. 1848, Dale County, AL;d. Shelby County, TX; m. JAMES WILLIAM WILSON.
More About AMANDA E. CHAPMAN: Burial: Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Shelby County, TX
10. viii. RICHARD ASBURY CHAPMAN, b. January 28, 1850, Dale County, AL; d. February 28, 1928, Dale County, AL. (My G-Grandfather)
ix. MARGIE ANN CHAPMAN, b. Apr 15, 1852, Dale Co, AL; d. Jul 05, 1917, Tyler Co, TX.
x. ANDREW JACKSON CHAPMAN, b. 1854, Dale Co,AL;d. 1876, Dale Co, AL.
Moved to Texas, but returned just prior to his death.
More About ANDREW JACKSON CHAPMAN: Burial: Pleasant Ridge (Methodist), Dale Co,
xi. NANCY ANN CHAPMAN, b. May 15, 1856, Dale Co, AL; d. January 12, 1932, Shelby Co, TX.
4. JAMES S.2 CHAPMAN (WILLIAM WASHINGTON1) was born 1826 in Morgan County, GA, and died February 18, 1865 in Columbus, OH. He married EMELINE DOSTER Bef.
1850, daughter of JOEL DOSTER and MARY WINCHESTER. She was born Abt. 1828 in North Carolina.
Mary Jane Chapman, daughter of Elbert Wilson, in her 1960 unpublished family history, wrote "Grandfather Chapman, (whom she incorrectly identified as Wilson Chapman) (from South Crolina) " came to live about four miles from Rocky Head, in Dale County,Alabama.
The home they built was one big room with a shedon the back, a porch on the front and one on the back.
They had four daughters; Mollie, Martha, Nettie, Fannie, and two sons, Elbert Wilson and Sim, all born in the house at Rocky Head. They lived there when Grandfather Chapman went to war, joing the Confederate Army. He was captured by the Union Army, died in a Federal Prison in Ohio, of yellow jaundice, and was buried at Columbus, Ohio. . . . Sis (Leila Cordelia Chapman) told me that, after Uncle Sim, our father's brother, was grown, he represented the widows of Confederate Soldiers in securing pensions, ect as he was a lawyer and he advertised for information about his father. A man who lived about four miles from them (Sim), near Newton, Alabama, came and told him (Sim) and Grandmother Chapman (or Trawick, as she remarried) that he was in prison with Grandfather Chapman in
Ohio; that they both had yellow jaundice; but that they were really starved in the prison; that grandfather and others died from lack of food, or from diseases caused or aggravated by starvation.
Grandmother was married the second time to Uncle Bill Trawick, who Sis told me had fought in three wars the Indian War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War without getting a scratch. He had a large family of children but he and Grandmother did not have any children. He lived to be 99 years and 9 months old.
He and Grandmother lived at the Rocky Head home until he was very old, then they moved to Newton, Alabama, where her son Sim lived, as Uncle Sim had built a small house for them in his yard."
James S. Chapman, age 24, born in Georgia; Emeline age 22, born in North Carolina; and Clarinda, age 1 day were on the 1850 US census for Dale County,
Alabama. The census date was December 16, 1850. Therefore
Clarina's birthdate is December 15, 1850.

Homer Jones, Dale County Historian, submits that "James S. Chapman appears as Private in Company E, 57th Alabama Infantry Regiment; organized in Henry County and called into service at Greenville in February 1863 under the command of Capt J. Horathio Wiley." "It has been my experience," said Mr. Jones, "that most who served in the 57th had earlier been exempted for one reason or another; many are found in the regiment at age 45 and older. Late in the war,Co E became Co H of the Consolidated 27th Alabama Infantry Regiment. The list of parolees in North Carolina in May 1865 does not show a James S. Chapman which would offer credence to your theory that he died as a Prisoner of War."
Camp Chase, Ohio Cemetery Records Chapman, James S, d. 02/18/1865, Plot: 0 0 1332, bur. 02/18/1865
Burial: Plot: 0 0 1332, Camp Chase, OH
Notes for EMELINE DOSTER: Mrs. Mary Jane Chapman, in her short history of
her family, written in 1960 stated, Elbert's mother .
"was Emaline Doster. She was Dutch, she and her family having come from Holland and landed in South Carolina.
She had two brothers, Sim and Obe Doster, and one sister who married a Grimmer in Pike County, Alabama. Sim Doster's wife we called 'Aunt Sal'; and Obe Doster's wife was 'Aunt Mary.' They must have lived in the area around Ariton, Alabama, which was then called Ariesta and was later merged with another village called Charleston, the new town being
named Ariton."
Mary Jane went on to write, Grandmother (Emaline) was married the second time to Uncle Bill Trawick.
Mary's manuscript identifes her aunts by nickname.
It is difficult to place the proper information with the correct person. Mellie, is assumbed to be Clarinda, the oldest. Martha, without nickname married Tom Fountain. Aunt Nettie, who married Riley ? is assumed to be Virginia. Aunt Fanny is probably Wannah Frances
who married Dick Baker.
(3.) WILSON JACOBS,SR.DATA: Wilson Jacobs Sr. born 1817, Stewart, GA, married
(1) 1841, in GA, Sarah Wheeler King, born 1825, Stewart, GA, (daughter of Took Wheeler and ?) died 1867, Dale, AL, married (2) 1869, in AL, Martha Jane Hickman, born 24 Apr 1851, AL, (daughter of John Hickman and Elizabeth "Eliza" Beall) died 6 Dec 1916, Pike,
AL, buried: Dec 1916, Troy, Pike, AL. Wilson died 1888, Pike, AL. Wilson was also known as William Willis Jacobs. He was a reserve CSA soldier in Georgia and Alabama. He was in Company A, 3rd Battalion Alabama Reserves. His enlistment record indicates that he was 47 years old, blue eyes, dark hair, fair complexion and 6 feet in height. The papers were dated May 16, 1864, enlisted by Lt. White in Dale County for the duration of the war. Sarah: Sarah died during or shortly after the birth of S.E. Jacobs. She was a widow of a man named King. Martha: Buried in the same plot as her son, Willis B. Jacobs, in Sanfield
Cemetery, Troy, Pike, AL.
Note: Wilson Jacobs & T.R. Chapman had several grandchildren that intermarried in the latter 1800's

Notes: (T.R.'s Sons) William Thomas Chapman enlisted Dec. 14, 1861 at Montgomery, Al in the 1st Reg Ala Calvery 2nd Co. A, as a private.
John Henry Chapman served in Co. A 3rd Ala - was wounded at Spotsylvania, Va. - He was paralzed from his wounds - He returned to Al & Rocky Head after the War -

<Christine, are you aware of any more "Civil War" letters from the Dale Co./ Rocky Head area that might shed some light on T.R. Chapman's letter or memtion a "Camp Dothan" or Pollard,Al.?
Do you know why the community of "Popular Springs" name was officially changed to Dothan around 1885?

> By the way,a T.R. Chapman g-son, James Martin Chapman,(my g-father) old home place is still standing and can be seen on the south side of U.S.231 at Jim Tom Jacobs(another g-son) Road about 1 mi south of Rocky Head. Larry Jacobs in Ozark is Jim Tom's son.

Thanks, Jerry

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