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1931 Anniston High School Yearbook

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1931 Anniston High School Yearbook

Kristin Cummins O'Laughlin (View posts)
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The 1931 Anniston High School Yearbook is available for scans upon request

The 1931 Hour Glass Anniston High School Anniston, Calhoun County, Alabama

*there is a letter in here dated July 10-08: Fred, Bess Purser of Dayton, Tenn.

Bess S., Edithe S., Aunt Ida, Billie, Brit and Edd

*also a telegram and it’s envelope dated Mar 23, 1929: to Catherine Pursey from Alma Ramsey

Front Inset 1

Eugene G. Fitzgerald, Vera Jo, Jean Wa?ber, Sarah Crouch

Front Inset 2

Margaret, Mary Long, Eugenia Sellers, “Curly” Clements, Vernon Collins, Alma Davis, Evelyn

Julia Sellers, Catherine Morris, Mary Pelham, Catherine Ham, Ellen Pruett, Julia Pace, Mary Hanna, Jerre Watson

Front Inset 3


Page 1

Cover page

Page 2


Page 3


Page 4

Sara Henderson Hay

Page 5

Play Bill

Page 6

(photo of building)

Page 7

W.F. Johnston, A.J. Goodwin, C.H. Young, L.N. Claxton, S.E. Alverson, Ruth Ferguson

Mrs. Horace Wright, P.G. Myer, Edgar D. Lott, John J. Nash, Harriet Barnes, Mrs. Duke Logan

Mrs. Mary W. Huger, Edith Johnston, Inez Smith, George A. Neely, Mrs. Randolph Reynolds, Minnie Glover Starr

Mrs. W.A. White, Julie Mae Anderson, Corrine Weaver, Mary Stewart, Susie Mae Jean, Marguerite Abernathy

Mrs. Howard Cater, Mrs. H.L. Shelby, Virginia Ordway, Willodeen Richardson, Mrs. Harry Warnock

Evelyn Meharg, Ethel Houser, Janie Jones, Eunice Murphy, Mrs. Fred Bryant, Ivilyn Ingram

Page 8

(20 photos – see page 9)

Page 9

M.H. Johnson, Edwin Buck, Joe Woodruff, Julia Ruth Thornton, Willa Hay, Virginia Arbergy (Arberry)

Margaret Porter, Charles Benton, Sara Blackmon, Hugh Merrill, Viola Goodwin, Billie Hubbard, Emmett Freel

Elce Dunlap, Hugh Moore, Spencer Hall, Jennie Martin, Edna Persons, Fred Leslie, Virginia Ordway

Page 10

(7 photos)

Page 11

The Players

Page 12

(10 photos)

Page 13

(drawing by V.J.P.)


Page 14

Julia Ruth Thornton, Joe Woodruff, Edwin Buck, Virginia Arbery (Arberry)

Page 15

Sara Adams, Hazel Anthony, Charles Benton, Billy Bibb, John Bibb, Sara Blackmon

Page 16

Sol Brown, Jamie Caldwell, Charles Edwin Coleman, Margaret Collins, Katherine Davidson, Alma Davis

Page 17

Geye “Brent” Denman, Martha Dodge, Elce Irene Dunlap, Virginia Evans, Emmett Freel, Viola Goodwin

Page 18

Joe Griffis, Katherlene Gunn, Spencer Hall, Eleanor Hartley, Eunice Harmon, Willa Hay

Page 19

Earleen Hall Heath, Billie Hubbard, M.H. Johnson, Edwin Kidd, Miriam Laxson, Hildegarde Ledbetter

Page 20

Adelaide Ledbetter, Mary Ledbetter, Wallace “Skank” Lee, Fred Lesley (Leslie), Iva Nell Lloyd, Estelle Lollis

Page 21

Louie McClurkin, Hugh Merrill Jr., Mary Frances Merrill, Hugh “Bud” Moore, Edna Elizabeth Persons, Ida Mae Pond

Page 22

Margaret Louise Porter, Estel Pruett, Vera Jo Purser, Mary Louise Quinn, Mary Virginia Rainwater, Elizabeth Rozelle

Page 23

Julia Dent Salter, Martha Scarbrough, Dorothy Smithson, Harold Stanley, Ray Anderson Tipton, Elizabeth Valentine

Page 24

Harry Williamson, Frank Woodruff, Ann Cornelius, Willa Hay, M.H. Johnson

Page 25

Joe Woodruff, Hugh Merrill, Mary Jean Herren, Emily Montgomery, Sara Blackmon, Hazel Anthony

Olivia Moore, Clarence Pate, Wallace Lee, Charlie Coleman, Harold Lee, Kate Sanders, Margaret Lloyd

Sara Fincher, Robert Nichols, Morris Pelham, Vera Jo Purser, Edwin Buck, Viola Goodwin, Thad Triplett

Julia Ruth Thornton, Virginia Arbery (Arberry), Miss Ordway, Edna Persons

Page 26

Sara Adams, Catherine Ham, Hazel Anthony, Beecher Greer, Marguerite Simpson, Virginia Arbery (Arberry), Elizabeth Lee

Charles Benton, Rex Goodwin, John Bibb, Mrs. Reynolds, Joe Callahan, Jamie Caldwell, Frances Griffith, Sol Brown

Edwin Coleman, Marguerite Collins, Ernsetine McCluney, Edwin Buck, Skeeter Abbott, Ann Cornelius, Frances Ordway

Katherine Davidson, Louise Porter, Geye Denman, John Gaines, Alma Davis, Julia Sellers, Emmett Freel, Beecher Greer

Elce Dunlap, Evelyn Edmondson, Virginia Evans, Billie Davis, Viola Goodwin, Frances Miller, Kathleen Gunn

Charlie Nell Nixon, Bill Hubbard, Flake Wakefield, Earleen Hall Heath, Pauline White, Eunice Harmon, Betty Wilkinson

Eleanor Hartley, John Weigand

Page 27

William Bibb, Marvin Henry, Edwin Kidd, Marvin Ory, Willa Baker Hay, Woodrow Hutchison, Martha Dodge

Martha Triplett, Charles Coleman, Elizabeth Cryer, Joe Griffis, Raleigh Johnson, Adelaide and Mary Ledbetter

Margaret Wakefield, Miriam Laxson, Margaret Rose, Hildegarde Ledbetter, Edna Johnston, Iva Nell Lloyd, Maud Arnold

Mary Frances Merrill, Frank Adams, Edna Parsons, Teddy Mann, Ida Mae Pond, Wynette Little, Margaret Porter

Rex Goodwin, Estel Pruett, Elizabeth Merrill, Vera Joe Purser, Bill Reid, Mary Louise Quinn, Frances Griffis

Virginia Rainwater, Virginia Edmondson, Elizabeth Rozelle, “Fat” Jordan, Julia Dent Salter, Johnnie Benhard

Martha Scarbrough, Dorothy Smithson, Carl Clements, Julia Ruth Thornton, Vivian Buckner, Elizabeth Valentine

Lestra Staples, M.H. Johnson, Vernon Collins, Wallace Lee, Morris Pelham, Tart Bell, Fred Leslie, Ross Ogletree

Louise McClurkin, Henry Persons, Hugh Merrill, Katie Mae Mayne, Harold Dew, Harold Stanley, Carl Davis, Ray Tipton

Coach Lott, Sara Blackmon, Elizabeth Morton, Harry Williamson, Claud Reaves, Frank Woodruff, Jimmie Merrill

Joe Woodruff, Dudley Johnson, Miriam Laxson, Eleanor Hartley

Page 28

Sol Brown, Sara Adams, Fred Leslie, Elizabeth Rozelle, Ray Tipton, Hildegarde Ledbetter, Eunice Harmon

Helen Wills Moody, Jamie Caldwell, Bobby Jones, Alma Davis, Harold Stanley, Geye Denman, Julie Dent Salter

Charles Coleman, Emmett Freel, Edwin Buck, John Bibb, Viola Goodwin, Frank Woodruff, Dorothy Smithson

Vera Jo Purser, Virginia Evans, Harry Williamson, Virginia Rainwater, Martha Scarbrough, Elizabeth Valentine

Marguerite Collins, Flo Zeigfeld, M.H. Johnson, Hugh Moore

Page 29

Margaret Porter, Edna Persons, Ida Mae Pond, Adelaide and Mary Ledbetter, Willa Hay, Estel Pruett

Joe Griffis, Charles Benton, William Bibb, Hazel Anthony, Eleanor Hartley, Anne Cornelius, Katherine Davidson

Hugh Merrill, Virginia Arbery, Mary Louise Quinn, Iva Nell Lloyd, Billy Hubbard, Elce Dunlap, Edwin Kid (Kidd)

Earleen Hall Heath, Julia Ruth Thornton, Joe Woodruff, Sara Blackmon, Katherlene Gunn, Mary Frances Merrill

Louie McClurkin, Miriam Laxson, Skank Lee, Martha Dodge

Page 30

Katherine Davidson, Viola Goodwin, Sara Blackmon, Margaret Porter, Mary Frances Merrill

Vera Jo Purser, Jamie Caldwell, Geye Denman, Hugh Merrill, Ed Buck, M.H. Johnson

Charlie Coleman, Joe Griffis, Ray Tipton, Bill Hubbard, Harold Stanley, Julie Ruth Thornton

Page 31

(drawing by V.J.P.)


Page 32

Morris Pelham, Martha Triplett, Henry Persons, Frances Ordway, Gene Scarbrough

Collins, R. Collins, Clements, Reaves, Pelham, Hubbard, Annette Scarbrough, Louise Porter

Elizabeth Grant, Mary Alice McCary, Albert Neal Smith, Mary Hanna, Martha Triplett

Sara Crouch, Jerre Watson, Joe Callahan, Elizabeth Cryer, Julia Reaves

Page 33

Frank Adams, William Bagley, Lurline Bailey, Sylvia Berman, Vera Boone, Vivian Buckner, Jack Butterly

Frances Carpenter, Vernon Collins, Daina Corn, Charles Crouch, Elizabeth Cryer, Joe Callahan, Edward Curlee

Sara Crouch, Carl Davis, Evelyn Edmondson, Richard Emerson, Elizabeth Gallagher, Odell Garrett, Rexford Godwin

Elizabeth grant, Frances Griffith, Marvin Henry, Lillian Hill, Ralph Hill, Fred Howell, Raleigh Johnson, Edwina Kirk

Charles Lacy, Winnette Little, Katie Mae McCary, Ernestine McCluney, Elizabeth Merrill, Jennie Martin, Elizabeth Morton

Marvin Ory, Frances Ordway, Grace Parker, Morris Pelham, Henry Persons, Louise Porter, Julia Reaves, Sylvesta Reaves

Margaret Rose, Kate Sanders, Eugenia Sellers, Julia Sellers, William Sellers, Annette Scarbrough, Gene Scarbrough

Rigdon Scarbrough, Cecil Strickland, Hayden Taylor, Martha Triplett, Judson Vaughn, Flake Wakefield

Margaret Wakefield, Grace Ledbetter Ware, Jerre Watson, John Weigand, Pauline White, Betty Wilkinson

Page 34

(6 photos)

Page 35

(drawing by V.J.P.)


Page 36

Harry Coleman, Tom King, Evelyn Whiteside, Howard Woodruff, Bill Reid, William Jordan, D.C. Perryman

Henson Bellew, Ralph Statom, John Bernard, Virginia Edmondson, Mary Julia Lloyd, Louise Meherg (Meharg)

Maggie Crosby, Elizabeth Lee, Josephine Laxson, Catherine Ham, Mary Long, Mary Graves

Page 37

Ralph Abbott, Grady Adcock, Buster Amos, Oscar Bagley, Paul Bagley, Mary Bailey, William Banks, Frances Barnhill

Tartt Bell, John Bernhard, Olene Black, Jefferson Blackstock, John Boone, Marion Bonner, Frank Bosworth

Herschel Bowling, Charles Brice, Virginia Brittain, Richie Brothers, Margaret Browning, Susie Mae Bryant, Helen Carr

Edwin Coleman, Ersie Lee Coleman, Harry Coleman, Gene Coleman, Mary Coleman, George Conner, Edwin Cooper

Myra Cottrell, Margaret Cornelius, Mary Lou Couch, Billy Cowden, Johnnie Dell Craig, Maggie Crosby, Doris Dabbs

Velma Dabbs, Rebecca Dansby, George Darnell, Edna Davis, William Davis, Max Day, Harold Dew, Harry Dill, Joe Dill

Lester Doss, Virginia Edmondson, Blanche Eldridge, Bruce Evans, Otho Ezell, Henrie Fite, John Gaines, Linwood Gay

Clarence Gilmer, Verna Lee Glazner, Elizabeth Golightly, Mary Graves, Edwin Hall, Catherine Ham, Sara Hanks

Catherine Harmon, Elsie Harrell, Evelyn Harrell, A.D. Harris, Doris Harris, Adelle Harrison, Fred Harrison

Mary Frances Haynie, Mildred Henry, Esther Higgenbotham, Ralph Higgenbotham, Mary Holder, Virginia Hollingsworth

Shirley Houston, Edward Hubbard, Evelyn Jewell, Dudley Johnson, Ruth Johnson, William Jordan, Tom King

Josephine Laxson, Doris Ledbetter, Elizabeth Lee, Harold Lee, James Leyden, Mary Long, Bill Mallory, Julia Ann Martin

John Medders, Tolan Mitchell, Catherine Morris, Marguerite McDaniel, Frank McKee, Beth Newcomb, Charlie Nelle Nixon

Page 38

(5 photos)

“Doc” or “Curly”

Page 39

(drawing by V.J.P.)


Page 40

Ben Spearman, Peggy Houser, Phebe Bibb, Sue Morton, Walker Reynolds, Jimmy Merrill, Beecher Greer

Margaret Washburn, Margaret Matthews, Frances Miller, Mary Martin, Edith Mann, Sara Evans, Louise Grant

Page 41

Edwin Adair, Sarah Louise Alexander, Junior Baker, Harry Ballard, Pauline Baxter, Phebe Bibb, Lycester Blackmon

Pauline Blackmon, Frank Bolton, Jewel Bonner, Edward Boone, Edith Bowie, Virginia Bowles, Robert Box

Daniel Breedon, David Bright, Lola Bright, Virginia Browning, Douglas Buck, Karl Buck, Florence Bulger, William Campbell

Clara Louise Cannon, Joe Cannon, Helen Canova, Leon Carr, Margaret Cates, Elizabeth Chastain, Jesse Chastain, John Cole

Fred Coleman, Ruth Cook, Elsie Mae Cornelius, Lee Craft, Minnie Craft, Mack Craig, Frank Dansby, Virginia Daugherty

Many Catherine Denman, Robert Dew, Rosalie Estes, Bismark Evans, Sara Evans, Rose Felscher, William Ferguson

Marie Fink, Joseph Francis, Woodrow Geier, Howard Gilmer, Evelyn Glazner, Louise Grant, Hazel Gray, Juliette Gray

James Green, Mary Alice Green, Beecher Greer, Eleanor Hall, Wheeler Harkins, Sarah Heathcock, Ferndell Henson

Corrie Herndon, D.C. Hitt, Albert Hofstdter, Ralph Holland, Evelyn Hollingsworth, Peggy Houser, Florine Huger

William Hughes, Fred Hulsey, Elizabeth Johnston, Fred Johnston, Roberta Kelly, Emerson Keown, William Kidd

Earl Klepsig, Willette Lackey, Pauline Langford, James Ledbetter, Clifford Leslie, Helen Claire Leyden, Horace Leyden

Beatrice Lipham, Doyle Lipham, Mary Julia Lloyd, Willie Lumpkin, Edith Mann, Margaret Matthews, Edith Mayhall

Louise Meharg, James Merrill, Wyatte Mickles, Frances Miller, Shirley Miller, Clifford Moran, Christine Morrison

Page 42

Idaline Allen, Bobbie Bryant, Sallie Cannon, Christine Carlton, Louise Causey, Pauline Dean, Mildred Dethrage, Arra Duke

Mildred Head, Evelyn Hinton, Bernice Hollingsworth, Mildred Hollingsworth, Susie James, Louise McKinney, Neva Miller

Evelyn Miller, Maurine Mitchell, Katherine Phillips, Lanora Pearce, Ruth Phillips, Martha Pond, Jewell Pritchard, Roberta Pruett

Julie Mae Ramey, Gertice Shaw, Nell Simpson, Jean Sprayberry, Codelia Starr, Ollie Thomas, Mary Tumlin, Pearl Wade

Marguerite Wein, Margaret Wilson, Odell Woods, Billie Adair, Clifford Blackstock, Lewis Cobb, Tommy Coleman

Dudley Dabbs, Harvey Davis, Robert Doss, Julian Gannaway, Alvis Golden, Lawrence Gray, Harold Harris, Ellis Harvey

Dunlap Henry, Edward Hill, Bernice Horne, Julian Hubbard, James Johnson, James Kennelly, Howard Key, Robert Kilgore

Morris Lane, Randall Lanford, Chester Mayhall, Shelley Moore, Albert McCormick, Claude McCartney, DeWitt McCargo

Clayton McKim, Carl Robertson, J.D. Seale, Charles Sheid, Robert Sims, Raymond Smith, Aubrey Swinford, Lowell Tyson

Percy Williamson, Agnes Arnold, Sara Browning, Cleat Carr, Merle Coleman, Mary Dyke, Mary Emma Ellison, Ruby Bell Ezell

Martha Mary Foley, Mary Galbraith, Gertis Gibson, Mattie Griffin, Pauline Hackney, Daisy Harrison, Gertrude Hicks

Evelyn Howe, Mary Stewart Howell, Louise Howle, Eleanor Hubbard, Theodosia Jewell, Lillie Johnson, Mary Johnson

Edna Johnston, Doris Keown, Mary Landon, Sarah Ledbetter

Page 43


Page 44

(25 photos – see page 45)

Page 45

Charles Benton, Harry Dill, Joe Woodruff, Edwin Buck, Gene Scarbrough, E.D. Lott, Dobe Benton, Charles Coleman

Claude Reaves, Wallace Lee, Emmet Freel, Vernon Collins, Hugh Merrill, Sol Brown, Tolan Mitchell, Fred Leslie

Morris Pelham, William Reid, Clarence Gilmer, William Jordan, Carl Clements, Regdon Scarbrough, Clifford Grubbs

Harold Stanley, Joe Griffis, Spencer Hall, Ralph Statom, John Bernhard, William Sellers, Edward Hubbard, Garner Monroe

Page 46

(12 photos – see page 47)

Page 47

Marguerite Collins, Virginia Edmondson, Sara Blackmon, Hazel Anthony, Maggie Crosby, Elizabeth Grant, Viola Goodwin

Eleanor Hartley, Hildegarde Ledbetter, Louise Meherg (Meharg), Louise Porter, Kate Sanders, Julia Dent Salter

Page 48

(26 photos of Girls’ Physical Education Club)

Page 49

(24 photos of D. D. Club)

Page 50

Eleanor Hartley, Mary Louise Quinn, Martha Dodge, Joe Callahan, Mrs. Huey Shelby

Sara Adams, Lurline Bailey, Mary Jane Beeks, Hershal Bowling, Vera Boone, Vivian Buckner

Anne Cornelius, Ozelle Crow, Alma Davis, Evangeline Hackney, Eunice Harmon, Earleen Hall Heath, Roberta Henry

Miriam Laxson, Hildegarde Ledbetter, Iva Nell Lloyd, Estelle Lollis, Katie Mae Mayne, Mary Allice McCary

Louise McClurkin, Grace Parker, Louise Porter, Margaret Porter, Ellen Pruett, Annie Belle Reese

Sylvesta Reaves, Flake Wakefield, Jerre Watson, John Weigand, Pauline White

Page 51

Virginia Arbery, Wallace Lee, Frances Ordway, Miss Johnston, Mr. Neely, Frank Adams, Sylvia Berman, Billy Bibb

John Bibb, Sol Brown, Edwin Buck, Joe Callahan, Carl Clements, Ed Coleman, Marguerite Collins, Charles Crouch

Elizabeth Cryer, Katherine Davidson, Elce Dunlap, Virginia Evans, Allen Griffin, Joe Griffis, Spencer Hall, Eleanor Hartley

Willa Baker Hay, Bill Hubbard, M.H. Johnson, Bill Mallory, Hugh Merrill, Julia Pace, Morris Pelham, Henry Persons

Edna Persons, Margaret Porter, Vera Jo Purser, Julia Reaves, Julia Dent Salter, Annette Scarbrough, Martha Scarbrough

Julia Ruth Thornton, Ray Tipton, Martha Triplett, Jerre Watson, John Weigand, Harry Williamson

Page 52

Ethel Houser, Edith Mann, Oliver Wilbanks, Wyatte Mickles, Margaret Washburn, Elizabeth Wilbanks

Sara Evans, William Lee Hughes, Juliette Gray, Margaret Mattison, Pauline Hackney, Marcus Howze

Frank Bolton, Opal Pitts, Mary Poland, Oliver Wilbanks, Elizabeth Johnston, Mary C. Denham, Brooksie Taylor

Sara Emeline Steele, Sara Heathcock, Edith Mann, Phebe Bibb, Clara Rice, Ernestine Robertson

Page 53

Martha Triplett, Frances Ordway, Ellen Pruett, Virginia Arbery, Mrs. Duke Logan, Mary Long, Rose Felscher, Louise Porter

Sara Crouch, Julia Ruth Thornton, Virginia Rainwater, Eugenia Sellers, Julia Sellers, Estel Pruet (Pruett), Alma Davis

Mary Pelham, Frances Young, Margaret Porter, Evelyn Edmondson, Mary Hanna, Martha Poland, Edna Persons

Vera Jo Purser, Mary Louise Quinn, Elce Dunlap, Ellen Pruett, Willa Hay, Catherine Ham, Frances Ledbetter, Elizabeth Merrill

Page 54

Edwin Buck, Morris Pelham, Hugh Merrill, Mrs. Duke Logan, M.H. Johnson, Henry Persons, Bill Mallory, Wallace Lee

Linwood Gay, John Bibb, Dudley Johnson, Edwin Coleman, Joe Griffis, Spencer Hall, Bill Reid, Carl Clements, Geye Denman

Page 55

Mrs. Duke Logan, Jerre Watson, Mary Pelham, Fred Clark, Mary Hanna, Raymond Clark

Fred Clark, Lestra Staples, Clara Rice, Joe Callahan, Hugh Webb, Willard Wing, Sara Heathcock

Marguerite McDaniels, Edwin Adair, Marvin Yalovitz, Garland Tyler, Joe Wilson, Horace Leyden

Peggy Houser, Paul Bagley, Jerre Watson, Bruce Evans, Marcus Howze, Louis Garrett, Wayne Shields

Page 56

(22 photos of The Blue Triangle Club members)

Page 57

(20 photos of the Girl Reserve Club members)

Page 58

(32 photos of The White Star Club members)

Page 59

(49 students of the Home Economics Club)

Jamie Caldwell, Pauline White, Katherlene Gunn, Miss Smith, Mrs. Huger

Page 60

Jamie Caldwell, Katherine Davidson, Mary Frances Merrill, Alma Davis, Evelyn Meharg, Mary Coleman

Marguerite Collins, Rebecca Dansby, Alma Davis, Sara Davis, Evelyn Edmondson, Eunice Harmon

Hildergarde Ledbetter, Wynette Little, Catherine Morris, Beth Newcomb, Ellen Pruett, Virginia Rainwater

Elizabeth Rozelle, Eugenia Sellers, Julia Sellers, Marguerite Simpson, Evolyn Whiteside, Gwendolyn Whitley

Page 61

Miss Jones, Pauline Blackmon, Pauline Langford, Virginia Sims, Evelyn Glazner, Willette Lackey, Miss Richardson

Mary Alice Pruett, Lillian Snow, Gertrude Hicks, Mildred Ward, Dorothy Williams, Sara Louise Alexander, Margaret Cates

Alice Sweets, Edith Bowie, Evelyn Hollingsworth, Pauline Blackmon, Helen Canova, Beatrice Lipham, Hazel Gray

Magdalene Thompson, Dorothy Sawyer, Mary Smith, Virginia Sims, Mary Dyke, Pauline Hackney, Gertrude Hicks

Evelyn Howe, Louise Howle, Mary Landon, Sarah Ledbetter, Margaret Mattison, Mary Claude Phillips, Mary Poland

Julia Prentice, Florence Rhodes, Ernestine Robertson, Mildred Ward, Elizabeth Wilbanks, Dorothy Williams

Page 62

(15 photos of the ’31 Student Council)

Page 63

(16 photos of the HI club)

Page 64

Myra Jones, Mary Brown, Susie Blackmon, Kathryn Carlisle, Margaret Allen, Mildred Cook, Ellen Ruth Hall

Mary Catherine Denman, Lillian Evans, Louise Cosper, Louise Harmon, Gladys Crow, Odell Champion

Frances Borden, Lucile Anthony, Hazel Carson, Dorothy Arterberry, Kathleen Cones, Nancy Williams

Beatrice Higgins, Lorine Langford, Dorothy Coleman, Odell Wood, Minnie Hand, Eloise Thompson

Katherine Grubbs, Roberta Pruett, Arvie McInvale, Gladys Shelton, Gertrude McClellan

Page 65


Page 66

Edgar D. “Chink” Lott, John J. Nash, Hugh Merrill Jr., Emmett Freel

Page 67

Charles Benton, Harry Dill, Joe Woodruff, Wallace Lee, Edwin Buck

Page 68

Charles Coleman, Fred Lesley, Claude Reaves, Bill Reid, Gene Scarbrough

Page 69

Vernon Collins, Morris Pelham, D.C. Perryman, Carl Clements, Spencer Hall

Page 70

Joe Griffis, Rigdon Scarbrough, Tolan Mitchell, Hensn Bellew, Clarence Gilmer

Page 71

William Jordan, Harold Stanley, Merle Dailey, Dr. I.P. Levi

Page 72

(photo of 47 football team members)


Page 73

Lloyd Roberts, McCray, Collins, Lee, Woodruff, Perryman, Scarbrough, Coach Lott, Lee, Buck

Coleman, Leslie, Stanley, Benton, Griffis, Dill, Bellew, Dailey, Gene Scarbrough, Claude Reaves

Rigdon Scarbrough, Tolan Mitchell, Slats Jordan, Bill Reid, Morris Pelham, Vernon Collins, Bud Gilmer

Spencer Hall, Curley Clements, Hugh Merrill, Emmett Freel, Clifford Grubbs, Dobe Benton

Page 74

(photo of 9 basketball players)

Edgar D. Lott, Lee, Dew, Jordan, Woodruff, Collins, Bernhard, Monroe, Hubbard, Sellers, Statom

Page 75

Harriet Barnes, Hazel Anthony, Louise Meharg, Julia Dent Salter, Kate Sanders

Elizabeth Grant, Maggie Crosby, Marguerite Collins, Virginia Edmondson, Eleanor Hartley

Page 76

Harry Dill, Vernon Collins, Tolan Mitchell, Carl Clements, Gene Scarbrough, John Lesley

Woodrow Hutchingson (Hutchinson), Harvey Davis, Sol Brown, Harry Coleman, Clarence Nunnelly, Marvin Henry

Clarence Gilmer, Walker Reynolds, Allen Griffin, Paul Grey (Gray), Harry Williamson, Edwin Hall

Page 77

The Queen’s Review

Page 78

Virginia Arbery

Page 79

Hugh Merrill

Page 80

Viola Goodwin, Emmett Freel

Page 81

Julia Ruth Thornton, Joe Woodruff

Page 82

Sara Blackmon, Vera Jo Purser, Fred Leslie, Willa Hay

Page 83

Elce Dunlap, Coach Chink Lott, Vernon Collins, Hazel Anthony

Page 84

Elizabeth Cryer, Elizabeth Lee, Sue Morton

Page 85

Time and Place

Page 86


“Chink” Lott, Miss Murphy, Mr. Jordan, Elce Dunlap, Bill Mallory

Bill Davis, Elizabeth Lee, Merle Dailey, Emmett, Curley, Hazel, Rigdon

Page 87

Calendar cont.

Fred Sington, Frances Young, Hugh and Virginia, Grubbs, Frances, Joe, Curley, Phebe,

Page 88

(4 photos of football games)

Page 89


Page 90

Mr. Meyer, Joe Griffis, Miss Murphy, Miss Johnson, Ed Buck, Harry Dill, Grubbs, Vera Jo, Viola

Marguerite C., Judson, Mrs. Cater, Richard Emerson, Ray Tipton, Rex, Tart, Skank, Moses B., Sol B.

Page 91

Ed Coleman, Frances Griffith, Miss Anderson, Frank, Mary Adelaide, Lindberg, Miss Stewart

Judson Vaughn, Bud, Shank, Mr. Neely, Harry Dill, Fred, Bill Reid, Vernon, Morris, Estel

Eleanor Hartley, Edna Persons, Emmett, Virginia, Hugh, Mary Frances Merrill

Page 92

(7 snapshots)

Page 93


Page 94

Ads: The Palace Drug, B.C.L. Drug, Alabama Drug Co.; J.C. Penney Co.

Page 95

Ads: George Cater Furniture Co.; Russell Brothers’ gift shop; Bermans’ Department Store; Model City Ice Company

Page 96

Ads: Ordway Paper Company; Adams - McCargo Motor Company

Page 97

Fred Lesley (Lesley), Emmett Freel, Woody Hutchinson, Brown

Grubbs, Griffis, Moore, Sellers, Johnston, Vaughn, Reaves, Merrill

Ads: Stewart’s Market; Alabama Supply Co.; Zella’s Inc.; Pizitz; Shield Clothing Co.; Moore Printing Co.; W.C. Collins

Page 98

Ads: Sam’s dry cleaning; Nixon Transfer & Coal Co.; Smith Mercantile Co.; Quality Sandwich Shop

Williams Grocery Company; Bell – Hubbard Hardware; Williamson Shoe Co.; Sorrell & Triplett

Page 99

Ads: Owens Cash Store; Ritz Theatre; Interstate Roofing & Foundry Co.; Carre Shoe Co.

Paint, Glass & Builders’ Supply Company; J. Larcus Burns groceries; Armco Lubricant Co.; Ben R. Sawyer Printing Co.

Page 100

Ads: Globe Clothing Company; Coca-Cola; Anniston Laundry Company; Gem and Ritz Beauty Shoppes

Page 101

Ads: J. Ralph Usrey; Ritz Coffee Shop; Dill & Coleman, C.L. Dill, J.T. Coleman; Mangel’s

Page 102

Ads: Hill’s Three Stores; A.J. Goodwin & Co.; The Anniston Star

Page 103

Ads: Jitney Jungle; Sanitary Café; Allison Plumbing & Heating Co.; Goodhart dry cleaning; Choccolocco Cotton Mills

Page 104

Ads: Kikers Market; Scarbrough Drug Co.; Wakefield Clothing Co.; Wikle Drug Co.

H.L. Bagley service station; Delta Electric Shop; E.E. Forbes & Sons Piano Co.; Denman Music Store

Alabama Hotel, C.F. Stiles; Anniston Scrap Material Co. Inc.; T.T. Bagley & Co.

Mason’s for girls; The Smoke House; Calhoun County Creamery; Arcade Flower Shop

Page 105

Ads: Lunch Room Committee; Lloyd’s Sweet Shop

Page 106

Ads: Alabama Utilities Service Company, L.S. Day; Klespig plumbing and heating

Page 107

Ads: Edwards Cigar and Tobacco Co.; C.H.C. Market; Ben Dunlap jeweler; S.J. Hall

Jamison and Sons; Tom’s Toasted Peanuts, W.P. Hurt; Ullman Brothers; Warnock’s

Page 108

Ad: The Anniston National Bank, The City Bank & Trust Company, The Commercial National Bank, The First National Bank

Page 109

Mary Lou Norton, Margaret Nunnally, Hubert Owens, Julia Pace, Christine Parker, Elizabeth Pauley, Mary Pelham

Elizabeth Perrow, Virginia Persons, Margaret Phillips, Nora Pierce, Martha Poland, Ellen Pruett, Robert Pruett

Marie Powers, Clara Reaves, William Reid, Charles Robertson, Angie Rouse, Zilla Russell, Edward Scarbrough

U.M. Sellers 4, Morris Simms, Marguerite Simpson, Annie Laurie Smith, Sara Sparks, Edna Speaks, Leon Stanley

Ralph Statom, Frances Steele, Ruth Stephens, Fred Streip, Robert Taylor, M. Frances Thackerson, Ruby Walden

Cuba Walker, Estelle Walker, Walter Watson, Evolyn Whiteside, Harry Williams, John Wiley Williams, J.C. Wood

Howard Woodruff, Grover Worthington, Mary Worthington, M.A. Morton, Sue Morton, Novie Mullendore

Arvel Murphee, Edward McGinnis, Howell McGraw, Doris McKee, Walden McKim, Catherine Nealon, Ross Ogletree

Luther Oliver, Elmer Parker, Edward Pennington, Mary Opal Pitts, Mary Catherine Potter, Gertrude Potts, Bennett Pruett

Clemmie Reaves, Lewis Reaves, Charles Reid, Thomas Reid, Stuart Reynolds, Walker Reynolds, Clara Rice, James Rice

Helen Richardson, Virginia Ross, Ethel Russell, Dorothy Sawyer, Allen Scarbrough, Carl Scott, James Scott, Homer Sexton

Benton Shaffer, Erma Sherard, Wayne Shields, Virginia Sims, Mary Smith, Henry Smithson, Arcus Sparks, Ben Spearman

Lestra Staples, Sara Steele, Hubert Stone, Bessie Strickland, Essie Strickland, Brooksie Taylor, Margaret Terry

Magdalena Thompson, Ray Timmons, Thelma Tipton, O.N. Todd, Merrill Tyson, James Vaughn, Marion Wakefield

Kenneth Walker, Margaret Walker, Harold Waldrep, Margaret Washburn, Fay Watson, Odell Webb, Oliver Wilbanks

Lucy Taylor Willett, Turner Williamson, Fred Wilson, LaVon Wilson, Joe Wise, Virginia Woolf, Evelyn Lyle

Margaret Mattison, Clois Morrison, Evelyn McCullars, Ruth Newsome, Mary Claude Phillips, Ruth Pippin, Mary Poland

Julia Prentice, Mary Alice Pruet, Eloise Ramey, Gladys Ray, Florence Rhodes, Ernestine Robertson, Lillian Snow

Viola Spain, Alice Sweet, Mary Sue Thompson, Evelyn Trammel, Myrl Trammel, Mildred Ward, Elizabeth Wilbanks

Louise Wilbanks, Dorothy Williams, Monroe Adams, Tillman Albright, Watson Andrews, Adolphus Bagley

William Grady Baker, Richard Barnes, Francis Bonner, Hugh Borden, Homer Bryant, Fred Clark, Ralph Cook

Paul Cornelius, Joe Crosby, Scott Davis, Hamilton Dye, James Evans, Lewis Garrett, Wallace Gilbert, James Glass

John Golightly, Clifford Grubbs, Judson Haynie, Claud Higgins, Grant Higgins, Junior Hill, Hubert Holder, Donald Hopkins

Ralph Howell, Marcus Howze, Frank Johnston, Billie McCary, Joe Ferguson, Sam Downing, Charlie Kelly, William Landers

T.J. Laney, John Levi, Hughes Lloyd, Munroe McCain, Grady McCary, Carl Merrill, D.K. Miller, Garner Monroe

Wallace Monroe, John Mullins, James Nichols, A.F. Nunnally, Lee Payne, Cecil Ponder, Orbie Powers, Charles Quinn

James Scarbrough, Charles Simpson, Joe Stanfield, Charles Sterne, Douglas Stewart, John Dudley Stewart

Elias Swafford, Leon Taylor, Clifford Tumlin, Charles Tyler, Leonard White, Joe Wilson, Willard Wing, Bennie Manning

Page 110

Boys Basketball Scores

Ad: Alabama Engraving Company

Page 111

Ad: The Brown Printing Company

Page 112

Closing Curtain

Back inset 1


Back inset 2

Catherine Harmon, Rebecca Dansby, Dansby

Back inset 3


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