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Surnames: Legris-Prisque and Lormand
My apologies for not getting this information to you sooner.

Here is what we have on the Legris-Prisque and Lormand families.


1861 Census (NOTE: I have the references for all of the records noted, including film, page and line #, if you are interested)
Cadieu, Andrew, Male, Age 67, Married
Cadieu, Julia, Female, Age 58, Married
(Married in 1827 according to the 1861 census)
Prisque (Cadieu), Julia, Female, Age 33, Widow (linked as maiden name of Cadieu)
Cadieu, Joseph, Male, Age 20
Cadieu, Louis, Male, Age 15
Prisque, Mary Female, Age 15
(daughter of Legris Prisque, Joseph and Cadieux, Julie, according to 1863 wedding record: Legris Prisque, Marie aka Prisque dit Legris married in 1863 in Simcoe County to Vasseur, Paul, son of Vasseur, Charles and wife Marguerite)
Prisque, Christine, Female, Age 13
Prisque, Julia, Female, Age 11
Prisque, Joseph, Male, Age 9
Prisque, Baptiste, Male (I don't think the age was listed)
Prisque, Margaret, Female, Age 2

1871 Census
Prisque, Julia, Female, Age 43, US, Roman Catholic, French, Seamstress, Widow
Prisque, Baptiste, Male, Age 17, Ontario, Roman Catholic, French
Prisque, Andrew, Male, Age 15, Ontario, Roman Catholic, French
Prisque, Margaret, Female, Age 13, Ontario, Roman Catholic, French
Prisque, Joseph, Male, Age 5, Ontario, Roman Catholic, French

MARRIAGE of Andre Legris-Prisque, son of Joseph Legris-Prisque and Julie Cadeau TO Eleonore Lormand, daughter of Evangeliste Lormand and Flavie Monast (in Tiny Township Marriage Books)

1881 Census (Simcoe County)
Prisque (Cadieux) Julia, Female, Age 50, Ontario, Roman Catholic, French, Widow
Prisque, Maggie, Female, Age 20, Ontario, Roman Catholic, French
Prisque, Andrew, Male, Age 21, Ontario, Roman Catholic, French, Labourer
(son of Legris-Prisque, Joseph and wife Cadieux, Julie, Andre married in 1882 to Lormand, Eleonore, Daughter of Lormand, Evangeliste and Monast, Flavia)
Prisque, Joseph, Male, Age 16, Ontario, Roman Catholic, French
Prisque, Mary, Female, Age 27, Ontario, Roman Catholic, French --Note: there is a line stroked through this entry (Marie Legris Prisque, daughter of Joseph Legris Prisque and Julie Cadieux, married Paul Vasseur in what looks to be 1863. See below.)
Prisque, Edward, Male, Age 2, Ontario, Roman Catholic, French

1881 Census (Simcoe County)
Prisque, Batiste, Male, Age 26, Ontario, Roman Catholic, French, Labourer, Married
(son of Legris-Prisque, Joseph and wife, Cadieux, Julie)
Prisque (Dusome) Philomen, Female, Age 22, ON, Roman Catholic, French, Married (linked as maiden name Dusome, Philomen, aka Dusseaume, daughter of Dusome Francois and wife Giroux, Isabella, married 1841)
(Jean Baptiste and wife Philomene married in 1878 in Simcoe Township (in 1891 census, Baptiste Prisque, age 40 is listed with wife Philomene, age 40, from Penetengashine)
Prisque, Cristine, Female, Age 1, ON, Roman Catholic, French
Prisque, Aima, Female, Age 9/12, Born June 1880, Ontario, Roman Catholic, French

1881 Census (Simcoe County)
Legris-Prisque, Joseph, son of Legris, Joseph and Vasseur, Catherine (married 1871) MARRIED Cordelia Saint George, aka Delia, daughter to Henry Saint George and Mary Corbeau (married 1878) (Tiny Township marriage books) -- Joseph Legris AKA Prisque married Delia Saint George in 1896.

1891 Census (Simcoe County)
Prisque, Andre, Male, Age 35, Married, Ontario, Quebec, Quebec, Roman Catholic, General Labourer, son of Legris-Prisque, Joseph and wife Cadieux, Julie
Prisque (Lormand) Eleonore, Female, Age 33, Married, Wife, Quebec, Quebec, Quebec, Roman Catholic
Prisque, Mary L., Female, Age 9, daughter, Ontario, Quebec, Quebec, Quebec, Roman Catholic
Prisque, Margret, Female, Age 8, daughter, Ontario, Quebec, Quebec, Roman Catholic
Prisque, John, Male, Age 5, Son, Ontario, Quebec, Quebec, Roman Catholic
Prisque, Hugh, Male, Age 2, Son, Ontario, Quebec, Quebec, Quebec, Roman Catholic
Prisque, not yet named, Male, 1/12, Son, Ontario, Quebec, Quebec, Roman Catholic

Mary Legris Prisque Female, Age 45, Married, Wife (married to Paul Vasseur, Male, Age 53, Roman Catholic, General Labourer, Married in 1863)
Vasseur, Philomene, Female, Age 27 (married 1893 to Lalonde, Louis)
Vasseur, Charlotte, Female, Age 22
Vasseur, Charles, Male, Age 20, (married 1902 to Amelia Legris-Prisque, daughter of Pierre Legris-Prisque and Henriette Hamilton)
Vasseur, Joseph, Male, Age 15
Vasseur, Henry, Male, Age 12
Vasseur, MaryAnne, Female, Age 9 (married 1902 to John Fournier)

1901 Census - St. Joseph Island, Jocelyn Township
Prisque, Andrew DOB 07 09 1856, Age 44, Ontario, French, Roman Catholic, Farmer
Prisque, Enor DOB 02 06 1858, Age 43, Ontario, French, Roman Catholic, Wife
Prisque, Mary DOB 02 18 1882, Age 19, Ontario, French, Roman Catholic, Daughter
Prisque, Maggie DOB 04 04 1883, Age 18, Ontario, French, Roman Catholic. Daughter
Prisque, John DOB 10 16 1885, Age 15, Ontario, French, Roman Catholic, Son
Prisque, Julia DOB 04 15 1888, Age 12, Ontario, French, Roman Catholic, Daughter
Prisque, Andrew DOB 04 07 1890, Age 10 Ontario, French, Roman Catholic, Son
Prisque, Fred DOB 04 15 1895, Age 5, Ontario, French, Roman Catholic, Son
Prisque, Melina DOB 04 15 1895, Age 5, Ontario French, Roman Catholic, Daughter

1909 Records
Andrew Prisque Lot 1 Concession 1 Jocelyn Township
Andrew Prisque Lot 1 + 2, Jocelyn Township


Elinore Lormand, daughter of Evangeliste Lormand and Flavie Monast (married Andre Legris-Prisque)

I couldn't find a complete list of Elinore's brothers and sisters, but I did find the following:

Sophie Lormand (daughter of Evangeliste Lormand and Flavie Monast) married Joseph LaCroix
Children of Sophie and Joseph Lacroix (1891 Census, at which time Joseph Lacroix was 45 and Sophie Lormand LaCroix was 43):
Xavier, Male, age 18 (married Mary Boucher in 1899)
Josephine, Female, age 17 (married Louis Boileau in 1891)
Andre, Male, Age 15
Fabian, Male, Age 14 (Married Josephine Chevrette in 1905)
Florestine, Female, Age 12 (Married Pierre Chretien, Quebec, Roman Catholic, French, in 1897)
Georgianna, Female, Age 9 (Married Jean Baptiste Boucher in 1902. They had a son, Senat Boucher, who married Lucia Laurin in 1933. Senat and Lucia had a son, Jean Baptiste Boucher, married Juliette LeBlanc, in 1941 and a daughter, Exilda, who married Herman Cadat (aka Cadieu) in 1925.)
Louis, Male, Age 8 (Married Elise Lafreniere in 1910)
M. Louise, Female, Age 8 (Mary Louise married Eugene Beausoleil in 1905)
Pierre, Male, Age 3

Clemence Lormand (daughter of Evangeliste Lormand and Flavie Monast) married William LaCroix. Clemence and William LaCroix had a daughter, Martine LaCroix, who married (Honore) Henri Gauthier in 1871.

Note: Joseph and William LaCroix, who married Sophie and Clemence Lormand respectively, were brothers

Alexander Lormand (son of Evangeliste Lormand and Flavie Monast) married Velina Leduc in 1870
Children of Alexander Lormand and Velina Leduc:
Joseph Lormand Male, Age 19 (married Malvina Veriault in 1905)
Fabian Lormand, Male, Age 17 (married Marie Louise Bouchard in 1894 -- their daughter Melvina Lormand married Alfred Arbour in 1917 and their daughter Mathilda Lormand married William Cosgrove in 1927)
Clementine, Lormand, Female, Age 15
Josephine Lormand, Female, Age 13 (married D'arcy Boutton Larush in 1903)
Agnes Lormand, Female, Age 11 (married William Giroux in 1906)
Isaac Lormand, Male, Age 9 (married Clarine Brisette in 1905)
William Lormand, Male, Age 7
Mary Lormanbd, Female, Age 5 (married Denis Brisette in 1905 -- Clarine and Denis Brisette were siblings)
Ovila Lormand, Male, Age 3
David Lormand, Male, Age 6/12

Fabian Lormand (son of Evangeliste Lormand and Flavie Monast married Ermine Fournier in 1876 (1891 Census)
Children of Fabian Lormand and Ermine Fournier:
Joseph Lormand, Male, Age 14
Jane Lormand, Female, Age 12
Emma Lormand, Female, Age 10
Delia Lormand, Female, Age 8
Josephine Lormand, Female, Age 5
John Lormand, Male, Age 3
Andrew Lormand, Male, Age 2
Philomene Lormand, Female, Age 1/12 (Philomene Lormand married Pierre Botineau. Their daughter, Marie Louise Botineau, married Emery Massicotte.)

1881 Census
Angelic (Angelique) Lormand married Pierre Lalonde (Zotique Pierre Lalonde) NOTE: I am not sure how Angelic / Angelique fits into the family, or even if she does. I've included her for now in case she is one of Elinore's sisters. According to the 1881 census, she lived in the same place as Elinore's family -- Simcoe County, Tiny Township, Penetenguishene, Ontario.
Josephine Lalonde, Female Age 10 (married Francois Charlebois in 1887)
Philomene Lalonde, Female, Age 6
Milina Lalonde, Female, Age 4
Joseph Lalonde, Male, Age 2
Theofile Lalonde, Male 4/12, born 1881

1891 Census
Mary (Marie) Lormand, daughter of Evangeliste and Flavie, married Baptiste Lamoureux in 1883. In the 1891 census, Baptiste was age 23 and Marie (Lormand) was age 28
Children of Marie and Baptiste:
Martine, Female, age 6
Napoleon, Male, age 5 (married Eleonore Dusome in 1920)
Alfred, Male, Age 2/12

1881 Census
Philomene Lormand (32 in 1881 Census) married to Angus Blais (Age 45) NOTE: We know that Melina Prisque Madore (my husband's grandmother) was related to a family by the name of Blais, so we are pretty sure that this family is related. In fact, William Blais was one of the witnesses at Melina's marriage to Antoine Madore. The other witness was Julie Prisque. Maybe Philomene was Elinore's younger sister? Elinore was born around 1858 and Philomene was born around 1849.
Children were:
Blais, Angus, Male, Age 15, Ontario, Roman Catholic, French
Blais, Sarah, Female, Age 9 (married 1892 to John Feely)
Blais, Mary, Female, Age 7
Blais, William, Male, Age 2

Melina Prisque, daughter of Andre (sometimes shown as Andrew) Prisque (labourer) and Elionore Lormand. According to the marriage record I found, Melina Prisque married Antoine Madore on 9 July 1912 in the village of Spanish Hill, Algoma, Ontario. She was single, 16 years of age, born on St. Joseph Island, Roman Catholic, French. (Jocelyn Township is on St. Joseph Island, which is about 40 km east of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.) They were married by Father M. Descaoteaux, sj (?) of Cutler, Ontario. The witnesses were Wm Blais and Julie Prisque.

Melina Prisque and Antoine Mador(e) (Antoine was a French Canadian who came to Ontario from Quebec) -- the "e" in Madore was dropped somewhere along the way.
Florence Mador married Toivo Pykkonen (sp?). They moved to Western Canada and we would have to find out the names of all her kids. She just passed away last week. She was the oldest of Melina and Antoine's children, and the last to die.
Dorothy Mador married Alex Semeniuk. Children: Betty, Billy, Geraldine, Bonnie, Robert, Sandy (Alexander).
Leo Mador married Dolly (we don't know her maiden name) -- no children
Joseph Mador married Lois Lane - Children: Ray, Wayne and Audrey
Frederick Jerry Mador married Helen Perry -- Children: Perry, Barry (goes by middle name of Dean),and Janice. -- I am married to Barry (Dean).

That's about all I have right now on the Legris-Prisque and Lormand families.

Can you tell us how you fit into the picture? I think you said that your grandmother was one of Melina's sisters? Do you live in France? How did you end up in Europe? You can contact us directly at

We will look forward to hearing back from you.

Dean and Linda Mador

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