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Sarah Ann Palmateer or Palmatier

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Re: Sarah Ann Palmateer or Palmatier

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Surnames: Garrison, Palmateer, Laraby, Van Valkenburgh, Scott, Milligan
Hi Dennis, can I ask what is the source for you knowing or believing that the Sarah Eliza Palmateer born May 1852 was an illeg. daughter of Caton Palmateer?

I still believe she was the daughter of James Palmateer and Martha Scott OR belongs somehow to the Catherine Van Valkenburgh/Laraby/Garrison family.

Just because she does not appear on the 1861 census with her original family does not mean she was an illeg. child- as you pointed out yourself, James Palmateer and his first wife Martha split in the 1857-early 1866 time frame. (It would be wonderful to find Martha on the 1861 census to see what children she has with her but no luck finding her)...often when a couple split up, or even if a spouse died, the children were "farmed out" to other relatives and friends.

James and Martha's daughter Hannah Louise is also living with someone else in 1861 in Sheffield- William and Eunice Clark.

Where did you find the name "Ceffy" for Catherine Van Valkenburgh? I thought I saw her name abbreviated as "Cetty", which was probably a mis-spelling of "Kitty" which may have been Catherine's nickname.

You said in your message- there was no Sarah on the 1851 census with James Palmateer and Martha Scott- Sarah was born May 1852 and could not therefore appear on the 1851 census. The 1901 census has her dob as May 15, 1852.

Catherine Elizabeth daughter of Catherine Van Valkenburgh has always intrigued me- who was her father? Her date of birth according to 1901 census was May 15, 1851. Doesn't this seem a little coincidental to Sarah Elizabeth being born May 15, 1852- could they have been born same year and been twins? Catherine Elizabeth appears with surname Laraby, and Garrison but also in more places as a Milligan- why? On the 1861 census in Kennebec, Catherine VV and Job Laraby have a 3 year old Henry Milligan in their home- who was he? What is the connection in this family to surname Milligan?

The death record states that Catherine Elizabeth was the d/of Elias Garrison and Catherine VV but if she was, why was there a 13 year gap between her and her sister Hannah Maria Garrison?

I have to say I do object to your reasoning which seems so very adamant about ruling out James Palmateer as Sarah's father- maybe he was her father, maybe he was not...but you state in your last message:

"In any regard, there is no Sarah Palmateer ever born to James Palmateer or Martha Scoott (nee Smith). So that rules him out as the father of the Sarah Palmateer who married James Boomhour."

We are talking about events which happened in 1850-1852 time frame, how can you be so very sure without any proof whose daughter Sarah was as to rule out anyone?

Your next statement in your last message:

"That means that the Sarah Palmateer who did marry James Boomhour was the illegitimate daughter of Caton Palmateer by the Mohwak woman (and supported by the fact she is never living in the proper home of Caton Palmateer)."

Prior to 1861 my Keech family split up also in the Sheffield area- by the 1861 census the children were scattered throughout L & A County and Frontenac County. Children born after 1851 and prior to 1861 obviously do not appear in the home of William and Mary Keech. Mary re-married. But I did not ever assume that the children were illegitimate and belonging to someone else because they never appeared in their "proper home".

I think that because the Sarah Eliza/Elizabeth Palmateer we are talking about is with James Palmateer and Catherine VV on the 1871 census in Kennebec... this is one of the best pieces of evidence we have that she was either James's daughter or Catherine's. But it still does not prove anything.

One of the "facts" that you use to "support" Sarah E. being illegitimate is that she and James Boomhower moved away to Faraday Township, you said: "This is further supported by the fact that Sarah Palmatier and James Boomhour eventually move to Faraday Township in Hastings County for the 1891 Census to raise their family." Gosh.....if you could associate this type of reasoning for everyone who ever moved away from their original homes....there would be a lot of black marks hanging over the heads of many of our ancestors where we do not have a date of marriage or proof of their marriage.

The James Palmateer-Martha Laraby family and Catherine VV and her 3 marriages and children from (2) of them...have a lot of unanswered questions. I do feel that Sarah Eliza belongs to someone here and not to Caton. Sure, Caton Palmateer of Barrie may have travelled, so did many men. But what is your specific info/source for him being the father of Sarah Palmateer of Sheffield and Kennebec? Was this information written down and passed on in your family? I am just curious about this as you seem so adamant about an event that happened 157 years ago.

Thanks Dennis from Nora

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