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My MacLeans of Tiree to Baldoon

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My MacLeans of Tiree to Baldoon

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Surnames: MacLean MacDonald
I am a descendant of Allan MacLean b. bet. 1768-1772 in Tiree, Scotland (probably Kenovay). NOW FOR SOME THEORYCRAFTING: Allan seems to have been the son of Lachlan MacLean b. bet. 1743-1749 and Catherine McKinnon b. ca. 1744 (sources for this include - the 1776 and 1779 census of Tiree, as well as the baptismal records for Kenovay Tiree - all available on this site - Lachlan may have been the son of Donald MacLean and Margaret MacDonald (both born about 1726 of Kenovay). Allan married Mary MacDonald b. bet. 1772-1774, who may have been the daughter of John MacDonald and Mary/Henrietta McConnel of Coalis, Tiree. John may be the son of Neil MacDonald of Coalis b. abt 1706. And Mary McConnel MacDonald may be the daughter of Malcom McConnel b. abt 1713 of Coalis. Note: there are about 7 possible parents for Allen and Mary on Tiree in the time period - some emigrated, or died and can be ruled out. This above group seems to fit best with the data. But, I am very open to correction.

What I do know for certain is that Allan and Mary lived in Kenovay, Tiree, and had four children born there: 1) Catherine b. ca. 1792 (although baptism may be in Hough); 2) Hector b. 25 Dec. 1795 in Kenovay, Tiree bp. 28 Jan. 1796 Kenovay; 3) Alexander b. abt. 1798 in Kenovay, Tiree bp. 16 Apr. 1798; 4) Mary b. abt 1801 Kenovay, Tiree bp. 14 July 1801. Three more children would be born - one at Kirkcudbright, Scotland in 1803 (Henrietta/Euphemia) and 2 in Canada (Flora Ann - maybe in Scotland or on voyage and Margaret). Note: The time spans between children indicate that others may have been born, and died (Alexander was one who did not make the trip to Canada - must have died).
Something caused Allan to leave Tiree about 1801-1802, and it may be that if he is the son of Lachlan MacLean, I have a reason (along with his connection to the MacDonalds). Argyll had instructed his man to remove every 10th person who had a still. It seems Lachlan and his son Allan had the misfortune to have one - in 1801 they were found guilty and removed from their possessions (source - the Argyll Estate Instructions Mull, Morven, Tiree 1771-1805). About this time the Earl of Selkirk was looking for poor people to relocate to Canada in a scheme to set up a settlement in Kent Co. (Western District of Upper Canada) at a place to be called Baldoon. One of the MacDonalds (perhaps Mary's sibling), was selected to be indentured to the Earl and make the trip. Allan approached the Earl to seek paid passage to the Settlement (Allan was not indentured to the Earl - see Selkirk Papers - Selkirk's Diary "A. McLean etc. not indented asked terms for going up - I promised work and land cheap on credit - wages, referred to W. Burn." p.331 ). He, his family, and mother in law, would make the trip to Canada aboard the Oughton in 1804 along with the Earl's Settlers (source: Passenger list for the Oughton - The original is in the Public Archives of Canada, Alexander McDonell Papers, Notebook, 105-8).

Allan's mother in law Henrietta/Mary/Flora MacDonald died within the year of arriving at Baldoon from Malaria (source: Selkirk Papers). Allan would die 1 Feb. 1813 while fighting in the War of 1812 (source: Muster and pay rolls for Kent Militia - for service record, and NAC War of 1812 Records C 703C pp. 33-34 for casualty record). His house had also been burnt in the war by natives in the employ of the Americans (source: Petition for Losses in the War of 1812 - dated 1824).
Allan's children all settled in Kent Co., ON - they were among the founding families of Wallaceburg(h), Kent, ON.

Any help in clarifying the connections, or possibly helping me to go further back would be greatly appreciated.

Title Argyll estate instructions: Mull, Morvern, Tiree, 1771-1805 Scottish History Society Volume 1 of Publications, 4th series, Scottish History Society Argyll Estate Instructions: Mull, Morvern, Tiree, 1771-1805, John Campbell Argyll (Duke of) Author John Campbell Argyll (Duke of)Editor Eric R. CregeenContributor Eric R. Cregeen Publisher Printed for the Scottish History Society by T. and A. Constable, 1964 pp.57-58 ANSWER TO INSTRUCTIONS OCTr - 1801 Art. ist. In complyance with your Grace's instructions, every 10th man, according as they were proved to have been most culpable of distilling, has been removed from their possession, with the exception of Hector McLean, tenant in Cornaigbeg, who has a lease till Whitsy 1804. Viz. Lachlan McLean Kenovay, Allan McLean his son, Peter McInnis in Vaull, Jas. McDonald in Muirdale, Hector McLean in Ballimeanach, Ferqhuar Brown in ditto, Hector Kennedy Kilchenichmore, John Kennedy his son, John McLean in Haugh, Donald McInnis Ballivulin, John McArthur Fencible-man Vaull, and Donald McLean in Kinovay. A difficulty having occur'd of finding a herd to take care of the souming of the Reef, Donald McLean Kinovay, in consideration of his having nine notherless children, and John McArthur, formerly a serjeant in Lord Lorne's Fencible regiment, both having in other respects a good character, have been appointed to take care of that duty, which they have paid good attention to. The other 12 delinquents are still on the island, taking care of their crops, & living in their barns to which they claim right till next Patricksmass day according to established usage, and in order to implement your Grace's intentions fall to be removed from it then, or at Whitsunday next, as you will be pleas'd to direct.

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