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ROBERT BECK b. Scotland 9JUL1814 (ca. 1814-5), d. Mortimore, Harcourt Parish, Kent Co., NB 11JUL1904 age 90 years, m. 1st ELIZABETH McDOUGALL (b. ca. 1824, d. 12OCT1864 age 40 years, buried St. Andrew's Cemetery, Rexton, Kent Co., NB); m. 2nd ISABELLA MORRELL (b. PEI ca. 1844); m. 3rd MARGARET E. LEET (LEAT) (b. Harcourt Parish, Kent Co., NB 16MAR1834 (ca. 1834-5), d. Harcourt Parish, Kent Co., NB 11JUN1909 age 75 years, buried St. Andrew's Cemetery, Harcourt Parish, Kent Co., NB).
In Weldford Parish, Kent Co., NB in 1871, Isabella seems to have been Robert's 2nd wife judging from her age and the ages of some of the children. The name, David H. (2), is written in after her name and crossed out. Possibly this refers to a recently deceased child. I have included David as a child on speculation.
I do see signs of a Morrel/Morrell family especially in the Summerside-Bedeque area of PEI. For example, in Bedeque in Lot 26, in 1864, were George Morrell and John Morrel. There is also mention of a Nathaniel and Susan Ann Morrell who had a son, John Ashton Morrell, b. 1873, who married a Silliker from Bedeque. The family appears to have originated with William Morrell and Jane Crossman.
In 1879, Fowler Robert Wesley Beck was b. Harcourt Parish, Kent Co., NB 11OCT1879 to Robert Beck and Margaret Leat. So, if Robert was the Robert b. 1815, Margaret is likely a 3rd wife.
Elizabeth Beck b. West Branch, Kent Co., NB ca. 1894, m. Samuel Horton (b. Pine Ridge, Weldford Parish, Kent Co., NB ca. 1887), s/o John and Margaret (Wilson) Horton. She was a daughter of James and Flora Beck. The Horton's, by the way, are likely descended from a Loyalist family originating with an early, colonial family in the Southampton area of Long Island, New York.
Elizabeth Beck b. Weldford Parish ca. 1872, m. Isaac Horton, was, in her marriage record, a daughter of Isabella Morrell and Robert Beck. The same record has Isaac Horton born 'Mirimichi', which, I believe, refers either to Glenelg Parish and/or Hardwicke Parish in Northumberland Co., NB where I would anticipate finding Horton's. Isaac is given as age 44 years when he married Elizabeth, but I would suspect he was the Isaac Horton age 40 in Weldford Parish in 1871, so he may have been b. ca. 1831. In 1871, his wife was Elizabeth (30).
Although, on the marriage record, Isaac Horton gives his father as William Horton, elsewhere, such as:
his parents are James George and Mary Alice (Grumble) Horton. James George Horton is given as coming from Hardwicke Parish, so the Loyalist family is likely indicated. Contradicting this is the information at:
Where Isaac is the s/o William and Elizabeth (Dutcher) Horton. Considering the fact that Isaac stated his father was William, this seems more likely. William is given as the s/o James Horton, the Loyalist I mentioned. James was the s/o Sarah Budd, descended from John Budd, hence my vague recognition of the name as John Budd was also my ancestor by a different line which, coincidentally, includes the Silliker's in Bedeque.
In Harcourt Parish, in 1881, Robert Beck (66) and Margaret (46) have children Andrew H. (3) and Robert W. (6 months). Then is listed Elizabeth Wellwood (13) apperantly unrelated; and then Alfred (10) and Elizabeth (9) Beck. This would suggest that Alfred and Elizabeth were children by Robert's 2nd marriage. Elizabeth's mother, therefore, is most likely Isabella Morrell. When James William Beck died, his mother was given as Mary Morrell
Robert (77) and Margaret E. (56) Beck are in Harcourt Parish in 1891. With them are Alfred, Andrew H. and Robert W. Margaret was b. NB, her father was b. NS and her mother was b. England. Robert and his parents were b. Scotland.
I suspect that Robert was a s/o:

BECK, William died Dec 31 1850 aged 71
native of Scotland
his wife
BECK, Isabella died Jan 18 1868 aged 87

buried in St. Mark's Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Bass River, Kent Co., NB. A William Beck m. Weldford Parish 28AUG1848 Mary Marsh. Whether this was a brother of Robert's, or the elder William in a 2nd marriage is not clear. It seems likely that these were Robert's parents as William Beck and Isobell Jardine had a son, Robert Beck, baptized in Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire, Scotland 17JUL1814. Robert was b. 9JUL1814 which nicely matches his date-of-birth in the 1901 census.

2. ALEXANDER BECK b. ca. 1856.
3. JOHN BECK b. ca. 1857-8, m. PHOEBE _____ (b. ca. 1843).
4. GEORGE BECK b. ca. 1860.
5. CATHERINE BECK b. ca. 1862.
6. JAMES WILLIAM BECK b. 23DEC1864 (ca. 1866, DEC1865 in 1911), d. 13JUL1948, buried West Branch Presbyterian Cemetery, Harcourt Parish, Kent Co., NB, m. FLORA M. WILSON (b. 31AUG1866, d. 23JUN1947), d/o James and Agnes (Morton) Wilson.
7. ISAAC BECK b. ca. 1868.
Possibly the James William Beck.
8. DAVID H. BECK b. ca. 1869.
9. ALFRED BECK b. ca. 1870-1.
J. ELIZABETH LOUISE BECK b. Molus River, Weldford Parish, Kent Co., NB 30MAY1872 (ca. 1872, 31MAY1873 in 1901, MAY1872 in 1911), d. Clarendon, Petersville Parish, Queens Co., NB 26MAY1949 age 76 years, 11 months and 26 days, m. 1st Weldford Parish, Kent Co., NB 8MAY1891 ISAAC HORTON (b. Miramichi Region, Northumberland Co., NB 21JAN1829 (ca. 1827-3, (ca. 1831-47?), age 40 in 1871), d. Mortimore (Mortimer?), Weldford Parish, Kent Co., NB 14MAR1892 age 65 years; m. 1st Elizabeth _____), s/o William and Elizabeth (Dutcher) Horton; m. 2nd Harcourt Parish, Kent Co., NB 19DEC1896 EDWARD WHEATON (b. Lower Sackville (Westmorland Co.?), NB 28NOV1869 (ca. 1865-70); m. 1st Millie _____), s/o Cypreau (Cyrian?, Cypress?, Cyphren?) and Elizabeth (Hinton) Wheaton.
Although, in their marriage record, Edward Wheaton is given as a s/o Cyprian and Elizabeth (Hinton) Wheaton, he appears to have been, in Harcourt Parish, a few households from the Beck's, Edgar ('Edger') C. Wheaton (b. ca. 1871), s/o Cyprian and Sarah Ann Wheaton.
Isaac, in Weldford Parish in 1891, gives himself as age 45 years. This rather confuses the issue as to his birth-date. Elizabeth is age 19, and gives her father as b. Scotland and her mother as b. NB. This confuses the issue of her mother's birth-place. I cannot find that they had any children with them. Nearby is Edward 'Wheton' (35) with a wife, Millie (27). Meanwhile, next to the Beck's, is Cypress Wheaton (40) and his wife, Fanny (25), apparently a 2nd wife.
By 1948, Elizabeth lived in Clarendon Station, Queens Co., NB. In 1901 they lived in Westfield Parish, Kings Co., NB. Birth-dates in 1901 are extremely unreliable. By 1911 they were in Petersville Parish, Queens Co., NB.
J1. THOMAS HAVELOCK HORTON (WHEATON) b. Harcourt Parish, Kent Co., NB 21JUN1890 or 21JUN1891 (21JUN1889 in 1901, JUN1890 in 1911).
Isaac's wife, Elizabeth Louise Bell, seems to have been alive as late as JUN1890 when she gave birth to a son, Thomas Havelock Horton. A separate record make the mother to have been Elizabeth L. Beck. A third record gives Thomas Havelock 'Heston' b. 21JUN1891, s/o Isaac and Elizabeth L. (Beck) 'Heston'. Since Elizabeth's daughter's (Annie) birth record gives her mother as Elizabeth Louise Beck I assume that 'Elizabeth Louise Bell' is, in fact, Elizabeth Beck. Isaac's wife, in 1871, was Elizabeth b. ca. 1841.
J2. ARTHUR MAXWELL (MAX) WHEATON b. Harcourt Parish, Kent Co., NB 17FEB1895 (17FEB1896 in 1901).
J7. ELIZABETH ANNE (ANNIE ELIZABETH) WHEATON b. Nerepsis, Queens Co., NB 16MAY1907 (APR1907 in 1911).
J8. GEORGE HENRY WHEATON b. Clarendon Station (Blagdon), Petersville Parish, NB 25APR1909, m. Petersville Parish, Queens Co, NB 6SEP1937 IRENE FRANCES KUPKEE.
J9. ROY IRVEN WHEATON b. Clarendon Station, Petersville Parish, NB 28APR1912.
K. ANDREW H. BECK b. 16APR1878 (ca. 1878-9).
L. ROBERT WESLEY (WELLESLEY) FOWLER (FOWLER ROBERT WESLEY) BECK b. Harcourt Parish, Kent Co., NB 11OCT1879 (5JAN1880 in 1901, ca. 1881, OCT1881 in 1911 and ca. OCT1880 in 1881, 11OCT1878 in death registration), d. Harcourt Parish, Kent Co., NB 27MAY1955, buried St. Matthew's Anglican Church Cemetery, Harcourt Parish, Kent Co., NBm. MARY (MINNIE) FLORENCE McCARTY/McCARTHY (b. Mortimore, Harcourt Parish, Kent Co., NB 11OCT1880 (DEC1883 in 1911), d. 26SEP1918 age 38 years); m. 2nd BLANCHE SPENCER (b. 1902, d. 1969, buried St. Andrew's Cemetery, Harcourt Parish, Kent Co., NB).
In 1901, Robert, as well as his parents and a brother, Andrew H. Beck, has in his household Andrew P. Beck b. 25DEC1883, listed as both a son and a brother. In 1911, Andrew P. is given as b. DEC1899, which seems more likely, and he was probably Robert W.'s son. 25DEC1883 may have been Mary's actual birth-date as, in 1911, she was b. DEC1883.

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