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There are two branches of the Tapley family. One branch were pre-Loyalists at Maugerville in what is now Sunbury Co., NB. The other branch, their not too distant cousins, were Loyalists but did not arrive in 1783. The progenitor of the Loyalist family went first to Ireland, where he married, and came to NB in the early 1800's settling in Sunbury Co. Just as he and his family arrived, the other family moved upriver to York and (later) Carleton counties with some going on to Upper Canada and to Maine. The timing gives one the impression that they were one, immediate family which can be very confusing. My difficulty is in finding the parents of Ann (Nancy) Tapley. She lived in Chipman Parish, Queens Co. (suggesting she was a member of the Loyalist family) and there is a hint that she was born in Bear Island, about Douglas Parish, York Co., NB (suggesting she was a member of the pre-Loyalist family). In any case, this is my interest in the early, Tapley family and why I had Cornelius Sanborn and why I haven't followed him thoroughly. The first part of the following is part of my notes on the Tapley families.

The second part is a quick look at John Sanborn who seems to have been Cornelius' brother. The origin in Hampstead Parish, and that Blackhawk appears to be finding wives in the area where John (presumably his uncle) later lived suggest that they were brothers, but it is not a certainty. That their sister, Susan, lived in the same area and that the other sister, Ann, lived not too far off also suggests this was the same John.

The third part is a similar search for Mayes Sanborn which found enough to determine that he apparently lived and died in NB.

The fourth part is going back to the baptisms, and trying to trace the daughters. I think I was relatively successful, except for Polly (Mary?), for whom I can find nothing. If her parents went to New York State then the only reason I can think of would be to live with Polly. I did find a Mary Ann, but it does not seem to be the same person.

I suspect that John and Hannah died in NB before 1861 and may have been buried on a homestead, or possibly in a forgotten cemetery on CFB Gagetown. I would suggest searching probate records, church records and possibly land records. It would be useful to find Polly as well.


3. SHERMAN TAPLEY b. ca. 1812-3 (ca. JUN1811), d. 18MAR1892 age 80 years and 9 months, buried Sanborn Cemetery, Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME, m. HADASA ESTHER KINNEY (b. Greenfield, NB 27FEB1818 (ca. 1816-7), d. 15MAY1900, age 82 years, 2 months and 18 days, buried Sanborn Cemetery, Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME), d/o Andrew and Martha (Webb) Kinney.
Previously I had Sherman d. 15MAY1800 age 82 years, 2 months and 18 days; but these were Esther's dates taken to be his. Supposedly this was from his death record. Their headstone is more specific.
On 26OCT1835, Sherman Tapley (b. ca. 1812) was granted 300 acres in Wicklow Parish, Carleton Co., NB.
By 1850, Sherman was in Aroostook Co., ME (in or near what is now Blaine, I understand). He appears to have moved in 1847. He was age 38, a farmer and b. NB. His wife was Esther (34), also b. NB; and it would appear that they had come to Maine ca. 1847. Children were: Elizabeth Ann (b. NB ca. 1839), John (b. NB ca. 1840), Amanda (b. NB ca. 1842), Caroline (b. NB ca. 1845), Emeline (b. ME ca. 1847 and Ursula (b. ME ca. 1849). With them was Edward Tapley (b. NB ca. 1820), presumably Sherman's brother; and Charles Sloan (b. NB ca. 1831), possibly also related. They are abstracted as:

Tapley Sherman 38 M Farmer Province of NB
Tapley Esther 34 F Province of NB
Tapley Elizabeth Ann 11 F Province of NB
Tapley John 10 M Province of NB
Tapley Amanda 8 F Province of NB
Tapley Caroline 5 F Province of NB
Tapley Emeline 3 F Letter B, R.1, Me.
Tapley Ursula 1 F Letter B, R.2, Me
Tapley Edward 30 M Farmer Province of NB
Sloan Charles 19 M Farmer Province of NB

Sherman became a naturalized citizen of the US SEP1858.
In 1860, in Letter B. Range 1, Aroostook Co., ME Sherman was age 48 and Esther was 43. Children were: Ann (21), John (19), Amanda (18), Caroline (15), Emeline (13), Celia (8), Norman (6), Sherman (40, 4?), and Jane (1 month, b. ca. JUN1860).
In 1870, in Alva Plantation, Aroostook Co., ME Sherman was age 57 and Esther was age 51 or 57 (more likely 51). Children were: Emeline (23, school teacher), Celia (19), Norman (16), Codelia (12) and Almeda (10).
Sherman's wife is sometimes given as Hadasa Kenney (Kinney), and they are said to have had a son, Sherman, b. Wicklow Parish, Carleton Co., NB ca. 1848. It is not clear as to what the basis for these statements are, but since they were in Maine before 1848, there are some questions. Considering the relationship of the Kenney's to the Tapley's, and considering that there were (in 1871 for example) Kinney's in Wicklow Parish; the possibility that his wife's maiden-name was Kinney is a very real one.
Sorting out Tapley's in Maine in 1880, even in Aroostook Co., may be problematic. For example, there was a Francis P. Tapley b. ME ca. 1865 working for Henry H. and 'Phelena' E. Bragdon in Perham, Aroostook Co., ME. In Bridgewater, Aroostook Co. was a widow, Jane Tapley (b. ME ca. 1831), with children: Pearl (ca. 1857), 'Cathalea' (ca. 1864), George (ca. 1867) and Rose (ca. 1871). The children's father was b. Maine, and Jane's date-of-birth make it unlikely that her husband was a child of Sherman Tapley. It is possible that she was a widow of the Edward Tapley in the 1850 census.
Also in Bridgewater in 1880 was William Tapley (b. ME ca. 1853, parents b. NB), who might be Sherman's son, or he might be Edward's son, or neither. His wife was 'Ader' (b. ME ca. 1857), and children were: Warren (ca. 1878) and James W. (ca. 1879). Also William's mother-in-law, 'Phebia' Bradbury (ca. 1837), sister-in-law, Olive D. Parsons (ca. 1859) and brother-in-law Albert Parsons (ca. 1864); suggesting that 'Ader' had a maiden-name of either Bradbury or Parsons.
In Monticello, Aroostook Co., ME in 1880 was an Albert Tapley b. NB ca. 1854, a teamster working for Henry C. Sharp. Apparently Albert was not connected with Sherman; but where would he fit in? Also in Monticello was Allen A. Tapley b. ME ca. 1857, living with his parents-in-law, Jacob and 'Mersie' (Mercy?) L. Tilley. Allen's wife was Mary A. (ca. 1858), and their children were: Ida M. (ca. 1880), James F. (ca. 1872) and 'Augustas' A. (ca. 1878).
In Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME in 1880 was Sherman Topley, age 68, b. NB a farmer. His wife was Ester (b. NB age 63). Children were Celia (26), Norman (25), Cordelia (23) and Almedea (20); all b. ME.
It is suggested that Sherman Tapley was one of the earlier (1847), but not the earliest (1842) settlers in Blaine; as well as others from New Brunswick, and that he shared a double log house with William Freeman on the Houlton Road. Another settler was Charles L. DeMerchant (d. 2SEP1881 age 74 years, 9 months 22 days), s/o John DeMerchant, who is buried in the Tapley Cemetery in Blaine with his wife, Lucy (Lucinda O'Rourke) (d. 29MAR1899 age 71 years and 10 months). A daughter was Geneva Tapley b. 12SEP1897, d. New York City MAY1975, buried Sanborn Cemetery, Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME.
Sherman was in Carleton Co., NB as late as 30JUL1835 when he was a witness to the marriage of William A. Gallop and Charity Ann Rideout. Apparently while still in NB (1840-1) he and Samuel Nevers were partners in providing masts for ship-building.
Given as a son of Sherman Tapley is another Sherman A. Tapley b. 1890, d. 1959, buried Sanborn Cemetery, Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME, m. Georgia (Georgie) A. _____ (10JAN1887, d. JAN1968, buried Sanborn Cemetery, Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME); and had a daughter, Glenna Gertrude Tapley b. ca. 1913-4, m. Robinsons (Blaine), Aroostook Co., ME 25DEC1935 Allan Fuller. Glenna's marriage announcement mentioned relatives: Frank Tapley, Fred Tapley, Mrs. Francis Tapley, Avis Cronkhite, Mr. and Mrs. William Murray of Presque Isle, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Harris, of Bridgewater, Ernest Wardwell of Castine, Mr. and Mrs. George Steeves, of Van Buren, Mrs. Julia Harris of Woodstock, N.B., and Mrs. Bertha M. Tapley of Monticello. A sister was likely Evelyn Tapley. It seems more likely that this younger Sherman was a grandson.
Said to have been a son of James Robert Tapley (s/o Samuel and Sarah (Hubble) Tapley) and Sally J. _____ was Amon H. Tapley (ca. 1855-1925) who m. Elvira Amelia Little. They had a daughter, Cora Annie Tapley (19JAN1881-1930) who married Charlie Sylvester and who is buried Sanborn Cemetery, Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME. Another child of Amon was Edgar Little Tapley b. NB 17JUN1895, d. 21OCT1993, buried Sanborn Cemetery, Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME. With him is his wife, Mildred L. (1902-1969). Yet another of Amon's children was Frederick (Fred) Victoria Tapley b. 1APR1882, d. 28SEP1954, buried Sanborn Cemetery, Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME; and who had a wife, Sadie Jane Thomas (11OCT1891-23OCT1918).
Giving Samuel's son, James [6] as James Robert Tapley seems to be confusing him with a member of the Loyalist, Tapley family. While Amon may have been a son of this James Tapley, it is far more likely that, being associated with Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME and with family buried in the Sanborn Cemetery in that place, Amon was a s/o Sherman Tapley, James' brother. I see no way to make a conclusion at this time. I have, however, included Amon and a William Tapley as sons by James' 1st marriage for now.
31. ELIZABETH ANN (ANNA, ANN E.) TAPLEY b. NB Carleton Co., NB 30JUL1839 (ca. 1837-9), bpt. (as Ann Elizabeth, d/o 'Sharman' and Esther Tapley) Anglican Church, Woodstock, Carleton Co., NB by the Rev. Sam'l D. Lee Street 4DEC1840, m. CORNELIUS MAYES SANBORNE (b. Hampstead Parish, Queens Co., NB 28AUG1837 (ca. 1838), baptized 1838), d. Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME 8MAY1901 age 62 years), s/o John and Hannah (Mayes) Sanborn.
Cornelius may be Cornelius Mayes Sanborne b. Hampstead, Queens Co., NB 28AUG1837, s/o John and Hannah (Mayes) Sanborne. Cornelius and Ann were in Aroostook Co., ME in 1860. With them was Eben Sanborn age 54.
In the 1880 census, Cornelius and Ann Sanborn lived in Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME. There is, in that vicinity, a Sanborn Cemetery in which Cornelius is said to be buried. In 1880, Cornelius is given as b. NB ca. 1838, and his parents were b. Massachusetts. If his parents were b. MA, then it seems unlikely they would have been in NB. Cornelius Mayes Sanborne, however, was indeed b. and baptized (1838) in Queens Co., NB. John Sanborn and Hannah 'Mayse' were of Wickham Parish, Queens Co., NB when married in 1821 and in Hampstead Parish, Queens Co., Nb when their children were baptized.
Ann, in 1880, was b. NB ca. 1839; but her parents' birthplace is not given. Children were: Blackhock (17), Beacher (13), Morise (12), Annie (8) and Odel (3); with the spellings being questionable.
Cornelius Sanborn (22) was in Letter B, Range 1 (Blaine), Aroostook Co., ME in 1860. In 1870, in Maine, Cornelius Sanborn (30) and Ann E. (29) were both born Nb as was their son, 'Black Hanck' (6), while Thomas B. (3) and Mays (daughter, 6 months( were b. Maine.
In Blaine, in 1900, Cornelius Sanborn was b. Canada, England JUL1839. Ann E. was also b. JUL1839, so Cornelius' birth-date is likely an error in recording or transcription. Children were Odell (JUN1877), Scott (FEB1883), Annie W. Wyman (OCT1873, widowed) and Annie's daughter, Dorothy Wyman (OCT1895).
A death record for Cornelius confirms that he was a s/o John and Hannah ('Mase') Sanborn.
311. BLACKHAWK H. SANBORN b. Robinson (Roninston?, Robbinston?), ME (or Annapolis Co., NS) ca. 1863-70, d. 1944, m. 1st Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME 15SEP1892 ANSONETTA (NETTIE) E. ALEXANDER (b. ca. 1860-1, d. 1923), d/o Joseph and Elizabeth (Shirley) Alexander; m. 2nd Woodstock, Carleton Co., NB 25JUN1924 MAUD MAY (DOW) BAXTON (b. Temple, York Co., NB ca. 1867), d/o Charles and Lydia (Dickinson) Dow; m. 3rd Wilmot Parish, Carleton Co., NB 25JUL1937 ANNE (MELFORD) SIMPSON (b. Juniper, Carleton Co., NB ca. 1875), d/o Robert and Jennie (Montgomery) Melford.
In Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME, in 1900, the family is noted as:

Black H Sanborn ca. 1865 Canada;England White Head
Nettie E. Sanborn ca. 1861 Canada;England White Wife
Donald Sanborn ca. 1895 Maine White Son
Whitfield Sanborn ca. 1897 Maine White Son
Josephine A. Sanborn ca. 1898 Maine White Daughter
Ethel N. Sanborn ca. 1900 Maine White Daughter
Lutitia A. Farley ca. 1855 Canada;England White Boarder

In his 2nd marriage, Blackhawk was a widower, a merchant living in 'Robinson' (Robbinston?), ME and was b. Annapolis, NS. His father, Cornelius, was b. Queens Co., NB. In his 3rd marriage he is referred to as Sanborn Hawk Black which is transcribed to be Hank Black Sanborn but this is an idiosyncrasy of some recording clerks as is evidenced by the bride's name being recorded as Simpson Melford Anne. A widow, the Melford refers to her maiden name and not first nor middle name as her father is Robert Melford. Rather than being taken as Melford Anne Simpson, she is Anne (Melford) Simpson. In this case, Blackhawk was b. Blaine, ME and his father in the United States; both unlikely. The name of his mother looks like 'Annie Rennie'.
312. BEECHER SANBORN b. ca. 1867-70, m. 1st Maine 19NOV1895 GERTRUDE McTAVISH; m. 2nd Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME 13MAR1918 LULU M. (E). RIDEOUT/BURNS (b. ca. 1874, d. Mars Hill, Aroostook Co., ME 23OCT1969 age 95 years).
Beecher (70) and Lulu E. (66) Sanborn were in Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME in the 1940 census.
313. MORRIS SANBORN b. ca. 1868.
314. ANNIE W. SANBORN b. ca. 1872, m. 1st Aroostook Co., ME 24JAN1895 WILLIAM H. WYMAN, s/o Horace and Emma J. (Hall) Wyman; m. 2nd Aroostook co., ME 21SEP1907 WILLIAM B. BROWN.
Possibly the Annie W. Sanborn in the two marriages in Aroostook Co., Maine:

SANBORN ANNIE W. Blaine,, ME, WYMAN WILLIAM H. Presque Isle, ME 24JAN1895

They were the same person as in the second marriage she is also Annie W. Wyman.
315. ODELL SANBORN b. 1878 (ca. 1877-8), d. 1940, buried Sanborn Cemetery, Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME, m. Maine 17MAR1903 REBECCA M. BELYEA (b. 1879 (ca. 1880), d. 1967, buried Sanborn Cemetery, Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME), d/o Joseph Bartholomew and Melissa (Douglas) Belyea.
Odell (62) and Rebecca M. (60) Sanborn were in Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME in the 1940 census.
316. SCOTT W. SANBORN b. 28FEB1883, d. 2OCT1955, buried Sanborn Cemetery, Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME, m. Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME 21NOV1906 FLORENCE IRVINE (IRVING) (b. 2FEB1884, d. 16MAR1949, buried Sanborn Cemetery, Blaine, Aroostook Co., ME), d/o John R. and 'Deen' (Smith) Irving.

John Sanburn (36) and Sarah (35) were in Hampstead Parish, Queens Co., NB in 1861. Children were Levi (15), 'Emerette' (12), Hannah (10), 'Adbur' (Odbur, 8), Sarah (7), 'Francis' (daughter, 6), Frederick (3), and 'Phebe' A. (1). There was, in the same parish, another John Sanburn (35) with a wife, Catharine (21).
John Sanburn b. ca. 1825 was in Petersville, Queens Co., NB in 1871. His wife was Sarah (46) and children were Levi (23), Emeretta (22), 'Adalade' (17), Sarah (16), Frances M. (15), James J. (or T.) (13) and 'Phebe' A. (9).
By 1885 Levi Sanburn was in Brighton Parish, Carleton Co., NB. John Sanburn lived in Upper Woodstock, Carleton Co., NB in 1894 when his daughter, Hannah McDonald, m. (2nd?) 8NOV1894 John N. Grant.
In Woodstock Parish, in 1891, there were John (65) and Sarah (70) Sanborn with a grandson, John L. Sanborn (8). Levi Sanborn (40) (Levi Leslie Sanborn) was in Brighton Parish with his family, including his wife, Elizabeth Ann Puddington (16NOV1858-8JUL1935), d/o George and Phoebe (Brown) Puddington. Levi Leslie Sanborn (29NOV1845-18SEP1938) was b. Queens Co., Nb the s/o John and Sarah (McConenle?) Sanborn.
A John Frederick Sanborn b. Hibernia, NB 5OCT1861, d. Woodstock 11MAY1936, and was a son of John and Polly (Mays) Sanborn, both b. Hibernia, NB. Hibernia is in Hampstead Parish, Queens Co., NB. It seems to be part of CFB Gagetown now. This may be similar to New Ireland Settlement, Jerusalem Settlement, Queens Co. where John Sanburn is listed in the 1865 directory.
John Sanborn (1825-1906) is buried in the New Lenentine Cemetery, York Co., NB. So is Sarah (1820-1903). In 1901 they were in Canterbury Parish, York Co., NB with John b. 10MAY1818 and Sarah b. 23DEC1818.
Adelaide Sanburn lived in Queens Co., NB in 1877 when she married George A. Trott. Her death record gives her parents as John Sanborn and Sarah Nickerson (more likely.)
Hannah (also of Queens Co.) 1st m. 1868 John McDonald. Her death record gives her parents as John Sanborn and Sarah Dickinson. In her 2nd marriage, she was b. Hampstead Parish, Queens Co., NB.
Levi m. Elizabeth Ann Puddington (of the Kingston-Clifton Royal Puddington's) in 1876.

MAYES SANBORN seems to have been in Nova Scotia. William M. Sanborn (b. 'St. John', NB 16OCT1865, d. Halifax 26NOV1929) was the s/o 'Mayer' Sanborn. William's son was Gordon Mayes Sanborn. I cannot find them in NB in 1871. this, to me, suggests they lived in Portland Parish, Saint John Co. which, for some strange reason, has been left out of the online 1871 census. In 1881, in portland, was a widow, Mary Sanbourn (50, b. Ireland) with children Angelina (21), Saraphina (19), Levina (17) and William (15), all b. NB. Gordon Mayes Sanborn was b. Saint John 22JAN1899, s/o William Mayes and Alice Maud (Heathfield) Sanborn. William M. Sanburn m. 5JUL1892 Alice Heathfield.
'Sophroma' H. Sanburn m. C. Burpee Pidgeon. William Mayes Sanborn (b. Prince William, NB ca. 1866), when he married, was the s/o Mays and Mary Sanborn. H. Sophronia Sanburn, when she married, was the d/o Mary Sanburn and was b. Prince William, NB ca. 1862. Prince William is a parish in York Co.

d. Pokiok Mills, Indiantown (St. John) Sunday morn., 21st Dec. [1873], of consumption, Mayes SANBORN, age 44, left wife, four children. Funeral Tuesday 12 o'clock from his residence.

m. 2nd inst. [SEP1896], at residence of bride's mother, by Rev. J.A. Gordon, M.A., C.B. PIDGEON / Sophronia SANBORN, both of St. John.

In spite of apparently living in York Co., NB, 'Mays' Sanburn, in the 1871 directory, is a mason in Indiantown, Portland Parish, Saint John Co., NB on Bridge St.; which is pretty much what I suspected.

ANN (ANNE) SANBORN b. 16AUG1821 (ca. 1823-8), d. 7MAY1899 age 73 years, m. 9FEB1843 GEORGE B. HOYT (b. ca. 1812-3, d. Hainesville, York Co., NB 30(or 31)OCT1895 age 83 (or 75) years), s/o Joseph and Mary (Polly) (Crabbe) Hoyt.
In Bright Parish, York Co., NB in 1871 with children Samuel R. (18), Matilda J. (23), Charlotta A. (20), Elisabeth E. (15), Amanda L. (12), Harriet E. (10), Mahala T. (10) and a son (ca. JAN1871).
In Bright Parish in 1881:
Hoyt George M 68 NB Episc American M
Hoyt Ann F 43 NB Episc American M
Hoyt Samuel M 27 NB Episc American
Hoyt Theodosia F 17 NB Episc American
Samuel R. Hoyt was b. Queens Co., NB ca. 1853-5.
Amanda L. Hoyt b. ca. 1859 is likely Amanda Hoyt b. 19MAR1857 (17MAR1859 in death registration), d. 17APR1925, wife of John Billings of Central Hainesville. Her death registration gives her as a d/o George Hoyt and Annie Sanburn, so this is the same Ann who m. George Hoyt at the same time her sister, Susan, m. Thomas Stewart.


Possibly the Mary Ann Sanburn of Woodstock who m. 26SEP1852 Asa Chase. I cannot find any Sanborn/Sanburn in Woodstock Parish in 1851. I suspect they were the Asa D. Chase (29AUG1832) with a wife, Mary (2FEB1832) in Southampton Parish, York Co., NB in 1901. Asa Dow Chase (7AUG1832-31MAR1920) was the s/o Reuben and Mary (Brown) Chase and had been in the American Civil War. In 1881 children were Alice (24), Oscar (23), Charles (21) and George (6).
In 1870 they were in Maine. Makes me wonder if he was in the Maine regiment who were all awarded the Medal of Honor; but had to give them back.
Alice Maude Chase m. John Henry Gibbs. Oscar William Chase (15APR1857-29DEC19280 was the s/o Asa D. and Mary Ann (Sanborne) Chase.

SUSAN SANBORN b. 9OCT1826 (ca. 1823), m. FEB1843 THOMAS WILLIAM STEWART (b. ca. 1815, d. 20JUN1882).
In Brighton Parish, Carleton Co., NB in 1871 with children Edward (25), George (23), Thomas W. (21), 'Cecilia' (16), Bedford (8) and Dow (2). Thomas William Stewart (12JAN1845-30AUG1930) was the s/o Wm. (?) and Susan (Sanborn) Stewart. So the family in Carleton Co. is Susan's.
In 1891 in Wakefield Parish, Carleton Co., NB there are:
Stewart, George M 43
Stewart, Susan F 36
Stewart, Charles M 16
Stewart, Hadley M 11
Stewart, Berta F 10
Stewart, Emma F 10
Stewart, Randolph M 9
Stewart, Etta F 7
Stewart, Ida F 3
Stewart, Sanborn M 2


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