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Rusenko (Lemko Family) from Krasna > Lemkivschyna

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Rusenko (Lemko Family) from Krasna > Lemkivschyna

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ATTN Katerine Lobach:

I have sent you this message many times and am getting postal errors/bounce backs. Hopefully you will see this message.
RUSENKO (Lemko Family) from Krasna?

As per Galician Gazetteer, wies/village Krasna was predominantly a Lemko village with its own GC Church. The powiat was in Krosno and the gmina (tax/judicial district) was Korscyna. The regional center was Rzeszow. The filial RC Parish was in Lutcze and the filial Jewish kahal was in Korscyna. Today this is Podkarpackie wojiwodstwo/region > SE Poland. Topography is the beautiful Beskydy Mountains of the Carpathian range.,_Podkarpackie_Voivodeshi...

Did anyone in your family ever explain to you what happened to the Lemko during and post WW2?

Following is an article about Ivan Rusenko, prominent Lemko and lyrical poet born in Krasna. Based on 1890
dob, he could even have been your Great Uncle.

Re your question about Krasna GC Cemetery? Descendants of forcefully resettled Lemko are going back to their ancestral villages and cleaning up the GC and Christian Orthodox cemeteries. Sorry to say many are still in bad condition. You might consider getting involved in some fashion. Even a modest donation can be very helpful.

Following site contains photos, one of which is the GC Church in Krasna that was used for storage by the Polish
Communists. You will need to use Polish to English translator to explore site. Use Google translator Polish to English. The site is well worth the effort. It gives you history of the village, lists important Lemko in Krasna and even provides the layout /map of village in 1914-1915. Make sure to take time and translate every bit of it for yourself.

Following link (same site) shows pix of RC Church allowing Lemko to have their own service. There are also pix of cemetery. I have seen pix of other village cemeteries in much worse condition.

Following link to pix of tombstones in Krasna cemetery. There are pix for Jurij (George) Rusenko, died 1938 and spouse Katerzyna died 1943. This could be your Ekateryna. There is also stone for Teodor (nick would have been Fedko) 1840-1900 and spouse Chrystina.

Last, but not least most villagers were forcefully resettled to Soviet Eastern Ukraine. Krasna Descendants can be found in Luhansk and Kyiv regions. Selo/village Peremozhne > Luhansk oblast/region. Interview of Director of Luhansk Archives, showing Lemko resettlement records and interview w/Petro Jacynczak, head of Lemko in Luhansk, detailing forceful resettlement. Petro states the worst times were 1944-1945-1946. The train trip took 2 months. Many elderly died within three months after arrival.

I will put together a list of all Lemko Orgs and someone will know what happened to your family members.
You may have already seen following material.

Krasna [Ru] Krasna / Kroscienka[Polish]
Krosno District, present day SE Poland

Lemko Surnames cited by Krasovs'kyj from 1787 Austrian Cadastral Records

Bil / Biel / Bil' ( 4 families)
Bodnarczyk / Bednarczyk / Bodnarchyk ( 2 families)
Wanio / Van'o
Wegrzyniak / Vengrynjak ( 2 families)
Winiarczyk / Vynjarchyk
Gazdayka / Gazdajka ( 2 families)
Haluszka / Galuszka / Hawuszka / Halushka
Dzindzio / Dzindz'o [typo in data - assume this is village]
Gmitryk / Gmitryk / Dmitryk / Dmitrzyk / Dymitryk / Dmrytryk
Zawoyski / Zavojs'kyj ( 2 families)
Zajac / Zajats
Kiczan / Kychan ( 2 familes)
Kolbasa / Kiolbasa / Kilebasa / Kovbasa ( 3 families)
Kolczun / Kolczon / Kolchun
Kupiec / Kupets ( 2 families)
Kusienko / Kusenko
Lisniak / / Lesniak / Lisnjak ( 2 families)
Las / Ljas
Mamczak / Mamchak
Piszko / Pisko / Pishko ( 2 families)
Piastuk / P'jastuk
Romanczyk / Romanchyk
Rysinyk / Rusinek / Rusynyk (2 families) [Rysinyk should be Rusinyk - typo in master data] ????
Senkowicz / Senkovych (2 families)
Sokol / Sokil
Spirniak / Sporniak / Spirnjak ( 3 families)
Unisko / Unys'ko
Fecak / Fetsak ( 2 families)
Feciszyn / Fecziszyn / Fetsyshyn ( 6 families)
Czepczyk / Chepchyk ( 2 families)
Jablonski / Jablons'kyj ( 2 families)
Jacyszyn / Jacyczyn / Jaczyszyl / Jatsyshyn ( 2 families)

Parish Data: [from Blazejowskyj and Iwanusiw]

The church was "Saint Michael" [1914] [still standing]

The wooden church was renovated in 1880 and replaced a church built in 1762.

The parish was established on August 20, 1571 when the mayor gave the rights and field for the church to
o. Ivan Ban'kovs'kyj who came from the village ZHENYCJA

In 1785 the village lands comprised 18.18 sq km. There were 705 Greek Catholics 10 Roman Catholics and 15 Jews

1840 - 1002 Greek Catholics

1859 - 946 Greek Catholics

1879 - 1250 Greek Catholics

1899 - 1487 Greek Catholics

1926 - 1730 Greek Catholics

1936 - 1766 Greek Catholics

The village was incorporated in to the Lemko Apostolic Administration in 1934

In 1936 there were 98 Roman Catholics 0 Jews

The village LJUTCHA 3.5 km was served by the priest and above population includes this village

LDS microfilm not available

It is highly likely that some of records are in Pzremysl Archive > Poland. BTW summer is not the best time for submitting archival inquiries. There are tourists in archives to deal with and most archivists are already daydreaming about their annual summer holiday.

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