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Super Index for 37 villages around Bystřice nad Pernštejnem

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Super Index for 37 villages around Bystřice nad Pernštejnem

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Hello. While researching my Růžička ancestors from Kundratice near Rozsochy (Moravia), I discovered a type-written index created in about 1944. It is Signatura 15489. This list is absolutely amazing. Entries in each section are alphabetic by both surname and given name, in contemporary Czech spelling rather than Latin or German. This was done without benefit of a computer, over 600 type-written pages. The larger pages have 50 entries per page. Smaller ones, about 20. I estimate there are from 12,000 to 30,000 entries in this signatura. This is a fantastic resource, especially given the time period of 1650 to 1802. I think the index is signed by Jan and Jarmila Jelinek.

The index is organized into eleven (11) separate indices, corresponding to another signatura/book where you then look up the actual record. I have listed the start and end pages of each of these indices, in chronological order, (since they are NOT chronological in 15489) along with the corresponding signatura which contains the actual records. Note: when the page number is followed by "pv", look on the next page in the record book, as the entry will be on the back of the page listed. Think “post view”. Because the original record books are numbered one for every TWO pages, the digital image number is very close to the number recorded in the index. For example, if the index says page 265, the digital image might be 265, 266, or 267. Once you learn to use this index, you will be delighted at how much data you can find in just a few hours.

Thirty seven (37) villages are included in the super index. Here is a list of the 36 villages that I found. In later years, as a village became larger, it merited its own set of books and index. Rozsochy, for example, is not in the later records.

Albrechtice, Blažejovice, Bohuňov, Bratrušín, Bystřice nad Pernštejnem, Dalečín, Daňkovice, Divišov, Domanín, Domanínek, Dvořiště, Hluboké, Hrda Ves, Chudobín, Janovícky, Jimramov, Karasín, Korouhvice, Krásné, Kundratice, Lesoňovice, Lhota, Nový Dvůr, Pivonice, Pisečné, Rodkov, Rozsochy, Rovné, Skály, Strazkov, Věchnov, Vír, Veseli, Vítochov, Vojetín, Ždanice.

The start of each index, and the corresponding book where the record can be located:

BAPTISMS/BIRTHS (There is a gap from 1667 to 1682)
1. Index of baptisms, 1650-1666, Sig. 15489, images 225-253
records found in 15411 (73 images, baptisms only)

2. Index of baptisms, 1683-1699 Sig. 15489, images 254-282
records found in 15412 (131 images)

3. Index of baptisms, 1700 – 1724, Sig. 15489, images 38-78
records found in 15413 (359 Images)

4. Index of baptisms, 1725-1754, Sig. 15489, images 98-153
records found in 15414 (526 images)

5. Index of baptisms, 1754-1784, Sig. 15489, images 166-214, (nemanželský at 212, adult baptism 214)
records found in 15415 (241 images)

6. Index of births, 1784-1799 ,Sig. 15489, images 295-321
records found in 15416 (198 images)

The last few pages of some of the indices list the entries where the surname could not be determined, due to ink smudges, tears, etc. One should look at these pages, too, if you cannot find your family surname in the regular pages. In addition, when the parent is listed as "NB", it indicates unknown paternity, and sometimes not even the mother's surname was recorded.

1. Index of marriages, 1683-1699, Sig. 15489, images 283-294
records found in 15412, images start at 104

2. Index of marriages, 1700-1724, Sig. 15489, images 79-98
records found in 15413, images start at 271.

3. Index of marriages, 1725-1768, Sig. 15489, images 1-38
records found in 15414, images start at 368.

4. Index of marriages, 1754-1784, Sig 15489, images 214-224
records found in 15415, images start at 214

5. Index of marriages, 1784-1802, Sig. 15489, images 154-166
cannot determine which book this corresponds to. It would need to be at least 180 images.

Hint: If you can’t read a spouse’s surname in the actual record, you can look through the section in this “super index” for the page number, find the dozen or so entries for the page, and narrow down the possibilities.
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