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Surnames: Johannsen
Obituary's, word of mouth and census information indicates inconsistanly that Johann Johannsen, age 41, Ida Margartha, age 32, Sophie Anne Johannsen, age 13 and
Julius Johannsen age 8 left Germany on May 4, 1895.
The Ellis Island web site had what "could be" the final answer. A passenger search did show up, with the entire family: Johann, age 36, Ida, age 34, Sophie, age 11, Julius, age 7, and Charile (listed as Carl) age 3. The name of the ship was Patria and sailed from Hamburg, Germany.
The ship arrived at Ellis Island March 25, 1895
From stories told by Solphie (Johannsen) Meumann while living at Good Samaritan Home in Davenport, she tells the story of her brother Charlie also being on the ship. She said
a wealthy childless couple offered cash to buy Charlie. The offer was considered because they were low on money. She also said that when they got to Chicago, her parents had to wire someone for additional money to get to Davenport.
The entire family agrees a child was born on the ship and died. It was to have been thrown overboard.
Gusty Johannsen told Sue Schwager that she has information that the boat arrived in New York Harbor May 5, 1895 from Ditmarscher Marme Germany (a 1900 census says 1894).

Johann Jacob Johannsen b. 4/26/1854 in Germany.
Died: 7/23/1940 - Cause: Senility Age 86. SCCH Vol. 13 Pg. 146
Married: Ida Margartha Weetz -b. 6/1/1863 in Germany - d. 6/30/1921 in Davenport
Marriage: 9/22/1883 in Germany.
They farmed 20 acres at RR 2 (Telegraph Road) (almost the corner of Telegraph and
Wisconsin Ave.) They retired in 1916.
According to Hilda Roenfeldt and Celia Roenfeldt, when their Dad sold the farm,
and Celia and Hilda bought a mink coat from a share of money their Dad gave them.
The farm sold for $4,000.
Johann and Ida are buried in Fairmont Cemetery, Davenport, IA

Sister of Johann
B-1. Kate Johannsen - b. 5/7/1851* Schleswig-Holstein Germany. d. 12/4/1937
She came to the USA in 1894. Buried in Family plot; Fairmont Cemetery, Davenport
with her brother Johann, sister-in-law and nephew Johnn Jr.
Occupation: employed for 43 years by August and George Ockles. Never married.
Kate was of Luthern faith.
*Kates tombstone gives birth date of 1852. The 1900 census says January 1853.
Kate's obituary says she had to sisters. 1. Mrs. Clausen, Ainsworth Nebraska and
Eden of Iowa.
Sister & Brothers of Ida Margartha Weetz
F-1. Lisa Weetz - Married: John Jurhing
F-2. Harm Weetz - Minnesota
F-3. Martin Weetz - Grand Island, Nebraska
F-4. John Weetz - Davenport, IA

Children of Johann and Ida Johannsen
1. Sophie Ann* (Johannsen) Meumann - b. 11/26/1882 - d. 8/6/1973 (age 91)
Sophie died while residing in the Good Samaritan Home in Davenport.
* Middle name was used on her death record.
Death record: Scott County Court House Vol. # 25 Page 123
SS # 485-24-2879
Burial: Fairmont Cemetery, Davenport
Married: Julius Meumann - b. 2/1/1881 - d. 11/1912 (age 31)
(Davenport Newspaper - Obit: Oct. 11, 1912, Page 15) - Burial 10/21/1912 Fairmont
Address: 2509 Rockingham Rd, Davenport
Occupation: Butcher and Dairy Farmer
Evidently before Julius died he had aquired numerous property's and Sophie could support
her children from the rent she received. The Circus came to town every year and rented
land behind her house on Rockingham Rd.
1. Dorothy (Meumann) Wolfe - b. 9/20/1903
Married: Perry Wolf
Address: 2340 West 2nd Street, Davenport
Occupation: Perry worked for Iowa-Illinois Gas & Electric Co., Davenport
1. Richard Wolfe - b. 10/20/1930
Married: Georgia Olson
1. James Wolf
2. Jack Wolf
2. Irene (Meumann) Albrecht - b. 4/20/1905
Married: Harold Albrecht - b. 7/25/1903
Marriage: 6/5/1929
Occupation: Butcher
1.John Albrecht (adopted)
3. Elmore "Pete" Meumann - b.11/3/1906
Married: Viola Lucille (Hamann) Meaumann - b. 10/19/1908
Occupation: Merchant - Owned Railroad Salvage, Bettendorf, IA
1. Robert Meumann - b. 1-1-1931
Married: Mary (Sleeper) Meaumann - b.
Occupation: Times Democrat
1. Jane Elizabeth Meumann - b.
2. Scott Meumann - b.
3. Patricia Meumann - b.
2. Dale Eugene Meumann - b. 5/12/1943
Married: Wilma Sue (Beery) Meumann
Address: 3201 S25 Ave., Eldridge, IA
1. Eugene Meumann - b.
2. Terry Meumann - b.
3. Daniel Meumann - b.
4. Karen Meumann - b.
5. Curtis Meumann - b.
4. George Meumann - b. 4/28/1901 - d. 6/24/1937 (age 52)
(Family moved to Manchester, MN - 7/1952)
Married: Hildreth (Minther) Meaumann -
1. George Meumann Jr. - b.
5. Bernice (Meumann) McKim - b.
Married: Don McKim - b.
Moved to Lubbock, TX.
1. George McKim - b.
2. Merle McKim - b.
3. Roland McKim - b.
4. Darlene McKim - b.
5. Frienda McKim - b.
2. Lizzy (Johannsen) Westphalen - b.12/9/1896 - d.2/4/1983 (age 96) Good Samartitan Home - NE
Married: John H. Westphalen
Marriage: 12/18/1912 (Scott County Marriage Vol. # 10 Page 250)
Buried: Pebble Cemetery, Scribner, NE
John - b.12/10/1886 - d.1/15/1974
Lived in Scribner, NE - Occupation: Police Chief for 20 years. Also involved in farming.
1. Lillian (Westphalen) Dickey - b.9/2/1913
Married: Omar Dickey- b. 4/12/1913 - d. 1/11/1974
Marriage: 12/18/1931 in Scribner, NE
Omar: buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Omaha
Occupation: Commercial Contractor - Owned Dickey Construction Co.
1. Alan O. Dickey - b.5/17/1932 - d. 9/20, 1994
Buried: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Omaha
Marriage: Joann M. Krupa - b.1/25/1934
Marriage: 2/14/1952
Occupation: Contractor
1. Patrick A. Dickey - b. 3/25/1954 - Lives in Omaha
Married: Judy - 2 children
1. Child
2. Child
2. Pamela Susan (Dickey) Neal - b. 2/26/1955- Lives in WI
Married DR. Peter Neal
1. Child
2. Child
3. Faye Ann - b. 2/10/1956 - Lives in Lafayette, CO
4. Sandra J - b. 12/17/1957 - Lives in Denver, CO
5. Dan - b. 11/21/1959 - Lives in Honolulu, HI
6. Todd M. b. 3/30/1966 - Lives in Omaha
3. Johnny Johannsen (John Jr.) b. 4/16/1897 (1900 Census - 11/1888) d.8/19/1918
Killed in action - according to newspaper he was gassed on the St. Michael Front.
Corp. Co. A355 Infantry
Buried in family plot - buried the same day as his Mother, July 4, 1921
4. Herman August Johannsen - b.8/9/1889 (1900 Census: 8/1888)
Birth certificate: Frederik VII Koog Germany. Mothers Maiden name on certificate: Weets
Last name spelled: Johannssen.
d.4/12/1970 - Scott County Court Death Record - Vol.# 24 Pg. 54.
SS # 331-07-8532A - Cause of death: heart attack.
Married: Emma Schmidt on 6/30/1928 - b. 11/15/1892 (Divorced - then married Bill Shaw)
Marriage: 6/30/1928 - (Scott County Marriage Records: Vol. # 31 Page 43)
Married: Edith Welch on 4/11/1942 b.4/11/1904 d.7/10/1954 - No children
1. Velma Margret (Johannsen) Miller - b. 9/11/1915
Married: Jesse Miller - Address: 2227 W. Pleasant St., Davenport
1. Richard Miller - b.
2. Marilyn Miller - b.
2. Edwin John Johannsen. - b. 3/13/1918
Married: Neola (Dooly) Schmidt - b.
Occupation: Davenport, Water Co.
Address: 2136 N Fairmont, Davenport
1. Roland - b.
2. Barbara - b.
3. Edwin John Jr. - b.
4. Robert - b.
5. Gary - Occupation: Nicolas Homeshield, Davenport
3. Raymand John Johannsen - b. 10/27/1929 (Mother Emma)
Married: Betty Jane Dobble - b. 9/24/1929
Address: 2208 Wilkes Ave. Davenport
Occupation: 6 Years United States Navy and Retired from Alcoa.
1. Kim Marie Cox b.12/23/1954
2. Karl Edwin - b.1/4/1959
3. Karen Lynn - b.11/13/1960
5. Julius Johannsen - b.3/18/1887 (1900 Census: 1894) d.8/28/1947
Scott County Death Record: Vol. # 16 Page 245
Address: RR # 3 - 5102 W. Locust Street
Occupation: Farmer
Married: Augusta Florence (Gusty) Petersen - b. d.6/12/1884
Marriage: 2/23/1916 at Zion German Lutheran Church
Scott County Marriage Records: Vol. #14 Page 219
1. Julius Johannsen Jr. - b.6/3/1925
Married: Erna (Allensworth) Johannsen - b. 6/19/1930
Marriage: 6/4/1949
Occupation: Farmer for 22 years. Construction for 10 years.
Address: 3204 W. 18th Street - Davenport, IA
1. Janice (Johannsen) Maur - b. 8/27/1951
Married: Gary Maur
1. Jennifer Maur - b. 11/1974
2. XXX
2. Norma D. (Johannsen) Lager - b.7/31/1919
Married: Marvin (Bud) Lager
Address: 1945 Wisconsin Ave., Davenport
1-2. Twins - Died
3. James Lee Lager
1. Rebecca Ann Lager
2. James Lee Lager Jr.
Married: Janet York
1. Debbie Lager
2. Donya Lager
3. Tamie Lager
6. Charlie Johannsen - b. 11/25/1892 - d. 11/18/1988 in West Nebraska Veterans Home
Scottsbluff, NE.
Married: Marion Hazel Ilgenfritz b. 7/28/1899 - d. 11/16/1973 (age 74) Chimney Rock Villa Nursing
Marriage: 5/27/1925 in Torington, WY.
Burial: Baynard, NE Cemetery
Occupation: Hazel was a school teacher. Had a saturday night "Dance Band" in the 1940's
Occupation: Charlie was a farmer until 1944. Then he began custom harvesting wheat
as the wheat matured from Texas to the Canadian border. In later years he also worked
as the steam engineer during the fall sugar beet factory operation. He served in the
Army during W.W.I, but did not see action.
1. Mildred Irene (Johannsen) Schwindt - b. 12/31/1927
Married: Fred Schwindt - Divorced
1. Jodene Schwindt - Married Harold Roeker - Lives in Lincoln, NE
2. Margie Schwindt - Married Randy Abelbeck - Lives in Lincoln, NE
3. Colleen Schwindt (twin) - Married Dave Kadavy - Lives in Lincoln, NE
4. Collette Schwindt (twin) - Married Al Buchanan - Lives in Lincoln, NE
2. John Franklin "Frank" Johannsen - b. 6/19/1926 Baynard, NE
Married: Twila "Tootie" June Wood b. 12/22/1928
1. Dallas Lee Johannsen - b. 10/14/1951 Lives in Fairview, Montana
2. Bruce Jon Johannsen - b. 12/5/1957 Lives in Loveland, Colorado
3. Peggy Ann Johannsen - b. 10/24/1961 Lives in Alaxandria, Virginia
3. Charles Johannsen - b. 5/4/1935 - Mitchell, NE
Married: Ellen Renken - b. 1/12/1935
1. Susan Johannsen - Married Dave Hooper - Lives in Council Bluffs, IA
2. Sherrie Johannsen - Married Ed Gargile - Lives in Scotts Bluff, NE
3. Sandra Johannsen - Married Oliver Bowker - Lives in Mitchell, NE
7. Ida (Johannsen) Doofe - b. 4/9/1898 (1900 Census: 1899) d. 3/6/1985
Burial: Memorial Park, Davenport
Married: Henry Doofe on 10/27/1917 - b.3/30/1893
Address: 2114 Myrtle, Davenport
1. Lorrita Doofe - b. 1/14/1920
2. Henry Doofe Jr. - b. 10/27/1918
Married: Marian Sturtz - b. d.
Married: Jo Seir in 1993
1. Thomas Doofe - US Navy
2. Ronald Doofe
3. Nancy Doofe
4. Marcia Doofe - Married: John Vola
5. Diane Doofe
8. Celia (Johannsen) Roenfeldt - b.8/24/1900 - SCCH Vol.6 Page 270 Bluegrass Township
d.5/19/1995 - Lutheran Home, Davenport (age 94)
Marriage: 3/28/1918 (Scott County Court House Vol. 17 Pg. 151)
Married: Peter Roenfeldt - b. 5/19/1898 d. 6/1967
(brother Ray Roenfeldt married Celia's sister Hilda)
Occupation: Peter worked for Red Jacket Manufacturing for 50 years.
Occupation: Celia, Hanson Hardware, downtown Davenport.
Address of Celia while growing up: Telegraph Rd, 3647 Boise, 502 S. Clark, 2709
Rockingham Road, and 1138 South Concord.
1. Dorothy Irene (Roenfeldt) Gravert - 4/6/1919
Marriage: 5/27/1939 Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Davenport.
Married: Russell William Gravert - b. x/x/xxxx.
Occupation: Dorothy, retired after 30 years at Sears, Roebuck Co.
Occupation: Russell, retired after 31 years at Thomsen Tobacco Company.
Address: 3177 Marion Street, Davenport
Member of Immanuel Luthern Church, Davenport, IA
1. Clifford - b. 9/9/1942, Davenport
Marriage: 9/14/1963 in St. Johns Lutheran Church, Clinton, IA
Married: Ruth Louise (Cosman) Gravert - b. 2/6/1945 in Clinton, IA
Occupation: Cliff, XXXX, Ruth, JI Case Co.
Address: 2918 30th Ave., Rock Island, IL
1. Christopher William Gravert - b. 2/5/1967 - d. 9/13/1993 (age 26)
Married: Joanie Katheryn (Foster) Gravert - b. 7/11/1987.
Address: 1826 10th Ave St., Moline, IL
Education: Graduate of Scott Community College and
Southern Illinois University
Occupation: Courier for Airborne Express
Member: Bethel Assembly of God, Rock Island, IL
Burial: Memorial Park, Davenport
7-1-1-1-1. Kristal Gravert - b.1992 Davenport
2. Dorothy Diane "Dottie" (Gravert) - b.10/1/1951, Davenport
Married: 9/16/1972 to Carmie Francis
Occupation: Carmie, Rock Island Arsenal. Dottie, Ralston Purina.
Address: 1417 E 34th Street, Davenport, IA
1. Amy Francis - b. 4/21/1978, Davenport
Occupation: Registered Nurse
2. Laurie Francis - b. 11/30/1980 - Davenport
Education: Attending: ScottCommunity College, Bettendorf, IA
3. Patti (Gravert) (Twin) - b. 7/2/1953, Davenport
Married: 3/16/1974 to Robert (Bob) Malloy
Occupation: Bob: Pattie: Sears Department Store
Address: 1422 West 58th Court, Davenport, IA
1. Shawn Malloy - b. 11/17/1980, Davenport
2. Ian Malloy - b. 8/20/1985, Davenport
7-1-4. Peter Allan (Twin) - b. 7/2/1953
Married: 9/12/1976 to Patsy Devine
Occupation: Pete, Alcoa, Riverdale, IA.
Patsy, Ruhl & Ruhl, Davenport
Address: 4127 Regency Court, Davenport, IA
7-1-4-1. Matthew Allen - b 3/10/1977, Davenport
Occupation: Contractor, Arizona
7-1-4-2. Nick - b. 3/3/1979, Davenport
Occupation: Contractor, Arizona
7-1-4-3. Abbey - b. 4/19/1985, Davenport
7-2. Robert Ray - b. 1/20/1922 d. 2/3/1980, Burial: Memorial Park, Davenport.
Cause: Bone and Bladder Cancer
Married: 3/6/1943 to Marjorie Haigh - b. 2/28/1922
Occupation: Owned Roenfeldt Food Products (1945-1962), Rockingham
Laundry & Car Wash, 3rd and Filmore Speed Wash and North Gate Laundry.
Butcher for McMann Grocery Store (1937-1945)
Owned a milk route for Michael Dairy Co.(1945-1956)
Address: (1943-1965) 1411 North Division St. (1965-1990) # 9 Archer Court
(1990-Present) 4211 Grove Court, Davenport, IA
7-2-1. Barbara Ruth b. 4/7/1945, Davenport.
Married: 1/30/1965 to Gary Langan, Newcomb Presbyterian Church
Married: Jim Callison 1994 in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Barb attended Marycrest College, Davenport
Occupation: Barb, Insurance Underwriter. Jim, Union Electrician
Address: Moline, IL
7-2-1-1. Sally Sue Osborn, Davenport b. 12/10/1965
Married Edward Osborn - Newcomb Presbyterian Church
Divorced: 1986
Engaged: Mark Pickering
Occupation: Sally, MidAmerican
Occupation: Mark, owns All Floors
Graduate: AIC - Attends: St. Ambrose
8-1-1-1-1. Joshua Edward - b. 3/10/1985, Davenport
7-2-1-2. Michael Patrick - b. 4/12/1970, Davenport
Occupation: Phillips Industries, Richmond, TX.
Engaged: Tammy Edwards
Address: Plano, TX
7-2-2. Susan Diane - b. 5/3/1951 Davenport.
Married: Robert J. Schwager 10/11/1975 in Our Lady of Victory, Dav.
Divorced: 1988 in Jefferson County, WI - Bob now lives in Kasilof, AK
Baptized: Newcomb Presbyterian Church, Davenport, IA
Occupation: Owner, Schwager Graphics/Creative Department
Address: (1975-1980) West Lake Park, Davenport, IA (1980-1984)
Bark River Game Preserve, Sullivan, WI (1997-present) 2210 N Elsie
Avenue. Davenport, IA.
Graduate: Ray Vogue Schools, Chicago, IL
7-2-2-1. Jennifer Kelli - b. 2/22/1981in Oconomowoc, WI.
Baptized: St. Marks Church - Davenport
Student: U of Wisconsin, Whitewater, WI
Service: Army Reserve in Rockford, IL. (Ammunition Specialist)
Address: N. Prairie Street, Whitewater, WI
7-2-2-2. Jonathan Robert - b. 11/15/1982 Ocomomowoc, WI
Baptized: St. Marks Church - Davenport
9. Hilda (Johannsen) Roenfeldt - b.11/16/1908 SCCH Vol. 6 Pg. 273 Bluegrass Township
d. 4/28/1997 (Cancer) in The Good Samaritan Nursing Center
Married: Raymond Roenfeldt on 8/4/1927 (SCCH Vol., 30 page 26)
b. 4/17/1903 (SCCH Vol.6 Pg. 453) d. 12/8/1982 (Parkinson Disease)
Occupation: Milwaukee Railroad - retired after 50 years. Retired 1968
Members of St. Marks Lutheran Church, Davenport
No Children
Both are buried in Memorial Park, Davenport
10. Clara Josephine (Johannsen) VanCamp - b.1/27/1903 - d. 5/5/1998 (age 95)
Buried: Holy Family Cemetery, Davenport
Married: Victor Herman VanCamp on 6/6/1923 at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church
Scott County Marriage Records: Vol. # 25 Page 48
Victor-b 6/24/1901 Moline, IL. - d.11/17/1977 Holy Family Cemetery Cause: Emphysema
Occupation: Time Keeper for Bettendorf Co., and Personnel Mgr Bendix, Davenport
Member of St Alphonsus Catholic Church, Davenport.
1. Victor Jr. - b. 2/2/1930 - d. 12/5/1996
Buried: Rock Island Arsenal National Cemetery
Occupation: US Air Force 3 years. Expediter, Bendix Corp., Buyer, for Eagle Signal
Corp., & republic Electric. US Government Contract Specialist, Rock Island Arsenal.
Married: 5/14/1955 Sacred Heart Cathedral, Davenport to Margaret M "Peg" Foley
Peg - b. 8/10/1930 - Occupation: Self employed, Telephone Research Interviewer
and Employment backgrounds for various clients. Retired 1990.
1. Deborah (VanCamp) -b. 2/23/56
Married: Dickerson
1. Michael Joseph Dickerson
2. Robert Jeffery Dickerson
2. Steven Michael VanCamp - b. 2/8/1958 - Lives in Omaha, NE
Married: Diane K. Exner - b. 11/30/1958 in Moline, IL
1. Christy Lynn VanCamp
2. Brittany Ann VanCamp
3. Paul Thomas VanCamp - 11/8/1961 - Lives in Bettendorf, IA
Married: Pamela Sue
1. Lauren Marie VanCamp - 1/2/1991 Twin
2. Allyson Elizabeth VanCamp - 1/2/1991Twin
3. Grant Victor VanCamp
4. David Edward VanCamp - b. 10/14/1962 - Lives in Bettendorf, IA
Married: Pamela Sue Carpa - b. 6/11/1969 in Michigan
1. Brandon David VanCamp
2. Mary Alyce (VanCamp) Cetanyan - b. 5/28/1925 in the family home, Davenport
Married: Joseph Cetanyan on 6/6/1953
1. Mary Jane - b.5/3/1952 - d.8/24/1954 Cause: Leukemia - Holy Family Cem
2. Joseph Anthony Cetanyan - b. 9/11/53
1. Brad Cetanyan
2. Todd Jerrad "TJ" Cetanyan
3. Mary Clare (Cetanyan) Heller - b. 10/9/1954 - Occupation: Police Officer
Married: Gary Ray Heller - Occupation: Farmer
1. Amoreen Jacinthe Armetta Heller
4. Karen Marie - b. 2/13/1965
1. Michael Thomas Cetanyan
2. Christopher Joseph Cetanyan
5. Geraldine "Gerry" Kathern - b. 4/24/1966
Married: Brian Nicholas Richter
1. Alecia Lynn Richter
2. Courtney Leigh Richter
3. Patricia "Peg" (VanCamp) Klouda - b. 3/10/1932
Married: Joseph "Mike" Klouda
Marriage: 6/6/1953 St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, Davenport.
Joseph - b. 7/1/1930
Occupation: Retired, Pressman, Quad-City Times Newspaper, Davenport.
1. Patrick Michael Klouda - b. 8/10/1954
Married Cynthia S. Anderson
1. Bradley Michael Kouda
2. Scott Matthew Kouda
3. Kevin Daniel Klouda
2. Sue Ann (Klouda) - b. 6/16/1959
Married: Michael Oberhaus
1. Adam Michael Oberhaus
2. Ryan Thomas Oberhaus
11. Fred (Fritz) Johannsen - b.6/7/1905 on the family farm Telegraph Road.
d. 3/4/1995 in the Fejervary Nursing Center in Davenport
Married: Villette H. (Vilota) Havekost on11/14/1928 at St. Johns Lutheran in Hooper, NE
b.4/13/1908 in Hooper, NE - d.4/12/1977 - Cause: Morphine caused irregular heart beat.
Marriage: Ina (Jeffries) in 1978.
d. 7/6/1995 Fejervary Nursing Center in Davenport - daughter: Virginia (Jeffries) Carthey
Burial for Fred: Memorial Park, Davenport
Address: 502 S. Clark St., Davenport.
Occupation: Fred was foreman at Nichols Homeshield Co. Retired 1970.
Occupation: Vilota, housemother for St. Lukes Hospital School of Nursing. Retired 1973.
1. Ila Jean - b. 6/16/1930
Married: George Morlock on 10/24/1948
1. Steven Morlock (adopted)
2. Susan Morlock (adopted)
Married: Donald Corey
1. Andrew Corey
2. Thomas Corey
3. Cindy Corey
4. Lynn Corey
5. Dawn Corey
2. Ardyth (Johannsen) - b.3/25/1932 Lives in Arizona
Married: Don Cary
1. Daughter
2. Daughter
3. Daughter
4. Son
3. Wava - b. 8/27/1935
Married: Melvin (Hans) Halligan
1. Judy Halligan
2. Karen Halligan
3. Patrick Halligan
4. Terry Halligan
5. James Halligan
6. Susan Halligan
7. Melinda Halligan
4. Dennis Johannsen -
Married: Kay Grandenitti
1. Alicia Johannsen
2. Jay Johannsen
5. Diane -
Married: Robert Hitchcock
1. Kathern Hitchcock
2. Jennifer Hitchcock
6. Larry - b. 1/9/1944
Married: Wilma Reimers
1. Kevin Johannsen
2. Mike Johannsen
7. Ardyth Joan -
Married: Roderwick W. Find on 1/29/1949
11. Henry Johannsen
Married: Frieda Martin (Divorced)
Married: Mary Ditters (Divorced)
Buried in Stevens Point, WI
1921 lived in Aurora, IL (from Mothers Obit)
1940 lived in Stevens Point, WI (from Fathers Obit)
1947 lived in Stevens Point, WI (from Julius's Obit)

From the Davenport Newspapers:

Friday Evening The Davenport Democrat & Leader July 1, 1921
"Mother Dies Before Sons Body Arrives"
A gallant fight for life that she might see the body of her son brought home from France,
ended last night at 7:00 when Mrs. John Johannsen passed away at St. Luke's Hospital.
The body of her son, Corp. John Johannsen, who was killed in action in France almost
three years ago, arrived just a half hour later.
More than ordinary paths attaches to the death of Mrs. Johannsen. She has been ill for
the past three months undergoing an operation 3 months ago and another just recently.
Knowing that she was unable to get well, Mrs. Johannsen was anxious only that life might
be prolonged until the body of her hero son had been brought home. Word that the sons
body had arrived, scarcely more than a half hour after his mothers death added to the
sorrow of the already bereaved family.
Double funeral services will be held for Mother and Son Monday at 2:00 from the home
on Telegraph Road, one mile west of the city and will be laid to rest side by side at the
family lot in Fairmont Cemetery. Rev. Carl Holterman will officiate.
Came here in 1895
Miss Ida Margartha Weetz was born in Ditmarschen Germany, June 1, 1863. She
united in marriage to John Johannsen in Germany in 1883 and the couple came to
America, direct to Scott County in 1895. The family home has been here ever since.
Mrs. Johannsen is survived by her husband, six daughters, Mrs. Sophia Meumann, Mrs.
Henry Doofe, Mrs. Peter Roenfeldt, of Davenport, Mrs. John Westphalen of Nebraska and
Clara and Hilda at home, five sons, Henry of ILL., Juluis and Herman of Davenport,
Charles of Nebraska, and Fred at home. A sister Mrs. John Jurhing of Davenport,
three brothers Harm Weetz of Minnesota, Martin Weetz of Nebraska, and John Weetz
of Davenport and 10 Grandchildren.
Corp Johannsen was born in Davenport, April 27, 1897. He attended public schools
here and lived in Davenport all his life until enlisting in the United States Army in September
of 1917. With 355 Infantry 89th division. He was killed in action in July, 1918.

According to Celia and Hilda Roenfeldt, when their brothers body arrived, the casket was damaged and
slightly opened. No one would look inside. They were convinced that was NOT their brother, but
could be anyone. They also said that during the service which was out on the lawn of the farm,
the ducks and geese were walking all around the yard making so much noise you could hardly
hear the minister.

Thursday Evening The Davenport Democrat and Leader - July 25, 1940
The Johannsen funeral
Funeral services for John H Johnannsen a Davenport resident for 50 years who died
Tuesday were held at 1:30 pm Thursday in the Runge Chapel with the Rev. William E Kmer.
Bearers were John Stormer, William F. Sass, R.L. McMann, Hans Petersen, Adolf
Cawiezell and Arthur Levetzon.

John H. Johannsen
John Henry Johannsen, 86 a Davenport resident for almost 50 years died in the home
of his daughter, Mrs. Raymond Roenfeldt 3245 Elsie Ave. at 12:30am Tuesday following
a five week illness.
He was born in Germany April 26, 1854 and was reared and education there. He was
married to Ida Weetz 58 years ago in Germany the couple coming to Davenport in 1891.
They farmed west of the city until 1916 when they retired. Mrs. Johannsen died in 1921.
Mr. Johannsen who was of Lutheran faith is survived by 6 daughters, 5 sons Charles of
Blair, Nebraska and Henry of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. One son proceeded in death.

The Davenport Democrat and Leader Sunday October 20, 1912 Page 15
After a brief illness, Julius Meumann age 21 years passed away at 11:40 Saturday
morning at his home 2609 Rockingham Road.
He was born in Davenport February 1, 1881 and has since resided in this city. For
several years Mr. Meumann conducted a dairy farm but for the past few years he has been
connected with a meat market in West Davenport.
He is survived by his wife Sophia and 5 children George, Irene, Dorothy, Elmer and Bernice
and his Mother Mrs. D. Meumann. Two sisters Mrs. Jo Coleman and Mrs. Peter Lind
and one brother, Louis all living in this city and survive.
Please Note - Newspaper error - he was 31 years old

April 15, 1970 Wednesday Davenport Democrat and Leader
Herman Johannsen, 80 of 529 Western Ave., Davenport.
Burial at Fairmont.
He was born in Hamburg, Germany
He had farmed near Donahue, IA
He is survived by a son Raymond.

December 5, 1937 Sunday Morning Davenport Democrat and Leader - Page 8
Miss Kate Johannsen a resident of Scott County for the past 43 years died in the home
of her niece, Mrs. Peter Roenfeldt 3276 Harbor Road at 11:25 a, Saturday after an illness
of two weeks.
Miss Johannsen was born May 7, 1851 in Schleswig Holstein, Germany. She came to
America and Davenport in 1894. She had been employed as a house keeper for August
and George Ockles for 43 years. She was of Luthern faith.
Serviving are a brother John, Davenport and several nieces and nephews.
Runge - Burial in Fairmont

Obit: Davenport Newspaper: Wednesday, April 15, 1970
Herman Johannsen, 80 of 529 Western Ave., Davenport. Burial Fairmont Cemetery.
He farmed near Donahue. He is survived by a son Raymond.

On Celia (Johannsen) Roenfeldt's 90th birthday, she paid for her party herself with
winnings from the gambling boat. Granddaughters Barb and Sue rented a limosine for an
hour and took her past all her former residents. First stop, the homestead on Telegraph Road,
she got out and asked, "Where's the barn". Aunt Hilda provided all of the address's.
Patti Malloy followed and took video. All families residing in her previous homes were contacted
ahead of time and were very gracious allowing us to spend a few moments at each stop.
Inside the limo, Celia drank her favorite wine, plum wine. A sign on the limo read: "Honk,
Grandma is 90 years old". A lot of motorist honked and she waved to them all.

Peter and Celia owned a camp in Buffalo, IA along the Mississippi. It was named: "Camp Me Too".
Sold the camp after the flood of 1965.
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