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Author looking to determine the background of 101 Baden victims in a 1854 shipwreck

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Author looking to determine the background of 101 Baden victims in a 1854 shipwreck

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I am currently completing a book about an 1854 immigrant ship disaster that took place off the American coast (New Jersey) which claimed the lives of all 300 plus passengers on board. All of the victims were buried in three mass graves dedicated to the "Unknown from the Sea". After years of research I have finally discovered the passenger names from a copy of the manifest as they left from Le Havre, France enroute to New York.

I want to include in the book as much biographical data about the passengers as possible and since I'm not good at genealogical research I'm hoping someone researching this surname has this info already. Here is the info I have. The ship (the Powhattan) left Le Havre March 1, 1854, after it wrecked April 15, 1854. The names I have are as follows:

Last First Age Town Country

Hutter Elizabeth 33 Hupfingen Baden
Hutter August 10 Hupfingen Baden
Hutter Caroline 8 Hupfingen Baden
Hutter Adolph 6 Hupfingen Baden
Hutter Fredrich 4 Hupfingen Baden
Dubs Antonia 27 Wagshurst Baden
Seiler Heinrich 25 Sinshiem Baden
Jorger Franziske 20 Obermeyer Baden
Grieshaber Marie ???? Baden
Wunsch Felix 21 Furbach Baden
Seiffert Georg 18 Schellwigen Baden
Seiffert Georg 18 Schellwigen Baden
Walther Casinn 25 Sinsheim Baden
Landes Silvester 27 Sinsheim Baden
Dey Xaver 21 Sinsheim Baden
Vogel Anton 18 Sinsheim Baden
Drap Leonhardt 20 Sinsheim Baden
Weiss Matheus 23 Sinsheim Baden
Greiderveiss Genofeva 21 Sinsheim Baden
Greiderveiss Barbara 20 Sinsheim Baden
Walther Alais?? 35 Winden Baden
Walther Fredrich 25 Winden Baden
Ernst Willbald 36 Sinsheim Baden
Reimbold Ignaz 18 Lauf Baden
Falk Malvina 20 Lauf Baden
Maier Georg 18 Diersburg Baden
Maier Joseph 17 Diersburg Baden
Muller Wilhelm 27 Wintergen Baden
Thomas Jacques 18 Wintergen Baden
Ackermann Johann Jos. 21 Schmeieheim Baden
Ackermann Jacob 21 Schmeieheim Baden
Klacher Frederic 21 Schmeieheim Baden
Tackel Frederic 17 Schmeieheim Baden
Zimmer Marie 23 Schmeieheim Baden
Hass Christine 23 Schmeieheim Baden
Hass Augustine 2 Schmeieheim Baden
Memluiger Cibrion 30 Schmeieheim Baden
Wehrle Benedict 24 Dihechausen Baden
Steiger Maria 20 Schmeieheim Baden
Wehrle Jacob 15 Schmeieheim Baden
Weldi Christine 50 Schmeieheim Baden
Kaltelbach Catherine 21 Schmeieheim Baden
Kaltelbach Christian 9 months Schmeieheim Baden
Frick Philippine 36 Dadnigen Baden
Laubengaier Catherine 34 Dadnigen Baden
Hufuiger Heinrich 25 Dadnigen Baden
Hufuiger Maria 21 Dadnigen Baden
Hufuiger Regina 18 Dadnigen Baden
Runwetsch Elizabeth 3 Dadnigen Baden
Runwetsch Elizabeth 33 Dadnigen Baden
Marlack Cristoph 13 Ruikliegen Baden
Hemmerle Jacob 20 Ruikliegen Baden
Gohrer Wilhelm 22 Gros-Viland Baden
Gilleg Daniel 17 Gros-Viland Baden
Fesser Ferdinard 21 Ruikliegen Baden
Fesser Jonas 20 Ruikliegen Baden
Kossler Johannes 26 Ruikliegen Baden
Morlock Jacob 17 Ruikliegen Baden
Morlock Lorenz 16 Ruikliegen Baden
Hausser Johann 34 Binosche Baden
Riester Egidie 7 Bundenthal Baden
Riester Anne Marie 11 months Bundenthal Baden
Zoll Fredrich 48 Schmie Baden
Zoll Gottliebe 42 Schmie Baden
Zoll Margarethe 22 Schmie Baden
Zoll Frederich 19 Schmie Baden
Zoll Joh, Georg 15 Schmie Baden
Zoll Andreas 12 Schmie Baden
Zoll Carl Henerich 10 Schmie Baden
Zoll Gotilieb 8 Schmie Baden
Zoll Johannes 11 months Schmie Baden
Essig Frederike 19 Benzufgen Baden
Schnetzer Frederike 23 Horrheim Baden
Kircher Carl 48 Illingen Baden
Kircher Margarethe 10 Illingen Baden
Gottleib Frederika 8 Illingen Baden
Schwahn Jacob 50 Enzirgen Baden
Schwahn Eva Catherine 45 Enzirgen Baden
Schwahn Joh. Peter 19 Enzirgen Baden
Schwahn Reg, Catherine 19 Enzirgen Baden
Schwahn Carl Jacob 18 Enzirgen Baden
Schwahn Rosine 9 Enzirgen Baden
Schwahn Jacob Fred 5 Enzirgen Baden
Schwahn Gottlieb Con’d 3 Enzirgen Baden
Burger Johannes 17 Hoffagen Baden
Seemuller Gottlieb 22 Illingen Baden
Schaffer Christian 24 Gondelshiem Baden
Pfeiffer Johann 36 Gondelshiem Baden
Pfeiffer Barbara 30 Gondelshiem Baden
Beck Christoph 28 Gondelshiem Baden
Burkhard Jacob 26 Gondelshiem Baden
Weingart Johann 19 Gondelshiem Baden
Seicht Caroline 30 Ohlbreen Baden
Seicht Vespaience 59 Ohlbreen Baden
Luitz Joh. Peter 16 Ohlbreen Baden
Eckstein Carl 34 Binagel Baden
Eckstein Jacobine 27 Binagel Baden
Eckstein Jacob 7 Binagel Baden
Eckstein Catherine 6 months Binagel Baden
Hauser Catherine 50 Binagel Baden
Saunter Johannes 373 Maulbronn Baden
Saunter Christina 25 Maulbronn Baden
Saunter Joh, Christian 11 months Maulbronn Baden

Note the ages would have been when they boarded the ship in March 1854

I have already posted most of these names on the message boards of the families, but I hoping to learn more about these victims of this horrible disaster.

Any info would be helpful as I expect to go to press in 2014. Thanks for any of your help. All the Best, Tom Clark
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