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Feiller, Kreinecker, Matzka (and variants): another "illegitimate child of nobility" mystery

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Re: Feiller, Kreinecker, Matzka (and variants): another "illegitimate child of nobility" mystery

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Thank you for your reply!

This is what I know about Maria Feiler's crossing in Feb. 1900 on the Pennsylvania. The "Hamburg Passenger Lists" shows her as coming from Poppendorf. The "New York Passenger Lists" shows her last residence as Kortvelyes, most likely Eltendorf. I don't read German, but is it possible that the Hamburg list shows "where are you from" instead of "where was your last residence"? My theory is that her family is from Poppendorf, but when she was orphaned, she lived with an aunt/uncle/cousin in Eltendorf before she came to America??

My source for the "Nailla" (also written as "Nazilla") is another message board posting under the surname board of "Feiler". (See the posting titled "Andrew Feiler Mary (or Maria) Maier" by J Marot). I have no idea what the poster's source info is, so I have to take some of the info with a grain of salt. I can, however, verify some of his information. Theresa and John Imp came to the US from Austria in 1898 (don't yet have manifest info), settled in Milwaukee and had many children. My family knew the Imps. Maria and Samuel Trimmel had a son named Gustav, settled in Milwaukee and it is with them that Maria Feiler lived until her marriage. She called them "aunt" and "uncle".

I cannot find a Julia Feiler Bauer or Kurtz that came to the US, although Theresa Imp had a daughter who married a Bauer in Milwaukee. I wonder if the poster's information found her instad of a more senior Julia. I have absolutely no evidence of a Nailla or Nazilla. Certainly, it could be a Cacilia - have you found a Cacilia Feiler??

Our thought was that Josef might be a brother of Theresa and Maria Feiler Trimmel that was omitted from the Andrew Feiler posting. We have found many Josef Feilers - it is hard to figure out which one would be "the" one - but since my husband's grandfather and grandmother (Maria Feiler Breitfeller) sent money to him several times, we assume he must be a fairly close relative.

As to her passage, I will repost a reply after I have spoken to my sister-in-law about family lore, but we have found 2 possible answers in the manifests. On the Hamburg manifest, there is a marking that indicates that 2 or 3 other passengers were travelling with Maria. It is difficult to read these names, but they seem to be: Javarga Blaszak, Leiser Dressler, and Chane Graup, all adults. I can find no connection between these people and the Feilers - could one have been contracted to escort her to Milwaukee?

More promising, on the arrival manifest, there is a Carl Maper or Meyer listed near her, also from Poppendorf also going to Milwaukee. Interestingly here Maria said she was going to visit her aunt Emilie Failler or Failles. Carl listed an uncle Hnra, similar last name, as his destination. I have not been able to locate this family except for two instances. 1) A Carl Meirer was listed as living with the Trimmels as a boarder in 1910 (I can't find him in the 1905 Milwaukee census).

2) I found an incoming manifest from 1893 (Westernland from Antwerp, May 1983) which shows an Emilie and a Maria Failes, both 17, coming to the US with a destination of NY. They list their nationality as German, and their last residence as Heitzkofen. To the best of my knowledge, Heitzkofen does not exist, but there is a Zeitzkofen seminary (convent?) in Germany. This seems a long shot because they were listed as German rather than Hungarian or Austrian citizens, but it is interesting because of the name.

As you can see, I am trying to weave cloth from many stray strands. Any guidance you can give would be greatly appreciated!!

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