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Names of Some East Indians in St. Lucia c. 1891

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Names of Some East Indians in St. Lucia c. 1891

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The following bits of data was collected from the East Indies to St. Lucia by Surgeon-Major D.W.D. Comins, Protector of Emigrants, Calcutta. Printed at the Bengal Secretariat Press in 1893

St. Lucia

1. Budhu, age 20, son of Parabu. Caste: Turki Koiri from Azamgarh District, Mohmadambad Thana, Walidpur village. Uncle’s name Gulap, son of Domon. Budhu signed a Form of Agreement for Intending Emigrant to St. Lucia on 15 Dec 1890 in Ghazipur, India

2. Pay list of Crown Lands Estate for the week ending 3 April 1886: Gujadhur, Horill, Hulass, Hoossanys, Intame, Joodhester, Joonab, Kalkasings, Kehane, Kessowar, Khiroda, Lachiman, Lakpetia, Lukkia Dilloo, Maimra, Manchoo, Mengaul, Mucktolia, Munnoosings, Naga, Najtookallys, Panchoo, Pemya, Phobagra, Poonia, Pajne, Prionauth, Raghoo, Rampaul Girlya, Rampaul Sanker, Rumsumhin, Ramyad, Resmu, Rutnu, Salamutalu, Snodunden, Shazjada, Shajurb, Sabnath, Simroo, Somnar Mengaul, Sukba, Sookhan, Sookra, Somra Lalloo, Somra Nimmur, Sarukissen, Sutraton, Sucknu, Jakam, Burdia, Bundoo.

3. Pay list of Crown Lands Estate for week ending 10 April 1886: Note different spellings for same names listed for 3 Apr 1886: Agnoocea, Augmo, Baijoo, Ballea, Barhoo, Bhagobutty L., Bhagobutty Ram, Bagwansahaie, Bhulloo, Beekham, Button Napoo, Bissessur, Bissessuree, Boodhun, Bundhoo, Bundhea, Boodna, Chakowree, Chootra, Chowtie, Chujjoo, Chumme, Dagull, Donie, Dilchandsingo, Doola, Dorlaum, Ekwara, Fokeer Mahomed, Gopee, Gujadhur, Horli, Hulass, Hoossany, Jutame, Joorhester, Jomal, Kalkasingo, Kihane, Kessmar, Khiroda, Luchiman, Lukpotia, Lukhina, Lukkia Dilloo, Mainwa, Manchoo, Mingnul, Mucktolia, Munnoosing, Naga, Naytookally, Panchoo, Penya, Phobagra, Poonea, Payne, Prionath, Raghoo.

4. Bhowanibhick, age 55, son of Chowpaie ,5’ 7.25”,who originally came on the Foyle (number 4) in 1880 to St. Lucia is registered to return to Calcutta, India on the Hereford, which sailed on 4 Sept 1890, with his wife and at least 3 children. He last worked on Crown lands.

5. Sukram age 38, son of Mungha, 5’ 2.5”, who originally came on the Bann (number 237) in 1881 to St. Lucia elected bounty of 10 Pounds on 6 Mar 1891. He had a wife. He last worked at the Roseau estate

6. Dhowday , age 31, son of Onsori, 5’ 4.5”, who originally come on the Bann (number 228) in 1881 to St. Lucia elected to return to India. He had a brother. He last worked at the Roseau estate.

7. Hunoomansing, age 35 who came on the Bracadaile (register number 1467 and wife register number 1468) in 1884 was assigned to the Dennery Usine in September. He appeared to have died on 27 Nov 1884.

8. Hosanee, General Register number 1033, of Roseau Estate, received a certificate of exemption from labor on March 9, 1886.

9. Dhoni of Marguis Estate, who came to St. Lucia on the Leonidas in 1878, was imprisoned on 7 Sept 1878 for 14 days. Register number 415.

10. Thaibdin, age 35, son of Oree, 5’5” was listed as number 278 in the General Register of Return Immigrants. He originally came to St. Lucia on the Leonidas (number 205) in 1878, left on the Moy (number 183) on 5 Sep 1888. He was last employeed at Perle Estate.
11. Badari, age 22, son of Chadhary, came to St. Lucia on the Bracadaile in 1884. His ship number 480 and register number 1625. He was a Kurmi by caste. He was assigned to the Bois d’Orange Estate.

12. Narrain son of Loroton deposited 16 pounds in the Moy (ship number 272) for the return voyage on 5 Sept 1888.

13. Motee registered 2 Pounds, 10 Shillings on 11 Mar 1885 to be sent to Teeka

14. Ondhar, who came on the Foyle (number 53) in 1880 died on25 March 1883. His 13 Pounds, 14 Shillings, and 11 pence were sent to India on 13th Jun 1880

15. Bhookul age 43, son of Augnoo elected for bounty of 10 Pounds on 19 June 1888. He originally came on the Leonidas in 1878. He was assigned to the Esperance Estate.
Rambaran, age 25, son of Nimuth (Nimuta), 5” 0.5”, was of the Ahir caste. He was from Ghazipur. He left Calcutta on the SS Roumania ( Ship’s number 4) in 1891. He worked both for the Dennery Company, LTD (La Caye Estates) and St. Lucia Central Sugar Factory Company, LTD (Crown Lands Estate).

16. Some individuals listed on Crown Land Estates circa 1891: Buckwala, Bowdha, Bundheo, Bundhoo, Eddhay, Sawonbar, Juspersad, Rohi, and Reetai.

17. The following individuals had money in the treasury, but upon death there was no heir to be found: Jecan, Purboll, Horill, Oudhai, Chingan, Budal, Kullu, and Sonichara. The highest amount at the time was 13 Pounds, 14 Shillings, and 11 Pence belonging to Oudhai. This amount was lodged in the treasury on 13 June 1889.

18. Durma came on the Bracadaile in 1885. Worked as a Chaukidar on the Roseau Estate.

19. Ram Dass was employed by the Ressources Estate according to the pay list dated 25 Apr 1891.

20. Anwar, worked at Ressources Estate during 1891.

21. Oomur, worked at Ressources Estate during 1891.

22. Purmanon had a bania shop on Ressource Estate during 1891. So did Debi. They both most likely came to St. Lucia on the Bracadaile in 1884. Kali Pershad sold rice and dal on the Ressource Estate during 1891.

23. Umeer Sing, only son of a mother still in India in 1891. Had accepted the 10 Pound bounty and had no intentions of going back to India. He was a Chettri by caste (Kstriy). He had a wife and two children. He most likely either came to St. Lucia on the Foyle or Bann.

24. Ramnath (boy) was employed by Retraite Estate during 1891


1. William Murray, after he became a Christian adopted this name from his former master. He owned a shop and a small cocao plantation. He also imported from America.

2. De Gale, also adopted his name from his former master. He owned private property and had a provision shop. He gave the Cooly Mission the land to build its school as a present.

3. Udalli owned land and ran a shop. He was into horse racing. His son George Udalli was a clerk in the Police Magistrate’s Office.

4. Cooman Sing ran a shop.

St. Vincent

1. Macleod had changed his name.
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