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This was found in the SCOTCH-IRISH archives at rootsweb

The following is an excerpt from THE ANCESTORS OF THE SCOTCH-IRISH by
Joseph Condit McCune, published in Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine,
volume 49, (1966), pp. 328-329. McCune argues that not only were the
Scotch-Irish of Presbyterian Lowland stock but that they came exclusively from
the southwest region, Galloway. This was, of course, the area where the
the Covenanters were most prevalent and, according to McCune, these people
are the ancestors of the Scotch-Irish of America. A very interesting and
partially convincing argument but the list of names, however intriguing,
suggest some of the problems as well. His point is that about two thirds of the
same names for Galloway appear on the 1790 census for Pennsylvania. However,
he does not account for the fact that many of these names could also be
English and Irish. W. John Shepherd.

"The following are some of the surnames from Galloway transplanted to
Pennsylvania anterior to the taking of the first United States Census in 1790-
Adair, Agnew, Alexander, Alison, Allan, Anderson, Andrew, Arnot, Austin, Baird,
Barbour, Barclay, Barton, Beattie, Beck, Beggs, Bell, Benton, Bigham, Bishop,
Black, Blaine, Blair, Blake, Blythe, Boyd, Bratton, Broadfoot, Brown, Bruce,
Bryan, Bryce, Buchanan, Burney, Byres, Caldwell, Calhoun, Campbell, Cannon,
Carlyle, Carrick, Carruthers, Carson, Chalmers, Chambers, Charters, Christie,
Clark, Clelland, Cockrane, Colvin, Connell, Cook, Cormack, Corsan, Coulter,
Cowan, Craig, Crawford, Crumb, Cunningham, Currie, Dalrymple, Dalzell,
Davidson, Dempster, Dicksone, Dill, Dinwiddie, Dixon, Dods, Donald, Donaldson,
Dorman, Dougan, Douglas, Dun, Dunbar, Duncan, Edgar, Elliot, Erskine, Ewart,
Ferfuson, Findlay, Fisher, Fleming, Forsythe, Fraser, French, Fullerton,
Fulton, Galbreath, Galloway, Geddes, George, Gibson, Gilchrist, Gillespie,
Gillmour, Gladstone, Glover, Gordon, Gowan, Gracie, Graham, Gray, Guthrie,
Hall, Hamilton, Hanna, Harkness, Hay, Henderson, Heron, Heslop, Hope, Houston,
Hunter, Hutcheson, Inglis, Innes, Ireland, Irving, Irwine, Jackson, Jamison,
Jardine, Johnston, Kay, Keith, Kennedy, Kent, Kerr, Kilpatrick, Kincaid,
Kinzean, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Kyle, Laurie, Law, Lawson, Leith, Linn, Little,
Livingston, Lockart, Lockhart, Logan, Lorimer, Lowrie, McAdam, McBride, McCall,
McCallum, McCance, McCartney, McClanachan, McClean, McClellan, McClung,
McClure, McComb, McConnel, McCormick, McCrae, McCulloch, McCune, McCutchon,
McDougall, McDowall, McElvain, McEwen, McFadden, McGhie, McGill, McGowen,
McIntosh, McKain, McKay, McKee, McKelvie, McKenna, McKenzie, McKnight,
McLean,McMaster, McMillan, McMurray, McNab, McNaught, McNish, McRobert,
McTaggart, McWhurter, McWilliam, Mair, Marshall, Martin, Matheson, Maxwell,
Miller, Milligan, Mitchell, Moffat, Montgomery, Morison, Morton, Muir,
Muirhead, Mulroy, Mundell, Murchie, Murdoch, Murray, Neilson, Nicoll,
Nicholson, Orr, Osburne, Pain, Palmer, Park, Parker, Paterson, Paton, Pauling,
Peacock, Pearson, Peden, Porter, Porterfield, Pott, Ramsay, Reid, Richardson,
Riddick, Rigg, Robertson, Robeson, Robinson, Robison, Robson, Roger, Rose,
Ross, Rowan, Rule, Russell, Sanderson, Scot, Semple, Shank, Sharp, Shaw,
Shearer, Shilling, Short, Simpson, Skelly, Sloan, Smith, Spence, Steven,
Stevenson, Stewart, Stirling, Stott, Strachan, Sturgeon, Tait, Tagart, Taylor,
Telfer, Templeton, Tennen, Tennet, Thomson, Trail, Turner, Vance, Walker,
Wallace, Wallis, Warner, Watson, Waugh, Weir, Welsh, Whitehead, Whyte,
Wightman, Wilkie, Williamson, Wilson, Woodde, Wright, Wylie, Young,

These names appeared in the Borgue Covenant, 1638; the official lists
of testaments (wills) of Kirkcudbright; the census of Wigtown and Minnigaff,
1684; lists of Covenanting ministers, or lists of persons whose lives and
estates had been forfeited."
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