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William Kennedy and Catherine Walthew, Tipperary Ireland

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Re: William Kennedy and Catherine Walthew, Tipperary Ireland

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hi dave,

well very intreguing, and thanks again for your searches, nice to met someone like minded who spends a lot of time in that data base, and trying to figure out its contents.

So as you have found, i have also found the same regarding Jacob Walto and Winifred Fitzgerald. Including Jacob Walto B 1800.

I have it as follows;

1. Jacob Waltho-1 was born about 1778 in Gortnaskhey, Tipperary, Ireland.
Winifred Fitzgerald was born in 1780 in Ireland.
Jacob Waltho and Winifred Fitzgerald married. They had the following children:
i. Michael Waltho was born in 1797 in Gortnaskhey, Tipperary, Ireland. He was baptized on
17 Feb 1797 in Newport, Tipperary, Ireland[1].
ii. Catherine WALTO / WALTHEW[2] was born in 1798 in Tipperary, Ireland. She was
baptized on 30 Oct 1798 in Newport, Tipperary Ireland[3].
iii. Jacob Waltho was born in 1800 in Gortnaskhey, Tipperary, Ireland. He was baptized on
12 Dec 1800 in Newport, Tipperary, Ireland[4].
iv. Edmund Waltho was born in 1803 in Gortnaskhey, Tipperary, Ireland. He was baptized on
31 Jul 1803 in Newport, Tipperary, Ireland.

In regards to William Kennedy and Catherine Waltho, Walto, Walthew and Walton variations, you have found 1 extra being Thomas 1820. This is a bit of a problem, as Thomas does not fit the naming pattern...... Will have another look at him.

If you add the children for the variation Walton, then you will get the following children;

n Newport, Tipperary, Ireland[2].
Catherine WALTO / WALTHEW daughter of Jacob Waltho and Winifred Fitzgerald[1] was born in
1798 in Tipperary, Ireland. She was baptized on 30 Oct 1798 in Newport, Tipperary Ireland[3].
William Kennedy and Catherine WALTO / WALTHEW married. They had the following children:
i. Winifred Kennedy was born in 1822 in Bleanbeg, Tipperary, Ireland[4]. She was baptized
on 03 Feb 1822 in Newport, Tipperary, Ireland[5].
ii. Mary KENNEDY[6] was born in 1823 in Bleanbeg, Tipperary, Ireland. She was baptized on
23 Mar 1823 in Newport, Tipperary, Ireland[7].
iii. Edward Kennedy was born in 1824 in Bleanbeg, Tipperary, Ireland. He died in 1887 in
Kooriman Victoria, Australia. ( no baptisim)
iv. Judy Kennedy was born in 1826 in Bleanbeg, Tipperary, Ireland. She was baptized on 24
May 1826 in Newport, Tipperary, Ireland.
v. Michael Kennedy was born in 1827 in Bleanbeg, Tipperary, Ireland. He was baptized on
10 Aug 1827 in Newport, Tipperary, Ireland[8].
vi. Patrick Kennedy was born in 1829 in Bleanbeg, Tipperary, Ireland. He was baptized on
08 Feb 1829 in Newport Tipperary, Ireland[9].
vii. Catherine Kennedy was born in 1831 in Bleanbeg, Tipperary, Ireland. She was baptized
on 29 Nov 1831 in Newport, Tipperary, Ireland[10].
viii. William Kennedy was born in 1833 in Bleanbeg, Tipperary, Ireland. He was baptized on
13 Feb 1833 in Newport, Tipperary, Ireland[11].
ix. John Kennedy[1, 12] was born in 1834 in Bleanbeg, Tipperary, Ireland[1, 12]. He was baptized
on 23 May 1834. He lived in Broadford Victoria in 1900 (owned 160 acres of land and
house close to the Broadford Township. The land was advertised for Sale in the local paer
1908.)[1, 12]. He died about 1908 in Broadford Vic Australia[1, 12].
x. David Kennedy was born in 1836 in Bleanbeg, Tipperary, Ireland. He was baptized on 07
Apr 1836 in Newport Tipperary, Ireland[13].
xi. Margaret Kennedy was born in 1838 in Bleanbeg, Tipperary, Ireland[14]. She was baptized
on 04 Jan 1838 in Newport, Tipperary, Ireland.

So now quite interested i have bought the record of the marriage of Mary Walto.

Now for a bit of info, using my research of the Kennedys in Australia, I eventually came across a copy of a book titled "From Bun Ciamalta Vale to New South Wales" it was a study of Kennedy families from the hills of Keeper, compiled from the research of a Father Roger Kennedy, Niative. It talks of both the Family of a Long Andrew Kennedy, and Father Rodys family, and there are links, as well as other info from the region. All these I have entered in my tree.

Another Kennedy Author, Brian Kennedy, has written a book "The Irish Kennedys". he is related to the same family, i have incorporataed part of his research into the tree.

So I guewss the short of it is, Whilst trying to uncover other possible family members to my GGG Grandfather Hugh Kennedy, I found this Edward Kennedy, Child of William Kennedy and Catherine Walthew, living in the region

Also A william Kennedy, whos Parents were Denis Kennedy and Mary Kennedy Kennedy, and siblings who all came to the same area.

Using the book, I have been trying to place this Denis and Mary. Unfortunately, due to the naming pattern, there are a lot of Denis Kennedys, (2 principles) and they both married Mary Kennedy/ Kennedy........ frustrating, so I have been tralling all the baptisms and using the naming pattern, trying to figure out whose children are whose.

(note these baptisims are listed at Ballinahinch, not Newport. In th ebook Bun Ciamalta Father Rody says he does not list Ballinahinch as they sometimes confused the names of the places)?

The book tells us that Long Andrews children, when he inherited Tour, after the death of John Berkery, who was married to Mary Kennedy, that his oldest Andrew got Knocknemouragh, John got Tour, and William got Keeper. The family offshots from there.

So, This William Kennedy, born 1795 son of William and Bridgit Ryan, there is a baptisim in Blean Beg/Newport that matches, if these are the parents of William who married Catherine, then they would be a seperate family than the Long Andrew Kennedy's, probably related, born 1775, lets say Brother to Long Andrew. (Guess)

The Wife of Berkery, I dont know how inheritence of land at the time works, but why did Long Andrew inherite Tour? Berkerys wife was a Mary Kennedy, so maybe Sister or Mother to Long Andrew???

If we look at the baptism of William Kennedy B 1796, parents William Kennedy and Brigid Ryan They also had margaret and Joanna.

The notes tell us;


does this mean that *William/Guliemus (latin), **father was William and 4 x father was ****William?

Well as you found, there seems to be no other baptisms for William Kennedy and MARY Walto, there is a variation in Limerick, Mary Walton.....

So drumroll.

the marriage certificate is William Kennedy of Keeper, marries Mary Walto of Garranebeg?? is this Limerick? No mention of Catherine anywhere.

The witness is; James Walto Mick Walto

we have a michael, brother, no James.

of note however;

E ** WM

So does this mean that Wililams father was William, and his 3 x great grandfather was John?

This is the first time I have seen a John at the end of that many *'s

Just to make it interesting, William Kennedy son of Long Andrew Kennedy who got Keeper, had a wife Mary Unkown. (could this be Mary Walto)?

He is also the only William son of William in the tree, that has been substanitiated. (unless you guess that William who married Brigit Ryan was brother to long Andrew).

The book talks of three children for this William. I have traced them and there marriages as described in the book. They are as follows;

William Kennedy-1[1, 2, 3] was born about 1792 in Knocknamoheragh[1, 2, 3]. He lived in Keeper, (Bun
Ciamalta), Tipperary, Ireland about 1802 (William got Bun Ciamalta, Which was later divided between
his 3 children. William Denis and a sister Mary, who married Matt Fogarty.)[2].
Mary? Unknown[3] was born about 1797 in Tipperary[3].
William Kennedy and Mary? Unknown married. They had the following children:
i. Denis KENNEDY was born abt. 1813 in keeper, Tipperary, Ireland.
ii. William Kennedy[2, 3] was born about 1817 in Keeper, Limerick/Tipperary[2, 3]. He lived in
Keeper, Tipperary, Ireland[2].
iii. Mary Kennedy[2, 4] was born in 1821 in Keeper, Tipperary, Ireland[2, 4]. She lived in Foilduff,
Abington, Co Tipperary, Ireland in 1824 (from marriage certificate)[4]. She married Mathew
(Matt) FOGARTY on 02 Mar 1824 in Kilcommon, Tipperary, Ireland (Matt & James
Kennedy witnesses)[4].

The other thing of note is;

When researching all of this I have tried to incorporate the naming pattern to prove who is who.

In studying William Kennedy, Son of Denis and Mary Kennedy, who came to Sale, Victoria. you uncover a viariation to the naming pattern where the first born Sons alternate between William and Edmund, or Edward. Every other generation.

Also, if I am to look at the Children of Long Andrew Kennedy, then it seems, his oldest son Andrew was the only one to reuse Andrew as his first born son. The rest used variations?

This I have not been able to find out how it works.

All very frustrating for an amature im afraid. But it seems to me that there are a long line of William Kennedys in the region, and for some reason, regardless of the term land "ownership" if it means leasing or ownership, either way seem to be bucking the trend especially those of the penal laws regarding recording births, and owning or leasing more than small portions of land.

In the book from Bun Ciamalta Vale, it lists the bequeths of Berkery, including 5 pound to William Kennedy, Parich Priest, this is 1757.

There is supposedly numerous members of the clergy, including a bishop.

In the family bible of my GG Grandfather Andrew Kennedy, there is a picture of a Priest, dressed in regalia from the 1800's?

Anyway thanks for your interest and help. I will continue looking at the other things listed in your post.


Paul Barrett

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