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Obits/Death notices in Ireland & UK now days

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Re: Obits/Death notices in Ireland & UK now days

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Dear elwynsoutter,

Thank you for such a response, I do appreciate it.

But I perhaps was not clear enough. In my GFthrs time born 1888 died 1965, I totally understand the "handshake" deal, indeed it was that way in America. Everyone knew everyone and lived in small communities and surely you are not going to ripoff your neighbor (and if you do I am sure everyone knows " Boycot" - akin to shunning in the Amish community).
Wholly understood as it was in my estimation, the way business was done in rural communities if you wanted to live in peace.

Fast forward to today 2013.

Things have changed in the US and to some degree in Ireland last time I visited, but the death IN Rural Ireland was and is new to me (as I guess those other family members knew what to do in days past). The two or three main things I mentioned are what concern me. PROPERTY (HOUSE), BANK OR MONEY, AND FINAL BURIAL EXPENSES...
(And YES, this is about lower valued House or Money-no more than $50-$90K Farm/House (excluding bubble effect), and much less money or valuables {and not worried about personal property}).

My MAIN concern is what THE LAW SAYS. Second to that is what actually happens (more or less) as this is in rural South Sligo, not in any city --- just a normal "cottage" (near Aclare, built in the 1950s-60s) - and this is not a "ruin" as I see them online for 70-80k Euro (what is the matter with these people, they waiting for a sucker to come along, I could never figure this out, as no one will buy it -ever!!).

Anyway, I digress.

I know provisions exist for "small estates" exists in the probate codes everywhere, including ireland -- so as I doubt they have much money it is all about PROPERTY/Hosue (kinda the way it always has been)! Given the family usually would just continue on, that is not what I was asking -- this was an elderly man --- last in a long line and so, doing it right should be important as the only remaining decendent will probably TRY to sell the House. Not much of a market, but that does not matter --

Also I know this is usually done in private so I realize I was asking things ONLY if someone went through it recently, say last 5-10 years.....and only about the MAIN asset classes:

1) House/property/farm -- I was looking at it from the other side I am actually in -- as a BUYER. IF one does not assure clear title, no liens, ect.... someone could come along later (after you sunk years of income and labor improving it) and say get out, this was never done right and it is mine. From the Buyers point of view (remember, I am actually on the other side or deceased relatives) how do I make sure a property is sold properly ? What about last expenses, taxes, medical bills (not really applicable being NHS but it is in the USA), a Nursing Home expenses (see above probably) -- so this was my main concern, surely law applies here and if you run afoul, intentionally or negligently, it might be an issue. So I was hoping someone went through it recently (sadly)...

2) Banks and Money Held, - surely the Banks NOW do not hand over anything like Money in a bank account of the deceased without some court or Gov. involvement. I know in the past, heck probably into the 1950s, perhaps 60s or 70s might have if it was 100, 200 - but what would be the cut off, 500 Pounds, (oops Euros since what 2001?)

I was more interested in the legal aspects as probabate has been around for 1000s of years, mainly to get tax money and second to make sure the right party got the "stuff" -- I realize in most cases family is right there, in my case family was "estranged" as the deceased seemed, well lets say was not the kindest...

3) Final expenses - I noted this as I buried my Father in the US some months ago. Nothing happens unless you pay up front....(which is why I think they have seen a push back to the point Costco --a big box seller of electronics in the US-- drop ships caskets for around $1100.00 now, as the day of the $5k caskets is over. Even so, a Funeral is around $4000 and it is upfront.

I know In Ireland of old, a Wake was held. The Family did everything (prepare, clean the remains, put the Suit on) and only a wooden box was needed, and a plot in the local church Cemetery was needed, and a cart there.... so it could be done VERY inexpensively.

Now days I would imaging it IS somewhat different, as it seems more (BUT NOT MUCH) the law in spelling out this or that.

I am NOT saying anything is good or bad - as I think sometimes the older traditions were and are fine. Nothing the matter with that (but We could NEVER do it in the US), but it did strike me as odd the Funeral Man did not send a bill till months later and might not get they not have family to raise too (thus want to insure they are paid)?

IN any case thanks...If you send me links to free PRONI or will or probate searches I will add it to my list of other search resources....I post it often as everyone can do it free for the most part and paying thousands to find one's ancestors makes me as upset as paying thousands to bury a loved one...

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