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John MOODY of Co. L'derry who had sons William and Robert - Limavady links etc.

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John MOODY of Co. L'derry who had sons William and Robert - Limavady links etc.

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I am searching for the family of a John MOODY who was married at least twice, first wife's name is unknown to me at this time, but with this first wife he had a son named William MOODY who was said to attend school in or near Limavady where his Grandmother lived. (not sure if that was his Grandmother MOODY or his mother's mother?).
His father John MOODY was said to have owned a bleach-green in Co. L'derry. However, I believe this branch of the MOODY family has ties to the MOODY's in the Roe Valley/Limavady area and also to those of Magilligan and Coleraine areas as well.
I also firmly believe there is a tie to the John MOODY b.c1813 whose son James MOODY married Mary Ann LYNCH (daug. of William Lynch and Margaret Jane McCAGHEN...various spellings on her last name) who in turn came to Pennsylvania in the latter 1800's sailing out of Scotland.
We have a Ydna link to this branch of the Moody's (James who married Mary Ann).
The Magilligan MOODY's are linked back to a John MOODY and Mary HOPKINS whose family were said to have come to Nor. Ireland from Fifeshire, Scotland. I Highly suspect we are or Would Be Ydna related to this branch of the Moody's as well as the first names and other links are so much in common with our Known Moody's from Nor. Ireland who came to Nor. America (from Nova Scotia to the Southern states of the USA).
One of my matching Ydna families is in Nova Scotia and at least one known member of the Magilligan branch of MOODY's also came to Nova Scotia, living in the Exact same place as my own Ydna Moody cousins did as well. That was Israel MOODY who married Elizabeth CASKEY (prob. orig. MaCaskie or McCaskey or some variant spelling...see Black's book of Scottish Surnames under the spelling of MaCASKIE).
Within my own MOODY family tree the middle name of "ROSS" is used several times in the children of my 5th grt. grandparents James MOODY and his wife Elizabeth DONALD (descendant of family of Clan Donald/MacDonald). I suspect there may have been some family link with the ROSS's back in Nor. Ireland or from Scotland to my own Moody family but so far have not been able to prove this other than from the fact that the surname appears as middle names in my own Moody family tree and for what reason I have no idea as none of these descendants married Ross's and none of their wives families from my own research has revealed any Ross link as yet, so I am guessing this link MAY be from my James MOODY's parents side as it is not on his wife Elizabeth DONALD's side. (One of their grt. grandson's was named "James Ross NEWCOMB"...was this my 5th grt. grandfather's middle name as well?....James Ross MOODY??)

The surname of LEWIS also appears as a middle name among their grandchildren too but there were Lewis' in this area who may have come over from Nor. Ireland too for all I know.
My James MOODY appeared out of no where in York Co., Maine (not all that far Geographically) from Nova Scotia where our Ydna Moody's lived), when he married my 5th grt. grandmother Elizabeth Donald (also seen spelled as Donnell/Dunnell etc.) in Jan. of 1774. Then they disappear off the map again.
I suspect James came to York Co., Maine for work as it was a flourishing port during that time.
Elizabeth's father was Capt. Benjamin Donald/Donnell a very prominent man in York Co. and Lincoln Co., Maine as was his father Capt. Nathaniel DONALD/Donnell who came to York Co., ME from Rowley, Essex Co., MA. Capt. Nathaniel DONALD's wife was Elizabeth TODD. The Donald's/Donnell's owned their own ships and a great deal of lands in York and Lincoln Co.'s in Maine and perhaps in other areas too.

They donated land to build a bridge in York Co., Maine and other lands they owned in Lincoln Co., ME (Bath/Georgetown area) for cemeteries. They also owned lands in and along the Sheepscot River (at that time called Jeremy Squam) in the area now known as Wiscasset, Maine.
I have deed info and details on this, as well as Capt. Nathaniel's will where he mentions the lands given to his son Benjamin etc. One of my 5th grt. grandmother's Nephew's (son of her brother Moses Donald/Donnell) was Rev. Moses DONALD/Donnell who lived in Wiscasset, ME for a while and he was a Methodist/Episcopal preacher in the church in Wiscasset that has the big Clock Tower. (it did the last time I was there anyway...several years ago now).

At any rate, my James Moody has been my Brick Wall for years and the only thing to help chisel away at that wall so far has been the proof of relationships via our Ydna testing results. I was always told that our Moody's were from the English lines that came to New England in the 1600's. The Ydna results have now Proven that NOT to be the case. There were 3 major lines of Moody's in New England all around the same time, all naming their children the same names, who were all born around the same times and then on top of that all lived in the same states, towns etc. even marrying into some of the same families.
This has caused a considerable amount of confusion and grief among those of us Moody's trying to find our proper family tree connections. Not to mention the countless numbers of Old Genealogies which have reported links that are now being found out via Ydna results are Not Correct.
The Clement Moody line of Exeter, NH has NO links whatsoever via bloodlines to the William or John MOODY lines of Newbury, MA and Hartford, CT respectively. Also William and John MOODY were NOT blood cousins at least as is being shown to us right now, again from Ydna testing results. Perhaps one day more male born MOODY's will be tested that will prove that otherwise, but as it stands right now, there is No link between any of these 3 early MOODY families who came to New England in the early 1600's.

My rogue Moody family has No links to any of the 3 major Moody lines of early New England. My Moody family didn't show up in Nor. America until around c1750. Ditto for my Ydna Moody family in Nova Scotia. Our earliest known Ydna MOODY was a Thomas MOODY b.c1710 in/of Aghadowey, Co. L'derry, Ireland who married Jean McQUISTON supposed daughter of a Benjamin McQuiston and they and many others came to New Castle, DE in c1735 and removed to PA for a while but then headed South to Guilford Co., NC. From there, their descendants removed to TN, OH, KY, MS, AL, TX, KS, ARK etc. we have ydna Moody cousins all over the place now.

Back to the Moody's of Nor. Ireland. Here are some of the other Surnames I believe to be part of our family tree as well...those in Nor. Ireland or Scotland who have married into our Moody/Moodie/Mudie family or who have known Ydna links to our lines...
Ledlie, Eakin, Stewart/Stuart, I've also recently noted a possible HEMPHILL link from something I read online, Hutton, Leslie, Shannon, Herron, Crawford, CARRE/Carr/Kerr,
Chisolm/Chisholm, McNeill, Glendinning/Clendennen, Hamilton, very possible Morrison, Ross as I mentioned earlier, Green, Smith and several others.
There may be No link between these other Moody branches in Nor. Ireland even though they sure do seem to have a lot in common with our family, and perhaps one day we will find out the truth.
I think it is a real shame however that certain branches of these Moody families appear to be unwilling to share the genealogy of their branches with others (Not all of them, but I have encountered some who do not) when they might be able to help those of us who have been struggling for so long to find ours. You could be the very ones who hold the key to tear down that brick wall. Since the Nor. Ireland records are so scarce, I feel that genealogy is for everyone, and if you've discovered some old record somewhere in your travels that might help someone link to those folks, I believe its a kindness that should be shared.
If I can help anyone further with any of the info I might have regarding these folks I've mentioned here, please leave a message reply and I'll do my best to help you out.
If you can help me with any of these names or family branches I have mentioned, I would be Most greatful as well.
Thank You.

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