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In 1286 the Stack family Anglo-Normans originally came from England. In the first part of the fourteenth century and by the 16th century they were completely Irish, being among the foremost Kerry adversaries to English. They were from the FitzGeralds, allies of the Fitzmaurices, lords and knights of Kerry. The Stacks of Crotta settled in Kilflynn in 1320 and expanded out of there building a resident at Crotta. In fact the town of Kilflynn was known as Stackstown. Their association with the area was further perpetuated by the Stack Mountains, which are situated between Tralee and Abbeyfeal. This entire area around Crotta is known as Pubble (Probal) Stack or StackÂ’s country. Their association with Clanmaurice is perpetuated in the Stack Mountains between Tralee and Abbeyfeale and a district in the vicinity was long known as Pobble Stack or Stack's Country.
James Stack of Brosna * * Batt Stack of Doonimlaghber * * Tom Stack of Carrignafeela * * James Stack of Green Lane * * Bridget and Margaret Stack of Doon * * Johanna Stack of Ballyeagh * * Pat Stack of Leitrim * * Martin Stack of Kilmoyley * * Tom Stack of Garrynaneskagh * * John Stack of Fahavane * * Robert Stack of Tullig * * John Stack of Rathkenny * * Robert Stack of Glankeagh * * Garrett Stack of Coolaruane * * Pat Stack of Irrabeg * * Gerald and William Stack of Kilmeany * * Ml. of Stack Bungarha * * Ml. Stack of Shanbally * * Edmund Stack of Curraghtook * * William Stack of Commons * * Tom Stack of Killoerim * * Garrett Stack of Dromclough * * Hanora Stack of Duagh * * Mary and Mary Stack of Moyvane * * Sarah Stack of Drumurrher * * Mary and Catherine Stack of Carhoorhagh * * Pat Stack of Banna * * Edmund Stack of Currahane * * Pat and Ml. and Hanoria Stack of Coolkeragh * * Edmund Stack of Dromlought * * William Stack of Irremore * * Garrett Stack of Ballintogner * * Edmund Stack of Lissahane * * William Stack and Thos. Stack of Beal * * John Stack of Cloonamon * * Tom Stack of CTarrigane * * Edmund and Bridget of Kilcohman * * Kate of Larha * * Robert Stack of Bromore * * James Stack of Trippul * * John Stack of Gullane * * Johanna of Rathroe * * Mary of Acres * * John of Muckenagh * * John Stack of Kilmealy * * Hanoria Stack of Gortagurrane * * Hanora Stack of Toor * * Pat and John Stack of Ardagh * * Robert Stack of Clloghane * * John Stack of Fahavane * * Ml. and John and Pat and Rd Stack of Aughrim * * Ellen Stack of Ballinascreena * * Tom Stack of Dromkeen * * Pat, Stack of Banemore * * Dan and James Stack of Toor * * Edmund Stack of Trieneragh Pat Stack of lnchamagilleragh * *Gerald Stack of Lahardane * * John Stack of Ballygologue, * * Garrett and Mce and John and Pat and Edward and Margaret. and Hanoria and Mary and Margaret nnd Kate Stack of Listowel * * Tom Stack of Cloonametagh * * Robert Stack of Dromcunnig * * lohn Stack of Montanagay * * Catherine Stack of Leamprelalne * * Jobn Stack of Kilfeighney * * Mary Stack ol Tullig * * Edmund Stack of Behine * * Garrett Stack of Toornageehy * * William Stack of Rathea * * William Stack of Moyessa * * Stephen Stack of Dromin * * Pat Stack of knockamoohane * * Robert and William. Stack of Skeneherin, * * Mce. and John and Eyre Stack of Gortagurrane, * * John of Stack Toohalla * * Eyre Stack of Carah lake * * John of Stack Ballyconry * * Edm. Stack of Toohana * * William and Rd. Stack of Gortdromasillihy * * John and Ml. and Edmund Stack of Movvane * * Edmund Stack of Kilbaha * * Edmund Stack of Ahalahanna * * Mi. Stack of Cloobrane * * John Stack of Ballvheige * * Mce. Stack of Ballinprior * * Mi. and Rd. and James and John and Tom Stack of Banna * * Pat Stack of Currahane, * * John and Robert Stack of Ballymacquin * * Stephen and John and Edmond Stack of Ruagh * * Edmond and Tom Stack of Knockavallig * * XXX Stack of Foildarrig, * * Ml. and John Stack of Doon * * Tom Stack of Ballybunion * * Ml. Stack of Gortnaskeha * * Ml. and Tom Stack of Ballyeigh * * Tom Stack of Lahardane * * Ml. and John and Edmund and Tom and Pat and Jas. and Garrett Stack of Dooncaha * * Edw. and Edmund and Edw. and Gerald Stack of Listowel * * Edmund Stack of Clieveragh, * * Garrett and Tom Stack of Carhooeragh * * Tom Stack of Pilgrim Hill * * William Stack of Lacoa * * John Stack of the Mall * * Robt. and William and Edm. Stack of Brogue lane * * Augustine Stack of Pembroke St. * * Edmund Stack of Muing * * Tom Stack of Ballyardl * * Jas. Stack of Doon * * Ml. and Ellen Stack of Gurrane * * Eliza Stack of Liscahane, * * Edmund Stack ef Caherleheen, * * Martin Stack of Barrow * * Tom Stack of Baltygarron * * Mary Stack of Russell St. * * Ml. Stack of Ballyganeen * * Mary Stack of Green lane * * Pat Stack of Inch * * Ml. and John Stack of Smerwlck * * Eyre Stack of Glounagillagh * * Pat Stack of Coomnafanada * * Ml. Stack of Cloonaghlin * *Mce. Stack of Gortirragh * * In 1398 William Stack was rector of Fyndtrahig. * * In 1424, Philip Stake was rector of Cuoygnys, vicar of Rynbera and rector of Kylbertan * * In 1427 Mce. Stak was canon of Ardfert. * * In 1488, Rev. John Stack, bishop of Ardtert, was buried in the cathedral. * * In 1217, Mar. 21, Petronilla Bloet wife of Dermot Magarthy, king of Cork, was granted the marriage portion which Thomas her hrother gave to her. * * The State Papers contradict the assertion quoted by Abbe Mac Geoghegan that Stack was her name. * * Stackstown, or Crotto, was granted to Henry Ponsonby in 1666. * * Stack's mountain is a townland in Killfyn parish. * * Wm. Stack in 1422 was archdeacon of Ardfert.* * In 1285 Alexr. Stake, to have peace paid the sheriff £4, and £6 in 1286, and 40s. in 1286, and £13 6s. 8d. in 1287 also 7 marks. * * Rev. Gerald Stack 1493, * * Maurice * * Philip from 1588 to 1595, * * Mother Mary Augustine Stack, * * Fr. William Stack was parish priest of Ventry, in west Kerry in 1398, * * William Stack who had been chancellor in 1403, was archdeacon of Ardfert in 1408, * * Fr. Gerald Stack parish priest of Listowel in 1493, * * In 1596, Maurice Stack was a bishop of Ardfert in 1449, Bishop of Ardfert 1588 and his brothers may be trusted, writes Carew, and that Garrett Duff Stack of 1592 was of English desnent. * * Michael Stack m. Julia (the Saint) Shanahan * * Garrett Roe Stack in 1603 was besieged in Ballingarry castle. * * Mary Stack m. William Shanahan of Farran, Abbeydorney * * Mce. Stack, an ally of Sir George Carew was killed at Beale in 1600, after his service at Liscahane. the Stacks of Ballyloughran fought in strength on the Irish side at the battle of Kinsale in December 1601 * * Margaret Stack of Fahivane, Kilflynn m.Tom Shanahan 1739 of Aulane, Abbeydorney, they had 21 children * * James Stack and wife Mary went to Ennisemore, Canada in 1825 with the Peter Robinson Expedition * * John Stack of Ballyconry m. 1780, Bridget Studdert having Dinah, Ann, Isabella, Eliz., Col. Geo. d. 1855 John m. 1802 Catherine Massy having Eyre d. 1856, John, Nathaniel major-genl. h. 1811, d. 1874, m. 1858 having Geo. Eyre, Maria, Agnes. General Edward Stack, lieut. in French army in 1777, entd. British army as It.-col. of Irish brigade in 1794, col. 1801, major-genl. 1808, lt. genl. 1813, general 1830, died at Calais in 1833. * * Thomas Stack from Dooncaha, Tarbert, in b. 1880. His parents were Patrick Stack and Hanora Sullivan. He came to USA, around 1910 m. Mae Curtin John Stack m. * * Margaret (Peggy) Shanahan children Robert, Peggy, Thomas, Mary, * * Catherine, went to Ennisemore, Canada in 1825 with the Peter Robinson Expedition (Margaret died enroute) * * Rev. Francis Stack O.P., 1863-1915, bro. of J. P. of the Mall, and son of E. of Bridge St. in Tralee, was prior of Drogheda * * Thomas de Stack translated Irish poems. * * Rev. John Stack was P.P. of Brosna 1776 * * Mary (Ciss) Moore Stack, to Philidelphia, John Henry Moore Stack, to Philidelphia, Louis Moore Stack are children of Bridget Stack (first wife, distant relative) and William Moore Stack (the Fenian) 1842-1899 of Carrueragh, Knockanue son of Henry Stack . b. 1799 d. 1839 m. Anne Brown went to New York son of Patrick Stack b. 1775 d.1808 m. Hanna Moore, son of Edmund Stack of Crotto * * Josephine (Jo) to Philidelphia, Nicholas (Nick), James (Jim), to Philidelphia, Austin Stack T.D, Separatist (leading member of Sinn Fein, deputy chief of the I.R.A. Minister of Home Affairs in First Dail military council of the I.R.B. planned the 1916 Rising., Michael Collons right hand man before the treaty) Beatrice (Bee), to Philidelphia, Nora, to Philidelphia, Nanetta, to Philidelphia, Teresa (Tess) to Philidelphia. children of William Moore Stack 1842-1899 and Nanette (Nannie) O’Neill (second wife) of Donnybrook. * * The Stacks of Listowel and all of north Kerry being a deeply religious Cathloic family many became parish priests and nuns, Fr. Michael J. Stack (Kerry Diocese) 1939, Fr. Thomas Stack (Peterborough, Canada, Diocese) 1899, Fr. Patrick J. Stack ((Baker Diocese) 1915, Sister Nora (Presentation) 1935, Sister Minnie, (Poor Saints of the Mother of God) Sister Molly (Sisters of Mercy) 1935, Sister Anna (Sisters of Mercy) 1933, Sister F (Franciscans) 1947, Sister D. ((Presentation) 1904, Sister A. (Providence) 1954 * * By the 16th century the Stacks become thoroughly Irish and opponents of the English, In 1600 the Stacks of Ballyloughran was on the Irish side in the battle of Kinsale. When the barbarous Lord Cromwell marched in, much of their previous land was taken from the them. In 1687 some of the land was restored back and today they retained much of their ancestral lands around Crotta. * * The Stacks differentiated the branches of their family by adding the name of the appropriate female line to their patronymic, like the Moore-Stacks of north Kerry settled in Tralee, the Eyre-Massy-Stacks at Ballyconry, Sean Stack, the Massy-Stacks of Ballyconry, the Shanahan-Stacks around Farran, Abbeydorney, Lixnaw and Kilflynn, the Keane-Stacks, Neville-Stacks and the Harnett-Stacks around Listowel, the Fitzmaurice-Stacks at Ennismore east of Listowel, the Bachall, Mick Stack, Denis Dinny Stack, Gerrot Roe Stack, M.P. John Stack, etc. the Gray-Stacks, Baggot-Stacks, Stokes-Stacks Stacks were deeply associated with the McElligott and Shanahan families. * * Patrick Stack son of General Edward (Edmund) Stack settled in Cork. The Stacks married into the Moores, O’Neills, of Ballinruddery, General Edward Stack (d. 1833) born in Ireland came of a family styled Stack de Crotta. The Stacks of Crotta motto was “Honorabo me Honorantes” — I will honour those who honour me.

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