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UK Alien Identity Cards

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UK Alien Identity Cards

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There is now a separate thread devoted to Maggie's grandfather. The link is here:

I was interested to learn about this 1939 register and the details that Maggie received back. First of all, I think the price is disgusting at £42, particularly as you will not get a refund even if the search is unsuccessful. Are they seriously trying to make out that the administration costs of undertaking a single search are as high as that? If it is, then whoever is responsible for administering this scheme should be fired. It makes you wonder if they've actually got around to computerising the 1939 database yet. If access to this register was ever contracted out to or, it could become a very popular addition to their existing services and we wouldn't be paying anything like £42 to conduct a search. Concerns about those on the database still living are going to become less relevant with each passing year, as the details were compiled almost 73 years ago. Therefore I hope that at some point there might be some high-level discussions about how to administer the 1939 register in the future. For absolute starters, one should get at least a partial refund if the search is unsuccessful, or maybe given the option of conducting another search for no extra charge.

I just have some queries about the UK National Registers of both the first and second World Wars:

Does the database of the First National Register (1915-19) survive in any form and is it open to public inspection? I believe that the main intention behind that Register was to discover how many men were still available for conscription.

In the case of both first and second world war registers, when identity cards were issued, did the authorities keep a duplicate photo of the person on their system or was there only one photo produced which was attached to the identity card? If duplicate photos were kept, do they survive and can members of the public inspect those Identity Cards?

The reason I ask is because on the Channel Island of Jersey, there have been two separate registration/identity card scemes where duplicate photos WERE kept by the authorities of every person. Today these records are freely available to inspect locally and are of great benefit if one finds a relative on the system, because it can often provide perhaps the only surviving photo of an ancestor, along with a whole range of useful information. Both registration systems required the ID Card Holder to notify the authorities immediately of any change of address. These change of address details were duly noted on the card and are also now very useful for research purposes.

The two Jersey registers I am referring to are the Aliens Registrations Card scheme dating from the First World War (and continuing for many years after that) and the Second World War Identity Card scheme administered by the occupying German authorities during 1940-45.

You can see an example of a Jersey Aliens Registration card on this page. Most probably this is the copy kept on file by the Jersey authorities and now held by the Jersey Archive:

Here you can see an example of a Second World War Identity Card issued by the German authorities on the Channel Island of Guernsey (I presume that this is the copy kept by the card holder himself, judging by its condition):

And here is a (small) copy of the Identity Card issued in Jersey to Louisa Gould, who was arrested for sheltering an escaped Russian slave worker and died in the gas chambers at Ravensbruck in 1945. It seems to be a duplicate copy of some sort:

I presume that Jersey might have introduced the registration of aliens in the First World War in order to follow what was presumably also happening on the UK mainland. Therefore, are there also surviving Identity Cards for aliens who were living in the UK in the same way that there are for Jersey-resident aliens and are they available for public inspection?

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