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Brian. I do understand the 2 fundamental issues that have created 95% of the discussion here, but I have a completely line of discussion and am very interested on your comments on it. I went to Ancestry Card Catalog, put “Web” in Keywords and see listed a total of 9 Databases. Nine! Where are all these databases your Webcrawler is supposed to have gone out and found? Is that just to see what comes of the idea before you actually put any serious work into this? I wondered since the Announcement why had I not seen even ONE Web Search result in any actual Ancestry Search (other than US Veterans Gravesites which has been on Ancestry for a long time) I had done since the original announcement. I expect now I know why that is true. When do you actually go out there on any significant scale and reign in all these Genealogy related Sites?

I consider myself a highly experienced Genealogist and not a Content Manager from some organization or Group who, for example, uses RootsWeb to publish its Database. I would actually like to be able for my Ancestry Search (whether it is Search all Records, search specific types of Records or “Web Search Results” from inside FTM) include things from the Web, not just Ancestry. I have for years wondered why the”Search” button in FTM V16 is so called “Seb Search Results” when it in fact no such thing. My preference as a user would be to only have Ancestry Trees just Link to the non Ancestry Databases. But my opinion is that the majority of Trees are created by people who do not have the experience or the desire to actually have to “go out there” and go through the process of doing work in another Web Site, especially more than once. Nor do they have much interest in Copyright issues. That is just the real world. They just want to save records to their Tree and look at fluttering green leaves. And you as Ancestry, want to cater to the audience of masses who do their Genealogy this way.

To the extent that you can advise, educate others about Copyright or force users to overlook Copyright violations you are being helpful. But I personally do not expect Ancestry to force ignorant users to do things they are not going to do. Copyright Violation and improper (or total lack of) Sourcing are rampant in Genealogy. And it has gotten far worse in the “internet years.”

I have an Tree, but not one of the kind you save records to. After having a RootsWeb Tree for many years, I finally gave in to the 2000 pound Gorilla and put a posted GEDCOM Tree on Ancestry. I love my Subscription, use it frequently and plan to continue it forever. But I refuse to give in and link my Tree and Ancestry Subscription. I put my Ancestry and other Sources together where they belong., and that is under Sources in a Tree. But having a Tree on Ancestry has paid off in contacts with others info who find my info and in turn have other legitimate correct information I do not have, especially the broad based Descendants of other lines of my various 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5yh GGrandparents Descendants and their siblings.

Brian, I do commend you in continuing to hang in there and at least have a conversation with those who disagree with you. I have a “violent” disagreement with FTM Product Managers over the incorrect decision they have made beginning with 2008 to put Headers and Footers in Genealogy Reports generated by FTM. No REAL Genealogist generates a Genealogy Report and just prints and/or sends it to someone else. You edit it and then do what you created it for. This is impossible with Headers and Footers included. Until FTM fixes this I will never buy a new version. And in my role as a FHC volunteer figure I have given that advice to way over a hundred people and have cost FTM many sales. When I make that comment in their Blogs they ignore me or have a surrogate argue with me.
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