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Re: Announcing Web Search

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Again, this is not meant to be taken personally...
I’ve thought this over quite thoroughly and the thing I can’t get past is the way Ancestry went about this whole fiasco. Instead of contacting the genealogical community, discussing the matter and getting their views on it, they showed complete disregard and disrespect for them by just going ahead crawling and removing info from their sites. 100s of pages from one site alone before they realized it and asked you to stop. And you saw nothing wrong in that? You were doing them a favor? You know better than they do what is best for them?
I raised my children the same way I was raised…if something does not belong to you, you do not touch it unless you ask and are given permission to do so. That’s just plain common courtesy and decency.
As far as all the positive feedback you’ve been getting…these boards don’t bear that out. Nobody I’ve talked to or communicated with bears that out. Would you be willing to share any of it?
You say its “totally fine” if Jackie and I don’t want our sites crawled…well, good grief, I would hope so. If you think anybody likes having a stranger poking around among their belongings and taking whatever they want, think again.
I’ll ask again…why would Ancestry care and want to help their competition get the maximum traffic to their web sites? That certainly does not sound like good business sense. It sounds more like a whitewash to cover some tracks.
You “think the proof of whether this is good or bad for publishers will take time.” And Ancestry’s quite willing to take the chance that it just might be bad for the publishers. They know it won’t be bad for Ancestry.
Here is something else I don’t understand…how is Ancestry going to index the entire genealogy web if they can’t manage to index their own message boards?
Ancestry reminds me of a decaying old mansion. Something breaks…sometimes it gets fixed, sometimes it gets patched, most of the time it gets put on a to-do list. Usually, in the process of fixing something, they break something else. As the mansion decays, they cover it with bling and fill it with toys in the hope that no one will notice.
And let us not forget Ancestry’s “contribution” to family history with their “instant genealogy” using “shaky leaves” and those “trees”. (shudder)
I appreciate your letting me share my thoughts, concerns and views here. I’m quite certain I will never change my mind about this. The sites I have are all secure now except for the historical society’s site I have on RootsWeb. I’ll be removing that to a secure site soon…as I’ve been asked to do.
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