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Elijah Avey-Wash. Co. MD Posted on: 29 Oct 2000, by  LAvey4836

Surnames > Avey

Need any information on Elijah Avey, of Wash. Co MD, born late 1820's, or early 1830's. Watchmaker, and wrote book titled, Capture and Execution of John Brown. HELP, HELP!!

Elijah Avey-Wash. Co. MD Posted on: 29 Oct 2000, by  LAvey4836

Surnames > Avey

Need any information on Elijah Avey, of Wash. Co MD, born late 1820's, or early 1830's. Watchmaker, and wrote book titled, Capture and Execution of John Brown. HELP, HELP!!

Re: looking for relatives Posted on: 19 Jul 2006, by  MarkSBaines

Surnames > Oswin

...Bishop Street and married to Thomas Parker from same address 10 May 1848. Emma's father is John Oswin watchmaker. All are ancestors of my wife. Is Emma or John in your family tree?

Re: looking for relatives Posted on: 09 Jan 2005, by  gty20

Surnames > Oswin

...F/Tree ie Coventry -my GGGrandmother was Sarah Oswin B approx 1840 in Coventry md Wm Kent Mason Jwller/Watchmaker - The Oswins had a silk connection also some moved the London also Manchester. Can you furnish ...

Elijah Avey-Wash. Co. MD Posted on: 29 Oct 2000, by  LAvey4836

Surnames > Avey

Need any information on Elijah Avey, of Wash. Co MD, born late 1820's, or early 1830's. Watchmaker, and wrote book titled, Capture and Execution of John Brown. HELP, HELP!!

Re: Hargreaves/ Gough; 1891 England Cesus;Manchester,Ardwick Posted on: 17 May 2006, by Elizabeth Coen

Surnames > Hargreaves

...have folks offering assistance, especially all the way from England. My GGF, William Hargreaves, the watchmaker, married Anna Schumacher after crossing to America, lived in New Jersey. Don't know if he maintain...

Re: Hargreaves Bamber Dewhurst Posted on: 16 Jul 2004, by  Lisa Coen

Surnames > Hargreaves

Thanks for your interest-Anna Schumaker/Schumacher married William Hargreaves, a watchmaker from manchester ,England around 1900 in New york or thereabouts. She placed her sons in an orphanage and kept her daug...

William Hargreaves Posted on: 16 Mar 2004, by  Lisa Coen

Surnames > Hargreaves

My Great-Grandfather was William Hargreaves ,a watchmaker from Manchester,England.He married Anna Schumaker from Germany,I am told, but she also had lived in Penn. They had 5 children-Charles, Helen, Anna, Wil...

Re: William Hesk Posted on: 01 Mar 2006, by  Trott86

Surnames > Hesk

...Balls. Have now found a firm connection. They stem from William Henry Hesk back to William Hesk the watchmaker and his father William who worked at India House as a clerk in early 1800s. e-mail me please at ...

Re: TREGERTHEN, Bath, Somerset and Stratton, Cornwall. Posted on: 12 Feb 2004, by Paul Martin

Surnames > Tregarthen

...Street, Cirencester, Gloucester. He was the son of JAMES CHARLES MARTIN born 1852/3(jeweller and/or watchmaker/clockmaker) who married in 1870 EDITH ELIZABETH COOK ( I think EDITH was born in Bath, Somerset). A...

Re: Joseph Fairey bn 1798 Riseley UK Posted on: 25 Sep 2004, by  geoffairey

Surnames > Fairey

...born in Riseley, Bucks or Riseley, Beds. We know that later our Joseph was based in London and was a watchmaker by profession.

Update for Fairey Geneology, England especially London Posted on: 08 Feb 2003, by  rfairey1

Surnames > Fairey

...Esther Hack St. George, the Martyr, Southwark, 1829. Isaac initially followed in the family profession of watchmaker/silversmiths - Joseph Henry became a Master Watchmaker, Joseph also and likely a brother Richard, was a...

Fairey relatives world wide Posted on: 03 Jan 2003, by  rfairey1

Surnames > Fairey

...trace back to William Joseph Thrower Fairey living in the Wirral, UK. His father, Isaac, silversmith/watchmaker/commercial agent/seaman married a second time in 1861 to Matilda Phoebe Fleet. Line goes back thro...

Abel m. Carley 1858 in Bungay, Suffolk, England, UK Posted on: 18 Jun 2002, by  MARIONMCLEOD5...

Surnames > Abel

Anyone have any information re a Richard Carley who was a watchmaker in Bungay, Suffolk, England? His father, Enoch, was also a watchmaker in Bungay. Richard, a widower, married in 1858 to Sarah Ann Abel of Bungay, dau...

Edward Unsworth born in Preston or Farnworth about 1781 Posted on: 26 Aug 2005, by Susan

Surnames > Unsworth

I am a decendent of Edward Unsworth born in Preston or Farnworth about 1781. He was a watchmaker and married to Ellen. They had at least two children Mary and Martha. Mary married William Hill.

Re: John and Joseph Fehrenbach, Baden Posted on: 12 Nov 2002, by  chopper61

Surnames > Fehrenbach

Chris, For what its worth, my great grandfather Charles Joseph Fehrenbach, was a watchmaker, with a shop in Dundee & resided in Broty Ferry, late 18 & early 19th century. He was born in Germany in 186...

Re: John and Joseph Fehrenbach, Baden Posted on: 22 Mar 2002, by Chris Fehrenbach

Surnames > Fehrenbach

...glean so far. My Dad (Philip) died 1983. There was always talk of my great grandfather Alfred as a Swiss Watchmaker / Jeweller based in Cornwall. The continuing middle name (John) might have some link with Bade...

Bluck in Hereford England 1770 Posted on: 18 May 2000, by  frankkenward

Surnames > Bluck

Hi my name is Frank Kenward I am searching my Kenward ancestry but am also researching my home city of Hereford, Herefordshire, England. As a result I am looking into lot's of old local newspapers, a...

Hynam Posted on: 07 Oct 2000, by  fdobbyn1

Surnames > Hynam

...share any informtion about he and his family. other Hynams, not necessarily related went to Russia as watchmaker to Catharine the Great.

Re: Moulang Posted on: 29 Apr 2002, by sandra dempsey

Surnames > Moulang

...she married a Henry Blake (1830s-1906). Henry was an optician, but I also suspect he may have been a watch-maker. I've noticed that the Moulangs lived next door and of course wonder was there a particular relat...

Re: Joshua Finney - St Helens Lancashire Posted on: 28 Jul 2003, by  Yashiwa

Surnames > Finney

...I don't know if it was Ellen's daughter Sarah, Alice, or Ann who may have been his mother. He was a watchmaker (I think). In my family line were a lot of watch ...

Re: Gomer are you still out there? Posted on: 02 Oct 2006, by Johnny Cornelison

Surnames > Craker

...timeman. According to my uncle Jim Craker, Walter McKee passed a very highly test to become certified as a watchmaker. Anyway, Sarah Catherine Wilcox married James Madison Craker in 1885 in Collin Co., TX. We (...

Edward Martin Shreiner (Civil War Veteran) Posted on: 21 Sep 1999, by  WMRenkin

Surnames > Shreiner

...Born Son) Born: 24 July 1837 Lancaster, Pennsylvania Father: Phillip Shreiner (Skilled Clock and Watchmaker, Columbia/Lancaster, Pennsylvania)(Master/Free Mason: Lodge 286, Columbia, Pennsylvania)(First Engi...

Hildebrands Gerlachs Posted on: 12 Jul 2000, by  CynthiaSteinh...

Surnames > Hildebrand

...**************************************** One of the group of men, from Nieder Weisel, was Jacob Haub, listed as a watchmaker in the San Jose city directory of 1870. Another from the group who settled in San Jo...

Nicholas DeBolt, Greene co., PA Posted on: 22 Oct 2002, by  we88j4

Surnames > Debolt

...maker, now living in Davistown, Pennsylvania. 4. Stentz, now a carpenter of Masontown. 5. Thornton, a watchmaker and jeweler of Davistown. 6. Eliza, married Benjamin Rumbell and lives in Greene county. (II)...

Arthur Welcome BIBER Posted on: 21 Jul 2000, by Skeet Biber

Surnames > Biber

...Nov.1869 in San Francisco. Mother = S. BIBER, father may be Adolph BIBER She wrote in German. Subject was a watchmaker and jeweler, started such stores in Peru, LongBranch, NJ, Charleston, SC and Spartanburg,...

Re: maria pepper Posted on: 28 Sep 2001, by  pepper31

Surnames > Pepper

...sharpe of gotham, Notts. mary ann married Samuel Burton Haskard at a non-con church in Derby. He had watchmaker and jeweller and car/bicycle manufacturers business in Derby. She was born in 1852 and died in...

Looking for Parents and Siblings of Anna Russell-McQueen Posted on: 25 Oct 2001, by  bbjnutt1

Surnames > Russell Billy's wife Ellen Perdue-McQueen indicate that Billy's father was William Whitman an Overseer and Watchmaker on a plantation in Georgia where Billy was born. I need confirmation and information on Whitman ...

Campbell-Hammond Marriage Posted on: 12 Jun 2004, by Lindsay Campbell

Surnames > Campbell

...instant, at St. Peter's Church, Wellington, New Zealand, by the Ven. Archdeacon Stock, Charles CAMPBELL, watchmaker, to Rachel Elizabeth Hill, sixth daughter of Mr. Jesse HAMMOND, late of Rugby, England. Notes:...

Re: Thomas Russell of Liverpool - Watchmaker Posted on: 26 Dec 2003, by Brian Cooke

Surnames > Russell

I have a hunter closed case pocket wtch that my grandfather gave me, I guess it must be at least 75-90 years old, and still in working order, marked"The Russell Model, Illinois Watch Case Co. Elg...

Re: Thomas Russell of Liverpool - Watchmaker Posted on: 17 Dec 2003, by Tony Ffitch

Surnames > Russell

>>Russell, Thomas - Lancaster >> >>Watchmaker. Supposedly served apprenticeship at Broughton, then came to Lancaster as assistant to William Wakefield. Married Mary Ellis at Ingleton, 1808. ...

Thomas Russell of Liverpool - Watchmaker Posted on: 20 Jan 2002, by David Thomas

Surnames > Russell

...August 1894. His probate record says he left a wife, Katherine Eliza, and two sons; Walter and Stanley (watchmaker). In his will he left £29,373. 26 Abercomby Street is mentioned , possibly his house. In...


Surnames > Daly Illinois. This family spelt their name as Daily. A son of Henry's - also Robert (born 1887) was a watchmaker in Cootehill. He married Lucy Gilroy of Drumloughlin, Rockcorry in 1930. Daly family belonged to D...

Ludlows of Michigan Posted on: 23 May 2000, by  LadyDea

Surnames > Ludlow

...Ernest, Linneus R. and Orrin W. All were fruit growers and shippers with the exception of Ernest who was a watchmaker for C. W. Teetzel. Does any one have any information on these Michigan Ludlows and maybe wh...

Benjamins, jewish, of London Posted on: 10 Feb 2005, by  R Simpson

Surnames > Benjamin

...Benjamin, of London, England. Jane born @1809, so Zadock born 1760-1780, at an estimate. Zadock worked as a watchmaker in 1837. 1837, lived at #2, Little Love Court, near St Duke's Place. in 1841, a Solomon Hya...


Surnames > Reay

Does anyone have a connection to this family? Robert Reay's wife, Grace, was my great-great-grandfather's sister. I am trying to trace her descendants. FIRST GENERATION 1. Robert REAY was born ap...

Re: Henry Horton McNabb Family Posted on: 28 Jul 2002, by Bob McNabb

Surnames > McNabb

...mother, Jane, held this family together until they were old enough to prosper on their own. William (a watchmaker)m. Elizabeth Miller, Delbert (plumber) m. Linnie Rathfon, George (worked for Bendix) m. Helena P...

Re: Wainman Posted on: 25 Mar 2003, by P.Harrison

Surnames > Wainman

...Juhn August 2 1864. John's father was William Wainman who had a business on Hessle Road Hull as a watchmaker.John and Mary moved to London (Stoke Newington)They had 3 children one of whom was Bernard Barton W...

Re: Wainman Posted on: 06 Oct 2001, by  ellerbeck

Surnames > Wainman

...John Robert Wainman( of Hessle) in Easingwold on August 2 1864.J.R.W.'s father was a William Wainman,watchmaker on Hessle Road Hull.Mary and J R had 2 sons and a daughter John William Barton Wainman,Eliza Girli...

Re: Campbell of Oban Scotland Posted on: 08 Nov 2003, by Pam Bean

Surnames > Campbell

...Valley. Mohinka Tonachia Rose. I'm not sure of the spelling. They called her Rose. Robert Campbell was a watchmaker and was born in Canton, MA to John Campbell and Sarah Rogers, who was 1/2 Native American. ...

Culpeper VA Creel's Posted on: 13 Jul 2004, by  DeeHaas56

Surnames > Creel

Researching Creels in Culpeper County Virginia. Izcah I Creel (watchmaker) and wife Virginia. Raymond Creel abt. 1903 Any information on all or any Creels from this area, please contact me. Anyone with informa...

Emil Klahn Posted on: 15 Mar 2003, by  calijac

Surnames > Klahn

...and moved to the US. He was born in 1859 and went to school at the University of Hydeberg and was a watchmaker. He married a Laura and their family lived in Weehawkin, New Jersey. Laura who was born in 1861,...

Schwalm/Swalm 1875-76 Migration-Canada Posted on: 11 Jun 2000, by  terriethad

Localities > Central Europe > Germany > Hessen > General

...back to Canada and possibly if I am very lucky back to Germany. John Swalm was suppose to have been a watchmaker and made a clock for a town square however at this time I don't know where. Any help or direction...

Re: Margaret Estella Bettinson (formerly Moore) nee Wynhall Posted on: 26 Nov 2003, by  joygenie

Surnames > Bettinson a LEE family connection. 2nd marriage 1913, Margaret Wynhall, 32, spinster, father Edward Wynhall, watchmaker, married Albert Bettinson. She was Margaret after her aunt, who didn't marry and whose death Marg...

Dreyfuss of Oberhagenthal (France) Posted on: 26 Jun 2000, by Marwan Zakaria

Surnames > Dreyfuss

I am searching for any relatives and/or ancestors of the Dreyfuss family of Oberhagenthal (France). The following is the known geneaology tree: Lazare previously Leyser Meyer DREYFUSS, hawker, b. 175...

Peter Ferguson; watchmaker Posted on: 26 Jun 2000, by Michael Brian Ferguson Frost

Localities > United Kingdom and Ireland > Ireland > Down > General

I believe that Peter Ferguson,watchmaker born c.1847 in Downpatrick is the brother of my great grandmother, Elizabeth Ann Frost(nee Ferguson). Her father was a painter in Downpatrick also named Peter. I seem to...

Kagy/Siple Posted on: 27 Jun 2000, by  JOHNOSEITZ73

Surnames > Kagy

...Yrs. Their Son John Seitz was in politics, He married Cecilia Jane Hite, and their Son Milford K. was a watchmaker. Married Ella Dora Miller, Moved to Texas and back to Arkansas in 1916.He was my Grandfather. I...

ELTRINGHAM, James M. Posted on: 27 Dec 1998, by  Dalice

Localities > North America > United States > States > Pennsylvania > Counties > Luzerne

...Undertaker - Krapf and Hughes, Hazleton Place of burial - Union, Conyngham Occupation - jeweler and watchmaker Age - 74

James Gordon, Watchmaker, Aberdeenshire, Scotland Posted on: 02 Jul 2004, by Deb O'Reilly

Surnames > Gordon

James Gordon, b 1835 Midmar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, d unk son of James Gordon and Jane Glennie James m 1869 at Udny, Aberdeenshire to Helen Grassick (1c3r) daughter of James Grassick and Penelope A...

WYBER, FORCHE, MCVEY Posted on: 26 Aug 1998, by Gill Daley

Localities > United Kingdom and Ireland > Scotland > Midlothian (Edinburgh) > General

...Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh. Her mother was Margaret Wyber, from Leith. She married John McVey, a watchmaker from Portobello, Edinburgh. Does anyone have any information on these families? Gill Daley Hadding...

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