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Rambo Family Tree Book Posted on: 10 May 2000, by Sheila Sims Telles

Surnames > Rambo

...your book help me? Can you help me? I am fascinated by this line of my family. Thanks, Sheila Sims Telles

Re: Ortega/Silva Posted on: 28 Feb 2005, by  aliceandbill

Surnames > Ortega

My mother is daughter of Alvina Telles and Inocente Ortega Jr. Inocente had very many brothers and sisters born in Bent, New Mexico. Many of them went to the Indian schools in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Calils...

TELLES(Z), GARCIA, DELFIN, TRUJILLO, ROJAS Posted on: 18 Nov 2004, by Al Lowe

Surnames > Tellez

...or any help in tracking down my great grandmother and her family. My great grandmother Leandra Rojas Telles b. 1858 in Santo Tomas, Dona Ana, New Mexico d. May 1925 in Santo Tomas, Dona Ana, New Mexico wa...

Re: Tellez in San Miguel Posted on: 10 Oct 2004, by  mustacheusa2

Surnames > Tellez

Updated data: Leandro Telles was born in Chihuahua, Mexico to Jose Pedro Telles b. 1825 son of Jose Victoriano Telles and Maria Dolores Beltran and Maria Antonia Lopez Telles b. 1832 daughter of Jose Miguel Lopez and Juana ...

Tellez in San Miguel Posted on: 22 Sep 2004, by Alfred Lowe

Surnames > Tellez

...Ricardo. My grandfather had two brothers: Geronimo and Pedro. My grandfather's father was Leandro Telles b. 1854 and his mother was Leandra Rojas b. 1858. Leandra was born in Santo Tomas, NM in Dona Ana...

Family trees Posted on: 21 Jul 2004, by John Michael Telles

Surnames > Tellez

How is your research going? I have a good family tree developing, and I want to continue building it. Do you have research to contribute? Even if it's just back to your grandparents' names and birthda...

Tellez info Posted on: 28 Oct 2003, by William Tellez

Surnames > Tellez

...first "e") are from Galicia, a northwestern region in Spain, just above Portugal (Probably Telles is the portuguese version and has branches in Brazil). It is not a popular surname in Spain neithe...

Tellez or Telles? Posted on: 13 Jun 2001, by  jmtelles

Surnames > Tellez

...Eleno (Lino) Tellez(s), b. ab 1835 in El Paso del Norte(?), may have been the one who began spelling it Telles instead of Tellez. It's hard to tell. He has brothers who spelled it Tellez, and those descende...

Re: Were do we come from?!!!!!!!!! Posted on: 21 Jul 2004, by Michael Telles

Surnames > Tellez

I strongly suggest you contact Carlos Telles of Albuquerque,NM. He has written a Geneolgy on the Tellez/s name. The name originates from both Spain and Portugal. Spain "Z" and Portugal "s&quo...

Re: Fidel and Eduviges Tellez Posted on: 12 Aug 2004, by samuel avalos

Surnames > Tellez

...remotely named Ecelsio in my family history. If I should come across it later on I will let you know. What Telles(z) are you related to? Maybe by comparing families we can find out if any are related. Keep ...

Re: Fidel and Eduviges Tellez Posted on: 22 Jul 2004, by  Robertases

Surnames > Tellez

Do you know if your mother had a brother named Ecelso Telles?

Re: Fidel and Eduviges Tellez Posted on: 20 Aug 2002, by  @@slimgrincha...

Surnames > Tellez

...are related. I have information on a Fidel Tellez(s) whom would be your grandparents. My mom Aurora Telles had a brother named Fidel. His brothers were Gilberto and Santiago; sisters were Faustina, Concepci...

Re: Alejandro Tellez , of Crystal City, TX , Posted on: 22 Jul 2004, by  Robertases

Surnames > Tellez

Do you have an Ecelso Telles in your book. I know Ecelso came from Texas.

Marie REIMER Obituary Posted on: 18 Jul 2002, by  jafetcho1963

Surnames > Reimer

...vocalist and soloist. Casketbearers were Royce Flaming, Melvin Hooge, Sam Peters, Vern Hooge, Allen Telles and David Hooge. Interment was at Mt. Lake Cemetery in Mt. Lake. Bjerum Funeral Home of Mt. Lake...

Re: Cude Family Posted on: 03 Oct 2005, by  PamelaVannoy

Surnames > Cude

...born about 1907 in Arkansas. 4 F iii. Nova M. CUDE was born about 1909 in Oklahoma. 5 M iv. Allen Telles CUDE was born 9 Sep 1910 in Arkansas. He died 2 Apr 1993 in Los Angeles Co., California. + 6 M v. B...

William Lamar Hartsfield Posted on: 22 Aug 2002, by  BettyLamb51

Surnames > Hartsfield

...James. In 1979 this family lived at Babson Park, Florida.William Lamar Hartsfield was my father's (John Telles Hatcher) first cousin.

OBIT-Betty Ruth SNOW - LAUMAN - HOGSETT Posted on: 21 Jul 2005, by  Janetlrk

Surnames > Hogsett

...granddaughters Betty Nelson of Loveland, Angela Henderson and husband Fred of Las Vegas and Michelle Telles and husband Jimmy of Las Vegas; great-grandchildren Kimber Nelson, Britney and Krista Henderson an...

ORTIZ from Zacatecas Posted on: 11 Feb 2001, by  mnaguilar51

Surnames > Ortiz

...Fuentes, born about 1882. Carmen's parents: Roman Fuentes (changed his name from Fontaine) and Santella Telles. Thank you!

Website & Databases for NM CHAVEZ & BACA Posted on: 06 Feb 2004, by John E. Chavez

Surnames > Chavez

Extensive files, databases, photos, etc. with genealogy and history for CHAVEZ, BACA (and other) families from New Mexico are posted at:, login as Username = Estimado & Password ...

Telles Posted on: 07 Mar 2000, by Cristina Telles

Surnames > Chavez

The names do not sound familiar. My grandmother was Julia Diaz Telles married to Lee Telles from San Antonio. I have family in Carrizo Springs, TX, San Antonio, TX, Ohio ( I don't know the city) and in the Rio Gr...

Chavez / Telles Posted on: 05 Mar 2000, by Rick Fernandez

Surnames > Chavez

My grandmother's mother's name was Telles. Her mother was Dominga Telles, born in Ysleta, TX in 1890 and died in La Union, NM ion 24 Aug 1962. I wonder if there is any relation to your Telles?

Chavez Surname Posted on: 10 Nov 1999, by Cristina Telles

Surnames > Chavez

My grandmother's name was Josephina Diaz Telles, she married Lee Telles. She died in 1964 before I was born so do not know much about her. My father's name is Arturo Telles he was born 10-19-22

Chavez in New Mexico Posted on: 25 Oct 1999, by Rick Fernandez

Surnames > Chavez

Looking for family from NM. My grandma is Josefina Telles Chavez, born 9-20-09. Her father was Santos Chavez, born in Anthony, NM June 1881 and her mother was Dominga Telles, born in Ysleta, TX, 1890-91. Santo's ...

TELLES FAMILY NAME Posted on: 12 May 2000, by teresa telles

Surnames > Telles

HELLO DEBBIE, My name is teresa telles[teri]I to am looking for other relatives and info on the name TELLES.My fathers name george arthur telles,his brothers are louis humbert telles and a sister carmen amalia telles. their parent...

re Harry Lester Gerow Posted on: 12 May 2000, by TERI TELLES

Surnames > Gerow


Re: Greetings from New Mexico Posted on: 12 Aug 2003, by Shannon

Surnames > Astorga

Hi, my maiden name is Astorga, and my father's family were raised all in Las Cruces, NM...which part of NM are you or your family from? According to my father, my great-grandparent's were named Ruffig...

Jesus Cuaron Posted on: 03 May 2000, by Maggie

Surnames > Cuaron

...( Do you know if your grandfather was married in Las Cruces, NM? Maggie 1. Jesus CUARON TELLES - International Genealogical Index/ME Gender: M Christening: 19 Jul 1851 Nuestra Senora ...

Looking for Guerra in San Elizario Texas Posted on: 03 Feb 2004, by  PATRICIASANDO...

Surnames > Guerra line, who would be my grandfather's cousin. Carlos Guerra parents were Eulalio Guerra and Pilar Telles. Eulalio Guerra parents were Ruperto Guerra and Vicenta Lopes. Pilar Telles parents were Rafael Telles an...

Mattie Mae Daniels Posted on: 27 Mar 2000, by Sheila Sims Telles

Surnames > Daniels

...moment I am in bed with bronchitis. Good to hear from you and hope I can help. Sincerely, Sheila Sims Telles

Edouard Briere / Marie Leblanc (Prouxville) -- message in French Posted on: 24 Jul 2001, by  estrien

Surnames > Briere

...m'adresse donc aux descendants de ce couple, qui sont les plus susceptibles d’être en possession de telles photos. Merci d'avance, Mario Leblanc

Brunelle/Brunell Posted on: 25 Dec 1999, by  pyneedle

Surnames > Taillon

...Brunelle's and Brunell's combined in NY. 2 each of whom are in Rouses Point. Their names, addresses and telle's follow Alda Brunell 58 Maple St. Rouses Point, NY 12979 518-297-2365 Gary Brunell 46 Pratt ...

Telles in FLORIDA Posted on: 05 Jun 2000, by Brooks Telles

Surnames > Telles

hi there...Brooks Telles here in Gainesville, FL.

JOHN WESLEY TYLER WHO MARRIED MARY JANE WILEY Posted on: 22 Jun 2005, by  CarolynWhatle...

Surnames > Tyler

... Truman Tyler 1905 - ........ 2 Tristem Tyler 1907 - 1966 Age at death: 58 ........ 2 Telles Tyler 1912 - 1981 Age at death: 69 Burial: Forest Lawn Cemetary, Pineville, Louisiana .............

Telles Family Posted on: 08 Jun 2000, by Carmen Amalia Telles-Clark

Surnames > Telles

I am looking for my Telles relatives. My father's name Arturo Luis Telles, his mother's name was Dolores Ariza. I there are relatives out there. In anticipation, I say hello.

Telles in Povocao Sao Miguel Azores Posted on: 23 Jun 2000, by  AmySylviaSmit...

Surnames > Telles

I have family from Povocao Sao Miguel Azores with the name Telles . The date goes back to 1750. Are you related? E-Mail me with the subject Telles.

Looking for Telles from the L.A. Calif area Posted on: 26 Jun 2000, by Rachel DeLaFuente

Surnames > Telles

Looking for anyone with knowledge of Manuel Telles and wife Margarita(Rita)Alvarez Telles. Their daughter was Evangeline Arvizu my grandmother. She was born in 1924 in the city of L.A. Rita died of T.B. soon afte...

Arvizu Relatives from LA Calif Posted on: 26 Jun 2000, by Rachel DeLaFuente

Surnames > Arvizu

My grandmother was Eva(Telles)Arvizu who married Ignacio Arvizu. He last lived in Whitter with his second wife.He died while traveling.I would also like to know if anyone out there would know of my grandma'...

Telles/Tellez Posted on: 07 Jul 2000, by Cynnaf

Surnames > Telles

...starting to research my maternal grandmother's family. My great-grandfather's name was Don Anastacio Tellez/Telles.There were 11 daughters and one adopted son, who was actually a grandson (his mother died i...

telles Posted on: 03 Jul 2000, by deborah telles

Surnames > Telles

you requested to find out more information and you posted it to mike and socorro telles. about the telles family. originally the family came from new mexico. magdalena. if you have any info. i would appreciated i...

Telles's Posted on: 07 Jul 2000, by  alloy89

Surnames > Telles

Hi, I don't know if we are working on the same line but I'm researching the Telles line in LA. My Grandfather was Leo Telles and I have heard that he had a brother and maybe a sister that moved to CA. His father ...

OROZCO AND TELLES/TELLEZ, EL PASO, TX Posted on: 03 Jul 2000, by  DDGUT466

Surnames > Orozco


yatsko Posted on: 03 Sep 2000, by stacy hutchinson

Surnames > Yatsko

My grandmother telles of stories about visiting family in Youngs Town, OH. They were from Punxsutawney, PA. Our family now resides in Michigan. George Yatsco married Ann Hamajady (Hammidy)

La Historia de la Familia Celaya de Florence,Az Posted on: 31 Aug 2000, by Marcella Celaya Robles

Surnames > Celaya

..."La Historia de la Familia Celaya de Florence, Arizona," which is about my mother, Aurora Telles Celaya de Robles. The book traces genealogically historically the Bebiano Crisanto Celaya familie...

Joseph Chow Hing and Martina Telles Posted on: 11 Aug 2006, by  mustacheusa2

Surnames > Hing

I'm looking for any information regarding Joseph Chow Hing b. 1865 in Canton, China and Martina Telles b. 1888 in NM. They were married prior to 1910 and resided in Mesilla, Dona Ana, NM. By 1920 Joseph w...

Aguilar-Sinaloa, Ortiz-Zacatecas Posted on: 27 Aug 2000, by  mnaguilar51

Localities > North America > Mexico > Zacatecas

...Zacatecas. Carmen Fuentez was the daughter of Roman Fontaine born about 1864 in France, and Santella Telles, born about 1864 in Mexico. Roman Fontaine changed his name to Fuentez or Fuentes.

Ervine to Serrano?? Posted on: 04 Jan 2001, by Monica Gaskin

Surnames > Ervine

...due to a mine calapse). My grandfather's mother and father's names were: Leonardo Serrano Isabelle Telles. They had together five children: Lucy, Leonardo Jr., Nayo??, and Mary Lou. If anyone has anymore i...

TELLES, Mexico Posted on: 29 Aug 2000, by  mnaguilar51

Surnames > Telles

Looking for Santella TELLES b abt 1864 Mexico, m Roman FONTAINE b abt 1864 in France (changed his name to FUENTES or FUENTEZ) in Mexico. Their daughter, Carmen FUENTES/Z b abt 1882 in Mexico, m Mucio AGUILA...

Telles Posted on: 24 Aug 2000, by Joe Sena

Surnames > Telles

I'm searching for information on Alexander Telles from Tx. He is my birth father and was adopted in 74-75 by Ernest G. Sena and Celestina Sena. I'm wondering about my genetic history. If you have any inform...

Family Tree Posted on: 25 Aug 2000, by Michael Telles

Surnames > Telles

...Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I have not visited this site in a while. My Fathers name is Miguel Armando Telles which I believe lives in Maxwell, Tx now But is from El Paso. My Grandfather's name is Manuel ...

information corrections Posted on: 10 Sep 2000, by Robert G. Navarette

Localities > North America > United States > States > Texas > Counties > Kent

...of th JN Ranch located thirteen miles west of the community of Kent. he was married to Teresa Silvas Telles who was an import from south central New mexico and was apache indian or at least half breed . She...

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