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Finger-Goforth Posted on: 26 Nov 2000, by Sharon Hupf Goforth

Surnames > Finger

...Goforth. I am very interested in Bobby. I have Betty's parents as Parks Everett Finger Augusta Pauline Simerly. I would like to know Bobby's birth date, parents, marriage date and any children. Thank you fo...

obit for Kason Robert Mulkey of Abingdon, Virginia Posted on: 29 Nov 2003, by tigerlily =';'=

Surnames > Mulkey

...of Meadowview; his aunts and uncles, Robert and Jeannie Bowman of Birstol Virginia, Eric and Angela Simerly of Johnson City, Rebeca Bowman of Kingsport, Les and Brenda Mulkey of Meadowview, Pat and Angie Mul...

Simerly family Posted on: 13 Apr 2000, by Doug Simerly

Surnames > Simerly

Hi Joy.It seems to be a common malady of the older Simerly Men,not talking much about the family,Don,t know why. Was your Grandfather Robert(or is)living in Idaho,or California?If it is Idaho,does he have a...

Simerly family,descended from John Simerly(Zimerle) Posted on: 08 Apr 2000, by Doug Simerly

Surnames > Simerly

I have done a couple of years worth of research on my part of the Simerly family. John Simerly came to the 1770s,fought in the revolutionary war.I have traced most of my family from him to myself. There are ...

simerly family Posted on: 17 Apr 2000, by dorothy simerly thomas

Surnames > Simerly

hello my name dorothy simerly, i live in tn.would like to here from smerlys here or any other st

simerly;s Posted on: 17 Apr 2000, by dorothy simerly thomas

Surnames > Simerly

hello;my maiden name is dorothy simerly;my parents virnaceanthis gparentssolomonaddie we are from friendsville louisville tn. maybe related. i knew a billy he was contable at miser station

family Posted on: 16 Apr 2000, by Joy Weaver{Simerly}

Surnames > Simerly

...Okla. 74023. My sister said she thought she had heard his middle name was Taylor? My Dad John Dewayne Simerly, Uncle- Billy Ray Simerly-passed, Aunt- Dorthy Simerly don't know her middle name.Her last name now is Sargent she liv...

Simerly Family Posted on: 16 Apr 2000, by Doug Simerly

Surnames > Simerly

...Alexander,she helped me out by putting me in touch with one of my realtives that has written books on the Simerly family.Her E-mail is Let me know if she can help you,I have other e-mail add...

simerly family Posted on: 13 Apr 2000, by Joy Weaver {Simerly}

Surnames > Simerly

...I'm just getting started on my geneoly I don't have much information. My Dad's name is John Dewayne Simerly his Father was Robert Simerly. That's about all I have my Dad did say we had relatives fron Tn. just can't...

Re: Killin, Charles Posted on: 17 Jan 2002, by Sondra K. Prestijohn

Surnames > Killin

I am a granddaughter of Edna Simerly, she had four daughters and one son that died at the age of 3. I am trying to run the family tree back and do not have alot of information as of yet, but, if there is a...

Rex Newell Bankert Posted on: 25 Feb 2001, by Gerald Cohail

Surnames > Bankert

Seeking information about parents and children of Rex Newell Bankert and Ethel Maude Simerly. Rex and Ethel are known to have lived in Butte and Sutter counties in California during the 1970s and 1980s.

Killin, Charles Posted on: 22 Aug 2000, by  NJPOST

Surnames > Killin

Looking for Charles Killin b 30 Jun 1799 d 15 Sep 1869 married Thursa (Simon??) b 7 Oct 1812 d 11 Apr 1879. Charles was probably born in PA and he and Thursa had land in Andrew CO MO. This is what I...

mchaffie Posted on: 17 May 2000, by dorothy thomas

Surnames > McHaffie

...sister named lou she was married to a shell they were from union co. my mother was anthis (annie)mchaffie simerly.

mchaffie, cal Posted on: 20 Jul 2000, by dorothy thomas

Surnames > McHaffie

all of his children have deceased all of which lived in blt. co.knox, mother was anthis(annie)simerly,i think cal,s father was j buckly they was buried at hanserd chapel union, co.

Simerly in TN Posted on: 24 Apr 2000, by Sue

Surnames > Simerly

Looking for Simerly in Blount Cty. TN who married into the Long families.

Desperately seeking grandfather I never knew Posted on: 22 Feb 2001, by Linda Webb

Surnames > Phelps

...Airborne, and went to Vietnam. Clifton was in the Navy-have picture. Clifton also knew a Betty Jane Graves Simerly in his early 20's, met her on leave in December 1943? please-any information would be helpfu...

Simerly family. Posted on: 01 May 2000, by Doug Simerly

Surnames > Simerly

Hi Dorothy,my name is Doug Simerly.I have been looking for family for a few years now,and have actually traced(with lots of help)my part of our family to John Simerly(Johanne Zimmerle)who emmigrated here in 1766,fr...

Simerly in Blount County. Posted on: 01 May 2000, by Doug Simerly

Surnames > Simerly

Hi Sue.I know of a Simerly named Abraham Simerly,born Dec.9th,1834 in Blount County,And married Lucinda Long 4 nov.1852?His nickname was "Ham".His Father was my 5 times Great Grandfather,John Simerly,born May 4t...

John Bradburn, Burke County North carolina Posted on: 26 Mar 2006, by  lorrinsdad

Surnames > Bradburn

...burke county north carolina in 1809. Can anyone tell me ANYTHING about this family...Thank you RIchard Simerly

Robert J. and Mary Jane Yearout-McDonald-Kansas Posted on: 21 Apr 2003, by Teri

Surnames > McDonald

...or his parents.or siblings. Mary Jane Yearout-McDonald is the daughter of John Joseph and Johanna Simerly -Yearout Thanks in advance.

Simerly,Zimmerle(Y) Posted on: 06 May 2000, by Doug Simerly

Surnames > Simerly

Good Morning Gail,any info that I have seen or read(mostly compliments of Frank Simerly)is sketchy at best about this part of the family.The info I have puts Jacob Zimmerly Sr.,probably in P.A. after 1756,an...

Douglas in Tennessee Posted on: 31 Aug 2000, by  Soquiliwodi

Surnames > Douglas

My great grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Douglas, was born 14 July 1862 in Carter County Tennessee, the daughter of William Henry Harrison Douglas and Nancy Jane Hyder. Sarah Elizabeth was married to Joh...

Douglas>Scotland>Pennsylvania>Tennessee Posted on: 30 Jan 2000, by  Soquiliwodi

Surnames > Douglas

Here I go answering my own query. I have, since posting the first message, received, from a cousin, the gedcom file and data which traces my great grandmother Sarah Elizabeth Douglas in a line back to...

Douglas in East Tennessee Posted on: 18 Jan 2000, by  Soquiliwodi

Surnames > Douglas

...1833 and died 12 Sept 1915) and Nancy Hyder. William Douglas was the son of James Douglas and Elizabeth Simerly of Carter County Tennessee. Sarah Elizabeth married John william Squibb Haws in Washington Coun...

Sir James Douglas Posted on: 09 Oct 1999, by  Soquiliwodi

Surnames > Douglas

I just found out that I am descended from Sir James Douglas (?1300-1331) from Lanarkshire, Scotland, aka "Black Douglas". Sir James gave the English a run for their money and, when the Castl...

Douglas in Tennessee Posted on: 08 May 1999, by  Soquiliwodi

Surnames > Douglas

Seaking information on William Henry Harrison Douglas born ca 1833 and died 12 Sept. 1915. His first marriage was to Nancy Hyder in Carter County, Tennessee, on 29 August 1861. They had four children ...

Re: ARWOOD Posted on: 20 Aug 2001, by  rssimerly

Surnames > Arwood

My Great Grandfather John simerly married Lou Arwood and moved to robinsville North Carolina. He died in 1956 and I have never found out what happened too her.. Can you help? Maybe ask some of your arwood fa...

Gen. Posted on: 12 Oct 2000, by Robert L. Arwood

Surnames > Arwood

Is this your family 1.Lowell Kirkland +Barbara Jean Simerly 1.Greg Kirkland 2.Lisa Kirkland 3.Johnny Kirkland 4.Rhonda Kirkland I live abt 6miles from where Hartshal lived in Blount Co Tn city of Rockfo...

Simerly Posted on: 06 May 2000, by Doug Simerly

Surnames > Simerly

...will get back to you soon,maybe we can help each other. Have a great day,and where are you from?Doug Simerly.

ARWOOD Posted on: 11 Jul 2000, by RHONDA

Surnames > Arwood


Re: LAUGEL Posted on: 18 Oct 2001, by  Soquiliwodi

Surnames > Keiffer

Chris, E-mail me privately. As you can see, my grandfather was Dr. AM Laugel. His father was Adam Laugel, born in Alsace and married to Grace Weber from Germany. Quite a few years ago, I met a Ben Lau...

Simerly connection Posted on: 06 May 2000, by gail

Surnames > Simerly

...migration path parallels that of the other two. Was hoping if I could collect enough information on the Simerly branch I might be able to find other evidence to connect the families. The 1782 Washington C...

Sweeney and Estepp info in East TN Posted on: 22 Mar 2002, by Tracy Estepp

Surnames > Sweeney

...three brothers and sisters married three Estepp brothers and sisters: Malissa Sweeney married David Simerly Estepp Bates Sweeney married Millie Estepp JB (could be JC) Sweeney married Elizabeth Estepp ...

Zimmerle - Zofingen Switzerland Posted on: 03 Mar 2002, by  dsimmerly

Surnames > Zimmerle history but can not find a connection yet. Most families with names Zimmerle, Zimmerli, Simmerly, Simerly, Zimerly, can trace their orgins back to this area and family name. If anyone has any aditio...

kenneth tanner search Posted on: 08 Feb 2001, by carol simerly gribble

Surnames > Tanner

looking for half brother...Kenneth Simerly Tanner.

brother search Posted on: 08 Feb 2001, by carol simerly gribble

Surnames > Tanner

looking for half brother...Kenneth Simerly Tanner.

Buchanans/Cane Creek/Smoky Mountains Posted on: 24 May 2000, by  George Baumba...

Localities > North America > United States > States > Tennessee > Counties > Blount

...Buchanan and Lydia M. Garland (daughter of Charles Garland and Rebecca Blevins). EZ's wife was Nancy Jane Simerly, daughter of James "Hook" Simerly and Nancy Jane Teffeteller. JOSEPH AND FRANCIS JOHNSON ...

Re: Elisha HONEYCUTT & Elizabeth BARNETT and children-1891 NC Posted on: 09 Oct 2005, by Brenda McKinney Powell

Surnames > Honeycutt

...NC d 1907 & Sarah Sallie Garland b 1924 NC d 1908 buried in Nathan Honeycutt in Carter Co TN off Simerly Creek Rd. near Fairview Rd near the Unicoi Co line.. Elisha & Zebedee are brothers. Which make...

G-Grandmother Posted on: 04 Jun 2000, by Joy Weaver

Surnames > Youngblood

...G-grandmother's madien name was Youngblood. I only have her name- Cora Lee Youngblood marrried name Simerly. My Grandfather lived in Cushing Okla. but I don't know much about him either. If anyone has any in...

T.W. Simerly, 1907 Posted on: 10 Nov 2006, by Caleb G. Teffeteller

Localities > North America > United States > States > Oklahoma > Counties > Texas

Maryville Times, (Blount Co. TN) Friday, May 3, 1907: “A Letter From Oklahoma---I thought I would write a little of the past few years of my experience of life and the west. Perhaps it will inter...

Re: russells in east tn Posted on: 19 Jul 2003, by Gary Russell

Surnames > Russell

On vacation in CA at the moment, but will reply to you next week when I get back home. I haven't really connected my line to the Sevieville RUSSELLs although I'm sure there is a connection somewhere....

East Tenn Russells Posted on: 27 Nov 2002, by  GGRussell

Surnames > Russell

Traced back to Carter County , TN. Would love to hear from anyone that may have East TN roots. There were many Russells in Carter County, but just haven't been able to connect them together. From Car...

Simerly vs. Simmerly Posted on: 28 Jul 2000, by  dsimmerly

Surnames > Simerly

Is there a link between Simmerly and Simerly. I have very little information. My great grandfather was Matthew Simmerly, born in Bern Switzerland, died in Cleveland Ohio in 1951. His father was Albert and th...

Re: John Clayborn Pigg Posted on: 14 Nov 2006, by  rssimerly

Surnames > Pigg

...John Pigg may be related to the Gamble Family in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. 1699-1780. Richard Simerly

ella bella simerly Posted on: 17 Aug 2000, by mcgrath

Surnames > Simerly

ella bella simerly married charles nave from hamilton tn. they had 6 sons and 2 girls, one of them married thomas mcgrath and moved to ohio. she doesn't remember ella's parents name can you help?

Dugger twins Posted on: 01 Sep 2000, by Doug Simerly

Surnames > Dugger

...have spent most of my life in Oregon.I live in Grants Pass Oregon. Hopefully talk to you soon,Doug Simerly

ella bella?simerly Posted on: 18 Aug 2000, by DOUG SIMERLY

Surnames > Simerly,however,you can give me a date of when she was born,died,or married,I might be able to figure it out.Doug Simerly

DALE SIMMERLY Posted on: 18 Aug 2000, by DOUG SIMERLY

Surnames > Simerly

Hi Dale.There are many variations of the spelling of the simerly name,and though my part of the family came from Germany,they were in Switzerland before that. I do have quite a bit of info on the family,but...

Jessie Jordan Land Posted on: 18 Aug 2000, by James D.Land

Surnames > Land

...Son-Quintus Land (B)1889 Daughter-Vida Irene Land (B)1891 Son-William Dewey Land (B)1897 Wife-Pauline Simerly Any help with these people would be of great help .The only one I know about is William Dewey La...

Nellie Simerly Posted on: 03 Sep 2000, by Beverly Mah

Surnames > Simerly

I am looking for information on my greaat grandmother, Nellie Simerly born: 1876, Elizabethton, Carter Cty; died 1952-Surgoinsville, Tn. I know that she was deaf and attended deaf school in Knoxville, Tn. w...

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