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Re: Looking for Great Uncle in Palermo (Mayor of Palermo) Posted on: 14 Feb 2011, by  Le0chic

Localities > Western Europe > Italy > Sicilia > Palermo

...Giacomo Marchello April 1971 - January 1976 Vito Ciancimino November 1970 - April 1971 Francesco Spagnolo October 1968 - November 1970 Salvatore Lima Gennaio 1965 - July 1968 Paolo Bevilacqua July 1964 -...

Re: Kitzmiller family of Mt. Storm Posted on: 17 Feb 2012, by  cyrh853

Surnames > Kitzmiller

Hi , I read your post on and I believe we may be relative some how. Here is the infor I got from my Descendents and family reunions from the past 30 years or so. Maybe you can figure ou...

Re: Are you a possible relative? Posted on: 20 Dec 2011, by  BScavullo

Surnames > Zungrone

...parlarti perché i miei bisnonni sono di Albi e ho fatto un pò di ricerca. Il cognome è Spagnolo. Se puoi, mandami una email a Ci sentiamo presto! Brian

Re: FINAZZO, PALERMO, MUTTONI, BEVILACQUA Posted on: 24 Nov 2012, by  Cathy_Castro7...

Localities > Western Europe > Italy > Sicilia > Trapani

...vedo l'ora di sentire da voi Beatrice. Non parlo Italiano, ma posso leggere. Lo parlo solo Inglese e Spagnolo. la mia email e, il mio numero di telefono e (562) 424-3033, il mio indirizzo e...

conosciamoci Posted on: 28 Jan 2001, by marco falconi

Surnames > Falconi

ciao a tutti vivo in sardegna desidero conoscere altri ^falconi^nel mondo,parlo solo italiano e poco lo spagnolo,ho 29 anni grazie a tutti.

Re: family tree Posted on: 26 Jun 2013, by  Robert Spanie...

Surnames > Spagnuolo

I have Spagnuolo / Spagnolo / Spaniel family in Vandergrift, PA. These are all the different spellings that came out of Spagnuolo.

Joseph Dicaire Posted on: 13 Feb 2001, by Diane

Surnames > Dicaire

...son-in-law's mother - daughter of Arthur, had very little. I found her grandfather's name in a book written by Spagnolo, at the Coq Public Library which lists all the marriages performed at Lourdes up to 1950...

96th Chemical Service Company Posted on: 12 Mar 2013, by  housedoug

Topics > Military > World War II > General

After years of research, this is a list of the soldiers in the unit. It was also known as the 96th Chemical Composite Company. The unit served in the South Pacific on Guadalcanal, Bougainville, and ot...

Re: SERGI, CARBONE, ZAPPIA, SPAGNOLA Posted on: 18 Jan 2013, by  franksgro55

Localities > Western Europe > Italy > General


Rotzo, Italy Posted on: 25 Apr 2002, by  lkhadlock

Topics > Immigration and Emigration > United States > Italian Immigrants

...research in Italy. Who should I contact for birth, marriage, death, etc. records? I'm looking for the Spagnolo/Spagnola's, the Dal Pozzo's (from Piatzo), and the Monge's and Nasi's (from Rosanna). Any guid...

Re: Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, ME, IT Posted on: 24 Aug 2013, by  Grace McCord

Localities > Western Europe > Italy > Sicilia > Messina

Do you have any information on Puglisi, Rotella, or Zangla? from Barcellona PG, ME, It. Last know addresses Via Giovanni Spagnolo and Via Mandinici.

GIGLIO in King county Posted on: 21 May 2014, by  renatagiliocr...

Localities > North America > United States > States > Washington > Counties > King

...changed his name) who married a Mary. They all originated from Brooklyn, NY. Friends with families: Spagnolo, Bressi, etc - all from Roccella Ionica, Calabria, Italy.

Re: Messina's from Simeri Crichi, Catanzaro, Italy Posted on: 26 Sep 2013, by  Bevispagno

Surnames > Messina

Hi, my name is rose anne, my father was Pietro spagnolo, by crichi. His father was Salvatore and his wife rosa sacchetta, the parents of my grandfather were Domenico spagnolo and Anna posella ,they had this sons :...

Re: SERGI, CARBONE, ZAPPIA, SPAGNOLA Posted on: 22 Jul 2014, by  Bevispagno

Localities > Western Europe > Italy > General

My surname is spagnolo my father was simeri crichi , catanzaro his was domenico spagnolo and anna posella and Carmela spagnolo già aunt

Researching family from Messina Posted on: 24 Sep 2014, by  Quinn_Maria

Localities > Western Europe > Italy > Sicilia > Messina

I am looking for information on my Paternal Grandparents - Gaetano SPAGNOLO & Grazia PIZZINO from Naso, Sicily.and Maternal Grandparents - Francesco MIRAGLIOTTA & Calogera MIGLIORE. any help would b...

Re: Carmella (Rosaria) Spagnola, daughter of Serafina Letizia/1930 US Census Posted on: 20 Mar 2015, by  ariadne38

Surnames > Letizia

...not know anything about my grandmother's family in Sicily. Our family names are Spagnola (originally Spagnolo), Giardina, Mazzone, Letizia, Toscano and Galipo. I believe a Germanotta married a Galipo. (I t...

Re: Carmella (Rosaria) Spagnola, daughter of Serafina Letizia/1930 US Census Posted on: 28 Feb 2015, by  robbek_1

Surnames > Letizia

...great grandmother is Angela Mazzone (who married Cono Letizia) and is the sister of Carmella (Rosaria) grandmother is Carmela Letizia. I would be great-full if you could assist me with any infor...

Re: Carmella (Rosaria) Spagnola, daughter of Serafina Letizia/1930 US Census Posted on: 24 Mar 2015, by  robbek_1

Surnames > Letizia link people with the same names but not the case. I actually have letters scanned in from Marion Spagnolo to my great uncle in my was during the war era. This was how I found out we had relatives...

Spagnolo from Termine Imerese, Palermo Italy Posted on: 28 Aug 2014, by  GjeanCharb

Localities > Western Europe > Italy > General

My Grandfather Giovanni Spagnolo came from Termine Italy, to Rhode Island around 1896. He married Rosie Perrone (Pirroni) there, in 1900, had 2 children and then came to Canada (Toronto Ontario). He was liste...

credidio hola Ronaldo Posted on: 09 May 2001, by  lcredi

Surnames > Credidio

...più o meno il portoghese , bene il francese , più o meno l' inglese , mia moglie molto bene lo spagnolo . se riesci a quasi capire l' italiano come io quasi capisco il portoghese ok , altrimenti dim...

Spagnolo di Calabria Posted on: 27 Apr 2001, by  TiEmmeS

Surnames > Macri

...1909 when he was apx. 3 yrs. old. At the time, his name was Antonio Spagnuola, and changed to Anthony Spagnolo when he came through. His parents were part of the Spagnuola/Calonico families. My Nonna's family...

Ciao !!!! Posted on: 11 Apr 2001, by Marco Guardabassi

Surnames > Guardabassi Hola!!( spero hai capito quello che ha tradotto, scusa ma non parlo lo spagnolo o brasiliano :-) Ciao !!!

Re: Spagnuolo from Avellino Posted on: 15 Oct 2001, by  MSpagnoloCulv...

Surnames > Spagnuolo

...any information about this it would be greatly appreciated. At some time my father changed our name to Spagnolo, but the rest of his cousins spelled it Spagnuolo. Myrna

spagnuolo Posted on: 20 Jul 2001, by karen

Surnames > Spagnuolo

...Spagnuolo family who lived in Vandegrift PA. At some point,some of the family changed their name to Spagnolo, and others to Spaniel. Any information on this would be appreciated! Thanks!

Re: Francesco Marrocco Posted on: 29 Jul 2001, by  cheech236

Surnames > Marrocco

...execpt my mother who immigrated here after marrying my father. The only thing I remember about Caterina Spagnolo is that she lived on Cliff St around the corner from the Monzo's. She had 3 children=Angelina,...

Re: Francesco Marrocco Posted on: 29 Jul 2001, by James Marrocco

Surnames > Marrocco who married Oscar Malzone in Brazil..You must know about another sister Caterina who married John Spagnolo &Emelia "Terisina" married Angelo Petillo & Rose who married Angelo Monzo &am...

welcome to Macri query board Posted on: 30 May 2001, by  angelina72207

Surnames > Macri

...lived before coming to the U.S.A. in the early 1900s. Some related surnames are Stella, Mazzaferro, and Spagnolo. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Re: welcome to Macri query board Posted on: 10 Dec 2001, by laurent SPAGNOLO

Surnames > Macri

I'm trying to know more about my family If you have some information please let me know L. SPAGNOLO from PARIS - FRANCE

Roccella Ionica families Posted on: 14 Jul 2002, by  amacrihanson

Localities > Western Europe > Italy > Calabria > Reggio di Calabria

Any information on the following families in Roccella Ionica and neighboring towns: Macri, Spagnolo, Tipaldo, Mazzaferro, Bova, Salerno, Guarneri, Frasca, Morelli, Bandilla, Gazzo/Gatto, Vetrisano, diBlasi, ...

Re: Researching Spagnolo Posted on: 25 Apr 2002, by  lkhadlock

Localities > Western Europe > Italy > General

I am also researching the Spagnolo/Spagnola family, but they're from Rotzo, Italy. Giovanni Spagnolo and Maria Dal Pozzo emmigrated to America in 1915 with their daughter Guiseppina (my grandmother). Don't know if ...

Re: YOUR MESSAGE Posted on: 01 Apr 2002, by  holloway55

Surnames > Fasone

i am searching agostino fasone of pittsburg pa area 1920 related to spagnolo, & calcagno. any info appreciated

Re: Roccella Ionica families Posted on: 22 Sep 2002, by Mary Barker

Localities > Western Europe > Italy > Calabria > Reggio di Calabria

...Came onto this site because I have an interest in finding about my roots in Calabria. My mother - Rose Spagnolo and my father Joe Mazzoni were from Mammola. Like many people from this town, Harrisburg, Penn...

Origin of Spagnuolo Posted on: 20 Jan 2003, by TinaMarie Spagnolo-Silveira

Surnames > Spagnuolo

The name of Spagnuolo/SpagnoloSpagnolo comes from early in Sicilian history. The Spaniard, or El Espanol is what one was called if they had Moorish ancestory mixed in. I am not sure if this was a derrogatory titl...

Re: Arzola began in Italy Posted on: 22 Nov 2002, by  CLownjokER

Surnames > Arzola

...Arzola arrivato nelle Americhe due maniere di diffrent un era dal viaggio italiano e l'altro dal viaggio Spagnolo. P.S. good to hear from you finally Elena ciao

Re: Spagnolo di Calabria Posted on: 11 Oct 2002, by TinaMarie Spagnolo-Silveira

Surnames > Macri

...mother Carol Cozzitorto Balber, better know to my mom and I as Dolly, and my mother Matilda Spinelli Spagnolo are first cousins. Flora Spinelli (your grandmother) and your Uncle Joe Spinelli (my grandfather...

Anna (Crimi) Conforto--Salemi,Trapani Italy->Canada Posted on: 20 Jul 2003, by  lifeabiatch

Surnames > Crimi

...sister Anna crimi conforto,remaining is antonina crimi grasso,antonietta crimi renda,and maria crimi spagnolo,again there were remaining 3 sisters of my grandma in italy,and not sure if any of her children we...

Re: Vetere History(Sposaro's family) Posted on: 21 Jul 2003, by Barbara Ann

Surnames > Vetere

...capisco che gli inglesi notano prego che la versione inglese originale segue. Se desiderate scrivere nello Spagnolo prego lasciatelo sapere ed utilizzerò un traduttore e sempre seguirò con la versio...

Re: Origin of Spagnuolo Posted on: 15 May 2003, by Joe Spanish

Surnames > Spagnuolo

My family's name some how shifted from Spaguolo to Spagnolo to Spanish. That is Ironic! I don't know about their names before Spanguolo. I do know that they come from a southern state in italy. Most of my...

Surnames Spagnuolo or Salvatore Posted on: 30 Sep 2003, by  spagnuo

Localities > Western Europe > Italy > Campania > Avellino

Looking for Vincenza (Salvatore-m.n.) Spagnuolo Also looking for information on her husband was Antonio Spagnuolo. Came to USA via Ellis Island on Oct 21 1913 brought 3 children Filomena, Emilio and A...

Re: Spagnuolo -- Vandergrift Posted on: 06 Jan 2004, by  datmama

Surnames > Spagnuolo

I am related to the Spagnolos from Vandergrift, PA. My grandmother was Mary SPAGNOLO who married Michael RAMETTA. Mary's parents were Anthony and Josephine (PUGLIESE) SPAGNOLO. Anthony & Josephine had nine chi...

Re: Looking for Mancasola Posted on: 04 Jan 2004, by  DPeduzziManca...

Surnames > Mancasola

to Alain Mancasola Il mio nonno si chiamava Daniele Mancasola era di Lostallo Svizzera Io parlo Italiano francese spagnolo e tedesco poco inglese

Re: Sarage, Suraci, Surace Posted on: 15 Aug 2003, by Carole

Surnames > Suraci

Surace/Suraci is one of my family names. My family is from Bianco, Calabria, Italy. Teresa Suraci married Pietro Zarzaca.

Obit. MENDEZ, DAVID Posted on: 14 Apr 2004, by  kayrom63

Surnames > Mendez

...Debbie Wiseman, and Cindy Mendez; one brother, Marcel Mendez, two sisters: Louisa Velez and Antonia Spagnolo; 13 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Published in the San Diego Union-Tribune on 4/26/200...

Re: Spagnuolo -- Vandergrift Posted on: 19 Jul 2004, by  rachelcitrino

Surnames > Spagnuolo where my grandfather was born. he spelled his name michele spagnuolo but my mother spelled it spagnolo. most of the relatives lived in Vandergrift and an aunt in pittsburgh. he and his father, giusseppi...

Re: Furfaro Family from Mammola Posted on: 30 Mar 2004, by Mary Mazzone Barker

Localities > Western Europe > Italy > Calabria > Reggio di Calabria

...from Mammola, RC where my father Guiseppe Mazzone was from. I probably mentioned other family names, Spagnolo, Macri, Pisano, Macri, etc. Given its size, there are a relatively large group of people whose a...

Italy to Australia Posted on: 17 Jan 2005, by  JBrusamarello

Surnames > Brusamarello

...Costa, dau of Beniamino& Caterina(Forte) Costa.Antonio's parents were Giovanni & Antonia Maria(Spagnolo) m. 1857.Some of older generation may have gone to Brazil. The name seems to be peculiar to the ...

Barone''s Posted on: 23 Sep 1999, by  daron77

Surnames > Barone

...Giamberone, Calogero Sarino, Antonio Privitero, Orazio Celano, Cosmo Murgano, Calogero Palmieri, Calogero Spagnolo, Antonino Sparacino, Antonino Bozzilleri, Vincenzo Moscato, Gaetano Does any of this strike a...

Obit: William "Bud" Coppens - Marquette, MI Posted on: 13 Apr 2006, by  MIDCNCHBSS

Topics > Obituaries

...lived most of his life there. He attended Marquette area schools. He married the beautiful Alice Natalie Spagnolo on January 30, 1941. They raised five healthy children and enjoyed 55 years together. Willia...

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