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Sarah Harber Posted on: 18 Apr 2001, by Betsy Chalenburg

Surnames > Erickson

...I have is on my mom's side of the family. The information I have about her is that she married James Varnon and had four kids. David Harkey/Harky, Rachel Evelyn, James Xerxes, and Elijah H. If you know how ...

Shurtz/NJ-IL Posted on: 12 Apr 1999, by Jan Varnon

Surnames > Shurtz

I am working on Joseph Nitzer Shurts, supposedly born in NJ but he met and married my Great Great Grandmother (Harriet Ludlum) in Warren County Ohio. They then moved to Delavan or Dillon Illinois in T...

Louisa Hobbs Posted on: 27 Dec 1999, by R. Bishop

Surnames > Hobbs

I am searching for Louisa Hobbs family. Married David Harkey Varnon on Dec 8, 1881. I believe in Selma Alabama.

CULBERTSON, SHARP (SHARPE) Posted on: 21 Jul 1998, by Jan Varnon

Localities > North America > United States > States > Pennsylvania > Counties > Cumberland

Looking for more information on Captain Alexander Culbertson, his wife Margaret, their son Alexander Culbertson who married Mary Sharp. The first Alexander lived in Lurgan Township and died in the Fre...

Bessie Mae Hindman Posted on: 26 May 2000, by Jeff Varnon

Surnames > Hindman

...Hindman, but unfortunately it is not the same as Bessie Mae Turpin. Bessie Mae Hindman married a Louis Varnon and they are my Grandmother and Grandfather. Unfortunately our family does not have records for ...

Reuben Reynolds - N.E. Alabama Posted on: 16 Jan 2001, by  Reyngen

Surnames > Reynolds

...1800, N.C., marr.1st: Lydia Devebaugh, issue: Daniel T.and Josiah Freeman. marr.2nd: Mary A. (possibly Varnon), issue: Sarah J., Amanda, Reuben, Martha A.. Reuben Henry Reynolds last found Etowah Co, AL on...

Dr. Emmett V. Ball, Atlanta, GA Posted on: 04 Jun 2000, by E Reed

Surnames > Ball

I am looking for information on Dr. Emmett Varnon Ball of Atlanta, GA. He was born in 1870 or 71 and died in 1919. He was married to Emma Lou Perkins. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!

J L TAYLOR 2727, Bourbon Co. Posted on: 12 Jan 1999, by Sandi Gorin

Localities > North America > United States > States > Kentucky > Sandi Gorin's Kentucky Biographies

History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882. p. 493. [Bourbon County] [Paris City and Precinct] J. L. TAYLO...

Family Tree Members Posted on: 29 Dec 1999, by Ruby Varnon Bishop

Surnames > Varnon

I am loooking form decendents of David Harkey Varnon. He had two wives. My Grandfather was the only child of his sencond marriage. Mr Grandfather was William David Varnon. He was born in Selma Alabama and moved t...

David Harky Varnon Desendents Posted on: 31 Jan 2000, by Jeff Varnon

Surnames > Varnon

I have a Varnon history done by Linda M. Lyssy in 1980. It looks like he had three children from his first marriage and your grandfather from a second. I think this would help you much. I do not have an ele...

David Harky Varnon Posted on: 01 Feb 2000, by Ruby C. Varnon Bishop

Surnames > Varnon

Jeff, I would really like to have the information that you have and if you can send it to me via e-fax. my e-fax number is 208-279-8922

Varnon History Posted on: 22 Feb 2000, by Jeff Varnon

Surnames > Varnon

Ruby Bishop, I have the history that I mentioned in .jpg file format. It would be easier for me if I could e-mail it to you and you could view it with your internet browser or some other application. ...

Varnon History Posted on: 23 Feb 2000, by Ruby Bishop

Surnames > Varnon

...Tell me where you are on the family tree. I have two brothers. One lives in Spearman, Tx, Allan Jay Varnon and David Glen Varnon living in Liberty Mo. Allan has three sons and David has one son. There is another ...

Smyly-Varnon Posted on: 07 Aug 2000, by  bsmyly3052

Surnames > Varnon

Alice Smyly married William N. Varnon in Selma,Dallas co.,Al--10-20-1875. Children: Robert--married--Myrtle Atkins Annie William--Married--Josie Ryser Eunice--Married--W.S.Harrell Any relation?

Smyly - Varnon Posted on: 08 Aug 2000, by Ruby Varnon Bishop

Surnames > Varnon

I have gone through all my information but can not find a William N Varnon. Although we must be related, because my Great Grandfather David Harkly Varnon and Lousia Hobbs Married in Selma Al. 1881. This was his s...

Smyly-Varnon Posted on: 08 Aug 2000, by  bsmyly3052

Surnames > Varnon

I have not checked the 1850-60 census records. I Will check these as soon as I can. Maybe I can connect the families there.

Smyly-Varnon Posted on: 24 Oct 2000, by  bsmyly3052

Surnames > Varnon

Mrs. Ruby, Had a chance to get back to AL. this past week. Looked for William N. Varnon in household with parents.Found a William Varnon 0n 1870 census, Dallas Co.,living in Selma in a boarding house, 19 yrs.o...

David Harkey Varnon Posted on: 17 Oct 2000, by Betsy

Surnames > Varnon

My great grandmother is Roberta (Bertie) Thompson. I'd like to know more about David Varnon, including his parents. All I know is that his father was James Varnon, and his mother was Sarah Harber. I found this in...

Harriet F. Stowers Posted on: 21 Jan 2005, by Linda Rippen

Surnames > Stowers

In my Family Lineage, I have a Harriet F. Stowers, born: about 1818 in Elbert County, Georgia who married Abda Christian, born: about 1813 in Elbert County, Georgia. Harriet and Abda were married abou...

David Harkey Varnon Posted on: 18 Oct 2000, by Ruby Varnon Bishop

Surnames > Varnon

Betsy, Bertie Varnon Thompson is my Aunt. I have some information and if you want to contact me at I will give you all the information that I have. Ruby

John Varnon of Kentucky and Delaware Posted on: 29 Apr 2000, by Janet C. Varnon

Surnames > Varnon

I have gotten together quite a bit of information on John Varnon who served in the Revolutionary War and moved to Bourbon County, Kentucky. Some of his family moved on to Missouri. Am willing to share. Stil...

John Varnon Posted on: 08 Aug 2000, by Ruby Varnon Bishop

Surnames > Varnon

Janet, I would like to have any information you might have on John Varnon. I can trace back to the Carolonias in the early 1800. But I have not been able to find any records as to how and when they arrived ...

Re: John Varnon Posted on: 25 Jun 2001, by  jvpatty

Surnames > Varnon

I have a John Varnon born in Va. who married Mary ? of NC, then migrated to Ga. and AL. His descendent, Lewis D. Varnon was my gggrandfather - he married Maryann Reed. Also in line was Lewis M. who married Saman...

info Posted on: 14 Dec 2000, by Kevin Varnon

Surnames > Varnon

My family is from southeast MO. I live in St. Louis. My grandfather's father was John Quinton Varnon. There are a lot of John and John Sam Varnon under almost every rock I looked. My dad Jesse William Varnon traced our...

VARNON Posted on: 07 Jan 2001, by Jeff Varnon

Surnames > Varnon

Just want to find out about my last name. It seems to be growing in popularity.

searching for relatives Posted on: 18 Mar 2003, by Jacob Varnon

Surnames > Varnon

...and I live in Colorado. For all I know we are the only ones this far west. My grandfather is Jack Varnon and he lives in Florida, but he came from Alabama. If Anyone would like to help please contact me!

Re: searching for relatives Posted on: 05 Oct 2003, by  dmi19591

Surnames > Varnon

I'm connected to some Varnon's in Alabama. Who exactly are you connected to?

John B Varnon/Alabama Posted on: 02 Jun 2004, by  dhmjmm

Surnames > Varnon

Seeking information on John B Varnon born Aug 1879 in Alabama (most likely to Marion and Sarah Varnon in Fayette Co., AL) and living with family of Newton L. Trull in 1900 census. Probably married daughter Nola/...

James A. Varnon/Sarah Harbour Posted on: 06 Nov 2005, by  txgrannie

Surnames > Varnon

Hi: I am trying to find the parents of my James Alexander Varnon, born about 1782 in North Carolina. He married Sarah Harbour, born 14 Augut 1797 in Virginia. They were married on 05 November 1816 in Frankl...

Re: Jacob Tobias and William Rollo Posted on: 05 Nov 2003, by Bushy Hartman

Surnames > Tobias

Hello, If you do a search on the archives new search engine using William Rollo you will find that Jacob Tobias was involved in a criminal case with William Rollo against the King dealing with stolen ...

Re: Haagen/Hangen/Hannover Posted on: 15 Jan 2007, by  93rockport

Surnames > Tangen

...children Lydi, Benjamin and Dennis. You are welcome to contact me at my email: Laurel Varnon

Williams Family Rusk Co, to present Posted on: 20 Feb 2007, by  Chasity1212

Localities > North America > United States > States > Texas > Counties > Rusk

I have read many post on this board about The Williams Of Rusk Co Texas. Most of these Threads are from 2002 so I thought I would make a new post with my Info/ Questions. The info I have has not bee...

Re: Samuel D. Gunnels Posted on: 21 Apr 2007, by  jjanebob

Localities > North America > United States > States > Alabama > Counties > Jefferson

...away Friday pm at the residence. Survived by his widow, Mrs. Amanda Gunnels; 3 daughters, Mrs. Nona Lee Varnon and Mrs. Eunice McGee, both of Birmingham, Mrs. Bertha Dwyer of Memphis, Tenn. 8 grandchildren...

Gaylon T. Click Posted on: 30 Mar 2007, by  cantorjoeocho

Topics > Obituaries

...preceded in death by his wife, Jo Ann Click; daughter Gay Lynn Sloan; parents Oran Alton and Edna Betty (Varnon) Click; and a sister, Jessie Pearl Dodd. He is survived by a daughter, Donna Enslow and husba...

Special Agent P.J. Varnon Killed in the Line of Duty Posted on: 11 Mar 2007, by  nkcoleman

Surnames > Varnon

I am looking for any information on a P. J. Varnon, who was a Southern Pacific Railroad Special Agent who was shot to death in Yokum, Texas on March 3, 1928. Research shows this was probably Prentice Varnon of Sa...

Re: Special Agent P.J. Varnon Killed in the Line of Duty Posted on: 22 Jul 2007, by  nkcoleman

Surnames > Varnon

No relation, but I am a volunteer researcher for the Texas Peace Officer Memorial and I work for the Bexar County Sheriffs Office in San Antonio. I found a newspaper clipping about the killing and and...

Re: Special Agent P.J. Varnon Killed in the Line of Duty Posted on: 22 Jul 2007, by  txgrannie

Surnames > Varnon

Hi - my name is Linda Lyssy and I am related to the Varnons. I have some info about P.J. Varnon but need much more. Are you related to the Varnons as well. My mother is Annie Varnon Manak.

Re: Special Agent P.J. Varnon Killed in the Line of Duty Posted on: 22 Jul 2007, by  czech_chic70

Surnames > Varnon

Thanks for your prompt reply. I would be glad to help as much as I can. If you will tell me what info you are needing, perhaps I can supply it. He is in one of my direct ancestor lines but has been...

Peggy Arnold (19 Oct 1902 - 10 Aug 1991) Posted on: 03 Sep 2007, by  justjohn1949

Localities > North America > United States > States > Texas > Counties > Rains

...Pallbearer __Jones, Jennie, Daughter Of __Kennemer, Kenneth, Pallbearer __Mcdaniel, James, Pallbearer __Varnon, Truman, Pallbearer __Wade, Tommy, Pallbearer __Williams, Rodney, Rev., Officiant __Wilson-Orwo...

Re: Georgina Fogarty(?) nee Dagg Posted on: 07 Oct 2007, by  iconcrone1

Surnames > Fogarty

...whom were living. Those living with them appear to be , although it is hard to read the names Vernon (Varnon?) b. 1890 Rollo St. John b. 1896 Geraldine B b.1899 Eileen May b. 1902 This is the only census I ...

John Faulkner, b. 1750 VA/NC Posted on: 10 Jun 2007, by  aobtx

Surnames > Faulkner

This John is direct maternal 4th great, m. Sarah Tinsley, b. 1756, Essex, VA, living in Surry Co., NC, on 1784-1787 First Census of NC. Five sons, 2 daughters before moving to Elbert Co., GA by 1788. ...

Sheets Posted on: 19 May 1999, by Jan Varnon

Localities > North America > United States > States > Maryland > Counties > Washington

I have since discovered that Thomas may have had a sister named Ruth Caroline Sheets and he bought land from a Joseph Sheets who may have been some kind of a relative. Ruth (Thomas' daughter) is liste...

Sheets in Washington County, MD Posted on: 22 Mar 1999, by Jan Varnon

Localities > North America > United States > States > Maryland > Counties > Washington

Thomas O. Sheets and his wife Elizabeth Sheets and their two daughters at the time Margaret A. and Ruth Caroline moved from Sharpsburg, MD to Zanesville, Ohio. Thomas was apparently born in 1804, Marg...

1920 Census Posted on: 12 Oct 2007, by  gwaldeck_1

Localities > North America > United States > States > Oklahoma > Counties > Rogers

...Verdigris Twp, Rogers Co OK I found the following....Baker, Thomas - 58 - 1861 - MO Baker, Varnon (Vernon?) - 29 - MO Metcalf, Thomas L - 42 - 1877 - MO If anyone has any i...

Re: Special Agent P.J. Varnon Killed in the Line of Duty Posted on: 14 Nov 2007, by  txgrannie

Surnames > Varnon

Hi - replied to your message re: Prentiss Varnon killed in the Line of Duty but have not received any reply from you. Do you still need additional information? Please let me know.

Stotler Posted on: 19 May 1999, by Jan Varnon

Localities > North America > United States > States > Maryland > Counties > Washington

I have recently heard a "family story" that an ancestor was rewarded for a valorous deed in the revolutionary war with land near Hagerstown. His name was Mathias Stotler and we think his wif...

Nathan G. Aldridge obit, died April 7, 2004 Posted on: 13 Apr 2008, by  ColleenBlizar...

Surnames > Pennington

...great-grandchildren. Pallbearers are Tyrone Steger, Jerome Aldridge, Don Bond, Ray Aldridge, Richard Varnon and Doug Walters. Commercial Dispatch, Columbus, MS Possible PRA Group 6, submitted by Roy Don...

Thomas Drake South and Prudence Pharr Riggs South Posted on: 12 Mar 2008, by  redbaydreamer

Localities > North America > United States > States > Missouri > Counties > Pike

I am trying to confirm the parents and grandparents of Thomas Drake South. His obituary was no help. He apparently married Prudence just before he died in 1869. She is in the 1870 census as Prudenc...

William Varnum Posted on: 25 Sep 2008, by  hadassahgirl

Surnames > Varnum Also, I can't figure out who made the first steps into VA. Anybody know that? I found a "Varnon" buying 400 acres between "Piney Run & Rockey Creek". Could this be the daddy wi...

Re: Varnum and Barnum Posted on: 25 Sep 2008, by  hadassahgirl

Surnames > Varnum

...guessing so. (I'm in the middle of checking out a suspicion of a name change myself, from Varnum to Varnon.) I'm in Washington DC right now. I went to the national archives & while looking for family hi...

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