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Popp''s from Abauj Torna area Posted on: 29 Aug 1999, by Sandy Popp Haberkamp

Surnames > Popp

...Toledo, Ohio. Married Elizabeth Danyi in 1902. Elizabeth's parents were Andrew and Mary Bodnar Danyi of Radvany, Aabauj Torna. Elizabeth and Joseph's children were Margaret, Barbara, Joseph, John and Andrew....

FOUND: First Blankenship Land in America Posted on: 30 Jun 2001, by  donald234

Surnames > Blankenship

...after map came as a result of a dedicated collection effort voluntarily undertaken by Regina Cumbie Radvany who lives near Chester, VA. She is descended from John Blankenship, son of the immigrant Ralph ...

Re: Mihal Family Posted on: 22 Nov 2004, by  DeniseDubus

Surnames > Mihal

...the rr's like Studa Mama). She past away around 1989 or 90. Her eldest child was my grandmother, Helen Radvany Zodun who was born on Christmas although I don't remember what year. I would guestimate between ...

Mihal Family Posted on: 06 May 2000, by  RRadvany4987

Surnames > Mihal

...was Adolf Mihal and he was tht estate manager of the brick factory for Baron Barat. She married Paul Radvany and in 1910 they came to the USA.The lived in Pa. for a while and they moved to Richmond, Va.Some ...

Re: VOJTKO, HUSAR, DANKO, PAVLIK Posted on: 06 Mar 2007, by  ZlaticaBeca

Surnames > Vojtko

... come in handy when you are going thru the church records. Radvanovce aka : Radvany, Radwanovcze, Radwany, Radwanowce, Radwanowce, Tapolyradvany. ...

Re: Andras VOJTKO arr. 1909 to Streator Posted on: 06 Mar 2007, by  ZlaticaBeca

Localities > Eastern Europe > Slovenia > General

Thank you. More than enough Radvany found in old Hungary now Slovak Republic. Andras was born in Tapolyradvany, Saros megye, Hungary now Radvanovce, Saris region, Slovak Republic. The LDS-Mormons site is li...

Re: Andras VOJTKO arr. 1909 to Streator Posted on: 06 Mar 2007, by  cholab

Localities > Eastern Europe > Slovenia > General

Andras says Radvan and Janos says Radvany. That is the ending of the long place of residence that Andras had on the Ellis Island passenger manifest. I would guess they may all have been cousins. Too much ...

Louis Radvany(i) from Lake County, Indiana Posted on: 14 May 2010, by  scapelli

Surnames > Radvany

Hi! Looking for information for the Radvany family from Lake County, Indiana. I believe he immigrated from Hungary. He was born about 1883 and was married to Mary Nagy.

Re: Uzhorod records Posted on: 22 Apr 2012, by  m1ndlemalka

Localities > Eastern Europe > Ukraine > Zakarpatska to read All Uzhorod Records Re my Biderman Family May I ask you does it include any record from RADVANY/ Radvanka/ Please E-mail me direct to in Hungarian Birth/Death/Marriages et...

Re: Uzghorod Posted on: 22 Apr 2012, by  m1ndlemalka

Localities > Eastern Europe > Ukraine > Zakarpatska

.../Moricz Biderman ( born 1829 ? or 1849? ) Died 1910 buried in Hanusovce Nad Toplou in 1910 He was from Radvany/ Radvanka Any help? married Sali/Rosalia/Wohl/wahl and they lived in Hannusfalva Moishe Biderma...

Re: Louis Radvany(i) from Lake County, Indiana Posted on: 22 Oct 2012, by  radvankata

Surnames > Radvany

hi Im Kata Radvan from real name is Kata Radvany,maybe I can give you some information if you give me some name:)

Re: Louis Radvany(i) from Lake County, Indiana Posted on: 02 Nov 2012, by  scapelli

Surnames > Radvany

...Radvanyi was born December 20, 1882 in Hungary. His death certificate lists his parents as Stephen Radvany and Julia Unknown. He moved to Indiana somewhere around 1904. I have not been able to narrow down...

Re: KLINCSOK Pal Posted on: 13 Feb 2013, by  ZlaticaBeca

Surnames > Klinchok

Klincsok, Pal Hungary 17 1891 1908 Place of birth is Radvany, left mother KLINCSOK Palne [Mrs Pal] in Radvany this location was Radvaň: 1773 Radvan, 1786 Radwány, 1808 Radvány, Radwany, 1863–1913 Radv...

Re: CZAR, TOHIR Posted on: 29 Sep 2015, by  ZlaticaBeca

Surnames > Czar

You're welcome. Do you not think that I'm trying to help you in getting to the "old country"? NONE of those records that I found that you say you have provided you with a place of birth ...

Re: Mlej Surname / Zemplin County, Slovakia Posted on: 08 Aug 2016, by  ZlaticaBeca

Surnames > Mlejnek

MLEJ in 1995 in Slovakia in these locations: Priezvisko MLEJ sa na Slovensku v roku 1995 nachádzalo 42×, celkový počet lokalít: 20, v lokalitách: PEZINOK, okr. BRATISLAVA-VIDI...

Re: Biedermann in Austria Posted on: 07 Feb 2016, by  m1ndlemalka

Surnames > Biedermann

...Birth Certificate of My Granfather's sister Fanny BIDERMAN that Mor/Moric / Moishe Biederman was from RADVANY Ungvar county. Mor/Moric BIDERMAN was married to SALI also called Rosalia WOHL born in 1855. T...

Re: Fisher/Danyi family Posted on: 26 Aug 2005, by  ZBeca

Localities > Central Europe > Hungary > General

Georgene How about Radvany, Zolyom megye. which now would be Radvan, Banska Bystrica, Slovak Republic. Surname DANYI list in Slovak Republic's p...

Re: Fisher/Danyi family Posted on: 25 Nov 2005, by  imrebeke

Localities > Central Europe > Hungary > General

My grandmother's maiden name was Radvány. She was born in Sajószentpéter, Hungary, so I am assuming that family would have had others in that same village. Also, the Radvány fami...

Fisher/Danyi family Posted on: 26 Aug 2005, by Georgene Curry

Localities > Central Europe > Hungary > General

Searching for family details for my grandparents, Elizatbeth Danyi [born Radvany, 1879; parents John Danyi & Susanna (?)antor] who came in late 1890's(?) and Stephan Fisher [born Budapest 1882, parents J...

Zarno Abuaj Torma Hungary Posted on: 17 Sep 1999, by Elizabeth Danyi 1883-1938

Surnames > Danyi

Looking for relatives of Elizabeth Danyi, parents were Andrew Danyi and Mary Bodnar of Radvany Abauj Hungary. Andrew and Mary had other children- Julia and a male, possibly another Andrew. Elizabeth married ...

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