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Re: Uselton family Posted on: 01 Nov 2002, by Barbara Lynn Uselton Oborny

Surnames > Uselton

Joyce, this is Barb. I am the daughter of Leslie Eugene Uselton. I know that Leslie my twin sister sent you a messeage and i do not know if you got it. But we do not want any thing from you except may...

Re: Morgan Cockrell 1788 VA - 1842 MO Posted on: 11 Aug 2001, by Jacqueline Oborny

Surnames > Cockrell

My gg grandmother was the daughter of William Cockrell (son of Morgan) and Elizabeth Ann Stephens. I noticed that "Stevens" is spelled differently, but mine is the spelling given by her daug...

George Miku (or Mickey) Posted on: 30 Jun 2005, by  KimmieG

Surnames > Mikula

Looking for a George Miku who lived in Canton Ohio @ 1904- 1915 (?). He married a Marie (Mary) Oborny [daughter of Johann Oborny] and immigrated here from Austria-Hungary around 1904 through the Baltimore port v...

KOLIHA and OBORNY Posted on: 19 Aug 2000, by  alethamq

Surnames > Koliba blind so is diffcult for her to search. Her father was James Thomas Koliha and mother was Stazie Oborny. They lived in Schuyler Nebraska. Email me EMBREE995@AOL.COM

Re: St. Peter's Catholic Church in Canton - Records available Posted on: 30 Mar 2008, by  KimmieG

Localities > North America > United States > States > Ohio > Counties > Stark

How can I contact someone regarding a marriage record from St. Peters Church in Canton from 1911? Is there a website or phone number?? Thank You so much!! Kim

Obermonjou and Herzog Russia Posted on: 06 Sep 2002, by  marge2003_1

Localities > United Kingdom and Ireland > England > Lancashire > General

... For Information About The Befort, Kranawitter, Schmidtberger, Dreiling, Wittman, Heart, Fisher, Oborny, Mattas, view this column Author: Margaret Heart Date: 6 Sep 2002 4:22 PM GMT Surnames: Kra...

Joyce Smith RN Posted on: 10 Aug 2008, by  cantorjoeocho

Topics > Obituaries (2)

...Wood, MO, Evan James Headley, Nevada, MO, and Adrianne Headley Morris, Joplin, MO, and one sister, Ila Oborny, La Crosse, KS. In addition to her husband, Robert, she was preceded in death by her ...

I need info Posted on: 30 Nov 2000, by Julie Oborny

Surnames > OBorny

I'm Julie Lynne Oborny, daughter of Jerome Bohomil Oborny, son of Bohomil Oborny, son of Karel Oborny--I think. I know we're from Moravian ancestry and that Josef Oborny is in our line, but I'd like to know more. Can someone...

Oborny Family tree... Posted on: 12 Dec 2000, by Joe Oborny

Surnames > OBorny

Hi Julie, I am a researcher of Oborny Family Tree since 1993. I would like to get ahold of you to share the info. Thanks! My email address is -Joe

Re: I need info Posted on: 16 Jul 2011, by  Jackie91026

Surnames > OBorny

...who I believe your looking for. I also am looking for information on Charles father named Francisco j. Oborny, wife's name Josefa. Also the parents of Charles. That came here from student kraj znojm, moravi...

Re: Stasie Oborny Koliha Posted on: 16 Jul 2011, by  Jackie91026

Surnames > Koliba

I am a decent from Francis Oborny, son of Frank and Josefa. My grandfather (Emil Oborny). I was wondering if anyone knows if Frank or Josefa had any brothers or sisters in Moravia. My email is jackie91026@yahoo.c...

Re: I need info Posted on: 31 May 2012, by  Jackie91026

Surnames > OBorny

Did Marie Oborny have any brothers or sisters? My great grandfather had a sister Marie and there were 5 boys and 4 girls in the family. My mother was an Oborny that grew up in Schuyler (Colfax Co) Nebraska.

Re: I need info Posted on: 31 May 2012, by  trevalynnf

Surnames > OBorny

I'll bet that we're connected some how. But my Marie was born in 1833. I'll keep digging. If you come up with anything, I'd love to hear about it. Good luck with your search!

Re: Frantisek (Frank) Hajek Posted on: 03 May 2012, by  trevalynnf

Surnames > Hajek

...who he married but perhaps this is your great-grandfather? Their parents were Josef Hajek and Marie Oborny. Does this sound familiar?

Re: I need info Posted on: 31 May 2012, by  Jackie91026

Surnames > OBorny

My Great Grandfather Frank was born April 18, 1870 and died May 22, 1951. He had a sister Marie and I believe she married a Dvorack, unsure on the spelling. I live close to Colfax County, NE and some ...

Marie oborney Posted on: 03 Jun 2012, by  KimmieG

Surnames > OBorny

I have a johann oborny and daughter(?) marie a. oborny from vienna austria that settled in canton ohio @ 1903/1904 any connection with your oborneys'? Maria was boen 1892 or 1893.

Re: I need info Posted on: 29 May 2012, by  trevalynnf

Surnames > OBorny

I'm looking for information on Marie Oborny, born June 27, 1833 and died December 11, 1903. She was born in Moravia and died in Colfax County, Nebraska. She married Josef Hajek and had several children, i...

Re: I need info Posted on: 31 May 2012, by  trevalynnf

Surnames > OBorny

I don't have any other information on Marie. What dates do you have for your great grandfather? Would those dates fit with Marie? She is my 2nd great grandmother.

Re: Frantisek (Frank) Hajek Posted on: 03 Jan 2013, by  paulineholub4...

Surnames > Hajek

...Yes, this information sounds familiar. Was just wondering if you have any further information on Mary Oborny inasmuch as there is conflicting information as to the maiden name of my great great-grandmother,...

Re: I need info Posted on: 04 Sep 2012, by  ZlaticaBeca

Surnames > OBorny

trevalynnf OBORNY in CZ's phone book:

Re: I need info Posted on: 26 Jun 2013, by  joborny2

Surnames > OBorny

I think I have found your Marie Oborny marriage record to Josef Hajek. I have been researching my husband's family in the online archives at and

Re: I need info Posted on: 06 Aug 2013, by  trevalynnf

Surnames > OBorny

Thank you! that's great information

Re: I need info Posted on: 21 Aug 2013, by  nickidunn8

Surnames > OBorny

Does anyone know where Adolf, Fr. Charles, Fr. Francis & the rest of that family fits in?

Re: Frantisek (Frank) Hajek Posted on: 10 Sep 2013, by  trevalynnf

Surnames > Hajek

I haven't been able to find anything about Maria Oborny. Maybe someday.

Sebastian Voborny need translation help Posted on: 19 Mar 2015, by  joborny2

Localities > Central Europe > Historical Regions > Moravia

Sebastian Voborny (Oborny) married 19 Oct 1709 from Batouchovice, near Rudikov in Moravia. His marriage record appears here. I think he is a widower and this is a second marriage. Can anyone help me with a ...

Re: Marie oborney Posted on: 30 Jul 2016, by  ZlaticaBeca

Surnames > OBorny

You're welcome. Can I help any further. Zlatica

Re: Marie oborney Posted on: 30 Jul 2016, by  KimmieG

Surnames > OBorny

Thank you!!!!!!

Re: Marie oborney Posted on: 28 Jul 2016, by  ZlaticaBeca

Surnames > OBorny


Re: Marie oborney - Maria OBORNY Posted on: 31 Jul 2016, by  ZlaticaBeca

Surnames > OBorny

... In what country is your ancestor's place of birth? <> Name Maria Oborny Event Type Immigration Event Date 1907 Event Place ...

Re: Marie oborney Posted on: 31 Jul 2016, by  KimmieG

Surnames > OBorny

Are you more familiar with Austria or with Rumania?

Re: I need info Posted on: 18 Oct 2001, by Oborny with 4 "h's"

Surnames > OBorny

Dear Jacqueline, That's Charles with two "e's".... duh... what are you, retarded? just kidding mom, it's me your son, Josiah. :-)

Re: I need info Posted on: 18 Jul 2001, by Jacqueline Oborny

Surnames > OBorny

Dear Julie, I have a Charles (Karel) Oborny born 4 Oct 1872 in (I think) Znojmo, Studenec, Moravia (Czechoslovakia). He came to the USA with his mother, Josefa Chiba (also spelled Chyba, or Josephine Chiba)...

Re: I need info Posted on: 06 May 2002, by Dave

Surnames > OBorny

Hi i saw him last night at a party he was so drunk. He is not worth it. Good luck though

Re: John English Family Posted on: 15 Jul 2002, by Jacqueline Oborny

Localities > North America > United States > States > Tennessee > Counties > Washington

I am the great great granddaughter of Remember English and John Jackson Thornburg. Remember was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth English of Lick Creek Valley. John and Thomas English were brothers...

Martha Marie Phillips - 1940 Posted on: 15 Jun 1999, by  momDistad

Localities > North America > United States > States > Montana > Counties > Fergus

Martha Marie Phillips October 13, 1940 HOME BLAST KILLS FORMER COUNTY WOMAN Roy October 13, 1940-Word reached Roy Saturday telling of the grave tragedy in the Lynn Phillips home in Zortman. Mrs. Lyn...

Adolph JANSA, 90, Weston, NE died Feb. 5, 2003 in Wahoo Posted on: 16 Feb 2003, by  NelliBlu28

Topics > Ethnic / Race > Czechs in Nebraska

...Christian Burial was held Monday, Feb. 10, at St. John Nepomucene Catholic Church in Weston with Rev. Rudy Oborny officiating. Burial was at St. ...

Fred E. "Skipper" MALY died 4-14-2003 Posted on: 06 May 2003, by  NelliBlu28

Topics > Ethnic / Race > Czechs in Nebraska

...Burial will be held Monday, April 21 at 10 a.m. at St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church in Wahoo with Rev. Rudy Oborny officiating. A scripture service will be held Sunday, April 20 at 7 p.m. at the church. Buria...

Mary Mickey: mental illness & adoption in Canton OHIO Posted on: 19 Jul 2004, by kim

Topics > Research Resources > Lookups > United States > Ohio Lookups

Need information regarding George G. Mickey & Mary A. Mickey (maiden name: Oborny) from Stark County, Perry Township, Canton, Ohio around 1908 through 1917. I show she was a patient in the 1930 census...

Re: Oborny Family tree... Posted on: 15 Jun 2004, by kim

Surnames > OBorny

Do you have anyone in your tree named Mary A. O'borny? She had a child with a George G. Mickey in 1913 in Canton, Ohio.

Your Harry MICKEY - possibly related to my George MICKEY? Posted on: 13 Mar 2005, by  KimmieG

Surnames > Mickey

...PA (that I know of...). He lived in Canton, Stark County, Ohio, and was married(?) to "Mary A. Oborny" (born @ 1893) who later ended up in the "Massillon Mental Hospital" for many years...

Re: John Walter Kepner Posted on: 20 Jul 2005, by  joborny2

Surnames > Kepner the family information you have about their parents/grandparents ...? Thank you, Jacqueline Kepner Oborny

Re: EARL GRAY DEMONT, Fulton IN, 1888-1979 Posted on: 17 Jul 2005, by  joborny2

Localities > North America > United States > States > Indiana > Counties > Fulton

...paste the info below. George A. DeMont, son of Richard and brother to Abigail Author: Jacqueline Oborny Date: 12 Jun 2005 11:37 Hoping someone else is researching my family tree. Here's pretty much ...

Re: I need info Posted on: 16 Dec 2005, by James Oborny

Surnames > OBorny

I would also be interested in any information that you have assembled. Thanks! Jim

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