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MACHESKY/MACIEJEWKA/PA Posted on: 26 Dec 1999, by  denyssadosky

Surnames > Machesky

Looking for the family members of Frances Machesky Sadosky of Uniontown, PA. Her polish name was Franciscam Maciejewka and her parents were Josephi and Constanciae (Nowackie) Maciejewka. She lived and deis in...

machesky ancestry Posted on: 06 May 2000, by shelley machesky

Surnames > Machesky

hello kelly,i am married to william p. machesky of uniontown. bill's dad was wm.bernard machesky. his parents were constance and joseph machesky. he has 2 brothers still living. their names are stanley and andrew. stanley li...

Machesky Posted on: 18 Aug 2000, by  denyssadosky

Surnames > Machesky

Hi from Alaska, Frances Machesky was the oldest in Bernard's family. She was born in Poland. Do you have any infor. I would love to know more. I have had a very difficult time searching for my husbands grand...

Re: Machesky Posted on: 01 Feb 2004, by  anthony2145

Surnames > Machesky

Hi, my name is Norma Machesky and I am married to Stanley Machesky who was born in 1917 in Brier Hill, Pa. His parents were Josephi and Mary Constancie Machesky and his sister was Frances who you are looking for information ...

Re: Machesky Posted on: 01 Feb 2004, by  ksado51

Surnames > Machesky

...What wonderful people. I am looking forward to getting to know you. I have alot of questions about the Machesky family. Through my research I have a few bits and pieces, but I have longed to know more.I hope ...

James Machesky of PA Posted on: 04 May 2001, by  relinquished

Surnames > Machesky

Airforce,in vietnam era...I am searching for him,LA. If you can get me in the right direction,would be appreciated!!!

James Machesky of PA Posted on: 04 May 2001, by  relinquished

Surnames > Machesky

James was possibly married to a girl named Linda from LA. The last post was partially deleted...

LZ ARB Posted on: 29 May 2000, by SHELLEY MACHESKY

Surnames > Arbs


Re: Machesky Posted on: 17 Mar 2010, by  trinajordan_1

Surnames > Machesky

...was hoping you might be able to shed a little light. I'm looking for information on a John Valentine Machesky born in 1881 and resided in MI. He worked for the Hudson Motor Co. Do you know if he is part of yo...

Re: Machesky Posted on: 18 Mar 2010, by  Victor Bohy

Surnames > Machesky

Hi Trina, John Valentine Machesky was my ancestor. He invented the tail light for cars. I have info on his wife etc. Please contact me at Looking forward to hear from you Vic

Jens Christensen Posted on: 30 Dec 2000, by Colleen Machesky

Surnames > Christensen

I am also looking up my ancestors. I just receieved some papers from my mother (Shirley Christensen) about family records. I am not sure if we are talking about the same but My mothers grandfather was...

Moroz Moros Posted on: 13 Nov 2011, by  DennisHaluska

Surnames > Moroz

...Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #137. Notes: Moroz. Rudolph Moroz, beloved husband of Rose Marie (nee Machesky), dear father of Debbie, Susan and Carol, son of Susan and the late John, brother of Michael, John...

Re: Machesky Posted on: 23 Apr 2012, by  Victor Bohy

Surnames > Machesky

Yes, I would like to share. Thank you for the e-mail Vic

Re: Machesky Posted on: 22 Apr 2012, by  mlolsz

Surnames > Machesky

My Grandfather James Macheske and John were Brothers. I used to take my mother to visit Great-uncle John and daughter Catherine, on Lake Huron, until he died. I know that he was the eldest. Would lov...

Re: Machesky Posted on: 26 Apr 2012, by  Victor Bohy

Surnames > Machesky

Vic Bohy you can reach me at Vic

Re: Machesky Posted on: 12 May 2013, by  cdm1153

Surnames > Machesky

Dear Kelly, My name is Chuck Machesky,son of Stanley. My father was the youngest sibling of Mrs. Sadosky. He is alive and well at age ninety five and a half and has many memories about his sister. He often te...

Searching for James Macheski (y) Posted on: 12 May 2001, by  relinquished

Localities > North America > United States > States > Wisconsin > Counties > Portage

If you know of a James Macheski from Pa or CA,please contact me,I am searching for him for a Vietnam Vet. May have married a girl names Linda in the 70's...It would mean alot to my friend for me to lo...

Polish Catholic Churches Posted on: 18 Oct 1999, by  denyssadosky

Localities > North America > United States > States > Ohio > Counties > Mahoning

Can anyone share with me the names and addressses of any Polish Catholic churches in the Mahoning-Youngstown area. I am also in need of instruction on what records I may request from the church.I can ...

Re: Maciejewski/Macheski/Macheske Macheski Posted on: 07 Jul 2003, by  Victor Bohy

Surnames > Maciejewski

Hi, I'm also from Detroit area. There are Macheski/Machesky in my family. Please contact me at We can exchange information.I have John B Machesky 8-11-1881--9-13-1976 His father Valentine Machesky his mother...

Re: Valentine and Katherine Macheski Posted on: 07 Jul 2003, by  Victor Bohy

Surnames > Maciejewski

Hi, my ancesters include John B Macheski, his father Valentine Machesky mother Catherine Wojtkowiak according to death certificate. i have Macheski's in family tree. please respond and thank you Vic

Re: seeking long lost relatives Macheski Posted on: 07 Jul 2003, by  Victor Bohy

Localities > North America > United States > States > Minnesota > Counties > Swift

Hi, could the name Tomaszewski been changed to Tomschak? I have these and Macheski/Machesky. Please reply to Macheski are my relations. thank you Vic

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