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Anne Mae McDonald obit from NY 2002 Posted on: 02 Jul 2005, by  LauraRivers51...

Surnames > McDonald

...husband, she was predeceased by her parents; a son, Stanley McDonald, on Sept. 12, 1991; a daughter, Leatrice Decosse on June 9, 1998; and five sisters, Ruth Miller, Verconda Trombley, Lillian LaClair, Anza N...

plowman Posted on: 05 Jul 2000, by john

Surnames > Plowman

...Married 3 times, 1st wife was Goldie,(last name unknown), 2nd wife was Clara Thormodseth, 3rd wife( my mom)Leatrice Mullins. He had at least 1 bro. and 2 sis. Clayborn, Grace, and Kate. His fathers name was G...

George PHARES Posted on: 29 Mar 2001, by  leatrice38

Surnames > Phares

...file. Thanks Elihu F. Phares 2104 NE 45 Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308-4725 Phone 954-492-8254 E-mail:

Re: Solomon's Posted on: 09 Jul 2001, by  TSheldonSo942...

Surnames > Solomon


Badot Posted on: 27 Apr 2000, by Leatrice Badeaux (Badot)

Localities > Western Europe > Belgium > Emigration

...around Pt. Coupee but so far i've just hit a brick wall. They could couldn't just disappear in thin air. Leatrice

William Whitehead PHARES Posted on: 05 Oct 2000, by  leatrice38

Surnames > Phares

...Thanks. Elihu F. Phares 2104 NE 45 Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308-4725 Phone: 954-492-8254 E-mail:

Please contact me Direct Posted on: 26 Sep 2000, by  leatrice38

Surnames > Phares

...very large data base. I need info on Descendants of William Whitehead PHARES. Please contact me at:

Father's Family Posted on: 24 Apr 2000, by La Rayne Wright

Surnames > Wright

...passed away on December 8, 1990. I have one sister and brother. I do know that his mother's name is Mrs. Leatrice Beverly. HELP!!! If you are related or know how I can get in touch with someone I am relate...

Re: Fanny (Hoover) Miller Posted on: 10 Jan 2004, by Stacy Chavez

Surnames > Hoover

...children, Richard and Leah. Richard married Dorothy (Rosenberger), also of Ohio, and had my grandma, Leatrice (1Dec 1929-2 Oct 2002) and my still living great-uncle. I did know John A. Hoover's father's name...

Heberts/Bernards Posted on: 10 Mar 2000, by Brenda Hebert Thibodeaux

Surnames > Hebert

...Bernard and Marie Price). Their children are: Sterling Joseph Hebert, Jr. (My father), Alma, Oswald Duval, Leatrice, Leroy (Leatrice Leroy were twins) Linda. I think that are 4 or 5 generations that have twins. I...

Alida/Andrew Logan.............................. Posted on: 26 Jul 2000, by  LynneTrammel6...

Surnames > Pruyn

Leatrice, You didn't post your email. Here's mine. I would appreciate any info you can pass my way. I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Lynne Leflore Trammel

FRANS JANSEN PRUYN Posted on: 07 Jan 2000, by Leatrice

Surnames > Pruyn

I have some information on the Pruyn Family of Albany , N.Y. JAMES ERVIN SAMUEL> JOHN S> SAMUEL>FRANS JANSEN PRUYN> Please e-mail me.

Four Burgess Brothers Who Imigrated after Winthrops Fleet Posted on: 08 Jan 2003, by  @@Zina_1@msn....

Surnames > Burgess

...back to William Burgess who married Eleanor Munroe 8-21-1707 in Charlestown, Ma. Thanks in advance, Leatrice

Leatrice (Sassaman) Makarovich obituary Posted on: 24 Feb 2004, by  puppup

Surnames > Sassaman

Source: Press Enterprise, Bloomsburg, PA Jan. 30, 2004 Deceased: Makarovich, Leatrice L (Sassaman) Age: 79 Birth date: Dec. 31, 1925 Birth place: Catawissa, PA Death date: Jan. 28, 2004 P...

looking for the Family Heritage of Lowell Wayne Hobbs Posted on: 18 Jul 2000, by Teresa Bast Laigle

Surnames > Hobbs

...and his father is Raymond Hobbs. Ramond currently resides in Hughes Springs,TX. His mother's name was Leatrice Hobbs. She was part Native American. I am attempting to find what tribe her family came from. If ...

Re: WILLIAM HILL TRACY Posted on: 20 May 2006, by  rickngina

Surnames > Tracy

..."Fox". She was living i n Caribou, Maine. She died in 1994. One of her daughters names was Leatrice Fox? Married name Leatrice Nadeau. I was adopted from Caribou, Maine in 1968. It has been told to me that ...

name Posted on: 09 Apr 2001, by Leatrice Doolen

Surnames > Goppert

I have had people pronoune my maiden name as yours is spelled but we pronounce it as copper sounds. small o sound.

goppert Posted on: 08 Apr 2001, by Leatrice Doolen

Surnames > Goppert

...Goppert was how the name was before coming to the US in 1853 - 1873 but have not found any proff of this.

Obit: Allen Asher. 1907-1963. Posted on: 21 Oct 2005, by E Lorinczi

Surnames > Sasser

...and Nanie Tuttle Asher. Wife: 1926 Ella Mae Gross. Surviving children: Mary Jane Adams; Edith King; Leatrice Byrd, Wavolene Asher Burton, Asher Bobby Asher Glen Asher, Coleman Asher, Ferrell Asher, Thre...

Re: Webber/Slankard Posted on: 20 Jul 2001, by  Frances Slank...

Surnames > Webber

Leatrice Slankard is my grandmother. Are you a descendant of Myrtle Parks?

Re: Webber/Slankard Posted on: 20 Jul 2001, by Virginia Parks

Surnames > Webber

I am looking for the decendants, if any, of of Leatrice Slankard, who was the daughter of Cordell S. and Nellie(?) Webber. This is in regard to some property in Routt County, Colorado that was owned by Corde...

Re: John C. Webber Posted on: 20 Jul 2001, by Virginia Parks

Surnames > Webber

...Glenn S. Webber (widow of decedent's son) 3. Mrs. Cordell S. Webber (widow of decedent's son) Mrs. Leatrice Slankard (child of decedent's son) Mrs. Beatrice W. Warren (child of decedent's son) Mr...

Re: Four Burgess Brothers Who Imigrated after Winthrops Fleet Posted on: 04 Oct 2003, by  JLCassani1

Surnames > Burgess

Leatrice, I share the same Burgess line with you. I saw a 1999 message you left on a Burgess query. My grandmother was Shirley Burgess and she descended from William & Eleanor as Follows: William Burges...

Martin Ussach Posted on: 16 Mar 2001, by Stephanie Wohl

Surnames > Ussach

I am the grandaughter of Martin and Leatrice Ussach. Martin is the son of Samuel and Dora Ussach. Martin had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. They are George and Jack Ussach and Ann Bernstein and Bessy Spivak. Anyo...

Wenzel, Leatrice L. Obit Posted on: 15 Jan 2004, by  Marilene

Surnames > Wenzel

Leatrice L. Wenzel age 79 of Stone Crest Residence, Wausau, Wisc died Sat Jan 10, 2004. She is survived by her loving family. Helke Funeral Home

William Thomas Bussell/Arkansas Posted on: 05 Apr 2002, by Ellen Bussell McNeill

Surnames > Bussell

...Dolphus Bussell Mar 21 l927 Pine Bluff AR died?? Beatrice May (Mary) Bussell june 10,l928 Died PB, AR?? Leatrice Ray (Martha) Bussell June 10 l928 died?? Beatric and Leatrice were Twin sisters.. Eulala Bell (Mary El...

NEWBERRY, Wilbur Posted on: 06 Dec 2004, by Lynette Davey

Surnames > Newberry

Hello Fellow Researchers, I am looking for birth, death & marriage dates for Wilbur Newberry (b. ? d. ?). I'd also like to know his father's name & dates on him as well. Wilbur's mother was ...

Re: family members related to Ernest winford boykin Posted on: 18 Dec 2002, by bill mcmullen

Surnames > Boykin

I think we may be related. My Grandmother was a Boykin and Aunt Ruby was her sister. Leatrice (sp?) Boykin was my grandmother. Norman Lee Boykin was her father Selethia Celeste (White) Boykin sister Aunt: Ru...

Re: Book Posted on: 24 Aug 2001, by  BJRussell1953

Surnames > Tanner

...your family in the book. I don't know if this information is still correct, but this is what I have for Leatrice: Leatrice Tanner Wagner 2440 46th Ave Longview, Washington 98632 1-206-423-8988 My mother is a daug...

German named Wicker Posted on: 31 Mar 2001, by Leatrice Zangerl Long

Surnames > Wicker

I find your message rather strange since my grandmother , Emma Wicker, is listed on the immigration list and landing in New York around 1890, having sailed from Hamburg, Germany. She was a German citi...

Re: Tanners from MO Posted on: 27 Nov 2002, by  BrendaVanceRu...

Surnames > Tanner

Jesse is in the Tanner Book that we have "Robert Tanner and His Descendants" by Leatrice Tanner Wagner. We would be distantly related. My grandfather, David Walls Tanner, was born in Indiana, but th...

searching for grandmother Mayberry Posted on: 12 Apr 2001, by Leatrice Long

Surnames > Mayberry

Grandmother married Harmon Sylvester Breech in Lebanon , Mo. and had a large family. My grandmother was Laura Emaline Breech Jones. The family migrated to Arkansas but cannot find grandmother Mayberry...

Re: do you need this obit? Posted on: 06 Aug 2003, by  Psteen5752

Surnames > Steen

Was he kin to Robert Steen 9/10/22 that was married to Leatrice Loyce? Or can you get me an obit for Robert M. Steen who passed away 9/20/93 in Bloomfield, Mi? Thanks Pat

Richard Sewood Tanner ( Seward R. ) Posted on: 02 Feb 2001, by  BJRussell1953

Surnames > Tanner

Hello! I have a habit of looking names up in the TANNER book written by Leatrice Tanner Wagner. She has Seward listed! You can e-mail me at If you would rather, I can post it on the message ...

Re: Tanner's of Boone County, Kentucky Posted on: 27 Sep 2002, by  BrendaVanceRu...

Surnames > Tanner

Hi Matt, I found this family in a Tanner book that was written by Leatrice Tanner Wagner. I guess our families would connect a long way back! If you want any information from the book on the Tanner family, le...

Leatrice Tanner Wagner Book Posted on: 30 Aug 2000, by  BJRussell1953

Surnames > Tanner

In our copy of the book, dated 1989, her address was Leatrice Tanner Wagner 2440 446th Avenue Longview, WA 98632 phone: 1-206-423-8988

Re: Frederick Tanner of Barren Co., KY Posted on: 11 Jun 2003, by  Patricia Moor...

Surnames > Tanner

Paul, I am a descendent of Fredrick Tanner. You mentioned a website for Leatrice..I could not get your link to link. If she has changed it, do you know what the new link is? I would very much like to have ...

Re: Frederick Tanner of Barren Co., KY Posted on: 01 Dec 2002, by  BJRussell1953

Surnames > Tanner

Paul, Is the website for Leatrice Wagner not available, anymore? I have a copy of the book, but was wanting to check out the site, and can't seem to access it. Thanks, Brenda

Re: Sterling Tanner Posted on: 27 Jul 2001, by  BJRussell1953

Surnames > Tanner

According to the Tanner book published by Leatrice Tanner Wagner: Robert Tanner b. ca. 1685-1690--Christopher Tanner b. ca. 1715-1716 --Jacob Tanner b. 1743--Frederick Tanner b. 1770-1772--Willliam Pedigo Tan...

ANDES FAMILY Posted on: 10 Apr 2001, by LEATRICE DOOLEN

Surnames > Andes

Becky, I can not seem to find your e-mail address so please do contact me at Lea

Andes Family Posted on: 09 Apr 2001, by  Navy7494

Surnames > Andes

Leatrice Doolen: Please contact me via email. Thank you, Becky

ANDES FAMILY Posted on: 08 Apr 2001, by Leatrice Doolen

Surnames > Andes

I would be interested in exchanging information on the ANDES family. I am researching the family from Heppenheim near Darmstadt,Hesse,Germany, they imagrated about 1850 - 1855 and settled in the Utica...

Frederick Tanner of Barren Co., KY Posted on: 29 Sep 1999, by  ptanner

Surnames > Tanner

...Tanner, originally of Culpepper Co., VA. All of this is carefully reported in the excellent book by Leatrice Tanner Wagner "Robert Tanner and His Descendants; A Family History." You can visit Leatri...

McGOWAN, HUGH Died June 28, 1931 Posted on: 24 Oct 1998, by  finola1

Localities > North America > United States > States > Ohio > Counties > Mahoning

...Brendan's Church. Survived by wife and 5 daughters, Mary Grace Wilson, Florence F. Locke, Helen Mordew, Leatrice Louise and Elizabeth Jane McGowan and one son, Herbert: four brothers, John, William, Patrick a...

Tuggle/Plyman Posted on: 15 Apr 2000, by Joyce Plyman Mitchell

Surnames > Tuggle

John Plyman is my 1/2 brother (father Ernest). My mother is Clara Thormodseth, his mother is Leatrice Joy (maiden name?). My fraternal grandparents were Callie Tuggle George Plyman. Jake Nancy (Cole) Tuggle...

Samuel Nesbitt and Elizabeth McConkey Posted on: 29 Jun 2000, by Leatrice Sutherland Foster

Surnames > McCrea

...know anything about Ireland.) Please contact me at so we can compare notes. Thanks. Leatrice Sutherland Foster

Musumeci Posted on: 10 Jan 2001, by Leatrice Musumeci

Surnames > Musumeci

My grand-father Antonio Musumeci was born in Sicily, Italy in 1886

Horrie Lee Dingler Posted on: 02 Jun 2000, by Amy

Surnames > Dingler

aka Lee Dingler, son of Leatrice Thompson Dingler. Newnan, Georgia. Born mid-1940s. Still living, I hope. I'd like to tell him about his son and grandchild.

Wm. Craggs Posted on: 09 Jul 2000, by  Laurie Ambros...

Surnames > Craggs

Searching for relatives and info - William Craggs who was married to Ruby Leatrice Vinson. I think they were originally from Missouri and later moved to Chico California. If you can help me, please email me a...

Re: Fonnie Posted on: 07 Sep 2001, by Jessica

Surnames > Breashears

...your looking for but Fonnie had several brothers and one sister. Jim Breashears, Joe Southard, and Leatrice (Breashears) Bond. They are all deceased but have relatives still living in Yell County.

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