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Isaac Richards m. Margaret ? both b. about 1800 Posted on: 23 May 2003, by  lindafrancess

Surnames > Richards

...State Census has Isaac age 57 b. NC Margaret 58 b. GA, living near Christopher 37 b. IN and Sarah J. (Hackleman) Richards 40 b. IN. Earlier, in 1840 U. S. census, there's an Isaac Richards in Hamilton Co. IN a...

Re: Isaac Richards Ohio State / Switzerland County Indiana Posted on: 20 Nov 2003, by  lindafrancess

Surnames > Richards

Have you come across Christopher C. Richards b. Switzerland Co about 1818? Married Sarah Jane Hackleman in Boone Co. IN. Moved to Hamilton Co. IN as a young man. Had a sister Rebecca m. Salyard. Cousins Willia...

Lines/Sailors Posted on: 10 Jun 2001, by  LittleCalamit...

Surnames > Sailors

...of the wife of Benjamin F. Lines was Amanda Lines. She was the daughter of Greenbarry Lines and Mary Hackleman. I have both Lines and Sailors data posted at Plea...

Linebargers Posted on: 12 Jun 2000, by  BethFazekas

Surnames > Linebarger

...Jackson Coleman who married Lillie Dew; William Silas Coleman who married Mary Elizabeth Riley; James Hackleman Coleman who married Martha Ella Hendrick; Malvina Jane Coleman who married William Anderson Black...

Re: benjamin franklin harvey (frank) Posted on: 09 Sep 2001, by  karri33

Surnames > Harvey

Benjamin Franklin Harvey b: 1860 d:1931 Hackleman Cemetery,MO He married Jane Clinton Ford Nov,1893

Tilghman Stone Posted on: 07 May 2000, by Nadine Fowler

Surnames > Stone

...Tilghman's parents is that his father was Curtis H. Stone born in New York 1812/1817 and married Margaret Hackleman who was born 19 Apr 1820 in Brookville, IN. Tilghman and his three brothers all served in the...

James Casey in Va. in 1884 Posted on: 06 Jan 2000, by D. Casey

Surnames > Casey

...and into MO where he settled in Cedar Co., Mo. near Cedar Springs. He died in MO and is buried in the Hackleman Cem. in Cedar County. D. Casey

Mary Virginia Grayson Posted on: 20 Aug 2000, by Verna Hackleman

Surnames > Grayson

Looking for information on Mary Virginia Grayson born circa 1883. Listed on the Atoka, Ok. 1910 census as being from Ark., Miss., Ark. My cousins say she was full Choctaw. Married Samuel Houston Duckw...

Jim Eubanks and Jane Hill Posted on: 29 Jan 2001, by Toni Garza

Surnames > Eubanks

...the internet I found a Jim or James Henry Eubank whose father was Ambrose Eubanks m: Rachel Matilda H. Hackleman. Ambrose was born: 1-12-1816 in Alabama. His father was apparently John David Eubanks m: Eliza J...

Hiram Lines Posted on: 14 Oct 2001, by Jack Lines

Surnames > Lines

...l8l5 Ind. Need parents of this Hiram father born in the Carolinas and mother born in KY. Just as the Hackleman and Lines families traveled together from the Carolinas, to Franklin co. Ind - to Iowa and to Or...

Ira and Eleanor Hackleman Burr Posted on: 11 Jan 2006, by  RichardCharle...

Surnames > Burr

These two people are my great great grand father and Mother. I am trying to trace the linage. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Dick Hohnbaum

Abeln-Kenneth,Secilia Posted on: 05 Feb 2001, by ROBERT HACKLEMAN

Surnames > Abeln

Hi,I ran across some old photos of Kenneth & Secilia Abeln from 1930 to 1950.The pictures were all taken in Minnesota.Some other names in this group also from Minnesota are:Qualey,Seidel,Rowelson ...

Re: Chicago Teelings, GEORGE WILLIAM AND CLARA EVA HAYDEN TEELING Posted on: 13 Aug 2001, by David Busby

Surnames > Teeling

Please contact me directly regarding Chicago Teelings. Use

Re: Chicago Teelings, GEORGE WILLIAM AND CLARA EVA HAYDEN TEELING Posted on: 13 Aug 2001, by  DavidBusby86

Surnames > Teeling as I have additional NEW information that we're not quite sure of. This regarding Harry Hackleman Teeling also. If correct, we may share info regarding Chicago - Oregon - Arizona connectio...

Blades in IN Posted on: 21 May 2000, by Nadine (Nicki) Fowler

Surnames > Blades

...looking for the parents of Jane BLADES who was born in Franklin Co., IN about 1798. She married James HACKLEMAN in Franlin Co., IN on 21 Aug 1817 and died 16 Oct 1835. As far as I know they had one child a dau...

Re: Bazdal / Basdal Walker Story 1799 - 1851 Ga/Al Posted on: 10 Feb 2003, by evelyn aldridge

Surnames > Story

...made a mistake. The Emily Story born 6 Sept.1826 was Elvira B Weston Story she married George Benson Hackleman they moved to TX and both died there. Her younger sister, Emily B Weston Story born 31 May 1832 m...

Siblings of Margaret Hackleman Posted on: 05 Jul 2000, by  LittleCalamit...

Surnames > Blades

I believe her full siblings were Elenor, Polly Ann, and William. Half-sibs were Elizabeth; Armenius, born about 1838; Narcissa L., about 1842; Johnson; Darwin P. about 1840; Lou Ann; Thomas M., about...

Pogue Posted on: 20 Jul 2000, by  miltho1

Surnames > Pogue

All are early settlers of Rush Co In. George Pogue from SC. to Connersville, IN died in Marion Co In. or near there in 1821 Would like to find others working on thhis line.

Re: Abel Hankins Duckworth Jr. in Lincoln Co., Tn Posted on: 20 Feb 2004, by Verna Hackleman

Surnames > Duckworth

...from you. Grandpa Sam H. was Cherokee and Grandma Macon was Chickasaw. Verna (Southwind) Hackleman

Re: Abel Hankins Duckworth Jr. in Lincoln Co., Tn Posted on: 21 Feb 2004, by Verna Hackleman

Surnames > Duckworth

Hi Cuz: I have been trying to call your moms sister Carolyn all day today, but unable to get her. She will be so thrilled. Billy is in Stillwater, Ok. and Minnie is around Holdenville. Minnie has ...

MY FATHER Posted on: 30 Mar 2000, by VERNA HACKLEMAN

Surnames > Wells



Surnames > Wells


Foote line in Ms Posted on: 16 May 2006, by  stepp1313

Surnames > Foote

...Elizabeth Foote. She was br 12/08/1838 in NC. Her father was William H Foote, br 1801,in NC married Anne Hackleman. His father was Henry Foote , Jr bron 1772 in NC Married Mary Polly Moss. His father was Henry...

Foote Family Posted on: 10 Nov 2003, by  charanddeb1

Surnames > Foote

...Mary Elizabeth Foote br: 10/8/1838 in North Carolina, her father was William Foote br: 1801 mrd to Anne Hackleman. William's father was Henry Foote, Jr br:1772 mrd to Mary Polly Moss. Henry's father was Henry ...

Ira Burr and Family Posted on: 01 Sep 2000, by Elaine McFarlane

Localities > North America > United States > States > Indiana > Counties > Wabash

Ira Burr and Eleanor Hackleman Burr raised 12 children in Wabash, Indiana. Ira and Eleanor were married 21 Dec. 1837 in Wabash, Indiana. Between 1839 and 1859 they had 12 children.

hackleman Posted on: 17 Mar 2000, by Bart Dixon

Surnames > Hackleman

we are interested in the general that died in civil war. we have johann jacob mary osborn as direct decendants in my family line. could he be related ??

jacob mary Posted on: 18 Mar 2000, by robert hackleman

Surnames > Hackleman


hackleman Posted on: 27 Mar 2000, by Bart Dixon

Surnames > Hackleman

thanks robert i have heard there might be a connection there. thanks again is there any pictures of him on the internet ?

Hackleman Posted on: 13 May 2000, by  marcia131

Surnames > Hackleman

Robert: Do you know anything about Amanda Hackleman? She was married to W.E. Blacklidge. Their grandson and my husband, Kent Hackleman Blacklidge, has always had difficulty finding out much about her or the Hacklemans....

Amanda J. Hackleman Posted on: 22 Apr 2001, by  LittleCalamit...

Surnames > Hackleman

Amanda J. Hackleman was born 27 Ap4il 1857/8 in Rush Co. IN and married an attorney, William E. Blackridge, on 17 April 1878 in Rush Co. Amanda was one of the children of Cicero Hackleman (son of Richard, son of Abraha...

W.E. Blacklidge Posted on: 02 May 2001, by Kent Hackleman Blacklidge

Surnames > Hackleman

Want to make a correction. Amanda Hackleman married William Edgar Blacklidge, not Blackridge. Just wanted you to know. I am the great grandson of W.E. Blacklidge. Amanda and W.E. are buried in Kokomo, Indiana,...

Re-Indiana Hackleman Posted on: 24 Nov 2000, by Evelyn Aldridge

Surnames > Hackleman

Michael Hackleman born Germany came to America abt1738,married Mary Sailors,had 5 children.Jacob settled in Ind.Lydia died at15,and John at20,Both Conrad,who never married,and George,my ancestor,settled at Col...

Hypatia Hackleman m. 1894 Rushville IN Posted on: 08 May 2001, by  ybabhaw

Surnames > Hackleman

T. Melville Greenlee m. Hypatia Hackleman in 1894 in Rushville, Rush Co. IN. Did they leave any descendants? Barbara Marvin, 4629 Tilden St. N.W., Washington DC 20016-5617.

Re: Hacklemans of Indiana Posted on: 06 Mar 2002, by  lindafrancess

Surnames > Hackleman

Sarah J. Hackelman m. Christopher C. Richards. Son, Lewis D. Richards b. 1840 Boone Co. IN. Have you come across Sarah J? I have a photo of Christopher. That's how her name is spelled in the resource ...

Andrew Jackson Hackleman Posted on: 29 May 2000, by Amber Gates

Surnames > Hackleman

I might have some information that could help you. My grandfather left me a book containg some hackleman information. I tried to find the children of Andrew but it seems all I found was a dead end. This might ...

need to find father, Robert Hackleman Posted on: 02 Jul 1999, by Tea Ogg

Surnames > Hackleman

My boyfriend, William Christopher May is trying to find his Dad, Robert Hackleman. Billy was born in Chicago, 5/25/64. He has a sister, Holly who also shares the same father. His mother`s name is Donna May. He...

"Regarding Billy" Posted on: 03 Mar 2000, by Tea Ogg

Surnames > Hackleman

Robert Eugene Hackleman was born Feb.13, 1939, in Anderson,In. Died 1992, Los Angeles, Ca. Can be found in Social Security Index. His brother, George Hackleman in Wenona, Il. may be able to give you more information. I...

Re: "Regarding Billy" Posted on: 04 Sep 2002, by  Holly_Jenning...

Surnames > Hackleman

My name is Holly. I am Billy's sister. I would appreciate any info you could pass along. please e-mail me at

Looking for Info on Gerald R. Hackleman Posted on: 09 Mar 2000, by Maggie Lawler

Surnames > Hackleman

My father was Gerald R. Hackleman, and I am looking for information on him, as I never saw him after I was 2 years old. By the time I had finally found him, he had been dead for 10 years. I know that he was re...

looking for lorren hackleman Posted on: 02 Apr 2000, by sharrie Lawton Young

Surnames > Hackleman

I am looking for lorren hackleman who was in the LA are in the 70's. And whos mother is Alice Hackleman.

Scottie Franklin Hackleman - MO Posted on: 24 Aug 2000, by Andrea Roach

Surnames > Hackleman

I am beginning research on my grandfather's family tree. I don't have much to go on. Grandpa is still living but unable to help with this. I know his mother's name was Esther and she died in Joplin , ...

Hackleman Posted on: 08 Sep 2000, by  kreed3117

Surnames > Hackleman

Would you know if you would be related to a Theodore and his wife's name was Ada? They said she was wide as she was tall and had a big smile. They were from the Cedar co. MO. area and later moved to K...

Name not familiar Posted on: 04 Dec 2000, by  Andrea Roach

Surnames > Hackleman

I don't recognize the name but that doesn't mean much. I am having a hard time getting any info from my grandfather. He is mad about the whole thing and doesn't want me doing any family history resear...

Need to Verify Info Posted on: 28 Aug 2000, by Andrea Roach

Surnames > Hackleman

I got some more info about Grandad (Scottie Franklin Hackleman.) It looks like his line is: Scottie Leroy Hackleman b 22 Jan 1907 Winfield Scott Hackleman b 6 Aug 1856 Thomas Shelby Hackleman b 8 Feb 1826 John Hackleman b 9 Sept 1785 Johan Jaco...

Hackleman connection Posted on: 22 Nov 2000, by Karen Johnson

Surnames > Hackleman

I am a direct descendant of Phyllis Hackleman. I also have a copy of the book "Hackleman's In America". Would be glad to try to find any information that I can match.

Hi Karen! Posted on: 04 Dec 2000, by  Andrea Roach

Surnames > Hackleman

Sorry it took me so long to reply. I have had lots of troubles. My @home e-mail was down for two months and that is the address that I have used on all these message boards. Then my hard drive failed ...

Re: Hackleman connection Posted on: 06 Mar 2002, by  lindafrancess

Surnames > Hackleman

Sarah J. Hackelman m. Christopher C. Richards. Have you come across this name? She was probably b. abt. 1820-son Lewis D. Richards b. 1840 Boone Co. IN.

Re: Hackleman connection Posted on: 15 Apr 2003, by Andrew S. Hackleman

Surnames > Hackleman

Hello, my name is Andrew Hackleman. I'm looking for a copy of the "Hacklemans in America" book. Could you please tell me where you got your copy? Thanks... Sincerely, Andrew

Re: Hackleman connection Posted on: 12 Mar 2005, by  phyllish72

Surnames > Hackleman

Just out of curiosity, how can you be a "direct descendant" of Phyllis Hackleman? I only have two children, both sons.

Re: Need to Verify Info Posted on: 28 Dec 2002, by  fcbertinchamp...

Surnames > Hackleman

you might want to check out

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