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DelPaggio Posted on: 20 Aug 2000, by Mark-John Clifford

Surnames > Delpaggio

I am looking to begin research about the DelPaggio family. Any info would be of great help

chiara or Chiarina Disantis, Peter Delpage or delpaggio, and Francesca Ciafaritani Posted on: 05 Jul 2014, by  ymsaunders

Surnames > Desantis

Looking for ancestry on Chiara DiSantis came to u.s. in 1906 went to Pennsylvania from Abruzzi. And she already had a son, Giovanni and Alberico ages 6 and 1. Trying to find info on her mothers maiden...

DelPaggio Posted on: 27 Apr 2001, by Mark-John Clifford

Surnames > Delpaggio

Dear Bonnie, My Mother's maiden name was DelPaggio. She was brought upo in Cranston, RI. If you want e-mail me and we can put together more information..Thank you

Help me find DelPaggio family history Posted on: 27 Apr 2001, by Bonnie DelPaggio

Surnames > Delpaggio

Dear Mark John Clifford, Hi, my name is Bonnie, and I found this website surfing and going thru pages. I am also finding info on my past. Any you have on the DelPaggio's please email me and we can swa...

Grandmother a Goldschmidt Posted on: 27 Apr 2001, by DelPaggio

Localities > Central Europe > Germany > General

Any Goldschmidts in Germany? I know I have relatives there. My grandmother had a couple of brothers named George and Fritz, and a sister named Elsie, but I do not know the rest? Please help! Bonnie

Finding out relatives Posted on: 27 Apr 2001, by DelPaggio

Surnames > Delpaggio

Hi Mark-John Clifford, I am as curious as you I guess about the DelPaggio name and were we may stand. Email me personally and I will give you the rundown on how I became a DelPaggio. Thanks, Bon...

Finding DelPaggio's in Italy! Posted on: 27 Apr 2001, by DelPaggio

Localities > Western Europe > Italy > General

Help me please pisanos. Looking for any Italian relatives with the last name DelPaggio. Near Abruzzi? Thanks, Bella Bonnie

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