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AGLIAM SURNAME Posted on: 26 May 2000, by DEBBIE AGLIAM

Surnames > Agliam


Alohas couz' Posted on: 29 May 2000, by Raymond Agliam

Surnames > Agliam

...Debbie, hey i guess i can call you COUS'. You must be related to me some how. My grandfather (Alberto Agliam) came to hawaii in the early 1900 and worked here on a sugar plantation. My father is Peter Agliam, sec...

Agliam Tree Posted on: 05 Oct 2000, by Stephanie

Surnames > Agliam

Aloha cuz, it's me David's wife - by any chance would you have iformation on Grandpa's wife Jenny? Would really apreciate it. Thank you

Alohas Posted on: 09 Oct 2000, by Raymond Agliam

Surnames > Agliam

Alohas couz hey.....sorry took so long to reply.....but.........i have a website maybe you can check out in the mean time we are figuring all this out........such as who's related to who???????????? ...

grandpa's wife jenny Posted on: 09 Oct 2000, by Raymond Agliam

Surnames > Agliam

hey cuz ...... ok.......... i going axsk my father about jenny.......will ........... reply tomorrow ... ok.........howz everything with you all........hope fine...... ok......take care........god ble...

Re: Jenny Agliam Posted on: 17 Jul 2011, by  alek1025

Surnames > Agliam

Her name was Jeanne Agliam don't know her maiden name but I was named after her. So try searching for Jeanne Agliam

Re: Agliam Geneology Posted on: 13 Oct 2011, by  ronaldagliam

Surnames > Agliam

Hello to all Agliam.. Im from the Philippines, my father say's the family tree of agliam is from the Philippines in Ilocos province.

Finding Ancestors Posted on: 13 Mar 2001, by Fannie Agliam

Localities > Caribbean > Puerto Rico > General from Molokai, Hawaii with hopes of finding information on my husdand's family. His father was an Agliam and his mother was either a Martinez or Morales. Little is known about her or even her name. It co...

Looking for ancestors Posted on: 13 Mar 2001, by Fannie Agliam

Localities > Caribbean > Puerto Rico > General

Hello I am from Molokai, Hawaii and am searching for my husbands ancestors. His last name is Agliam but his mother's name was Jennie or Jannie Morales, and her parents were from Puerto Rico. Little is known...

my ancestors Posted on: 10 Oct 2003, by john patrick agliam

Surnames > Agliam

hi guys this john patrick agliam actually i came from the philippines where i was born.we just went here last december with my brother and 17 years old and living here in dallas with my family.som...

Re: my ancestors Posted on: 23 Feb 2004, by john patrick agliam

Surnames > Agliam

...looking for a way to somehow get any info regarding a long lost friend of mine by the name of JOSEFINA T. AGLIAM. we were classmates in FEU, here in the philippines and she immigrated to the US in the mid-7...

Re: my ancestors Posted on: 09 Apr 2005, by jmarvin agliam

Surnames > Agliam

hi guys! my name is jmarvin agliam from tarlac philippines and i accidentally browsed this site and found out that there were a lot of AGLIAM's around the globe... and basically my purpose of posting here i...

Re: Juana Cruz Posted on: 06 Nov 2004, by  fmagliam

Surnames > Cruz Castro Morales on Maui. She had a daughter named Juana/Jaunna/Jennie Morales and married Alberto Agliam. Jennie is my mother-in-law. The Juana Cruz I am tracing later marries (or not married)to Juan M...

Re: my ancestors Posted on: 11 Sep 2006, by Debbie J.Agliam

Surnames > Agliam

John Patrick, This true you are my cousin. I was wondering how you seen a video of me? Was the video taken when I went to my dad's funeral? I live in Norfolk, Virginia. Are you close to Aunt Helen and...

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