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Subject: Re: Sarah TUTEN d/o Zachariah TUTEN - Tennessee & Gladys Marie Sharp
Author: Glenn Pratt
Date: Tuesday, March 11, 2003
Classification: Query
Surnames: Zachariah Tuten

Gene Lacey:

I recently saw censuses from Beaufort Co., North Carolina from 1790, 1800 & 1810. The 1790 showed Zachariah Tudal, 1800 showed Zach Tuten & there was no Zach or Zachariah Tuten, Tuton, Tutton, Tudal or Tootle in 1810; but a Rile Tuten in 1810 census. In 1800 Zach had 2-4 slaves & his father, William had one slave. In 1810, this Rile Tuten had 6 slaves & WIlliam had one. I remembered that you said that Zachariah was also known as Riley or Wyley. I think this Rile Tuten was Zachariah Tuten. He did something "odd" in 1826; in order to go back to his 2nd wife in Roane County, Tenn. whom he married 20 years earlier in 1806 (Ally Dickson) - he executed & probated a will & auctioned off his estate in North Carolina while he was actually "still alive". In this way he left some of his "wealth" to his children of his 1st woman or wife (Cherokee Indian woman), before going back to his 2nd wife, Ally Dickson. He lived until 1867 in Roane County, Tenn.; as evidenced by his payments of support for his retarded son, Wiley Tuten ceased coming to him in 1867 - he possibly died. He was in census in Roane Co. in 1860 with Ally Dickson. He died at age 101 years old in 1867. The payments were transferred in 1867 for retarded Wiley's upkeep to John Lewis (Sarah married Aaron Lewis) and continued until Wiley Tuten died on March 11, 1877 at age 65 years old (born 1812). My Wiley Tuten, Sr., born 1784 was Zachariah's 1/2 brother; son of Ann Hill (William's 2nd wife). My Wiley also had a son named Wiley Tuten who was born in 1814 & died in 1863 in Carthage Confederate War Camp. Did you know that Zachariah Tuten, Sr. not only used different names, but lied about his age in all of the censuses; as did his son, "Zachie" Zachariah Tuten, who lived in Limestone Co., Alabama (born 1793). "Zachie" also had a son, he named Zachariah (grandson of Zachariah, Sr.), who was born in 1838. A Diane Grinson (last name spelled incorrectly) has a message on the message board which talks about this grandson, Zachariah having been 28 years old in 1860. In the 1850 census he was only 12 years old, which means he was born in 1838; yet he wasn't 22 years old in 1860 - but said to be 28 years old & living in New Mexico & in the military. Possibly all three Zachariahs lied about their ages... the youngest wanted to be older than he was, which wasn't what the other two wanted to be. They both lied as having been 10 years younger. Did you know about any of this & do you think this Rile Tuten in 1810 census was Zachariah Tuten? There is no Zach or Zachariah Tuten listed in 1810 census. Hope that you are doing fine. If you want copies of these three censuses... email me & give me your email address again, as I have misplaced it. I will forward the censuses to you if you wish. Glenn Pratt