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Subject: Re: Zachariah TUTEN - Cherokee Indian ???/All white & English ancestry.
Author: glenn pratt
Date: Saturday, February 22, 2003
Classification: Census
Surnames: TUTEN & LACY

I misplaced your email address so I am "posting a reply" regarding Zachariah Tuten, Sr., born in 1766 or 1768. I know that this Zachariah Tuten was completely white & of English ancestry. His father was William Tuten, who was white & owned one slave in 1790 & in 1800. His sons, Thomas Tuten owned 2 slaves in 1800 (census from Barnwell Co. & Beaufort Co., S. or N. Carolina) & Zachariah Tuten, Sr. (Zach) owned between 2-4 slaves in Beaufort Co., prior to relocating to Roane Co., Tenn. My GGG Grandfather, Wiley Tuten, Sr. was Zachariah's 1/2 brother from William's 2nd of three marriages. Cherokee Indians didn't own slaves to my knowledge as they were "lower" on the totem pole than the blacks, often referred to as "dogs" which isn't as good as 1/3 -1/2 persons. I'm glad things are different now days. The 1/2 Cherokee Indian, Zachariah was his son, Zachariah (Zachie)Tuten, born in 1793/died in 1887 (Tudal, Tootle, Tootan) and his brother, Obediah Tuten - sons of Zachariah (1st-Sr.)'s Cherokee Indian wife or wives, who he had children with until 1820 (which even followed his marriage to Ally DIckson in 1806). Ally was "white" I think (not totally sure) and had three children, Sarah (also referred to as Susan at times), Susan & retarded Wiley in 1812. Zachie, born in 1793, who lived in Limestone Co., Alabama & died in Mississippi also had a son named Zachariah Tuten, although there is no record of his birth or date of death - I think he died in 1826, which is mistakenly when the grandfather some think had died, though he lived with Ally & his "retarded son" Wiley beyond 1860 (died around 1860-1870). After Ally & Zach died Wiley went to live with the Lewis's. I have learned a lot about the family tree of Tutens lately, though it took my grandmother's death to bring it out into the open.
Glenn Pratt