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Subject: Re: Jeremiah Ashba/Ashby VA/IN
Author: kenneth bunge
Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Classification: Query

I have some related questions about the "Ashby family lines." Here is a paragraph I posted elsewhere:

Jeremiah Ashby (1763 - 1842) of Hampshire, VA, son of Benjamin Ashby (1722 - 1804), was a 4th great grandfather of mine. I do not have concrete source information for the wife of Jeremiah. The only wife listed in other family trees is Mary Van Meter, 1764 (Hampshire Co, VA) - 1815 (Ross Co., OH), and sometimes listed as daughter of Garrett Van Meter (1732 - 1788). The name Mary does not appear in Garrett's will of 1788 or in his wife Ann's will of 1805 (probated in 1806). Also, Benjamin F. VanMeter, in "Genealogies and sketches of some old families who have taken prominent part in the development of Virginia and Kentucky" states regarding Garrett, Ann and their children, "There were other children born to them, but only these [Isaac, Jacob and Ann] lived to be grown." The only source information I see for Mary (and three children that did not "live to be grown," namely Henry, David and Abraham) is from family trees. If this information is correct, is there additional supporting documentation? There are connections between the Ashby and Van Meter families, to be sure. Two Ashby brothers married two Van Meter sisters: Bladen (1759 - 1828) and Thompson (1768 - 1814) married Catherine (1770 - 1835) and Letitia (1772 - 1845). The brothers were Jeremiah's first cousins (their father was Thomas, 1714 - 1786), and the sisters were daughters of Abraham Van Meter (1744 - 1787). One of the executors that father Benjamin listed in his will was an Abraham Van Meter. (The will was written in 1779 and probated in 1804, and so the Abraham listed in the will should have been of adult age during that span of time.) A more important indication of the connection between the two families, especially as it applies to Jeremiah, is that his grandson by his son, Jeremiah (1763 - 1842), was Abraham VanMeter Ashby (1826 - 1892). The two children of this Abraham Ashby, Louis and Sarah, in turn each have a middle initial of "V", no doubt also standing for Van Meter. Jeremiah's daughter was Mary (1820 - ?), perhaps in honor of Jeremiah's wife. Was Mary really a daughter of Garrett and Ann, but simply not listed in their wills? If so, possible reasons could be that she had been given part of the estate when she married Jeremiah, and so we would not see her name on the will. (But we note that Garrett's daughter Ann married before the writing of the will and was listed in the will). Or was Mary an illegitimate child? Or is there a different solution: was Mary the daughter of a different Van Meter and not Garrett? I am hoping someone can shed some light on this matter.