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Subject: Re: tisor
Author: Richard A. Peterson
Date: Saturday, April 26, 2003
Classification: Query

I just looked at your posting of 13Oct2002 on the message board. In answer to your questions:
Yes, Andrew moved from Ohio to Indiana, and Sarah Hines was his 1st wife. Yes, they had a daughter, Maragret Elizabeth Tisor, b. May 25, 1855, in Louisa County, Iowa, she married James Henry Lamb, June 8, 1878, in Louisa County, Iowa, and died April 17, 1935 in Wapello, Iowa. Yes, Andrew moved from Indiana to Louisa County, Iowa, and there married Nancy Clarence in 1860 in Louisa County. there were no children to this union. Andrew then married Nancy Emily Lawrence, March 25, 1864. To this marriage there were 6 boys, Jason, John Henry, George W., Frank, Charley and Ira (twins), and 4 girls, Martha, Elizabeth A., Mary Alice, and Cynthia. Jason died in infancy or was still-born. John Henry married Grace Agnes Hemenway and they had 5 boys and a girl. The next eldest boy Leo Allen is my wife's father.

We recently acquired infromation and lineage dating to the mid 1700's in North Carolina and/or Virginia, which we are still trying to digest. The first name in the information is William, wife Margaret, surname unlisted/unknown. Their first born is Gabriel b. Oct 8,1771. The author concluded that the may have immigrated to America in the middle 1700 from Portugal via France. The father or grandfather of William may have been a mercenary or soldier for hire and went to France to fight in a war, then migrated to America. Those are hypothetical at this point and I have not seen and REAL proof.

Please contact me and we can compare notes.