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Subject: Re: ALLENDER Family
Author: cshotts1
Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Classification: Query
Surnames: Stealey, Allender, Houston, Shockley

Hi Sharon,
I need to clarify that I am not biologically related to the Stealey family. Mary Stealey was the woman with whom my biological 4th great grandfather, James Madison Houston, had a child (also named James Houston) out of wedlock. This occurred when both lived in Monongalia County, Virginia (now West Virginia) in 1799. There was a court case establishing that the child was fathered by James Houston. Mary kept and raised the child. On 3 May 1810, Mary Stealey married William Allender in Monongalia and by 1830 they had left Monongalia and moved to Daviess County, Indiana. The child, James Houston, became a magistrate in Daviess County and administrated the estate of William Allender when he died before 10 August 1846. Mary Stealey and William Allender had at least five children of their own. I do have court records that show that Mary Stealey Allender is the same women with whom James Madison Houston had a child, and that the child was named James Houston, and settled with Mary and her husband in Daviess County, Indiana, where they all died.

I have not done much research on the Stealey family; only with regard to their connection through Mary Stealey to my Houston family. I can tell you that there were three marriages in addition to that of Mary Stealey and William Allender in Monongalia that involved persons surnamed Stealey:
Peter Stealey married Nancy Miers 26 February 1804
Rawley Scott married Christiana Stealey 27 September 1808
Cornelius Berkshire married Elizabeth Stealey 23 November 1809

I also have some references involving the Stealey surname from court documents in Monongalia:
Monongalia County, (West) Viirginia, Deed book Records 1784-1810 (Old Series Volumes 1-4)
p. 54, Christopher Stealey was witness to a deed 23 November 1797.
p. 108, John and Prudence Stealey to Davis Shockley and others, trustees 13 April 1801.
p. 113, John Stealey's still house 20 November 1800.
Monongalia County (West) Virginia, Records of County, District and Superior Courts, vol. 1, 1776-1799
p. 23 - 69 - 1800, District Court, Monongalia County. John Stealey summoned to answer Edward Carrington, for the use of the United States, in a plea of debt for $66.95 and $90 damage 18 March 1799. Carrington exhibited the following bill against Stealey, "the said defendant in June 1795, was and is ever since the owner of a certain parcel or tract of land upon which land a certain Christopher Stealey, the father of John, did work two stills in distilling spirituous liquor....." Judgment was rendered in favor of Carrington; 10 May 1800 Stealey petitioned for re-trial.

p. 83 - 35b - 1798, personal papers, Monongalia County, 31 May 1796, Charles Donaldson and Susannah his younger daughter and Christopher Stealey entered into an agreement whereby Donaldson binds his daughter to Stealey who is to pay 800 pounds for 800 acres of land to include the old improvement and the Blackburn Glades, no money to be paid until Susannah reaches age 21, she being 11 years old on 1 May 1796. Expenditures (clothing, lodging, schooling, etc.) of raising the child and whatever is furnished to Donaldson while in confinement to be deducted from the purchase price.

p. 105 - 30 - 1796. District Court, Monongalia County, Christopher Staley [sic-Stealey] informant in case of John Alleswald charged with accessory after the fact in the murder of William Donaldson by Charles Donaldson; Alleswald was charged with trying to break Charles Donaldson out of jail.

p. 130 - 34a - 1797, District Court, Monongalia County, Christopher Stealey summoned "to show cause why an information should not be filed against him on a presentment of the Grand Jury against him for retailing 'spirituous' liquor called whiskey at his still house in Monongalia County in the month of January last past without having obtained a license." 22 May 1797, September 1797 term of court, quashed (abated/voided).

As to where Christopher Stealey came from prior to his appearance in Monongalia County, I can't say. I can tell you that Purnell Houston, father of James Madison Houston, was originally from the area of Maryland where it abuts Delaware (Eastern Shore). He served in the Revolutionary War and moved to Monongalia County after the end of his service. Davis Shockley, also closely associated with the Houston and Stealey families came from the same area of the Eastern Shore in Maryland-Delaware. It may be that the Stealey family was from that area as well. Have you checked to see if Christopher Stealey may have served in the Revolutionary War? If he did, and there was a pension application, it may give you additional information about him.

Good luck with your research!
Constance T. Shotts