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Subject: Re: BERKOFF - Russia?
Author: frankdberger
Date: Sunday, September 16, 2018
Classification: Query

Hello Todd, I realize I am responding to an old conversation and you may not see this. I've been doing some research on old classmates and believe you are the son of my high school friend Steven Berkoff. I've learned that he passed away in 1987 and am,of course, sorry about that. Would you share how he died? Steve and I had a thing going for years where we would bet $5 who got better grades. He always won but the bet might have given me some incentive not to do even worse. Truthfully, after all these years I don't remember much more. We never saw each other out of school. Just school friends. He was smart and funny, but a serious student. I wonder what he went on to do after high school. That's about it, except thank you for your military service (google is pretty powerful).

Frank Berger