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Subject: Re: Bennigsen Family in Barsinghausen
Date: Sunday, June 9, 2002
Classification: Query
Surnames: Bennigsen, Baehre, Behre, Bahre, Tatke, Tatjen, Seegerts, Muller, Sullow ,Behrens

Thomas, what are your grandparents names and where are they from? Here is some additional information and I hope we can find a connection.

NAME: Johann H.E. Bennigsen a.d. SENATOR

October 7, 1828, Verden (Hannover) Germany

Freidrich Adolf Bennigsen/Dorothea Amalie Baehre
Hans Heinrich Tatke/Catharine Marlene Seegerts

Bähre (Behre), Dorothee Amalia , b. Linden abt 1750, d. Linden 23 Apr 1814, bur. 26 Apr(64 years old), Lutheran

Ernst Heinrich Ludwig Bennigsen b July 12, 1797 Hannover-Linden d September 20, 1863 Verden

Catharina Marlene Tatjen b June 1, 1799 d July 11, 1874
Married Catherina Marie Magdalene Tatjen 15 June 1823, Garrison Church, Hannover

Sophie Wilhemine Bennigsen b 12 Mar 1824 Hannover, m 18 May 1843 Verden Spouse Carl Heinrich Muller

George August Bennigsen b 15 June 1826 Hannover
Spouse Anna Rebekka Maria Sullow b abt 1824 Mallen

George and Anna's Children:

Jobst Georg Heinrich, b. Holsten 13 Sep 1849
Spouse Metta Anna Behrens
Child George August Bennigsen b 1870 England

Helene Charlotte Elisabeth, b. New York 6 Sep 1856

Ernstt Heinrich Bennigsen, b. New York 23 Apr 1858

Wilhelmine Marie Bennigsen 28 Dec 1861 New York
Bennigsen b 23 Apr 1858

December 12, 1859, Verden (Hannover) Germany
Anna Friederike Elise Oelfken

Ernst Hermann Bennigsen b. September 1, 1860 Verden, d. May 1, 1866 Verden
Ernst Otto Bennigsen b. January 27, 1862 Verden
Carl Ernst Bennigsen b. January 18, 1863 Verden d. ABT 1938 Manhattan, NY (married my grandmother's sister)
Wilhelm Georg Bennigsen b. April 4, 1865 Verden d. December 12, 1909 Verden
Friedrich Wilhelm August Bennigsen b. December 28, 1866 Verden d. September 25, 1925 Brooklyn, NY (my grandfather)Anna Helene Bennigsen b. October 23, 1868 Verden
Minna Frieda Bennigsen b. March 11, 1871 Verden
Maria Louise Bennigsen b. March 11, 1871 Verden

RELIGION: Lutheran

Businessman in Verden - similar to coal and feed store. Also represented the area in a political position.

July 7, 1895 Verden (Hannover) Germany