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Subject: Re: Meyer LIPSKY, Suwalk, Russland [Suwalki, Poland]
Author: ZlaticaBeca
Date: Monday, November 12, 2018
Classification: Query

Thank for coming back and adding some information. I do not get any notification but try to remember on which board I go so that is how I stumbled on your addition.
Thank you. Hopefully you looked on all the replies.
I's sure you searched where is Suwalki.
The city of Suwalki is in Poland. There was also a gubernia by the name Suwalki.
woj. podlaskie [wojewodztwo]
pow. Suwałki (siedziba) [powiat]
gmina Suwałki (siedziba)
69239 osób [inhabitants]
kod: 16-400 [zip code]
Lipska, Estera Reizel Suwalki, Poland 65 1857-1858 1923
Lipski, Cleaie Suwalk 35 1857-1858 1893
Lipski, Mere Suwalk 1 1891-1892 1893
Lipski, Moyer Suwalk 18 1874-1875 1893
Lipsky, Aron Suwalk 16 1884-1885 1901
Lipsky, Israel Suwalki 18 1886-1887 1905
Lipsky, Janny Suwalk 17 1882-1883 1900
Lipsky, N... Suwalki 30 1873-1874 1904
11:08 a.m.
~Ida Rabotmick he was married to.
From what record is Ida's spelling of her maiden name? It looks "americanized".
It could have been RABOTNIK or ROBOTNIK.
11:14 a.m.
No way to know. I'm only pointing out the similarity in the spelling found in Poland to your Americanized version.