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Subject: Re: how is name pronounced?
Author: Jana
Date: Thursday, May 19, 2005
Classification: Query
Surnames: Kaczala


In Polish, surname Kaczala would be written with a diacritical l--meaning: the "l" would have a diagonal slash through it and would be pronounced as a "w" is pronounced in English. I could not find Kaczala written with just a plain "l" which is pronounced like an "l" in English.

So, Kaczal/a is pronounced Kahchahwah with the "ch" being pronounced like the "ch" in chair and all 3 a's like the "a" in car.

There were 385 Kaczalas in Poland in the early 1990's. The abreviations stand for the old Polish provinces.

Kaczała 385 Wa:3, BB:4, By:18, Go:9, JG:2, Kl:94, Ka:15, Kn:45, Ko:8,Ks:1, Ls:12, Łd:47, Ol:10, Pl:3, Po:56, Sł:1, Sz:8, Ta:8,To:2, Wb:1, Wr:27, ZG:11