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Subject: Re: Riffle's of PA
Author: pjohn685
Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Classification: Query

Abraham Patrick Riffle and Mary Ellen Gump Riffle were my great-grandparents. Their children baptized at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in New Baltimore, PA (source) were: Alphonsus Raymond b. 3/22/1880, Ellen Crescentia b. 6/13/1888, George Linus, b. 8/23/1886, James Henry (my father) b.7/3/1882, John Norbert b.8/21/1877, Margaret b. 8/7/1875, Maria Isabelle b. 4/7/1892 d. 8/27/1893, Paul Marshall b. 9/4/1884, Simon b.6/24/1873, and William Ambrose b.11/29/1870.
I have the records for Abraham Peter Riffle, father of Abraham Patrick Riffle. A problem exists about Abraham Peter Riffle's father Barney Riffle. I am spending much time here and in Germany trying to investigate and am getting closer to the facts. I will share.