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Subject: Joseph Bastedo
Author: bsuydamIII
Date: Friday, May 18, 2001

Hi Barbara...My gr-aunt is Gertrude Bastedo (Nelson's wife). I knew they had four children but I only had three names until you posted Henry's name. You didn't mention which son of Joseph's was the father of William Sr. I don't have Joseph's origins in NJ eather,but as you know, Somerset and Middlesex Co have a major portion of the Bastedos, especially Somerset Co. Marriage records for Nelson and Gertrude say he was from New Brunswick (Middlesex) and she from Six Mile Run (Somerset).But don't let that fool you, they're only a couple miles apart as is South guess is he moved to the close-nit Dutch community of Somerset Co. after the English took control of NY. Joseph's wife Judith Rycke (Also spelled Rychen) was the predecessor of the family name SUYDAM. Hense, her family may have had an influence where they moved to. All my Suydam relatives moved to this area about the same time...Please email me with which son of Joseph's was William's father. Also I don't know how much you have on this (our) line but I have some and would like to know what you have that I don't have..Looking forward to hearing from you...Ben