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Subject: Schacht families
Author: Verna McDowell
Date: Friday, March 3, 2000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Finck, Pfeffer, Schacht

My Gr.Grandmother Christina Dorothea Schacht was born in 1813 in the parish of Lussow. Her father was Johann Christian Schacht who was born in 1758 in parish of Westenbrugge. I believe his father was Johann Heinrich Schacht, nothing else. Dorothea Schacht was married to Johann Pfeffer in Lussow. Johann Schacht was married to Anna Eliz. Xtina Finck and they were married in 1805 in Kropelin. In the parish of Alt Gaarz, town of Mechelsdorf when Johann Schacht and his wife lived there, there was an old couple by the name of Johann Heinrich Schacht and wife Anna Eliz. who died 1805 and 1810, and they were the only Schacht's living in the parish. Then Johann Schacht and Anna Eliz. nee Finck moved to parish of Lussow. That is why I think the older couple is his father. At the time of Johann Schacht's birth, The birth is registered to Schmidt Schacht and his wife.