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Subject: Re: Jacobus & Marius Bakker- twins born 1849
Author: johnmaestri1
Date: Sunday, January 17, 2010
Classification: Query
Surnames: Bakker

Hi there, this is John in California ( I have researched the Bakker family from Emden Germany, however, reviewing my notes, I find the following:

Dirk Bakker
born: 1788 Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands, died: 1848 married: Cornelia Maria Brak (1794 – 1836)

son of Dirk and Cornelia (Brak) Bakker
son: Dirk Bakker
born: 25 Sep 1818 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Netherlands, died: 1858, married: Margaretha Sara Weeveringh 3 Jun 1840, immigration: Willem Dirk Bakker, immigration: 1853, age: 35, birth year: abt 1818, arrival port unknown)

children of Dirk and Margaretha (Weeveringh) Bakker
son: Jacobus Bakker (twin)
born: 20 Mar 1849 Haarlem, Noord-Holland, Netherlands, died: 13 Mar 1926 Missoula, County MT, married: Jacoba Adriana Knoop 6 Jun 1877 Lyden Netherlands (worked on the Montana Capitol building together, the Bakker Bros. Architects), 1900 Census: Hell Gate, Missoula, County MT, age 50 (born Jun 1849 Holland, married: Jacopa 1877), children: Christina Bakker (age 14), Jacobus (age 9), 1920 Census: Cold Springs, Missoula, County MT (age 70, born: 1850, US arrival: 1876) living with daugher and husband, Frank and Christina Hughes

son: Marius Bakker (twin)
born: 20 Mar 1849 Haarlem, Noord-Holland, Netherlands, died: 13 Mar 1926 Missoula, County MT, moved to Spokane Washington (worked on the Montana Capitol building together, the Bakker Bros. Architects)

4 children of Jacobus and Jacoba (Knoop) Bakker
son: Marius (Bob) Hermanus Bakker
born: 11 Feb 1880 Lyden Netherlands, died: 18 Jan 1958 Libby, Lincoln County MT
dau: Jacoba Maria Bakker
born: 3 Oct 1878 Lyden Netherlands, died: Mar 1973 Libby, Lincoln County MT
dau: Christina Bakker
born: Mar 1886 Montana, died: 1953 Stevensville, Ravalli County MT
son: Jacob Marious Bakker
born: 22 Jul 1889 Helena, Lewis and Clark County MT, died: 20 Jul 1962 Missoula County MT, married: Mary Agnes Frazier 25 Mar 1911 Missoula, County MT, 1900 Census: Libby Township, Flathead County MT, (age 20, born Mar 1880 Holland) living with sister, Jacoba and Henry Boathman, children: Thelma Bakker, born: 22 Nov 1913, died: 3 Oct 2009 Tacoma, Pierce County Washington, Vera Lucille Bakker, born: 21 Mar 1916 Missoula, County MT, died: 16 Jun 1962, Peekskill, Westchester NY (married: John Maurice Farris, 1914 – 1975)

1) Marius was a twin to Jacobus, they came over to Helena, they worked on the Montana Capitol building together, the Bakker Bros. Architects. On a more recent post, there is a passenger list that shows them, and when they came over. I think after they were done in Helena is when Marius went to spokane. I have an article about Marius (Bob) Bakker. He was our great uncle. He homesteaded here after he left Spokane, and there is a pix also. If I have your email I can scan it and send it for you. I am at

2) I am looking for any information, particularily marriages of these twins, born March 20 1849, in Haarlam Holland. I have their birth certificates, showing father as Dirk Bakker. My great grandfather Jacobus married Jacoba Knoop, but I do not know where or when.(I have been told that she gave up royalty to marry Jacobus Bakker "a commoner") Any info would be greatly appreceiated. I also have been unable to confirm when & how they came to the USA. They settled in Missoula, Montana. Not much is known about Marius other than that he left Montana to go to Spokane, Washington. Beverly Berry

3) I find an Adrianus Marinus Bakker b. in 1849 with mother by the name of Dirkje.
Geboorteakte Ameland, 1849
Aangiftedatum 8 maart 1849, blad nr. 8
Adrianus Marinus Bakker, geboren 6 maart 1849
zoon van Dirkje Bakker (but this is the wrong island. Hoorn is on the island of Terschelling)