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Subject: Thomas Carroll of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania......
Author: thomascarroll88
Date: Monday, July 20, 2009
Classification: Query
Surnames: Carroll

born 1753-1760, died 1823.

I am descened from him through his son Nathaniel. I have been trying to trace Thomas futher back. I have seen two different versions, both originating with Daniel Carroll of Litterluna, Ireland. In one he is desecended from Daniel's son Anthony of Lisheenboy> his son Daniel> another Daniel> Thomas. The Daniels in this version may have been sailors. Another, grander version (apparently used by Thomas' son William, gov of Tennessee) is thus: Daniel of Litterluna> Charles the Settler of Maryland> Daniel of Upper Malboro Maryland> Daniel II of Rock Creek Maryland> Thomas. Anyone have anything definitive or different?