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Subject: Re: Gilbert Dewhurst
Author: Susan Taylor
Date: Thursday, July 15, 2004
Classification: Query

Dear Jacqui

Many thanks for your message. I have a few career details for Gilbert, including a press cutting with photograph. I have been trying to establish whether there is a family connection between Gilbert and 'our' theatrical Dewhurst family (ref our book 'Jonathan Dewhurst - The Lancashire Tragedian'), and we know that he certainly appeared with at least one of Jonathan's sons.

Since posting my message I have discovered that Gilbert was born in October/December 1916 and that his mother's maiden name was Quinton. This information doesn't appear to link him with our Dewhursts but I should now be able to obtain a copy of his birth certificate.

I am interested to hear that you have a signed picture of Gilbert - do you have any of other Dewhurst (or Rivers) actors? In the circumstances you will probably not wish to part with it, but if you do we would happily pay a few pounds for it. If you don't wish to part with it, would it be possible for you to let us have a photocopy - we would of course be pleased to pay postage, copying, etc.?

You can contact us on

Again, many thanks for your interest.