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Subject: Re: Hix/Hicks in Powhatan County, Virginia
Author: Randman62
Date: Sunday, June 27, 2010
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hicks, Aston

Hello Robert! You and I are at the exact same roadblock. I am not a Hicks descendent by blood, but I was babysat as a kid by Hicks descendents and kind of got "adopted" into the family. I still live here in Powhatan, VA on part of the old Hicks/Aston property (wish I knew if it once was a plantation with a name). I know and am close to some of the Powhatan descendents, so I'm kind of researching for both them and myself. I get back to Frederick every time and can't get any farther. It's interesting that he and his wife Maria (Marion?) Price Cox Hicks both seem to have died the same month and year (April 1850) - and maybe on the same day? Wish I could find out how they died. And of course, I can't find out who Fred's father was. I've come across the same Archibald Hix from further back and I list seven children for him, including the Stephen you mention (and also the Daniel and Jesse and others). How/why do you connect the Stephen to Frederick? Just curious. Truly wish I could find this missing link (and the name of this farm/plantation). Also, I love the pictures that you have recently posted of William Mosley Hicks and his wife Emily Helen Aston Hicks. (By the way, I had not been sure that she was an Aston. I suspected it, but you have confirmed it for me.) Also, I was fascinated by the two Windy Hill photos. I did not know that there was a first Windy Hill house and that there had been a fire. Where did you get that info. The second Windy Hill house I'm very familiar because it was there that I was babysat and kind of grew up. I was SO sad that they tore it down for the new Aston neighborhood. But the old Hicks family cemetery is still in the field - just over beside our driveway. Would love to communicate with you some more.